Nanny to Teach

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“Do you think she will fuck?” Russ Johnson asked his wife, Laura.

“What do you think?” Laura responded as she bent forward to give him a drink she’d mixed. As she leaned over, the front of her dress draped, giving Russ a full view of her luscious bare tits. Russ’ eyebrows lifted as he accepted the drink and gazed at those perfect tits-mounds. Laura handed Russ the five-by-seven color photograph of Susan. The stunning eighteen-year-old blonde beauty was wearing a very, very brief bikini which only accentuated the lush creamy tits which Russ judged to be at least a size forty a size smaller than his wife Laura’s tits, 42 DD. Her shapely, suntanned legs were perfect. She could have easily passed for a starlet. Her hair was long and shiny and her eyes a deep emerald green.

“Any woman with a body like that must like to fuck.” Russ grinned. “She’s by far the best looking of all thirty women who sent us resume’ so far.”

“I agree,” Laura said, sipping her drink. “She’s a regular sex kitten for sure. You want me to call her and tell her she’s got the job?”

“Yes, call her tomorrow. Do you think she can handle the kids?”

“Well, she graduated from high school with honors and has a year of college. She can speak two languages. I think she’ll do.”

“As good as Mary was?” Russ asked, remembering the last nanny they’d hired. She was Spanish and loved sex, both with Russ and Laura. But she had to leave to go to college. Susan would be her replacement. “I think this girl, Susan, will surprise you. It will take a little work. Believe it or not, she comes from a pretty straight family. But we’ll bring her around! You can bet your ass on that!” Russ laughed. “Talking about asses, come over here and plant yours right here on my lap.” Laura, smiled lustfully, put her drink down and sat on his lap. Russ’ hands went out, as if drawn by magnets, to her tits. Laura moaned as Russ cupped her tits and squeezed, feeling the nipples harden in his hand. God, but he knew how to work her tits! She could feel his cock harden beneath her ass. Laura’s trained hands made short work of the zipper on Russ’ pants and in his excitement; he lifted his ass effortlessly out of the chair despite the weight of the beautiful full-figure woman in his lap. He shucked his trousers and shorts off in one swift motion. His unbound cock sprang to erect attention. Laura’s clear brown eyes fastened hungrily on his eight-inch monstrosity of a cock. It looked almost obscene in its gigantic curving magnificence. It was the biggest cock she’d ever seen – so far.

But something Russ had told her a few days back had never left her mind. She had asked him if any man he knew might have a cock larger than his. He had laughed. “Hell yes:” Russ answered. Wayne has a cock at least ten-inches long! It’s so big around it looks like a horse’s cock when it’s hard!”

“You’re kidding – aren’t you?” Laura asked as she cocked an eyebrow skeptically

“It’s the gospel truth,” Russ answered. Now, as Laura gazed at Russ’ throbbing prick, she tried to visualize what Wayne’s cock might look like. Wayne was their gardener and handyman who had a small apartment over their barn. Russ’ eryaman escort sudden oral attack on her bare tits took Laura’s mind off Wayne and his giant cock. Her husband took as much of the succulent titflesh into his ravenous mouth as he could hold at one gulp. Gobbling frantically. Russ chewed Laura’s nipples and licked them with his tongue. Laura grabbed his throbbing prick and pumped it for all she was worth. He sucked her tits harder, creating a tremendous suction. Faster and faster she jerked him off – until she realized she didn’t want his sperm on her – she wanted it in her. At that precise moment Gene, their 18 year old son, and Karen, their 19 year old daughter, walked in unexpectedly. It wasn’t the first time, nor would it be the last time, that the kids would see their parents making love. The couple shared an open and liberated attitude about sex with their kids. The kids kept quiet and watched in fascination as Laura, supporting herself on her free arm, hitched herself up and tore off her bikini panties, rolling the dark hose down the tapered columns of her legs. Bikini panties, nylons and sandals joined them in a heap on the floor. A tiny drop of sperm glittered at the end of Russ’ cock as Laura’s hand ran up and down the pillar of solid cock meat.

