Napa Valley Wedding Trip

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“Nice shot, pool shark,” she taunted as the 12 ball bounced off the rails.

“Yeah yeah…” was my eloquent response. My concentration was ruined. Normally I am quite skilled at sharp-witted banter, but my mind was on other things. Like the gorgeous girl bending over to line up a shot with that evil, teasing smile on her face. Or the other cute little lady waiting her turn to the side.

The three of us were old friends who don’t see much of each other anymore. All of us had families at home and had drifted apart to some degree, although we’ve kept in touch over the years. On this rare occasion the three of us found ourselves on a trip together to attend the wedding of another couple of friends. Their husbands were home with the kids, and my wife didn’t really know the bride and groom so she stayed home as well.

So Courtney, Jen and I decided to hit the local pool hall. It wasn’t long before the wine was flowing freely (this was a pool hall in Napa Valley) and it was just like old times between the three of us. Which meant, just like old times, Courtney was torturing me. I had more history with her than I did with Jen, and our history was interesting indeed. We met in a grocery store of all places when we were just out of high school. She was bagging my groceries and I remember instantly being taken by how beautiful she was. Her long dark hair, her athletic body, and her disarming smile still take my breath away to this day. It took all my nerve to approach her, and when I did I learned she had a boyfriend. Still, something connected between us and we have been good friends ever since. We have the kind of friendship where true honesty is always appreciated.

We also have the kind of friendship that has benefits every now and then. We never became more than friends, but we have the kind of trust in each other that lets us share our libido when the time is right. She can turn me on to a degree that no other woman is capable of, and she likes to feel lusted after. I can count the times we’ve hooked up over the years on one hand, it doesn’t happen often, but I remember every detail about each encounter. It was also strictly our secret.

Jen, on the other hand, has always been a strictly platonic friend. She is very cute – and she has the followers on the internet to prove it – but she’s just never been on my “sexual radar” so to speak. She’s shorter than Courtney, and much curvier. She always seems to be on a quest to lose weight, even though I think she looks just fine how she is. We were professional colleagues for a time, and I know she used to have a lot of problems with her husband. Courtney and I both soon learned that was still the case, she had no problem expounding on the multiple issues after glass of wine number two. It was during one of these rants that she shocked us all,

“I haven’t even had an orgasm in two months!”

Courtney and I laughed and comforted her, “I couldn’t go that long!” Courtney said, “You don’t… you know…?” Jen just shrugged in response.


“It only takes about 30 seconds, and you feel much better!” I added, which made them laugh again.

“30 seconds?! Do you even feel it?” Jen asked through her chuckling.

That conversation broke the ice. From then on it was no longer taboo to discuss sexual topics. I learned through casual conversation that Jen is a big fan of the “reverse cowgirl” and Courtney has been playing with a lot of interesting toys lately. I could feel my focus start to dwindle as my brain diverted resources to these women around me instead of… well, the rest of existence.

I was studying the table trying to decide my next shot when Courtney sidled up to me and took two of my fingers into her hand and squeezed, “I bet I could make it happen in 20 seconds,” she whispered just me to as she did. It was a secret gesture her and I shared. I love to tell her how good her pussy feels, and she loves to remind me by giving me that squeeze. It made me miss the shot altogether.

“Nice shot, pool shark.” She is evil in all of the best ways.

Our second bottle of wine was gone so Jen nominated herself to go get us another. She was only half paying attention to the pool game anyway, as she wasn’t very good. When she had turned the corner and was out of sight, I sidled up behind Courtney and slid my hands around her waist. I pulled her body into mine and ran my hands up and down her sides and stomach, bending down to whisper in her ear, “Be careful or I might take you up on that challenge.”

She sighed lightly and leaned back into me, admitting with her body that she was just as turned on as I was.

“Mmm, there’s people watching,” she said in warning, but she was making no effort to move away. I slid my hands up and over her breasts lightly before backing away and going to retrieve my pool cue. She stared down at the table, pretending to concentrate on the balls but I could see the red in her face, and I knew I was successful in torturing her back. I knew she could still feel where gaziantep escort ilanları my hands were.

Jen returned and filled our glasses. “Do you think Courtney is hot?” she blurted out. Courtney heard this too and turned her attention to us.

“Uhhh… yes of course!” I stammered.

