Naughty Little Girl… Ch. 02

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Her eyes darted back and forth, nervously, the silence lasting a BIT too long…she was panicking quietly, wondering what would happen if he told her parents…they’d ship her off to military school…and with her status as a ‘Straight A’ student…her reputation would be RUINED!

As he told them to go to his class, she quickly scurried out, running as fast as she could out of the locker room, her tail tucked between her legs. Though, a light slap on her ass by her partner gave the silent message of ‘see you later’. As she walked and heard his scorn, the bell around her neck tinkled and remembering the slap, her pussy became wetter under her skirt. So of her pussy juices dribbled onto her inner thigh and she tried to subtly wipe it off with her tail.

The tension was thick as she stood in from of his desk, his fingers tapping, waiting for her explanation as to WHY she was getting fucked by another student in the girl’s locker room…

“W-Well…I…er…well, you see sir…”

She stuttered trying to think of an exclamation and fast. Then she tried her best to veer away from punishment using what she called, the ‘hypocrite motif’.

“Professor…you can’t say YOU didn’t try that kind of stuff when YOU were in high school…that’s why you lost your ears early…”

Her teacher wasn’t THAT old…at most, maybe a 6 year difference between them…


He did not dispute her reasoning. And his chest rose, then fell, in a slow breath. He wanted to seem to be the wiser, the one who did not do foolish things as she said. But, he did. He loved every second of it. The faint image was so vivid to him, even now. The girl he was with had the same reasoning as this girl…Wanting her ears to stay long after she left high school. She had adored animals, and looking like this, made her hot. But, she soon fell to the overwhelming seduction of a throbbing member.

“Well, you are right. I’ve not been a ‘good’ student all my life either.”

He opened his drawer, where he kept his most dear things. It was a few pictures of him, and his favorite class, out and about. He often let them out of school, to embrace the summer days. Yes, this school ran right through summer, and continued.

“This is the beginning of the year.”

It was around July. And the next was around September.

“And this is further down the road.”

He pointed to her, obviously the person whom the topic was about.

“See that subtle difference? Your chest, does it seem…odd? That it’s bigger? Not slightly due beşevler escort to natural growth, but dramatically so?”

He put her back on that same line, on the edge of perversion, and giving her an uncomfortable feel.


She held her breath and crossed her fingers behind her back, sweating, hoping that her getting off topic gambit had worked. She noticed that her professor seemed reminiscing…a memory perhaps? Her ears flattened. She wasn’t going to let her guard down till she was safe from punishment…

As he started that, not even HE was perfect, Desire let out an audible sigh of relief…PHEW! She had gotten away with it; it seemed…so no more being in trouble…no phone calls to her parents…nothing that would expose her secret…she hoped…

Then Desire cocked her head curiously and leaned towards the desk as he pulled out a photo album it seemed. She saw the difference immediately. In both pictures, she was the book wormy type, hands full of papers and notebook with her glasses resting on the bridge of her nose. However in the first…July…she was very…small…size ‘A’. In the second, she looked like a teacher herself, sitting on the wall, one leg seductively over the other and her breasts MUCH larger and perkier still.

She gulped nervously as Mr. Gabriel questioned her and she pulled away from the desk, her hands behind her back and her leg running up behind her other in an obviously ‘uncomfortable with the situation’ fashion.

“I-I was…uh…sir…I-I had surgery over the break sir…I…erm…”

Desire’s voice grew smaller and her head hung lower with every word.

“Didn’t like…my…breast…size…”


“And, what shall I do… to such a nymphomaniac such as yourself?”

He gave her the nervous twitch again, of what would become of her. He even brought his cell phone out. The Razr 2. He brought it up, and it made a clicking sound as it captured her in that vulnerable state. He truly admired her open-ness and brought his chin down on his hand. As if he was concocting something vile. And indeed it was.

“Your skirt is awfully short. I can just barely make out the bottom curve of that ass of yours.”

He smirked, that disregarded all other appropriate behavior of a teacher.

“Perhaps your parents would love to know of your….”

He paused giving her time to take it in. Perhaps stirring her stomach the wrong way, or give her the boost she needed to yell at him. Though, he continued before her mouth büyükesat escort would open up in protest.