Laura’s well-primed pussy lips were gaping open. Russ, sucking her tits, pushed a finger into her cunt. She wiggled as the digit intruded into her pussy like a miniature cock. “Are you going to fuck Dad, Mom?” Gene asked as he felt his cock stiffen in his jeans.

“Watch!” Mom said. Keeping a firm grip on his throbbing prick, Laura swung astride Russ’ lap, facing him. She put one bare foot on the carpeted floor to steady herself, one knee dug deep into his thigh as she steadied herself above his straining cock. He let go of her tit and leaned back to watch. His lithe, long-bodied wife poised, targeted the purple-head of his cock at her gaping, wet cunthole, and then lowered herself.

“Jesus!” Gene whispered to Karen. “They’re going to make me cum in my pants! Doesn’t it even bother you, Sis?”

“A little bit,” Karen answered shyly. Russ and Laura moaned in sheer sensual delight as his cock pressed aside her cunt lips and slid up, up into her wanton opening an inch at a time. She felt his cock going slowly into her pussy, each inch a pleasurable torture and a blessing beyond imagining. Her honey-dripping pussy kissed the hairy base of his mighty cock. Laura drew up her legs so that both knees sank into the chair on either side of Russ’ ass. Her tits poked invitingly at his face; he licked his lips and began to love her tits. The velvet walls surrounding Russ’ cock were fluid, mobile, maddening, clutching and encircling his prick and sucking as agilely as any mouth.

“You’ve got the best pussy in the world!” Russ grunted.

“Well, you always said I was the best fucker in the world!” She smiled lewdly and gave his cock an extra squeeze with her responsive muscles. Russ’ cock was buried a full eight inches, stretching the walls of Laura’s pussy in the most enjoyable manner possible. Russ worked his hips so that the fuck-friction gave them both a etimesgut escort most exquisite sensation. “Karen,” Laura gasped as Russ rammed into her cunt. “Would you like to try this some day?”

“Y-y-yes,” Karen stammered.

“She’s too little, Mom. Her cunt ain’t anywhere near big enough. She’d be lucky if she could get a finger in it!” Gene laughed at the young girl’s embarrassment. The steam was mounting in the boiler of Russ’ balls. He clenched the muscles of his prick to restrain the flood of cum which demanded to jet forth from his fleshy cock and cream Laura’s inside with sperm. He wanted his wife to climax gloriously before he let himself blow off his load. Perhaps if Karen could see the joy that a good fuck brings to a woman she wouldn’t be so dammed squeamish about sex. She was old enough to begin some sexual activity. Laura was fast nearing the summit. Her long hard clit was well out of its protective covering now, rubbing against the pounding, pistoning, ramrod prick that was stirring her cunt juice to a foaming white froth. She started wildly bucking her cunt up and down on the impaling cock.

“Fuck my cock, Honey! Fuck it! Fuck yourself good! Fuck me harder!” Russ cried. For forty-five full minutes they kept up the wild fuck rhythm.

“Oh my God!” Laura screamed, “I’m cuming!” A gigantic climax hit her. Russ kept driving into her. His cockhead rammed painfully against her cervix, but neither was satisfied. The wanted more – much more! Gene wanted to jack off or something to relieve the pressure in his balls. But he didn’t dare take his cock out in front of his parents. God he would like to fuck a woman built like his Mom. With her long red hair and curvaceous body, she was the most beautiful woman Gene had ever seen. Russ’ cock gave a preliminary spurt of cum, and then both were flung over the edge. With the force of a fire hose, Russ blasted his creamy jizz far up into her belly, and together they both fell into a chasm of orgasmic delight. Gene motioned to Karen, and then they left the room. “Why do they always do that, Gene?” Karen asked naively.

“Because it’s fun,” Gene answered. “How about letting me fuck your sweet pussy and show you?” Gene grabbed her in an embrace and felt between her legs. “God, you’ve got hair on your pussy!”

“So what!” she pouted.

“Well, let me see it!”

“Will you leave me alone if I do?”

