Naughty and Nice Ch. 03

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Double Penetration

“I know I’m a wicked girl. You may have to tie me up and punish me sometime to give me what I deserve.”

My cock swelled with a rush of hot blood. I gently kissed the top of her head. “I would be happy to help you confess and relieve the burden of your wickedness, Lauren. Give me a week or two to set up the appropriate experience.”

I must have said the right thing. Lauren jumped up, pulled off her panties, and kneeled over me to pull off my boxers and get my cock into her mouth. After a good warm-up, she climbed on top and settled her soaking pussy over me, then engulfed me in one stroke. She rode me with passion and used her fingers to bring herself off. Her passion and orgasm fueled my own, and I came hard, again blown away by Lauren’s sensuality.

We made out afterward with tender kisses, my cock still secure in her depths. Soon, she turned us on the couch, stretched her legs behind her, and dozed on top of me. Usually we both dozed after making love, but her latest confession swirled in my mind.

Lauren and I had now been dating a few months, and I was loving what I found in her. By her words and actions, she was feeling the same way. Part of that was us sharing more of ourselves with the other. First, Lauren had confessed that she was “wired a little differently,” meaning that she wanted me to spend a lot of time pleasuring her ass. I had earned her trust by using that knowledge wisely, and revealing to her that she could return the favor.

Over the course of time, she had also revealed that she was intimate and a bit submissive. She had gone to wearing little when we were alone together, and she often now lounged in only panties. I suspected that those might go as well at some point. She liked my hands touching her, and I discovered that she really liked my arm around her, my hand closed over a breast.

Occasionally she would lie across my lap, and I would caress her ass while she told me little stories from her life. These moments were very intimate and warm, and I suspected that they tied into some deep-seated part of Lauren’s psyche. Sometimes they turned sexual, but sometimes not, and often I would continue stroking her ass while she drifted off, all tingly and snug. I knew that we were communicating at some deep levels during these sessions, and that we were binding each to the other.

During one of those occasions, Lauren asked me to talk about my sister and brushing her hair.

“At some point, it was clear that I had learned the basics, and Julie just wanted to enjoy having her hair brushed. She often showered in the evening, so I would be drying and brushing it before we went to bed. We talked about a lot of things during these sessions, including how girls were wired and what they liked. And about how having their hair brushed made some girls really hot. She never said so directly, but I suspected that Julie was one of those girls. One time, she told me not to stop. I brushed for a long while, and I could feel her purring under me.”

“‘Thank you so much,’ she finally said. Then she said something I couldn’t believe. ‘You got me all worked up. I’m going to go to bed and relieve the tension.’ I paused, stunned. Then I surprised myself. ‘Me too,’ I admitted, excited and horny as hell. We both went to bed, and it was incredibly intimate to know what she was doing in the next room. I could hear her moans, and I let her hear mine. I came incredibly hard.”

“I’ll bet,” Lauren answered, her hips grinding into my lap. “What were you thinking about?”

“Not making love to my sister. The walls are too high for that. But knowing that she was masturbating next door-I imagined what that would be like.”

“I’ll bet she would have let you watch if you had asked.”

“I think you’re right, but that would have led me down a slippery slope, knowing my dirty little mind. And my sister’s.”

“Well the good news is that you can say and do anything you want with your dirty little girlfriend. Like right now. Imagine it was Julie here. What would you do?”

Without a word, I tugged Lauren’s panties off, coaxed her legs apart, and slid my fingers down to frame her soaking pussy. I found her breast with my other hand, and I worked Lauren through a couple of quaking orgasms.

Lauren got up, worked my boxers off, and gave me a fantastic blowjob. I saw stars when I erupted in her throat, and she stayed locked around my shaft, sucking it all down.

Lauren climbed into my lap, and kissed me deeply. Pulling back, she looked into my dazed eyes.

“I think that’s exactly what would have happened.”

I didn’t know what to say, but my deep blush told her everything.

“That’s why I’m a wicked girlfriend. And I’m so happy that you play along.”

So we had shared a lot with each other.

But to have Lauren ask to be restrained and punished; that was new. I knew where I would do it: my basement workout area. I had installed a mirror on one wall, there was a weight bench, and I had a pull up bar bolted to the joists above. I had considered adding another mirror on the corner wall to better judge my training gaziantep escort bayan form. Better get the mirror going I thought. I also had an old futon couch down there, and I thought that I should get it made up so Lauren had a place to rest after her “punishment.”

