Nando and Will Ch. 05

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Nando and Will 5: Serpent’s Tooth

Drowsy blue eyes opened slowly and, as wakefulness brought awareness, the blond giggled musically and very quietly. He was now officially Nando’s Spouse; William Green Rodriguez. He gazed adoringly at the bigger, darker body that lay beside him. Even asleep, Nando had a proprietary hand on Will’s hip, the possessive gesture making the younger man feel cherished and loved. He relished Nando’s innate possessiveness, relished knowing he belonged to the Rojan, but also that the older man belonged equally to him. He let his hand drift lightly over the furred chest, then that wasn’t enough. Settling comfortably he rooted to find one of his mate’s dark, thick nipples and began to suckle. He smiled around his prize at the soft sound of pleasure from his still sleeping lover. He felt his husband’s body arch unconsciously towards the soft caress. Will shifted slightly to bathe the other nub with moist heat, letting his tongue sweep over furled flesh.

“Mi chico bonito,” Nando rasped, his voice still heavy with sleep. “Te amo.”

“I love you,” Will replied. “Mi Murido,” he added, gazing into loving, deep-brown eyes.

“Mi Espouso,” Nando growled softly. “Only ever mine.”

Nando pulled Will’s head towards him. The kisses began as gentle and affectionate but soon heated to become deep and demanding, urgent and incendiary.

“Mi Espouso. Mio, solo mio. Quiero hacer el amor con tu,” Nando husked, his eyes black with desire. Will’s soft mewls inflamed Nando, his shaft beginning to ache with arousal for the smaller blond. He moved over the slighter form, powerful thighs pushing more slender limbs apart. He bent to bite and suck at perfect, pert, pink nipples, whilst a hand crept lower. He caressed Will’s erect flesh, squeezing at his lover’s slender rod to a tender cry and slim hips bucking into his grip. Releasing his prize, his hand drifted lower still, Will’s body manoeuvring to allow the more intimate touch. Nando’s fingers ghosted over Will’s perineum and he growled approvingly as his lover tried to spread himself further, hands grasping at broad shoulders, as he continued to erotically torture diamond hard, reddened nubs.

Silently begging to be taken, Will gave a soft whine of distress as Nando’s hand moved away from his body only to moan wantonly as it returned, slick with oil, to demand entrance. He heard the low rumble from deep within Nando’s chest as a single finger slid inside him.

There was a residual slickness in his mate’s body from their consummation the previous evening and Nando could feel how easily the digit moved within Will. He gave another rumble of satisfaction and pushed a second finger into moist heat. As a third entered the tiny channel, he curled them masterfully and smiled with a primal triumph at Will’s cry of passion and the writhing of the slender, golden form. He pumped them in and out for a few moments, relishing the sight of his mate lost in ardour. Then moved swiftly to coat his own demanding flesh and position its head at the glistening, enticing portal.

Will wrapped his legs around the bigger man as his lover prepared to unite their bodies. He locked their gazes, Nando’s of scorching sienna met with his own of smouldering sapphire. His moan was matched by one of his husband’s as his body was breached by solid flesh. He panted softly as his body accommodated Nando’s impressive length and girth. Will felt himself stretch around his lover and then he dug his heels into powerful gluteus muscles to indicate his readiness.

The feel of tight, silken heat was almost irresistible and it took all of Nando’s self-control not to simply take what was so freely offered. Instead he began to undulate slowly until the gasp of delight told him his aim was true. He leant forward to kiss at sweet lips and nibble at alluring skin. One arm took the bulk of his weight, whilst his free hand teased and tortured a diamond-hard nubbin. He felt slender hands sweep through his hair, stroke his shoulders and scratch gently at his back. He gave a low rumble of enjoyment and began to speed up his movements. He abandoned the taut teat to stroke at Will’s dripping length relishing the sweet cry the act engendered. The younger man arched, giving a cry of pleasure as Nando expertly rubbed over his hidden jewel. The blond caressed his lover’s dark hair, shoulders and back, meeting each powerful thrust of his mate’s body with a counter-movement of his own. Teeth and tongues clashed again and again in a duel neither man could lose.

“Love you, Nando,” Will gasped.