“Me too,” she said matter-of-factly before sipping her wine. Her forwardness shocked me, and the way she was blushing told me she was shocking herself a little bit as well. “I dare you to kiss her.”

That made Courtney and I both laugh, “I think you’d have to dare *her* not me,” I said, trying to back out of being put on the spot.

“Okay. Courtney, I dare you to kiss him.”

Courtney leaned against the pool table for a moment, an embarrassed smile lighting up her face. Then she sighed, looked at the ceiling briefly as if to say “why not” and walked over to me. There was a moment where she hesitated, as if working herself into it, but when our lips met the world was forgotten. We melted together the way you only can with somebody you truly connect with. Her lips trembled for a moment but then she surrendered and we were both involved. Her hands searched my body and mine did the same to her, exploring places normally not allowed. Her hand brushed my ear as she slid it up the back of my head and my cock instantly jumped to life and started to get hard. I slid my hand down to the small of her back to pull her closer to me. She responded by raising up on her tip toes and leaning into me. She pressed her hips into me and I felt her intake of breath when she realized how hard I was becoming. When it was over I reeled a little bit, overwhelmed and shaking from being so turned on.

Around the pool hall I could see that even more people were looking our direction now. I’m not usually the type that is comfortable in public situations, but being out of town where we didn’t know anybody and drinking all the wine had me not caring what people thought. Plus, it’s not like I was going to put a stop to anything that was happening between the three of us!

“I didn’t think you’d actually do it!” Jen said, covering her mouth and laughing. Courtney shrugged it off.

“He’s a good kisser, it wasn’t a bad time at all.” Courtney bent down over the pool table again and I saw Jen looking at me in a curious way. I got the feeling she was about to dare me to kiss her, but she looked away and didn’t say anything. Then she spoke up again, but only so I could hear.

“I dare you to take her underwear off,” she said conspiratorially. It wasn’t an unreasonable dare, really. At least not in my current state of mind. Courtney was wearing a little black skirt, after all. It was just about my turn at the table so I stood up and casually sauntered over without answering.

“It’s still my turn over here,” Courtney said as she detected me walking up. She was bent low over the table, displaying her ass to me in a way that was all too intentional. Before I lost my nerve, I stepped up behind her and slid my hands down her hips. She gasped and stood more upright, forgetting about the shot, and was about to say something but I silenced her by reaching down and sliding my hands up to her ass under her skirt. In that shocked moment when she didn’t know how to react, I calmly hooked my fingers around the waistband of her panties and pulled them down. When they got to her knees they fell around her ankles. She stood there for a moment more before giving a playful shrug, kicking them off to the side, and bending back down to shoot pool.

Touching her like that made me even harder. Her body under my fingers is something my body always instantly reacts to. As I walked back to the high table Jen was sitting at I picked up Courtney’s panties and dropped them next to Jen’s wine glass. She staring at me in complete shock, her hands covering her mouth and nose and her eyes wide as can be.

“You put him up to that?!” I heard Courtney exclaim.

“I dared him but I didn’t think he’d do it!”

Courtney came over to the table near us. It was probably my turn now but I didn’t care much.

“What gives you the right to dare us to do things, anyway? Is it my turn to dare you?” Courtney asked.

“I think it is,” I seconded. Jen looked between us, slightly nervous.

“Flash us,” Courtney blurted out. Jen stared back at her in astonishment.

“What?! There’s people looking!” she pleaded.

“There were people looking when you made him undress me too,” Courtney replied with a smirk.

A moment passed as Jen looked from Courtney to me, as if expecting one of us to let her off the hook. We weren’t. She bit her lip and her face again turned beet red as she pulled her shirt up to her bra, then pulled both of them up to her shoulders. She had very large, gorgeous breasts that seemed to be dying to be let out of their prison. It was always rumored that she’d had “work” done on them, I never knew if it was true but if she had it was done by a skilled artist. Her shirt was back down far too fast and now her hands were covering her eyes, but she was also smiling.

I looked around the room again and it was clear we had quietly become the center of attention. A variety of looks were being sent our way, from encouraging to hateful. I saw a patron at the bar talking to the owner and pointing our direction.

“I’m about done playing pool, are you guys ready?” I asked.

