Natasha – The Heiress Ch. 01

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Hi guys, I’ve wanted to write an erotic story for a while and so here is my first attempt. Hope you guys like it.


Growing up in England my parents where always very strict with me because they didn’t want me to forget my religion and the life they envisioned for me. They wanted me to be their good little Muslim daughter and to live a simple and boring life like them.

For a while I even agreed with their way of life and could understand it, but as I grew older I couldn’t help but start to notice the opposite sex. I was 18 years old when I fell in lust for the first time, it was when I saw our next-door neighbour Mr Allen wearing a pair of extremely tight speedos – that showed off his impressive package – at the pool in our country club.

Mr Allen was around 30 years old, single and was a retired football player who happened to have a gorgeous face that resembled the actor Henry Cavill’s and he also had the most gorgeous body ever, with perfectly clear and smooth creamy skin. He was ripped like those fitness models you see in magazines, with the most defined abs I had ever seen along with hard and firm pectoral muscles that had a very light smattering of chest hair and larger than average candy pink nipples that I wanted to lick and chew. But what aroused me most were his arms, they were so sexy and the perfect amount of muscle. When his arms flexed, his bicep would split and form this delicious little dent on the underside that I wanted to lick and poke my tongue in.

I remember how wet I got when he got out of the pool in front of where I was lounging on a recliner and wiped water out of his eyes, it was almost as if that moment played out in slow motion. My heart rate picked up and I was flushed all over, he gave me a knowing grin and wink as he walked away to the changing area. I wished at that moment that I could be like other girls and give into my desire of having sex with a hot guy. Almost all the girls in my class had already lost their virginity and I always felt like a freak because I was to wait till I was married to a Muslim guy of my parents choosing.

So, for years I suppressed my sexual appetite and remained the good little virgin my parents expected me to be and even dressed conservatively for them even though all I wanted to do was flaunt my figure and revel in the reactions it would illicit. I went through the entirety of high-school and college as the nerdy Muslim girl who got straight As and would one day be a good little housewife and have unsatisfying sex for the remainder of her life with a guy who only cares about his own orgasm.

Sometimes I would feel so depressed with these thought that I would consider running away from home but alas I knew I wouldn’t survive on my own. Especially considering the kind of lifestyle I was use to. My father was an extremely wealthy developer and owned luxury hotels and residential buildings all over Europe. And although most though I had everything in the world I would sometimes feel like I would never get to feel any real romance or passion in my life.

I was 5ft9inches tall and had long dark brown hair that hung till my lower back in wild waves, my skin had a luminescent tan that most people paid money to achieve, my lips looked too wide and plump to my own critical eye but I liked my straight delicate nose that was framed on both sides by light brown eyes. To top it all off I had a curvy and plump ass along with a nice pair of 32 DD tits with large medium brown nipples that yearned to be sucked on.

Wherever I would go I would be acutely aware of all the hot guys that were within a 20ft radius. My body would be tingling in anticipation as they raked their eyes all over me, yet I was unable to respond to any of their advances and would have to ignore my bodies response to be touched and stroked. I would always feel so frustrated in such moments.

Whenever I would see an attractive man with a wife or girlfriend I would always compare myself to the girl to see if I was hotter ( which I usually felt I was ) and if so I’d get angry because of how unfair it was that I couldn’t have what was so easy for them to have.

When şerifali escort I turned 22 and graduated from Cambridge with a business degree my life changed. My parents started to search for a boy from a good Muslim family to marry me off with. I was horrified at the prospect but eventually resigned myself to my fate. It was just an ordinary Thursday when I received the call that changed my whole life. I was watching reruns of Friends – my favourite TV show when my phone began to ring. It was an unknown number and so I was hesitant and first but answered eventually. The call was from St Thomas’s hospital, and they informed me of the news of my parents passing due to a horrible car crash in which my father died on the spot and my mother died due to trauma from multiple injuries before they could reach the E.R. I thought my life was over, my parents were all I had in this world and I was their only child.

For months after the funeral I was a total recluse and would not see any of my friends and didn’t want to leave the house. Then one day my friend Amelia came over to the house and demanded I sit down with her for a much needed intervention.

“Look Tasha, I know your in a world of pain that I can’t even begin to comprehend but you need to take better care of yourself. I’m really worried about you,” she said to me while hugging me on the sofa

“I feel so alone Amelia, I don’t know what to do with my life,” I sobbed into her neck as I hugged her back.

“Do whatever you want to do T. You have the world at your feet. Didn’t you just inherit like a billion dollars or something,” she laughed trying to cheer me up.

