Neckties and Honey

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While driving into Manhattan, Eric anticipates connecting with what he expects to be his latest sexual conquest, Desiree. He wonders if there is actually genuine connection between them. He also fears that between his work schedule and other commitments, she will want more of his time than he can offer. Moreover, he is apprehensive about involving himself with someone he does business with. Turning on Lexington Ave, he decides that it’s worth the risk. After all, Desiree promises to be a good submissive.

Eric is a successful, defense attorney with a very busy New York City law practice. Desiree, his personal accountant works slavishly for him. In his mid 40’s, he maintains an athletic physique. At 6’2″ with sandy blonde hair and brown eyes, he is impressive and a bit intimidating in court.

Desiree is a sexy “BBW” as they say on the personal ads and porn sites. She likes to wear her clothes a little on the tight side, typically allowing her slacks to hug her crotch. She enjoys hinting at her constant desires.

Naturally, Eric is apprehensive about getting involved with his accountant of several years. He often left her office thinking to himself, “Hmm, I bet she would be a great fuck!” His reluctance to mix business with pleasure kept him from making a move.

Desiree, on the other hand, has been through a series of unfulfilling relationships. Being single and never married at age 39 leads her to question her ability to connect with a man. It is quite by chance that they come together on this Thursday morning.

On Wednesday afternoon, Eric requested Desiree’s personal email address to send her some documents that had to be faxed to the IRS first thing in the morning. He was friendly and a little flirty in the email, expressing his gratitude for all she has done for him over the years. Eric wrote, “Thanks again for taking care of this on such short notice. If there’s ever anything that I can do for you, just let me know.”

Desiree, feeling lonely and a bit horny responded, “I just might take you up on that offer. I have a new red kimono that I need a professional opinion on!” She surprised herself with her boldness but thought, “What the fuck! He’s attractive, single and just a little dangerous in many ways. He might be challenging, but fun.” She knew Eric had a string of girlfriends and she secretly wanted to be one of them. She had no interest in commitment. She just wanted to feel his apparent power up close and personal.

As they continued their email exchange that night, Desiree hinted at her history of pleasing men in whatever way they wanted. She connected it to her work life explaining, “Why do you think I work so hard for you? It’s my way of serving you, and frankly, there’s a sexual turn on in that for me.”

Eric replied, “Well, sweetheart, you can serve me anytime you like.” He went further, “I have some little quirks when it comes to these kinds of things.”

“Oh…” she emailed back simply.

Eric responded, “Well, a big turn for me is to discuss before hand the scenario I want to play out with my lovers. For example, I think you are very sweet, and so if we ever hooked up, I would ask that you flavor your pussy with honey for me!”

Desiree’s responded with a simple one word email, “ok.”

Eric arranged to clear his schedule for the following Thursday morning so he could enjoy a mid-morning romp with Desiree. He never experienced the pleasures of a full figured woman, but found the thought of it very exciting. He is tired of the little office waifs, and had his fill of bored housewives trying to maintain their youthful appearance with Pilates, jogging, and dieting. He sees Desiree as a “real woman”. He is also turned on by how savvy she is with his finances.

On the way to see her, he fantasizes about her willingness to go along with his little scheme. He knows from experience that there are few women who are willing to connect with him in the way that he seems to need to connect. The world of perversity is not a world that everyone inhabits.

In reality, both Desiree and Eric are classically perverse individuals. Both are well versed in the language of perversion and the language of love. They know the difference and Bycasino often live in both worlds. They both understand that perversions are distortions of love, and yet, for them, perverse acts are necessary components of a loving relationship.

Eric’s ex-wife left him mostly because he continued to make unusual sexual requests of her. In Eric’s mind, asking his ex-wife to take pictures of her while urinating, making a video of her masturbating, or requesting she greet him at the front door blindfolded with her hands tied behind her back, provided her the opportunity to show her love and devotion to him.

He instinctively sensed how much Desiree craved those things that good girls don’t even dare to dream about. In his experience, good girls, like Desiree, are the most perverted of all. Eric believes that the more “goodness” women display to others, the more intense are the hidden perverse wishes. In his mind, the beauty of Desiree lies in the fact that her perversions are so well defended that in real life, one would never suspect them. In fact, he was right. Desiree needs to be defined by her yearnings, but can’t find anyone who knows how to truly speak her language.

Desiree thought long and hard about how she wanted the mid-morning encounter to go. When Eric arrived at her Lexington Avenue apartment, he found a note on the door, folded neatly, instructing him to let himself in and come to the bedroom. When he reaches the bedroom door, Desiree is sprawled casually on the bed, sipping a glass of wine, wearing the red kimono she mentioned in her email. She leaves just enough of her ample thigh exposed, and allows the neckline to casually drift open in an effort to peak his interest.