“Love you, mi angel,” Nando husked. He began to drive his body deeper, harder, faster, wanting to bring his lover to fulfilment as much as he wanted to fill the beautiful creature in his arms with his seed. He nipped and sucked at the irresistible flesh at Will’s throat and collarbone, relishing the taste of heat and passion. He slid a hand between their sweat-sheened bodies to another cry from his lover as he found hard, damp flesh that begged for attention. He pulled cevizli escort hard, twisting at the head of Will’s shaft, silently urging his mate to completion.

“Commiinng,” Will wailed, as his flesh jerked in Nando’s grip to anoint both bodies with the silvery evidence of his release. Even as his body was still convulsing from his powerful orgasm, Will moaned low and deep as his husband’s hot, wet juices filled his contracting channel. Almost simultaneously, he heard his name bellowed.

Equally incendiary, Nando’s climax made the big Rojan’s vision grey for a moment. As he emptied himself into his beloved blond, Nando latched onto Will’s throat, sucking hard, needing to leave a visual mark of his possession of the younger man.

Will mewled softly, proud to wear the telltale bruise from his lover. Barely able to assist, almost boneless in the aftermath of such an intense release, Will clung tightly to Nando as his body was rolled to drape languorously over his husband’s broad chest. For a few moments they traded loving kisses before each man drifted into post-coital sleep, arms lovingly clasped around each other.


Roberto groaned and spread his legs wider. As he did, Don Carlos’ head dropped lower. The older man moved from laving the vein on the sensitive underside of Roberto’s aching shaft to licking and sucking at his heavy furred sac, full with unspent desire. He felt careful teeth nibble their way back up his length only for a sinfully talented mouth to begin sucking at the head of his sex, which was almost purple with need.

Don Carlos smiled to himself at the guttural groan and the abortive thrusts from strong hips as his hands held his lover in place. That he could still arouse the younger, more powerful man, even after as long as they had been married, both thrilled him and filled him with pride and possessiveness. That Roberto loved him was everything to Don Carlos; worth more to him than any amount of material wealth. He suckled slowly, relishing each drop of liquid desire that he encouraged from the tiny slit.

“Te amo, mi Murido.”

The almost whispered words, spoken with such sincerity and reverence, made Don Carlos’ heart swell. Before he could respond, he began to speed up his movements, the moans from the younger male making his own shaft ache with almost unbearable need. As the big body stiffened, Don Carlos swallowed the hard flesh till his nose was pressed into a luxuriant nest of dark curls. Roberto’s nectar pulsed again and again as his climax crashed through him. Finally, the offering ceased and the older man let the sated shaft slip from his mouth. He sat back, admiring the view of his boneless lover and licking his lips appreciatively.

“Te amo, mi amor, mi Espouso.” Even as he spoke, his words became a low growl of want as the younger man rolled to his stomach, looking sultrily over his shoulder with dark, smouldering eyes.

“Take me, my Husband,” Roberto rasped.

Don Carlos wasted no time in oiling his fingers and pressing them into molten heat. His movements, although urgent, served to begin to re-arouse the bigger male. Don Carlos’ smile was feral as he began to caress the sweet spot in his mate’s body and was rewarded by the younger man pushing back, demanding more; needing more.

Roberto rose gracefully to his hands and knees and sent an incendiary glance over his shoulder.

“You, Carlos, por favour, mi amor,”

The plea was more than the older man could resist. Holding tightly to one solid hip, he guided his aching shaft to the glistening portal with the other. In one controlled, fluid motion he slid inside searing tightness that erotically rippled around every inch of his flesh in welcome. Don Carlos set a fast pace, unerring hitting his mate’s sweet spot and relishing each groan and sound of appreciation that spilt from Roberto’s lips.

“Love you, Roberto, mi Espouso, mi corazon,” Don Carlos murmured as he stroked the wide expanse of powerfully muscled back. He reached to fondle at Roberto’s renewing erection, wanting his mate to come to glory with him. He felt the younger man push back as he thrust forward and they began a rapid approach to their release. With a soul-deep groan, the older man reached his zenith and as he began to spurt, he felt the powerful contractions and guttural sounds that heralded Roberto’s second climax, the small amount of seed doing nothing to convey the powerful climax wracking the bigger man’s body.

Roberto relished the feel of his mate’s essence pulsing into his body. He remained kneeling until the older man carefully withdrew from him, then he nestled in his lover’s embrace. Only here, in their bed, in Don Carlos’ arms, did the younger man ever fully relax. Outside of their haven it was his job to protect his lover and care for the man and the ranch. But here, now, he could let his husband take control, take care of him.