“I guess.” I had actually inherited close to 8 billion pounds but I wasn’t going to mention that.

“Look, you need to see this as a new beginning and take life by the tits and do all the things you never got to do before.” We were both laughing by now due to her silly way of putting serious life matters and it was while I was laughing that I finally realised something and a plan slowly started forming in my head. I was free from my parents judgement now. I could live my life exactly how I wanted to without thinking about bringing shame on them. I couldn’t help but get excited at the prospect and hugged Amelia in earnest and told her I loved her for always being my rock.

Another thing I forgot to mention earlier – I’m addicted to porn. I’m constantly masturbating to videos of hot guys fucking girls with their huge cocks. I’m currently watching a video of a tall 30 something bald muscular guy fucking a tiny asian girl till she’s a quivering mess. He is one of my favourite pornstars and I can’t help but imagine how it would feel to take his long beautiful white cock in my mouth and pussy. My pussy is sopping wet just thinking about it and as I rub my clit while staring at him pound the girl while holding her up against a wall I cum so hard I forget where I am for a moment. I’m so sick and tired of always wondering what a real cock will feel like that I make up my mind that I will have sex for real and lose my virginity once and for all and I know just who I want to lose it to.

I ring Mr Allen’s door bell with a little apprehension but as he opens the door I square my shoulders and give myself a mental pep-talk about what I’m about to do.

Holy fucking shit he is only wearing a pair of boxers and as I take him in I drop the envelopes that I had stolen earlier this morning from his mail box so had an excuse to come over to his house. I couldn’t help but notice how nice his legs were, he had strong thick thighs that were corded with muscles, shapely calves with very little hair on them and as I look down at the mail on the floor I notice how beautiful his feet were. There is just something about clean and beautifully pedicured male feet that I find extremely arousing, his are pretty sexy and hairless too thank God.

“Hey Natasha what brings you by?” Mr Allen’s asks me as he too kneels by my side to help me pick up the envelopes.

“I got your mail by mistake so I thought I’d run over to return it Mr Allen,” I stuttered completely infatuated silivri escort by him.

He gives me a lazy smile and glances down at my cleavage for a second before he coughs and rises up with me.

“Thanks sweetheart and please call me Jason,” he says smoothly and then gestures for me to come in.

“Why don’t you come in for a cup of coffee. It’s the least I could do to return your hospitality,” he smiles at me and I swear I swoon.

“Umm thank you Jason. I’d love that.” I am so sucking his dick today’ I think to myself feeling incredibly turned on.

As I sit on his breakfast bar he gets me a cup of coffee and then comes and sits down next to me. I take a sip and put a hand on the counter top close to him and give him a look of encouragement as I smile at him. He slides his hand over mine and tells me how sorry he is for my loss and how he was out of the country when my parents passed away and so couldn’t attend the funeral.

I just smiled sadly and kissed his cheek in a thank you. He seemed surprised by my bold move and then continued to look at my body. I was wearing 4 inch strappy beige suede louboutins with white short shorts and a sleeveless olive green blouse that showed off plenty of cleavage. I thrust my chest out for his perusal and than continued to lovingly stroke his cheek that had a bit of that designer morning stubble I loved on guys.

“Umm Natasha I don’t know if this is such a good idea..” He started to say but I shut him up with a kiss to the lips. This was technically my first kiss but I had seen enough porn to get the idea of how to do it. I licked the seam of his lips and he opened for me as I stuck my tongue in to tangle with his.

Soon I was on his lap and eating his face while stroking his muscular arms and chest. I was so wet my entire underwear was soaked, never in my life had anything felt as good as this moment. Jason’s erection was right under my crotch and I was rubbing my cloth covered pussy all over it.

I broke our kiss off to quickly take off my top and then remove my bra and the look on his face as I unhooked my bra from the front clasp will be forever etched in my brain. His eyes bugged out of his head and his mouth went slack as my heavy breasts broke out of the bra cups and were out for him to play with. I took his big hands and placed them on my boobs so he could squeeze them and make me feel good.

He didn’t need any more encouragement and he quickly started squeezing and rubbing them exactly as I always imagined he would. My boobs didn’t fit in his big hands and were spilling from the sides and as his thumbs and forefingers were twisting each nipple I got so turned on I begged him to suck on them.

I cupped my breast from below and brought them up to his mouth as an offering and asked him to suck on them like they were full of milk. He did exactly as I asked and suckled and bit my nipples for long minutes and as I looked into his intense blue eyes with my tit in his mouth I had my first orgasm with a man. I started to quiver as I moaned his name and never had anything felt so life-altering. As I came down from that high I sprinkled kisses all over his face and told him how amazing he was.