I resolved to do some reading about submission, knowing that this would be a tricky area to navigate. Lauren was pretty self-confident in her professional life-she had a lot of responsibility at work and made a lot of decisions. In her romantic life with me, she could play either role of assertive or submissive, but she tended toward submissive. This seemed like some sort of yin/yang balance with her work persona. As she came to trust me more, she was giving that submissive side full expression.

But she also had high expectations. She was very intelligent, and she kept me on my toes in our relationship. I had done a good job satisfying her sexually so far, so she would expect something special this time, too. At the same time, the stakes were higher in this little game we had started. I had a feeling that the outcome would shape our future relationship and define how far we opened up with each other.

Over the course of the next week, I spent some time at the home improvement store and down in the basement. I recruited a friend to help, and he teased me about wanting to admire myself while I worked out. Little did he know what I would be admiring. He helped me upgrade the lighting and put down an epoxy coating on the floor. The other preparations were private. I made up the bed and cleaned everything up-I wanted Lauren to be comfortable with the setting. I also bolted a bracket onto an old sawhorse I had to hold a vibrator and allow me to easily adjust the height. I spent some red-faced time at an adult store asking about wrist and ankle restraints. The female salesperson was very understanding and asked what I was trying to do and what level of experience my partner had. She helped me find the right equipment and steered me to a book rack where she handed me a volume.

“As you’re learning, there is a lot of work involved for the dominant partner. Your lucky little submissive is just going to waltz in and have you do your utmost to give her everything she wants. A lot of people don’t understand the role inversion that really goes on here. Who is really in control? Who is working to please the other? I want you to read this because it looks like you really care for this lucky lady. You want this to go well for both of you.”

I thanked her profusely and went home to complete the preparations. I read the book and confirmed some of my intuition. Lauren would appreciate the preparation of the room, and the clean, well-lit theme would fit what she was looking for. Anticipation was also a big part of the experience, so I made sure that everything was visible. If this went well, I figured I’d be buying some more toys and laying them out for future sessions.

The book recommended that I have a plan with various options and off-ramps depending on her reactions. I was going to keep this light and fun. I didn’t see Lauren wanting any type of degradation. She just wanted to continue exploring her sexual, and possibly submissive, side. The book also recommended that I discuss safe words in advance, so the mood could be right on the actual day. I brought up the subject during dinner at her place.

“OK, Lauren, I’m about done getting things set up for your naughty-girl punishment.”

“Oh, you are?”

“Yes, and I wanted to discuss safety and safe words.”

“Doing your homework I see.”

“Always, with you involved. Now, let’s talk about safe words. We want to have two: one to tell me to ease off a little, and the other to tell me to stop completely, release you, and end the show. Both of them not something we would say in the heat of passion or in the role play. But they should be easy to remember.”

Lauren chose her words. “Refinance” to ease off and “Bankruptcy” to stop completely. We both owned our homes and joked about it-who hasn’t? We would both remember.

“Good choices. Now, one additional safety bulletin. In case I pass out from pleasure while enjoying your body, you will have a way to get help. I’ll explain it when we get there.”

“Oh, my, you’ve put some thought into this, haven’t you?”

“I want to keep enjoying that naughty little body of yours, Lauren.”

“And I want you to keep enjoying it. Now, when do we do this?”

We agreed on next Saturday afternoon. Lauren was turned on by the idea, and thanked me for setting everything up. She took the lead and made intimate love to me that night, keeping her lips close as she rode me. She was letting me know that she definitely wanted me to keep the game going.

Saturday finally arrived. I went out with other friends Friday evening, giving Lauren time with her friends and letting her build the anticipation while she slept alone.

The doorbell rang at precisely 12:00 noon, and I opened it to find Lauren in a white blouse and tartan skirt with matching socks and flat black shoes. Just the schoolgirl theme I had asked for.

“Good afternoon, Miss Daniels. Please come in.”

“Thank you, Mister Thompson.”

Lauren stepped past as I held the door, then she turned and waited.

“Miss Daniels, I prefer not to spend a long time lecturing. We both know why you are here. You’ve been a very wicked girl, and you need to be punished. I will ensure that you fully admit and confront your shameful thoughts, and we will deal with them together. Any questions?”