“Almost,” Jen said, picking up her wine glass and draining the remains. “Now I am!”

In the car we couldn’t stop laughing. Courtney was fumbling with her panties, trying to put them back on over her shoes but having trouble because Jen was keeping her in stitches.

“That one lady… she’s probably never seen another pair of tits other than her own… she was like…” she made a face that mimicked the indignation and we all cracked up again.

As the laughter started to die down I looked at Jen in the rear view mirror, “Truth or dare?”

“Me? Hmmmm truth,” she answered, and the car got a little quieter as Courtney too wanted to hear my question.

“Have you had a boob job?” I asked.

“Yes,” was the simple response.

“I think they’re pretty great,” Courtney said.

“Me too,” I complied. Jen smiled and leaned back.

“Okay, your turn then – truth or dare,” she fired back at me.


“Hmmmm…” she looked out the window for a moment before asking, “Do you want to have sex with Courtney?”

I laughed, “Well sure, who wouldn’t?!”

But Jen was having none of it, “No no no… that’s a cop out. What I mean is do YOU,” she punctuated this by jabbing me in the arm with her finger, “want to fuck HER?”

“Yes, badly,” I answered honestly.

“Oh my god…” Courtney said, burying her face in her hands. Jen was loving the tension.

“Oh come on, we all know it, I just forced him to say it!” she said.

Courtney turned around in her seat, “Your turn again – truth or dare? Pick truth.”

“Truth then, I guess,” Jen answered.

“Do you want to watch us?”

“What?!” was Jen’s immediate response, then a second later, “Yes.”

We were pulling into their hotel parking lot so the game was coming to an end.

“Dang, and that was just getting good!” I said, smiling. Courtney reached over and turned off the car, removing the keys.

“No, it’s just getting started,” she said, her evil smile once again making my blood rush through my veins.

Jen excused herself and disappeared into the bathroom when we entered their hotel room. I watched as Courtney languidly dropped her purse on the dresser and reached up to stretch, her body twisting in a very tantalizing way. I slipped up behind her and wrapped my hands around her body, leaning down to kiss her neck. I felt her exhale and her hands came down onto my head.

“She wants to watch us fuck, she said…” I mumbled into her ear, my excitement making my voice shake a little.

“Mmmm hmmm…” she replied. Her eyes were closed and her hips were moving against me, I sighed into her neck. My hands explored her body as she moved against me, her lithe body turning me on more and more with every moment. She raised up a little and her ass found my hard cock inside my jeans. I inhaled sharply as she pushed against me which only encouraged her to move more. My breath was getting heavier and one of my hands was squeezing her breast through her top when the bathroom door opened again.

“Starting already?!” Jen said with exaggerated shock. She was wearing an oversize t-shirt that came down to her thighs now. She scrambled onto the bed and sat against the headboard to watch.

I heard and felt Courtney laugh lightly, still rubbing herself against me as she watched Jen get settled. She gently stepped away from me and over to the bed.

“Actually we were waiting for you before we started,” she purred, crawling onto the bed. I watched Jen’s face as Courtney approached. At first she wasn’t sure what was happening, but soon realized that Courtney meant to kiss her. Nervousness shot across her face, but Courtney didn’t give her time to think about it, kissing her deeply. Jen tensed up for a moment, but then melted and closed her eyes, returning the kiss. Her hands snaked up around Courtney’s neck and she slid one of her feet up the bed, rubbing Courtney with her thigh.

I watched as they made out, and could hear a small moan escape from Jen. Courtney put one hand on her knee and started to rub her thigh as they kissed. Jen squirmed slightly and moaned more insistently. Courtney’s hand moved further up Jen’s thigh and pushed her shirt up to her waist. I could see that Jen was wearing a pair of very tantalizing black panties. Courtney’s hand brushed against them as she caressed Jen. So transfixed was I that I didn’t notice they had stopped kissing and were both looking at me.

“Are you going to help me or what?” Courtney asked, obviously amused at my dumb struck expression. I started to move towards the bed, “You’ll have to lose the jeans,” she said before I got far.

“How is that fair, you’ve got all your clothes on!” was my retort.