Eric wonders whether she followed through with his request for a honey flavored pussy. He sensed that she would comply but never dreamed at how she would go about it. It turned out that Desiree is a submissive with an edge. Ultimately, she wants to be in control, but does so from the vantage point of the submissive. She is expert at playing this role, a role she played many times before for less desirable lovers. She knows how to position herself, knows what makes men hunger for her, and works it to an art form.

Not only did she lace her vagina with honey, she also dribbled some of the sticky sweetness on her meaty labia and her inner thigh. Just before Eric arrived, she rubbed her pussy, and stroked her clitoris so as to fill her flesh with desire. She spread her labia wide open so her lips would be open and begging when he walked into the bedroom. She then positioned herself so that when Eric pulled back the kimono, he would see the glistening of honey seeping from her naturally sweet pussy.

“Oh my!” He gasped as he gazed longingly and hungrily at the sight before him. He is instantly aroused; his nipples pucker in anticipation. He thinks to himself, “Shit, she used my own little perverse task to tease me even more than I imagined!”

Desiree sees the look of excitement in his eye and thinks to herself, “Gotcha, you little pervert!”

Eric took it upon himself to bring several neck ties with him for the midmorning encounter; not something he mentioned in his emails to her. He enjoys blindfolding women and doing things to them.

He silently pulls them out of his overcoat, grabs her hand, wraps an expensive tie around her wrist and secures her to the bed frame. After he is done securing her other hand, he pulls out his favorite tie, the red one with the tiny specks, and gently wraps it around her eyes.

Desiree remains silent as she is restrained to her bed and blindfolded, thinking, “God, this is going to be good! I’ve finally found a man who knows what he wants and is willing to take it.”

Desiree offers no resistance whatsoever to the unfolding encounter. In fact, once restrained and blindfolded, she opens her legs wider, exposing her vagina to the excitement of the encounter.

Eric removes his clothes, denying Desiree the chance to see his naked body. He whispers, “I want you to feel my body, to feel my cock, without actually seeing me. Let your imagination run wild babe.”

Desiree whimpers and bites her lip with anticipation and Bycasino giriş desire. He crawls on the bed, parting her legs further. The fullness of her labia reveals her excitement. He kneels between her legs, grasps his swollen cock in his hand and rubs her pussy with the tip of his fully engorged erection. Rubbing her clitoris with just the tip of his cock, he lustfully whispers, “You feel that baby? You like that?”

“Uh huh…” she whimpers in a childlike way.

The mixture of vaginal secretions, honey and his own pre-ejaculate excites him. He slides the head of his penis from her clitoris, down over her swollen flesh and hints at anal penetration. On the way, her labia hugs his cock, as if instinctively reaching out, begging for more.

He pulls his cock away from her and now desires to taste her. He slowly laps at her sweetened pussy. When she pushes her pussy up to meet his mouth, Eric pulls away. He lightly flicks his tongue along her slippery slit and plants gentle kisses on her freshly shaven mound.

He reaches over to his overcoat and pulls out yet another necktie. Eric gently lays the silk tie on her vagina, allowing her to feel the softness against her flesh.

“Mmm baby, your killing me,” she whispers.

Eric slides the silk necktie slowly along her pussy, teasingly tickling her belly and gently swatting her nipples with it.

“Oh yeah baby, just like that,” she pants.

Desiree grasps her ties and pulls down to make the restraints feel tighter while lifting her pelvis, offering her pussy to Eric. “Oh Eric…,” she pants. “You have me so wet …fuck me baby…slap my pussy with your cock…turn me around…grab my hair and slide it in me. I’ve done what you wanted…please give it to me.”

Eric silently smiles and returns to teasing Desiree with his cock until she can’t stand it any longer. She is aching, exposed, vulnerable and very over-stimulated. She yells out, “Your being such a little prick!”

Eric continues to silently trace the head of his cock along her slippery slit, observing and savoring her obvious excitement. He shifts away from her over-stimulated pussy to kneel near her head. He begins masturbating inches from her mouth. She hears the sound of his hand sliding along his shaft and opens her mouth in anticipation of her first taste of his honey sweetened, pussy-lathered cock.

Desiree turns her head, parts her full lips and searches for what she imagines is a good taste of meaty wet cock, but Eric denies her, pulling away, keeping the engorged head of his cock just out of reach of her wanting tongue. He runs his finger along the head of his cock and allows her to lick the pre-cum that now covers his fingertip.

It’s more than she can stand. Desiree violently yanks on her restraints; in an angry voice, screams, “You fuck! Your driving me nuts…spank my fucking pussy, fuck me, slap my ass and fuck me.” Desiree then softens her voice and whimpers in most childlike voice, “Please baby.”