“I love you, Carlos,” Roberto whispered, kissing his husband tenderly.

And I you, always,” Don erenköy escort Carlos vowed. As he listened to his Spouse’s breathing evening out in sleep, he silently prayed that both his daughters would be as accepting of this special man in his life as Nando had been.


At breakfast, Don Carlos was ready to make his announcement. He had already spoken to Nando and Will so they were prepared and he had been bolstered by the smile that had lit up Will’s face at the thought of Roberto finally standing at his Husband’s side. He gazed at those who sat around his table. At his oldest daughter Marguerita and her husband, Will’s older uncle, Jackson Brooks, at Jack’s younger brother Bart, at his youngest daughter Isabella and her husband Alejandros, at Nando and Will and finally at his beloved Spouse. He stood, all eyes turning immediately to him.

“I have something to tell you,” he said. He held out his hand, which Roberto stood and took. Don Carlos could feel the slight tremble, the only outward indication of his bigger lover’s nervousness.

Nando watched, praying silently. His attention was not on his papa, but on Isabella. She had been such a petulant child, renowned for getting what she wanted by any means available. She enjoyed the status of wife and mistress of Alejandros’ small ranch and had exacting standards. But even as an adult, and married, she still threw childish tantrums when things went wrong. Now, as it had as a child, it assured she got her way. Nando frowned as he remembered his wedding. Although Isabella had said the right things, he’d seen the look of censure in her eyes when appraising Will. Marguerita had whispered to him that their younger sister had entertained dreams of being a stunning bridesmaid and having tea parties for the three wives once Nando was married. That he had taken a Spouse had surprised her and she was obviously upset that her plans were in tatters. Nando had ceded to his older sister, not wishing to have Will’s enjoyment of his day ruined by pettiness. His prayer now was that Isabella did not mar his papa’s day. He smiled as he felt a small hand creep into his and he squeezed it reassuringly. He’d been aware of Will’s mounting tension by the way the smaller man played with his ring. He knew his generous-hearted Spouse would see no reason for anyone not to accept Roberto. His beautiful blond had been saddened to know Don Carlos and Roberto felt forced to keep secret the same relationship he had been able so openly to enjoy. Nando’s attention was snapped to the present at the gasp that accompanied the placing of a thick gold band on Roberto’s wedding finger.

“Roberto has never worn this ring that I gave him in the presence of our family before. I presented it to him on the day I took him as my Spouse, two years after the death of my wife. That was almost fifteen years ago. Roberto was worried about many things concerning you, my children, that he insisted our marriage remain known only to us and a very few friends. However, all my children are now happily married and I wish to have my Spouse at my side where he belongs. Therefore, vos presentos a Roberto Gonzalez Rodriguez, mi Espouso.”

“You took a Spouse? You married a servant?” Isabella’s outraged screech diverted all attention to her. It was uncertain which she seemed more concerned about; Roberto the man or Roberto the servant. Her normally pretty face was pinched.

//She could not look more sour if she sucked at a lemon// Nando thought sadly.

“I cannot believe you married a man, a servant,” muttering angrily, Isabella flounced from the table, leaving silence in her wake.

“Marguerita?” Don Carlos turned to his oldest child.

“I always thought how well you and Roberto seemed to fit together,” she said smiling. “Now I understand and I am very happy for you both. Although it is very belated, Roberto, welcome to our family.”

“Gracias, Marguerita,” Roberto said huskily. He twisted his ring, its solidity, along with that of his mate’s proximity, providing some much-needed reassurance.

Don Carlos gave a mental sigh of relief as everyone else added their congratulations, even Alejandros before he hurried after Isabella.

“Isabella will come around, mi amor,” Don Carlos said, as he framed Roberto’s face with loving hands. He needed to reassure his mate personally now they were alone. “She has no choice.”

“I would not come between you and any of your children,” Roberto said passionately, anguish in his dark eyes.

“Nor shall you,” the older man insisted. “Isabella is Rojan and she knows that I shall always stand by the man I married.” He pulled Roberto into a hug and then into a deep, tender kiss. “Let us continue with our day,” he smiled. “We have much to do with our newest stallion.”

“Si, mi Murido,” Roberto said, taking comfort from both being able to openly use the title and the tight arm around his waist.