“And who’s fault is that?” was hers. She turned back to Jen and kissed her again. This time their kiss was far more lustful. Gone was the experimental awkwardness of the first time, now they just wanted each other. I hurried out of my jeans and climbed onto the bed behind Courtney. I placed my hands on her legs and rubbed her thighs, pushing her skirt up to feel her ass. I couldn’t believe it was the second time in one night that I’d had my hands up her skirt, nor that I was once again sliding off her panties. I heard her laugh slightly as I did, moving her legs just enough to let me toss them to the side. Then I moved to her shirt, my fingers instantly finding the hem and sliding it up her back. She broke off the kiss and raised herself up, lifting her arms so I could remove her shirt. “You’re sure not wasting any time,” she said through ragged breaths as I tossed her shirt to the side and unclasped her bra.

“I don’t want to be blamed for dropping the ball,” I replied as my hands instantly covered her tits and gently squeezed them. She exhaled sharply and arched her neck as my fingers expertly found her nipples and pinched them slightly, then she bent back down to Jen. They resumed their kiss, Jen’s hands wasting no time exploring Courtney’s breasts. I moved across the bed to the other side of Jen and joined Courtney in caressing her. Courtney’s fingers were rubbing Jen through her panties now I could see, while my hands explored her leg and slid up her shirt. My hand found one of her ample tits, massaging gently under her shirt. Jen broke the kiss and tore her shirt off, discarding it to the side, then she grabbed my hair and pulled me down to her, kissing me.

Her kiss was different than Courtney’s. With Courtney there was a conversation of sorts… she fed off of me as much as I did her. With Jen, it was more primal, as if she was just getting from me what she needed. I didn’t mind that one bit. Her tongue explored my lips and her hand tightened in my hair. Both of my hands moved to her breasts as I felt Courtney move down the bed. I could tell by the way Jen’s hips lifted off the bed for a moment that she had just lost her panties. A moment later she suddenly tensed up and moaned deeply into my mouth and I knew Courtney was sliding a finger inside her. Jen pulled her legs up and her breath was coming more ragged as we kissed. Suddenly she broke off and laid her head back, eyes closed tight.

“Ohh… god…” she groaned and I looked down to see Courtney’s face buried between her legs. I bent down and took one of her nipples into my mouth and sucked on it greedily, lightly biting with my teeth. Jen arched her back a little, pressing her tits into me harder. I responded by squeezing her other nipple between my fingers, eliciting a shocked gasp from Jen. “Fuck… Courtney… I’m going to cum on your face if you don’t stop…” she moaned, her fingers tracing lines through Courtney’s hair. There didn’t seem to be any indication that she planned to stop. “I was supposed to watch you…” she sighed. I raised up and looked down at Jen. Her eyes were half closed with pleasure, mouth hanging open. My cock was rock hard in my shorts, and it knew what it wanted.

I moved down to the foot of the bed behind Courtney. She seemed to sense my plan and adjusted her knees to give me perfect access. Her skirt was still on, making the scene even more incredibly naughty and her body even more tempting. I scooted up behind her and reached into my shorts to free my cock. It sprang to life and came to rest against Courtney’s wet pussy, sliding between her legs. She moaned into Jen’s pussy and started working her hips, guiding my cock where it needed to go. I felt her hips roll until the head of my cock pressed into her opening, but I pulled back slightly when Courtney pushed back. I heard a small whimper escape her as I thwarted her attempt. I grabbed her hips in my hands so she couldn’t move and placed my cock once again at her opening, this time pushing in steadily and watching my cock slowly disappear inside of her. Courtney’s breathing changed as I pushed all the way into her, relishing the feel of her amazing pussy along every inch of my cock. She squeezed me and it chased the air from my lungs.

She felt like nobody else, and was – to put it in a vulgar fashion – by far the best fuck I’d ever experienced.

I slowly started to work my cock in and out of Courtney’s pussy. Dividing my attention between watching that and watching Jen’s face as the intensity of her gasps mounted. Soon I was plunging myself deeply into Courtney, slowly and steadily, and Jen was about to cum. I watched her face as her eyes closed tight, her breathing getting more rapid. Courtney had to pin her hips down with one arm as she started to arch her back and squirm with pleasure.

“Ahhhh… FUCK!” Jen gasped as her body shook. Courtney wiped her face and raised up on her hands so she was on all fours while I continued to fuck her. Her body moved in slow rhythm with mine as she looked down at Jen.

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