Nasty Sexy Gym Morning

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Lucy Summer knew she had put on a little bit of weight over the last 9 months, going through a divorce while still living under the same roof as the cheating scumbag took its toll on the 39 year old mother of 2.

Hours sat on her ass behind a desk taking calls & snacking out didn’t help, curvy athletic frame had become more voluptuous her breasts which were a D cup felt bigger whenever she would put on a bra.

She had always had a big butt that her past loves would love to grab & make love to her from behind, but now her butt was big enough to rival porn star Jade Stevens or Ryan Smiles & that she was a sexy bitch who needed a good nasty fuck.

Lucy had overheard one of son friend’s Carl make the comment about her having a bubble butt like a porn star, which shocked her at first but later research online brought a sly grin to her lips as she watched a couple of minutes of each of the sexy porn stars videos.

Porn was something she had never really watched, that was more of Jack her ex husband thing, a serial wanker he would tell her she’s was making him due to the lack of affection that she showed him in the bedroom.

Now Lucy found herself almost 4 times a week getting off on porn while playing with her often wet pussy, she found that it was a big help in defusing all the stress that was mounting on her.

Having a 18 year old & a 19 year old under the same roof didn’t help, late nights for them was the norm, whenever Lucy played with herself she had to be extra quite which was a real task since she had always been told that she was a noisy fuck which the guys giving it to her enjoyed hearing her scream.

4:30 AM

Saturday morning & the kids were asleep, Lucy was busy trying to find a bayan escort pair of jogging bottoms that would fit, in the end she had to settle for a pair of white sport shorts with the words (HIT IF YOU CAN) print spread-ed across both cheeks.

“DAMN YOU JACK.” Lucy cursed her ex husband aloud as she threw on a baggy t-shirt that covered half of her backside & headed out the front door.

With her dark brown hair tired back & a sport’s bag over her shoulder she entered the gym for the first time in 11 years, a co-worker had told her it was a great way to blow some steam & the place was quite on a Saturday morning.

Within half an hour she had been shown around & had signed up for 4 months, she stood by the treadmill waiting for her trainer.

Carl couldn’t keep the stupid grin off his face as approached his friend’s mother, the trainer she was waiting for owned him a favor which Carl decided to collect now.

“Excuse me sexy lady are you waiting for me?” Carl said from over her shoulder.

“YOU!” Said Lucy after she had spun around to face Carl who was 6’2 & a little skinny compared to her son, he was wear sweat-pants & a greasy vest which he wore often when came around her place.

“Yes Miss Summer’s I’m your trainer, shall we get started.” He said pointing a finger towards the mats.

Lucy was a little confused but did as he asked & made her way towards the mats, Carl watch as she walk past him towards the mats he could barely she her bubble butt, he knew he had to make her get rid of that baggy t-shirt.


“Before we start Miss Summer I’m goner need you to remove that baggy top.” His deep voice filled with authority.

“Why would I escort bayan do that Carl?” She said while rolling her eyes.

“Because we will be doing high cardio stuff you know.”

“Where is the changing room?”

“Through the double doors & first door on the left, you can’t miss it.” Carl smiled as she walked away.

Within less then 4 minutes Lucy was back walking towards him her ample cleavage almost spilling out from her pink sport’s bar, Carl’s eyes nearly popped out as she stood in front of him with her swelling tits.

He could feel his cock getting hard just by looking at busty friend’s mother, Carl began wondering if her nipples were hard and poking through the little sports bra.

His cock was getting so hard he needed to stroke it or better still let her stroke his raging cock, & so he tried not to think about those tits, but it was nearly impossible.

Lucy looked for her age she had a cute geek kind of face & the glass she wore Carl thought made her look sexy as hell.

They started with a few warm up’s, jumping on the spot & squats, he made a point of putting his hand on her shoulder & back & telling her good job every now & again.

He stood behind her & told her to bend over & touch her toes, he couldn’t believe she was doing whatever he said, Lucy butt was high in the air now & she feel herself getting a little damp between her thighs.

“OH GOD.” Lucy thought to herself.

Carl stared long & hard at the juicy butt before him & the damp crotch area, fuck he said aloud causing Lucy to stand up straight again.


Nothing he said as he placed a hand on her lower back & pushed her forward so she bent back bayan escort gaziantep over & touched her toes.

“If you don’t mind me saying Miss Summer you have a great butt.”

“Carl you shouldn’t talk about me in that manner.” Said Lucy her cheeks flushed with embarrassment as her milky skin turned a shade of rose red.

“I’ve said much worse things about your bubble butt Lucy.” Carl said while grabbing a handful of her right butt cheek & squeezing it, Lucy moan in delight for a second before slapping away his hand.

“WHAT THE FUCK CARL!” Lucy raged as she spun around to face him.

“You know damn well that you liked that & I know that you want more.”

Without warning he leaned in for a kiss which surprised her but turned her on at the same time, before she knew it she was rubbing his hard cock through his sweat-pants while he kissed her neck.

He dropped his pants & took hold of Lucy hand & placed it top of his dick & told that the gym would be empty for another hour.

“So what that means is time for a nasty sexy gym morning session, yeah Miss Summer I want all of those holes of yours.”

Lucy stroked his cock while he lifted her sports bra letting her tits spill out, he wasted no time & was sucking on them & while smacking her butt nice & hard.

“Suck on my cock Miss Summer, show me how horny you are.”

Lucy was on her knees now sucking on her son’s mate’s cock in the middle of the gym, she pulled his dick for a second to try & catch her breath.

Carl shoved is eager cock right back down her throat without warning, she began to gag as he shoved his dick down her throat while pulling on her hair, he stared right into Lucy eyes & grinned.

“Take it bitch & stick that fucking phat ass out for me.” Carl said before slapping each butt cheek, Carl sat on the mat while she got on all four & suck his cock.

Lucy’s pussy was soaking now, she need so badly to climb on that young cock & ride the fucking shit out of it, him taking control was making her even wetter.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32