Marguerita held back as she listened to Isabella’s tantrum, waiting for it to esenyurt escort run its course. She had followed outside to where Isabella now stood on the hacienda porch. As the older woman listened, she still could not decide what really upset her young sister; although she had a sinking feeling it was Roberto’s status, or rather, his lack of one. She watched as Alejandros’ walked away, his shoulders were slumped and he looked drained from listening to the tirade from his wife. Alejandros rarely came in for praise. Their ranch was small and money tight, but instead of being proud of his achievements, Isabella constantly criticised him whenever Marguerita visited, complaining of the struggle she had to keep up with her neighbours.

Marguerita sighed at the sight of Isabella’s obvious peevishness; it was hardly Alejandros’ fault. In matter of fact, there was no fault at all. Their papa had fallen in love with Roberto and had married him; that was the be all and end all. Isabella was just going to have to come to terms with it. Marguerita rolled her eyes as she took in Isabella’s face. Despite her being a grown adult, the petulant pout would not be out of place on the face of a six-year-old child. It was clear Isabella had not received the support she had sought from her husband.

“Isabella,” Marguerita said levelly, calling her sister’s attention as she approached.

“How could he marry his servant?” the younger woman griped. “Why a Spouse? He married mama; she was from one of the best families in Roja. Roberto is nothing, a nobody.”

“Just what is it that upsets you?” Marguerita asked, her patience fraying. “What does Roberto’s lack of pedigree matter? He and papa love each other, they are married and they are happy. You should be happy for them.”

“He has to be after papa’s money,” Isabella murmured as though the other woman hadn’t spoken. “I’m sure I can show papa that.”

“Isabella, don’t be a fool,” Marguerita warned. “After all these years, papa’s money can hardly be a concern. Accept it, Isabella, you cannot change it. They are married.”

“Papa could dissolve the union if he found Roberto was untrue either in heart or deed,” I just need to keep my eyes and ears open. Roberto won’t know, he’ll say or do something and I will catch him.”

Marguerita groaned as Isabella bustled away. She had an unhappy feeling that her sister”s actions were going to cause no end of problems for all the family.


Will started as Isabella came up silently behind him. He had been engrossed in watching the new stallion, Roberto and his papa’s current pride and joy. The animal was a magnificent Arabian, whose chestnut coat seemed to glow with vitality and looked like burnished copper. Will had watched him canter around the corral and so had neither seen nor heard Isabella approach until she spoke.

“I don’t know how you managed to ensnare Nando but I’m sure you manipulated him in some way, like Roberto did papa. Nando liked women.” Isabella’s voice was cold and hard and Will looked at her with hurt blue eyes.

“You will not speak to my Spouse in such a manner,” Nando’s angry voice made Isabella jump guiltily. She would never have spoken to Will in such tones or insulted him so openly if she had known her brother was nearby. She looked chagrined as he appeared from the adjacent corral.

“I fell in love with Will and courted him and he did me the honour of accepting my suit, just as Roberto did papa’s. I did like women, but in the main I liked men more. Do not presume to know me, Isabella. As far as papa and Roberto are concerned, let them be. Roberto has long been denied the status to which he was entitled; to ensure we were not disadvantaged. He chose to put our welfare above his own. Be happy for them.”

“Above his own?” Isabella shrilled. “He has displaced us. His status now outweighs ours. He who was nobody and with nothing when he came here. How do we know what he might have done or what is in his mind? He took advantage of papa when he was vulnerable.”

“He did not,” Nando said angrily. “You were too young to remember, but I was not. I remember how devastated papa was at mama’s death and I remember Roberto’s arrival. He has worked hard for our ranch to be as successful as it is. He looked after us and looked after papa. If you do anything that hurts him, it will be you that suffers in the end.”

“Not when I show him for the gold-digger he really is.” Isabella turned sharply away. “I’ll show you. I’ll show you all,” she huffed petulantly.

Will leant into his mate’s strong reassuring, embrace as they watched her depart.

“She’s so angry,” Will whispered.

“She always entertained the idea that as papa got older he would need caring for and that she would be the one to do it. Consequently, she would be the mistress of Rancho des Caballos, if only temporarily. To find papa has a Spouse means on his death, even if the ranch is willed to one of us, Roberto will not only have a home and be entitled to be given half the value of the ranch for his own, but would have to agree to anything planned for the ranch or horses. Isabella also mixes with expensive people with expensive tastes and papa often buys her gowns or jewellery when he visits. She is forgetting that he has done this whilst he has been married to Roberto.”

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