“I really want to suck your cock Jason. Can I?” I asked him needily to which he simply grinned and took off his boxers in one clean move that brought his huge erection bobbing out.

It was the most magnificent cock I had ever seen, it was pink in colour with a dark pink mushroomy head that was so huge. His dick was easily 9 inches long and seemed to curve upwards like a banana towards his belly button . His heavy balls were clean shaven and so were his pubes and I couldn’t wait to suck and lick his ball sac.

He took my hand and lead me out of the kitchen and to his bedroom where he lay down in the centre of the bed and put his arms behind his head which was supported by a mountain of pillows. His biceps flexed attractively in this position and made me even hornier than I was. He had trimmed armpit hair and even that seemed to turn me on for some reason.

I took off my shorts and panties and let şirinevler escort him get a good look at my newly Brazilian waxed pussy before I kneeled between his powerful thighs on the bed and came face to face with his cock.

This was the moment I had waited for my whole life. As I looked at his cock up close I was so hungry for it that I took the whole thing in my mouth without any delay. I rubbed both his thighs with my hands and loved the feeling of his vascular and strong flesh while I was sucking his cock. It tasted salty and clean and I found myself addicted to his taste. I had been preparing my mouth with 10 inch dildos and had been watching blowjob tutorials for the past week so I was prepared to give him the best head of his life. I took him from root to tip till my lips were touching his pubic bone.

He was blown away by my sudden eagerness and skill as his hips nearly shot of the bed with my sudden assault on his cock.

“OH MY GOD!!,” he shouted as I continued to deep-throat him.

I popped his dick out of my mouth because I didn’t want him to come yet and began to leisurely lick up and down his veiny shaft as I held his dick in one hand and massaged and pulled his balls lightly with my other hand. He was moaning profusely by this point which only fuelled me on as I leaned down to start licking his balls. They tasted slightly different from his cock and smelled a bit musky at first but I soon found myself addicted to their taste, I felt like such a dirty whore sucking my older neighbours huge cum filled balls. As I tried taking both balls in my mouth at the same time he suddenly lost it. He got up from where he was lying and took me by the arms and threw me on the bed on my back and then he proceeded to get on top of me. He had a wild look in his eyes that was so hot it made me cream on his sheets a bit. He opened my legs wide and placed both feet around his hips and lined his huge dick with my quivering pussy lips where he rubbed his mushroomy head through the wet folds of my labia. Than before I knew it he thrust forward and broke through my hymen in one clean stroke that had me crying out in pleasure rather than pain and made me orgasm once more.

“You were a virgin?” he asks me accusingly and a bit angrily after my orgasm subsides to which I replied haughtily “Not any more daddy.”

His nostrils flare at my reply and he starts to really thrust inside my virgin tight cunt. His dick was only half way inside me before but now with every thrust it went deeper and deeper till he’s hitting a wall so solid that my screams get alarming and I start to orgasm once more. The feeling of his cock inside me is so intimate and delicious that I start to gush more cream on his cock. He looks down between us where our bodies meet and as my eyes follow his I see his dick stretching my swollen pussy lips obscenely and his bare cock has a sheen of our collective juices on it and a rim of my cream on the base. The image of his cock inside me is so arousing I look away and Jason holds me by my hair and forces me to look into his eyes as he thrust into me at a jarring rate. He puts one hand on my breast and another behind my head and captures me in a deep kiss that has me sucking his tongue into my mouth. I feel even more turned on with his tongue in my mouth and as he thrusts against that solid wall a few more times and than begins to cum deep inside of me it triggers another series of orgasms for me which make my eyes roll to the back of my skull and have me squeezing and clawing his ass so hard it probably hurts.

I love the feel of this sexy mans weight on top of me, the feel of the crisp hair on his chest against my breast and his stubbly cheek against my smooth one. I breath him in as I burry my face in his neck and hug him close. ‘I could get use to this’ I think to myself. He slowly lifts his face from the crook of my neck and smiles down at me looking all sexy and says, “Daddy eh?”

I just smile cheekily and squeeze his muscular bubble butt.

He slowly rolls off of me and pulls me into his chest. I put my cheek on his firm pectoral and look up at him dreamily.

“I want you to know you can fuck me whenever you want Jason. Come over whenever or call me whenever.”

“You think I’m done with you sweetie. I’m gonna fuck this nice little muslim cunt of yours all day and night till both of us pass out.”

I smile up at him excitedly and give him a sloppy french kiss as a thank you.

I can’t believe I got my wish of losing my virginity to Mr Allen.

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