“Behavior. Or, is there some other way, we may punish you?”


At the word ‘nymphomaniac’, Desire gasped loud realizing she wasn’t off the hook…she could still get in SO much trouble…something that could taint her record and send her out of the prestigious school…

She looked up quickly, with a frightened look on her face and she heard a small click. Desire’s face grew even more frightened as she saw that he had his phone out. At this point she was shivering and paranoid. What had he just done? Sent a text message to her parents for a conference? Taken a picture of her?

She blushed and covered her ass instinctively with her hands as he noted her much shorter skirt apparel. Desire backed away from the desk slowly, her ears flattened and her tail tucked in between her legs.

She felt like she was going to throw up as she heard him utter those words…those horrid words. She choked down the bile that was churning in her throat. Desire shook with fear and sickness, her ass still covered by her hands. She kept backing away, slower and slower.

She opened her mouth to try and saw something to get her out of her current situation but all that came were stutters.




He brought his cell up once more, pushing those numbers so very slowly, agonizing even to him. Then, he brought it to his ear. And her parents were quick to pick up the phone.

“Yes, Mrs. Guilford. I have phoned you because of your daughter.”

He stopped there, letting her mother think the worst, and so did her daughter, as he simply sneered before continuing. Though, as her mother was ranting on, he wrote down a simple instruction for her daughter. ‘Turn around, and bend forward. Or…..’ The threat was clear as day.

“She wanted to let you know….that she’s staying late tonight at school, to catch up on some chemistry homework. And she believes keeping away from her brother may help.”

Her mother gave a similar sigh as to Desire would have, if she were speaking about a child of hers. Then, with a few good byes, he slapped shut the cell.


Her face paled as he brought up his phone and she heard 7 beeps…she kept shaking her head, silently begging and pleading, tears pouring down her face. Her stomach cramped and she though she was going to puke.

She was now beyond tears as she heard çankaya escort her mother on the phone…she stopped gasping for air as Desire read what he wrote in permanent marker…her body froze in what she realized he was going to do…

She gulped and cried, sniffling as she went to the edge of the couch, and placed her hands on the cushions, sticking her ass out. She gave a sigh of relief as she heard his excuse but tears still fell as she heard the cell phone snap shut, echoing in the empty room as she awaited her ‘punishment’.


He simply pushed back in his chair, gazing down at her exposed rear. Though it seemed so welcoming to him, he had another, more painful idea in mind. He began to write with a black pen. Onto a piece of paper, having a list of things he would like to be done. And he held it up to her. Expecting her to wonder what he had in mind.

“Tomorrow, I want you to do every part.”

The first on the list stated.

1. Go to a sex store. And buy butt plug vibrator, the biggest your ass can fit.

2. Buy a black, latex bra and pair of panties.

3. Wear it all tomorrow,

He then got up, gave her butt a slap, and even more disgusting, was his hand stayed for a moment, groping it, with a finger slipping in her anus.


The silence was infuriating…Desire panicked waiting for her punishment, as it seemed he wasn’t even doing a thing… Her knees were locked into place at the often used position and she grew confused as she heard the squeak of the marker once more.

She grew confused as a list was held out to her…but then Desire’s eyes went wide and she gasped with horror at her tasks. She was about to tell him no, but Desire only could give a small cry as her teacher spanked her, then slipped a finger into her cum slicked ass, her hole leaking a bit from her session before.

“M-Mr. Gab…Gabriel…p-please…I…I…”


“Now, go home and do as I asked.”

He said, patting her ass once more. He really hated to leave her like this. He didn’t know whether she would speak to her mother about her teacher lewdly touching her so, but how could she explain her heat? He then licked his lips as she departed and gathered his things, heading home for a fierce masturbation session, which would leave him in a mess of wanton lust for the school girl in the morning.


She ran out the room quickly, not even turning back as she heard her teacher snicker. Desire belittled herself…her and her ‘boy toy’ had gotten caught…all because they wanted to be adventurous and fuck out in the open…

When she got home, she was glad that her mother hadn’t arrived yet…within 5 minutes she had taken her cold shower and when her mother came home, nothing was said about the phone call…

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