Neighbor to Neighbor Ch. 01

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Neighbor to Neighbor

This story is a work of fiction and contains elements that many people do not enjoy, such as small penis humiliation, cheating spouse, paying for sex, and various other fetishes and oddities. If that doesn’t appeal to you, you may want to skip this story.

“Welcome neighbors!” The doorbell chimed just moments ago, my wife Elizabeth and I moved in a few days ago to a lovely neighborhood. This is our first home and this came through just in time as we’re expecting our first child in seven weeks, and we really wanted to get in and settled before the baby came.

“Hey there, we’re Elizabeth and Todd,” My wife gushed pouring on her southern accent a little thicker than normal. Elizabeth and I were high school sweethearts, and other than a short stint in college we had stayed together. She’s a sassy southern lady 5’7 with blond hair that reaches just below her shoulder blades, most of the time she wears it up in a ponytail. She’s a rather voluptuous woman, with C cup breasts and has always carried just a little extra weight, not fat just healthy, but right now she seems like she’s all belly.

“Well aren’t you cute as can be!” The neighbor woman blurted, “I am Maggie and this is my daughter April, we’re right next door, and just wanted to come and introduce ourselves.” Maggie’s an attractive woman and easily would fall under the MILF category, about 5’4 with dark wavy hair, and what looked like a firm, petite body. April, was a carbon copy of her mom, with slightly longer hair and about 20 years younger.

“Now, the realtor told you about the shed right?” Maggie asked after a few minutes of introductions.

“Yes, she sure did.” I acknowledged, it was part of the sales agreement we had to sign a couple of papers about it. Evidently, the previous owner and Maggie went in together to build the shed that overlapped the property line. They had to revoke a section of fence and built it on a slab foundation. Our side was nothing fancy, they had left a large drill press and a couple of other machines I didn’t know how to use. There’s a center wall the separates the two sides, but there’s electricity, a sink, and an air conditioner on each side.

“Momma, can I take Mr. Shipley to the shed and go over a few things with him?” April asked. The shed on their side was turned into an art studio for April, she was in her second year of community college and trying jigolo seks hikayeleri to save up money for art school.

We headed outside leaving Maggie and Elizabeth to keep talking. April opened the door to the shed and invited me to follow her.

“Mr. Shipley?” She asked.

“Please call me Todd, I am not that much older than you.” I laughed, realizing soon I’d be a dad with a mortgage.

“Okay, Todd.” She smiled, “umm did Mr. Alexander tell you about our agreement?”

“Actually, we never talked, we never met,”

“Okay… well, let me show you something.” She went over to the center wall near the right-hand side of the shed and pulled a wood board aside. “Well, if you move this board it opens up to my side.”

“Okay?” I said asking her to say more about it.

“Well, I am trying to save money for art school, and well I have to pay for my share of the utilities out here. Ever since my dad left money has been a bit tight. So, I had an arrangement with Mike… Mr. Alexander. And I was hoping we could do something similar.” She said carefully weighing her words.

“April, just tell me what you’re trying to say,”

“Promise you won’t tell my mom first.”

“I promise, I am cool what is it?” I said cringing at the fact I just said “I am cool”.

“Well, Mike would text me and would include a hashtag, then I would reply with an “at” symbol, you know the swirly thing in an email address?”


“So, then we would meet out here and he would move the board, pull his pants down and stick IT through to the other side, and I’d make him feel good.” She smiled.

“April? You mean his… dick?”

“MMhmm,” She nodded seductively. “And he would take care of the utilities, and slip me $40.”

“I… I see.”

“Do you think we could do something like that too?” She asked and stood in front of me looking up in my face with her young brown eyes. She slid her hand over my crotch and gently rubbed me over my shorts.

“April…I’ve never… Would never cheat on my wife.” I panted, the pregnancy had certainly taken the wind out of our sexual sales, that and the move and the stress of starting a new job, all of it together meant we hadn’t had much time or energy for sex.

“It’s not cheating, we’re not starting a relationship or anything, it’s just… helping a neighbor,” She slid her hand in my pocket and pulled my phone out, held it to my face to unlock it, and entered her number. “If you ever want to be neighborly just send me a text. The first ones free,” She whispered turned, and walked out the shed.