Her pleading makes Eric more excited than he has been in a very long time. He can’t hold back any longer and switches from teasing to being animalistic and brutish. He unties her hands, turns her around, lifts her so she is on her knees and takes her forcibly from behind. He slides his big cock into her as hard as he can. Desiree is so wet that there is no resistance. He plunges his cock in completely, pulls back and drives himself into her again.

“Oh my god, yes…right there baby.” She smiles with relief at finally getting what she is aching for. She grasps the headboard, spreads her knees further apart and arches her back to offer her ample ass for the taking.

Eric finally reaches up to grab a handful of her hair, twists her brunette locks in his hand, pulls back and slides his shaft in rhythm to the tugs on her hair.

“Oh my god…yes, fuck me!” she wails.

Desiree begins to feel her inner flesh tingling, and prepares for what she anticipates will be an earth shaking orgasm. She holds tight to the headboard as the spasms start. They are gentle at first, but when Eric slides his cock into her as deeply as it will go and holds it there, grinding his hips on her meaty ass while Bycasino deneme bonusu pulling her hair, it is more than she can stand. The feel of his cock reaching into the depths of her vagina prompted the onset of violent spasms, waves of pleasure that forced her to hold onto the headboard for dear life.

Seeing her writhing violently is more than Eric can stand. He feels the tension rising in his cock and releases his load deep into her meaty pussy.

“Oh my god…yes!” she moans as she feels hot fluid filling her.

Eric collapses in a heap and removes the blindfold that has long since slipped off her eyes. As he lays there, spend and sweaty, Desiree announces, “I have to pee, I’ll be right back.”

Desiree walks towards the bathroom, with her hair in a heap and her pussy aching for more. She quickly closes the door, sits on the toilet and slides her finger deep into her meaty, tingling pussy.

“Mmm, there it is,” she says to herself as she scoops Eric’s semen with her fingernail. She licks her finger, swallowing the tasty mixture of honey, vaginal fluids, and semen. She slurps her fingers with delight and feels nourished by the act.

Desiree comes back into the bedroom, slips into her red kimono and goes back to casually sipping her wine. In the mean time, Eric dosed off in exhaustion but startles when she sits back on the bed. He explains that he has to be back in the office in an hour.

“That’s fine, do what you need to do baby,” she responds. She adds, “Hey babe, would you mind leaving one of your ties with me as a little souvenir of our time together? You wear the most attractive ties I’ve ever seen on a man. I want to drape it on my cedar chest as a form of artwork.”

Eric wonders if she has ulterior motives behind this request, thinking that perhaps she is planning to extort money from him by claiming that he raped her or something. He quickly assesses the legalities of the situation, and decides that she is probably trustworthy, and in any event, it would be a case of her word against his.

“No problem sweetheart,” he responds. “You were all I imagined. Let’s talk later?”

“Sure, drive carefully,” she responded.

Desiree reflects on the morning encounter after Eric drove off in his Mercedes, “Well, here I am again, fucked and alone. The prick could have at least stayed for lunch. It’s ok, I needed a good fuck, and I have a memento of the experience.” She holds the expensive silk tie to her nose and inhales deeply. The scent of the encounter fills her senses and helps her cope with the intense loneliness she experiences at that moment.

Desiree didn’t hear from Eric until the following day. He called her office on Friday morning to thank her for the lovely morning and he wondered if she sent the Fax to the IRS. She dutifully explained that it indeed arrived and everything was taken care of.

Eric excitedly exclaimed, “Thanks babe, you’re the best!”

“Yes, I know Eric, have a good day.”

By Sunday night, she came to terms with the reality of her situation. Eric did not call back. Desiree reluctantly rinsed herself after going three days without taking a shower. For the last few days, she refused to let water cleanse away her experience with Eric. She smelled him everywhere she went. Since he had not called, the time had come to face the fact that she was just another one of his conquests. She had not let water touch any part of her body since last Thursday morning. She wanted to keep her lover close to her, and washing herself would rinse him from the depths of her soul. She spent the last few days massaging her pussy and smelling her fingers for traces of him. She lay in bed the last few nights aching for him to fill the void.

Desiree feels the pain of living alone in midtown Manhattan. So many people out there and yet she feels so alone. She thought about Eric constantly over the weekend. She can still feel the tingle of her scalp from his pulling her hair. She weeps as she gets in touch with the pain of not having him there to hold. He never called back.

As she gets ready for bed on Sunday night, Desiree gently takes the neck tie off the display she created in their honor and brings it to bed with her. Crawling under the covers, she slowly wraps it around her eyes and secures it just as he did during their encounter. She drifts off to sleep with the wispy feel of the nighttime breeze, the buzz of the midtown Manhattan traffic and the last lingering sensations of their time together.

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