Naughty at School Ch. 03

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Well I ended up getting detention for missing class but it was worth it. I showed up at the class room where detention was being held and the door was already open. I went inside and there were already some other college students sitting in the back of the room. I sat at the desk right in front of the teachers. I had on a light blue button blouse, short blue skirt, black stockings and heels. A few more students wandered in along with Ms. Bower who I guess got stuck having to give the detention. She was wearing a pretty blue button down flowered dress with heels.

Everyone got settled in and Ms. Bower told us how long detention was and for us to work on class work that we have. Well that wasn’t going to happen. I stacked my books on the desk and then leaned an open one against them so that Ms. Bower could not see what I was doing. Then I pulled out my cell phone and logged into my Facebook account. Ms. Bower was grading some papers and the rest of the students were all doing their on things. As I was surfing my Facebook I came across this video that someone had posted of two woman having sex.

I looked around the room and no one was sitting close enough to see what I was doing and Ms. Bower was busy grading her papers. So I decided to watch the video and have some fun. As I was watching the video my pussy started tingling and wanted attention. I looked around the room again and nothing changed so I pulled my skirt up a little and started rubbing my clit while I watched the video. I tried keeping quiet and looking to make sure Ms. Bower didn’t see and I got a surprise.

When I had took a peek to see what Ms. Bower was doing escort I noticed that every time she turned a paper over she would sneak a peek under my desk and between my legs. I paused to see what she would do and she just went back to grading papers. I thought to myself that this might be fun. I went back to rubbing my clit and watching her. I could see her looking over her glasses at my pussy so I slipped my skirt up a little more and slid a finger inside me. Her mouth opened for a second and then acted like she was grading papers again. She put one of her hands under her desk and I could see her arm moving. I knew she was playing with herself.

I decided to push the limits with her. I pushed my finger deeper into my pussy which by this time was dripping and covered my fingers with my juices. Then I raised them to my mouth and began licking them clean. I could see her eyes open wider as she watched me and when we made eye contact she went back to grading papers. I smiled and went back to rubbing my clit making sure she had a good view.

Time came for detention to be over and everyone started leaving. I purposely left one of my books on the seat of the desk and walked into the hall. Ms. Bower pulled the blinds on the door closed and locked it. I waited till the other students had left and went back to see if I could peek in at what Ms. Bower was doing. I could look in through the edge of the blinds and saw her pushed back sitting in her chair dress UN-buttoned squeezing her tit with a vibrator sliding into her pussy.

I watched her for a little while as she got more and more into it then I knocked on the door. She quickly closed bursa eve gelen escort her dress and put the vibrator in her desk draw. She unlocked and opened the door and asked me what I needed.

Vicki ‘I forgot my one of my books at the desk.” and I walked over towards the desk.

Ms.Bower “OK well go ahead and get your book.”

Vicki “Here it is.”

I leaned across the desk with my back to her knowing my skirt was going to rise up showing her my bare ass. I stayed like that for a few seconds to make sure she had a good look. I turned around looking at her and smiled. She looked me over and smiled back.

Vicki “Did you enjoy the show?”

Ms. Bower “What show?”

Vicki “You know what show. I saw you watching me as I was plying with myself.”

Ms. Bower “I did no such thing.”

Vicki “Oh you mean like you also weren’t just sitting there fucking yourself with a vibrator?”

I walked over to her desk and pulled the vibrator out and slipped it between my lips tasting her cream still on it. She quickly closed and locked the door and came towards.

Ms. Bower “Give me that, you can’t tell anyone what you saw.”

She reached for the vibrator and I put it behind me back. She put her arms around me trying to get it and I took my hand and pulled her head to me and kissed her. She resisted at first but then let my tongue slip between her lets as we kissed. Her arms wrapped around me and mine around her as our kiss got deeper. As we kissed I turned her so her back was too the desk and guided her back to sit down on it. I started opening the bottom görükle escort of her dress and she started unbuttoning my blouse.

She took my nipple in her mouth and started sucking on it. I finished unbuttoning her dress opening it revealing her hard nipples and neatly shaven bush. I took the vibrator and slid it into her already wet pussy and began fucking her with it. She leaned back on the desk and spread her legs for me. I started sucking on her clit as I fucked her faster and deeper. She was holding onto my head as her hips were moving grinding on my mouth. I felt her body start to tense and she began panting hard as her climax shook her body. I licked her cream from her pussy and offered the vibrator to her to lick clean. She sucked the vibrator into her mouth and cleaned it.

After that she slid off the desk and sat me down in her chair. She slipped her arms under my legs and lifted them spreading my legs wide for her. She started tongue fucking my pussy and sucking my click. I slipped my fingers into her hair and my hips were moving meeting the thrust of her tongue. Her tongue kept darting inside me and she pushed it deeper more and more. my legs closed over her shoulders as I pushed upward. My body started shaking and I squirted my cream into her mouth.

After I stopped shaking I slid down on the floor by her and we again kissed deeply sharing out mixed flavor. we sat there for a while holding and kissing until we heard the school bell sounding class over rang. We got dressed and fixed ourselves smiling at each other the whole time. Once we were dressed we kissed again.

Vicki “I’ll have to get detention more often.”

Ms. Bower “Well I don’t always do the detention class but if you ever need help with your English work feel free to come and see me.”

Vicki “I just might have to do that.” I winked at her and left.


Hope you enjoyed the story and would love to hear your comments.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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