“No, Mister Thompson.”

“Excellent. This will take a while, so I want to make sure you have a chance to go to the restroom before we begin.”

“I made sure to do that before I left, Mister Thompson.”

“Good. At least you’re a smart girl. Follow me, please.”

I led Lauren to the entrance to my basement. She knew about it, but hadn’t been down.

“Please watch your step, Miss Daniels.” I took her arm to guide her down.

“Yes, Mister Thompson.”

I watched the anticipation in her face as she descended. Her eyes got wide when she saw the mirrors, the sawhorse with the vibrator attached, and then the wrist restraints hanging from the bar. I led her further into the room.

“I don’t know what you expected, but we find that the consequences should fit the deed. So shameful thoughts need a shameful punishment. Now don’t worry, no one will hear anything, and we’ll keep this private between us. You do understand that, Miss Daniels? Completely, and exclusively, private?”

“Yes, Mister Thompson, I understand.”

“Excellent. The punishment is much worse for careless girls who talk nonsense outside. You seem like a smart girl, so I don’t expect any problems. Now, let’s get started. For this special kind of confession and punishment, we will need to have no barriers between me and your wicked body. That includes your arms, so we tie them out of the way so you don’t have to worry about any false sense of modesty. I already know you’re beyond that, so we can get the untruths out of the way and focus on your wickedness. Do you understand all of that, Miss Daniels? Play it back to me, so I can ensure that you fully comprehend.”

“Yes, Mister Thompson. I should take off everything, so we can both see my reactions, then I will stand with my arms tied up under the bar. I won’t waste time with any false, good-girl pretensions.”

“That was excellent, Miss Daniels. You are a very smart girl, indeed. Although it takes a smart one to be as wicked as you are. In any case, I expect to make outstanding progress today. We can get started when you are ready. Please use the chair.”

Lauren sat in the chair, and started untying her shoes. I stood with my arms folded and watched her. She neatly folded everything and placed it over the back of the chair, then she rose and faced me, gloriously naked.

“Well Miss Daniels, you certainly have a body for very wicked thoughts. Please move under the bar and raise your arms.”

“Yes, Mister Thompson.”

I inserted each arm into a wrist cuff and tied them gently but firmly.

“Will that be comfortable for a while, Miss Daniels? We don’t want any embarrassing marks or bruises where people can see them.”

I saw Lauren’s nostrils flare at the “where people can see them” remark.

“Yes, Mister Thompson.”

“Now your secret safe words? Tell them to me.”

“Refinance and Bankruptcy, Mister Thompson.”

“Such grown up words, Miss Daniels. Maybe that fit grown up wickedness? In any case, I don’t expect to hear them again. Now, one last precaution. See that box near your foot? If you kick it over, you’ll find a phone inside. Touch the one-button to speed dial your friend; I believe her name is Amanda?”

Lauren’s eyes shot wide. “Amanda?”

“She is your friend, is she not?”

“Yes, but…”

“None of that, Miss Daniels. If the problem is serious enough, Amanda can deal with it. Of course, she will see you like this, and she may have to undergo a little training to make sure she keeps your secrets. But we are not unreasonable here. Your safety and lifelong well-being are of course our primary concern. Now, with that settled, we can continue. I’ll complete the preparations by restraining your ankles. We don’t want you accidentally hurting yourself or someone else.”

I pulled over two 25 pound weights with a chain passing through the openings. I fastened the attached restraint to an ankle.

“Now it might be difficult, but a spirited girl like yourself can drag this over to make a call if necessary. Let’s get the other foot restrained.”

Lauren held still while I fastened the other foot. I stood up to admire my handiwork.

“Miss Daniels, I’m going to be frank. You are a very wicked girl. You came down here, stripped naked, and got willingly into position to get tied up. Usually I get at least a little bit of resistance. It’s almost like you want this.”

I stepped forward and turned to look her directly in the face.

“In cases like yours, I have to take special measures to fully understand the depth of your problem. It’s not enough to talk-I need you to fully experience a man’s body to gauge your wickedness. From the state of your very erect nipples, it appears that you understand. Am I clear, Miss Daniels?”

“Yes, Mister Thompson, very clear. You’ll have to fuck me so you can see what a bad girl I am.”