“Sure, if you want me to. C’mon to my room.” He took her by the hand and led her to his bedroom.

As they started walking to Gene’s bedroom, Mom called out to Karen, “Relax and enjoy it.”

“Okay, let’s see your pussy, Karen. You promised.”

“Oh, all right, Gene, but just a look. No touching. Okay?”

“Oh for fuck’s sake, Karen, you little prude! Okay, I won’t touch it if you don’t want me to” He sounded disappointed. Working her dress up over her head, she bent slightly with her ass toward him. When the dress was clear of her head, she placed it on Gene’s bed; then reaching behind her, she unhooked her bra and turned so her bare tits were on full display for her brother who was standing there with his mouth open. Gene had no idea – no etlik escort idea at all that a young girl could be so fucking sexy. God, she was beautiful! Her two budding tits were small, but well-formed cones with large bright pink tips that pointed like fingers toward Gene’s open mouth. His glance roamed down to the bulge in Karen’s bikini panties. It was soaking wet! Slowly Karen eased her panties down and stepped out of them “Well?” she asked.

“God, Karen, you’ve got a pretty body.” She posed proudly as she put her hands on the dresser behind her and leaned back a little and spread her legs apart. The hair of her pussy extended back between her legs in a narrow line, lighter brown than the long tresses on her head, and sort of wet looking. She was pinkish between the soft white of her inner thighs.

“Ok, I’ve let you see my pussy and my titties, now can I go?”

“Sure, if you want to, but I’m so fucking horny looking at your cunt. Let me fuck you Sis, c’mon. Please!”

“Gene, I told you no!”

“Will you at least jack me off before I go crazy?”

“Poor baby,’ she pouted. “C’mere.” She pushed him back on the bed. She unzipped his pants and took his straining cock and began rubbing his heavy foreskin back and forth. Gene moaned and arched his back. He stared greedily at her tits.

“Can I feel them?”

“Oh all right,” she answered as she pumped his prick. His fingers slid along the undercurves testing the weight of her small, fascinating tits. She moaned quietly as he kneaded her tits. “Would you like to suck one Gene?” The nipple will feel real good in your mouth.”

“Sure, Sis!” Using both hands to hold her left tit, he sucked the puffy nipple. She gasped and quit playing with Gene’s cock. Karen felt the warm enticing pressure of Gene’s palm urgently working the heavily furred bulge of her cunt around and around. The motion ground Karen’s clit against her pubic bone and she gasped. Gene stopped for just a moment. “I thought you wanted to leave, Sis.”

“Oh please, Gene! Don’t stop! It feels so good! Mmmmmmmm! Ahhhhhhh! But we shouldn’t, Gene! We can’t…. oh Christ….ahhhhh!’ She gasped as Gene’s finger found her wet fiery slot and he began finger-fucking her. “Push it in! Harder – ah, that’s it! Oh Gene, no more finger! Fuck me! As please fuck me!”

“Gene! Karen” Where are you?” Russ was calling them from the living room.

“In my bedroom, Dad!” Gene managed to call out.

“C’mon down. Hurry will you. We’ll be late for the show.”

“Okay, Dad!’ Gene replied. He turned to his sister, “Oh fuck, Karen, my balls are going to explode. They hurt!” His prick was hard as a rock and vibrating with the need for action.

“I’ll hurry Gene.” She grabbed his cock and began rubbing furiously. Suddenly without warning a long white jet of sperm erupted and shot three feet upwards smacking Karen squarely on the tits. Two minor eruptions followed as spurt after spurt jettisoned out onto Karen’s soft white belly.

“Ahhhhhhhh! Thanks Karen,” Gene smiled. “I’m sorry we didn’t have more time. I would have liked to put all that jism in your lovely cunt.”

“Maybe it’s good we did, though,’ Karen mused. “We shouldn’t fuck each other – should we?”

“Why the hell not? You wanted to, didn’t you?”


“Okay, then. We’ll spend tonight together after the show, and I’ll give you the best fucking you can ever imagine.”

Watch for Chapter 2

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