Three weeks later, I had been working long hard hours, plus trying to get some projects done around the house, and it was all pilling up. It seemed like every smell, every bit of motion was making Elizabeth sick to the stomach, the last time I actually tried to get frisky with her she literally vomited all over the bed. She had gone to bed early, and I sat in my chair in my study nursing my third scotch and eventually pulling up some porn. After several minutes I looked over at my phone and thought about April. I was horny and just relaxed enough.

“I think the light is on in the shed#” I sent.

“Okay, thanks for letting me know@” My heart raced, was I really going to do this? I stood up and quietly made my way outside and out to the shed.

Seconds later I heard the door on the other side open and could see the light come on.

“Todd?” April asked

“I am here,” I sheepishly replied.

“I want you to know, I am not judging you… I can’t imagine all the stress you must be under,” She said sympathetically. “Why don’t you let me help a neighbor?” She offered to indicate I should stick my dick through the opening. I slid my pants down, my dick was already hard just thinking about April’s lips wrapped around it.

“Here it is,” I said and stuck my penis through the opening, and waited for April’s touch.

“Todd? Go ahead and put it through when you’re ready.”

“I am”

“Oh, he’s a bit shy I think,” She teased, gripping me and giving me a few tugs.

“Um… Todd?”


“Is that… are you fully… can you stick in any further?” She asked, “I can’t get my lips on it.” I shifted and pressed firmly against the opening.

“Is that better?”

“No. The tip is just barely sticking out past the wood. I am not sure how to do this. I guess you’re a lot smaller than Mike,” That stung, I had always been self-conscious about the size of my dick, I thought it seemed a bit smaller than the guys I saw in the changing room, but it wasn’t until this moment that anyone had said anything about it.

“Todd, are you… well I mean… is your dick smaller than 4 inches? These are 2×4 studs in the wall, and if you’re smaller than 4 inches you won’t stick out enough for me to suck you off.” She let that sink in for a few minutes.

“Stay there,” April said, and then I felt something cold press against me. And then heard the recoil of a tape measure. “Todd… well it seems you’ve got a little dick… it’s just 3 and 3/4 inches long. I think Mike was about twice that, maybe close to 8 inches. I’ve been with a number of guys, and some of Mike’s friends in the neighborhood have used the shed, but I’ve never had this problem before.” And then she started laughing, “I am so sorry Todd, it’s not funny… It’s just… you’re just so small.” She busted out laughing again and slipped her hand around my dick.

“I guess I’ll just have to jerk you off,” She fondled my little pecker through the opening, but not really jerking it.

“Todd, I can’t really get a good position” She huffed and pulled away, “I’ve got an idea, I have some baby oil in here, I’ll put some in my hand and you can kind of… fuck it.” She giggled, and then took me in her slick fist. It felt good, and honestly, the embarrassment was really turning me on. I started rocking back and forth fucking her hand. I was quickly getting close to cumming.


“Is your little pee-pee getting ready to make a messy in my hand?” She snickered, and just then my dick pulsated in her grip. “OH! Does wittle Toddy like it win make fun of his mini-dickie?”

“God, yes April, that’s so hot!” I snorted.

“I knew you seemed too normal.” She chuckled. “Ahem, your little nub is too small to even suck, I mean it’s the smallest dick I’ve ever seen. Your poor wife! Does she even feel it?”

“SHIT!” I yelped and came all over her hand, pumping at her clenched fist I unloaded six weeks of pent-up fluid.

“Damn! Todd, that’s a ton of cum!” She snorted, “At least it worked enough to get your hot wife knocked up! Or maybe it’s someone else’s, I mean if I married a guy with such a small dick I’d be fucking around.” And that’s all it took, I had never once thought Elizabeth would ever cheat on me, but at that moment I became obsessed with knowing her thoughts on my dick size and if she had ever really been happy with our sex life, and ultimately if she had ever been with anyone else.

I cleaned up with some paper towels left in the shed by the sink, washed up, and pulled my pants up.

“Todd? I’d love to take care of your little dicky properly next time, maybe we can figure out a way to get your little guy in my mouth.” With that, she turned off the light and left.

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