“Precisely, Miss Daniels. I’m happy to see you use common speech. There is no need to falsely act like a lady down here. I expect you to fully confess your wickedness, using direct and clear language. You can act like a lady later. For now, I already know who you are.”

I moved in close.

“Let’s start with those lips.”

I kissed, and Lauren kissed back eagerly, moaning into my mouth. I explored the contours of her lips, and she molded them to mine. I pulled back to a whimper of disappointment.

“Lips of a worldly temptress, Miss Daniels. I’m sure they are familiar with all of a man’s body. Am I right?”

“Yes, Mister Thompson.”

“And when you have excited him with those lips, do you take his seed into your hot little mouth and swallow it down?”

“Yes, Mister Thompson.”

“Do you have to be asked?”

“No, Mister Thompson, I like to please a man that way.”

“Just what I expected. Now, let’s move down. What about these ripe young breasts? Are they sensitive?”

“Yes, Mister Thompson, they are very sensitive.”

“And how do you know that?”

“Uh, I’ve touched them myself, and I let my boyfriend touch them and kiss them.”

“How often?”

“All the time.”

“It’s what I expected. And this feels really good?”

“Fantastic, Mister Thompson, especially when my boyfriend does it. I can’t get enough.”

“A wicked body leads to a wicked mind, Miss Daniels. I need to see for myself.”

I reached out and cupped her breast. Lauren pushed it into my hand.

“Very firm and shaped nicely. It’s no wonder your boyfriend can’t keep his hands off them. And these nipples, they are made for naughty thoughts. Diamond hard.”

I explored the engorged nipple for a while, then leaned down to take it into my mouth. Lauren moaned. I kissed and sucked until she was twisting from her restraints.

“I can feel your devilish body heating up, Miss Daniels.”

I moved behind her and cupped my hands under her breasts.

“Look at yourself in the mirror, Miss Daniels. Look at your body, hungry for a man’s touch. Look at these heaving breasts. Even here for your punishment, you can’t get enough. You’re a very wicked girl. It’s going to take many sessions to get everything exposed and confessed. Do you agree?”

“Yes, Mister Thompson, I am a very bad girl, and it will take many times to find all the forms of my wickedness.”

“I am gratified to see you at least admitting the full nature of your problem. That is the first step toward addressing it.”

I kissed down her neck. She sensuously twisted her head, moaning her pleasure.

“Just what I feared. Your neck is sensitive. In fact, your whole body appears sensitive. Is there anywhere I can touch that doesn’t make you pant with desire?”

“No, Mister Thompson. That’s the problem. I can’t help it.”

“You’ll just have to try harder, Miss Daniels. At least your punishment can reduce some of your guilt, so you can focus on addressing your wickedness. Now let’s move lower. Just by looking in the mirror, we can both see that you are a shameful mess. Look at those swollen pussy lips. And you are soaked. Your scent is filling the room with your base desires, and no man is safe around that.”

I trailed my hands down to the tops of her legs, rubbing lightly but not yet touching her pussy.

“Tell me about this pussy, Miss Daniels. What are all the shameful things that have happened here? Tell me in order, starting when you first had naughty thoughts.”

“Every event, Mister Thompson?” Her voice was incredulous.

“No, Miss Daniels, we’d likely be here all night. Just the progression, and how frequently each act occurs.”

“Thank you, Mister Thompson. It all started when I was a little girl. I had a lot of stuffed animals in my room, and I was riding my pony and dreaming of doing it for real like I read in my books. Suddenly, I got this really warm feeling between my legs. I settled a little harder, and the feeling got very pleasant. I rode with that feeling for a while. After that time, I rode my pony a lot.”

“My body was changing, Mister Thompson, and strange desires were emerging. I tried riding my pillow in bed, and it felt really good with just pajamas. One day I took the pajama bottoms off, and it felt even better. So of course I eventually took my panties off too, and it felt fantastic. I was rubbing along, feeling better and better, and suddenly I was carried away by this intense, throbbing, burst of pleasure. I felt like I had discovered this precious secret that no one else knew about. After that, I did it all the time. As my breasts developed, I discovered that they felt really good, too. I started using my hands on them, and reached down to play with my pussy as well. What a discovery that was. I didn’t know what it was, but I found this one spot that gave pleasure like nothing in this world.”

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