Nakba Ch. 02

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By the time Rana had made it back within sight of the village the sun was peeking up over the eastern horizon. She and Amir had spent hours in the cave just lying next to each other, no communication passing between them except between their eyes. Having to separate herself from his side was a cruel pain; every bit of clothing that she placed back on herself felt awkward and chafing compared to the feel of Amir’s soft breath on her bare skin. Amir had left before her to quietly return to his post on the village perimeter that he had snuck from in order to meet with her. Rana left later, so as not to arouse suspicion.

As she made it onto the path a lone figure was visible, walking from the village towards the west. Rana squinted, and as they neared each other, she could make out the face of her friend Talya. Talya’s family had immigrated from Russia nearly forty years prior, one of the earlier Jewish families to migrate to Palestine.

From what Rana knew about the rest of Palestine, something like that was quite rare; most often the Jews and the Arabs lived separate from each other. Ramleh was different though; Jews and Arab lived as the same people, ate at the same table, sometimes even intermarried. When the civil war broke out the village leaders had made a statement of neutrality; Ramleh would take neither Zionist nor Arab side, and work towards a future involving both peoples living in a peaceful Palestine. This stance greatly angered both the Zionist and Arab sides, given Ramleh’s strategic position on the road to Jerusalem. There was a constant fear of invasion.

She waved to Talya as they neared. “What brings you out here so early?”

Talya smiled thinly. She was clearly tired. “I just wanted to go for a walk. The village can get so claustrophobic, and I need some exercise anyway.”

Rana laughed. “Yes, I’ve been meaning to say something about your fat arse, I could see it coming from a mile away.” Talya laughed at that as well, given how thin both of the girls were.

Rana yawned. “Can I join you? I could use some company, and it’s been a while since we’ve talked to each other.”

Talya rubbed her eyes. “Um, how about later we meet for some tea? I could just use some time away, you know?”

Rana smiled and nodded. “Of course.” She leaned in and pecked Talya on the cheek. “Be safe,achot.”

“And you,akht.”

Rana and Talya had been calling each other “sister” since they were in primary school. They had taught each other the Arabic and Hebrew words before they formally learned the languages, and since then they hardly even used their real names around each other. Rana still felt self-conscious speaking Hebrew around Talya’s family however, though they applauded her for her efforts. Rana entered the village and walked towards her house on the hill.


Talya waited outside the door. It had been 20 minutes since the guard had allowed her into the officer’s quarters and informed the commander of her presence. The walk had been tiring, the summer heat pouring down onto the desert. Before she entered the quarters she washed her face at a faucet, wanting to look as presentable as possible. He hated when she was dirty.

Finally, the door opened. Ezra, a commander in the Irgun, opened the door, his black and white uniform shining. He waved her in silently, a grim look on his face.

As they entered the room Ezra shut the door behind them and bolted it. He then grabbed one of Talya’s breasts and shoved her roughly against the wall. “Get out of your clothes,” he ordered sharply.

Talya complied immediately, peeling off her shawl and then her skirt. She worked as quickly as she could, not wanting to make him impatient; she had worn no underwear for the trip for that reason.

She stood rigid, her back straight. The room was cold, unbearably cold as she now discovered. Goosebumps began forming along her legs and feet, and she could feel her nipples tauten. Ezra noticed it as well. He took one of them between his fingers and rolled it around, as if examining them.

“Well, well, well, what do we have here. Are you looking forward to giving me pleasure?”

Talya swallowed and nodded. In response Ezra squeezed the nipple tightly, crushing it between his fingers. Talya squealed as a jolt of agonizing pleasure shot through her body, hot against the cold air of the room. As he continued to pinch on her nipple her knees wobbled slightly and her arms clutched desperately to her legs, but she maintained her balance. She could feel the blood rushing to her head and almost felt as though she would pass out until he finally released her.

Ezra’s mouth curled into a sideways grin. “Talya, what would you like for me to do to you.”

Her whole body was still aching from his use of her nipple. Her mind was in a flurry. Everything about him was transfixing, and she wanted so badly for him to inflict his lust upon her small body in whatever methods he wanted. His simple touch on her nipple was şişli escort an addiction; she wanted more, all over her body, in her mouth, in her tensed cunt, wherever.

Her voice was hoarse. “I want to please you,” she whispered.

Ezra nodded. With a hand he unzipped his pants and dropped them to his knees. His cock flopped out, dangling between his legs. Talya held her breath and her eyes widened at the sight. She needed it, she wanted to have it so badly. It was the only thing in her mind, and all other thoughts or inhibitions were blocked out.

Reflexively she obediently dropped to her knees in front of him, his cock the only thing in her view. She leaned forward, to absorb its tantalizing scent, to take it between her lips and taste the musk on its length, to run her tongue up and down, feeling the flesh invade her. But before she could, Ezra placed a hand on her head and pulled her back.

He tsked at her. “A little eager, are we?” With one large hand he took both of her hands, holding her arms above her head. He then allowed her to try and near his cock again. As her lips approached his cock’s head, she discovered that his restraining of her arms had left her just out of reach of taking her inside him. She tried pulling her body against his tight grip to try and get to his cock, but to no avail; his hand gripped hers tightly, holding her him place.

Finally, she craned her neck as far as she could, and pushed her tongue out to its full length. Her tongue neared him, closer and closer, until finally she grazed the slit of his cock with the tip of her tongue, taking in a stream of pre-cum that had issued from it.

As his taste began to register in her mind, she could feel her body begin to quake madly. Then, as she swallowed the small bit of his seed, a cruel pressure began to build up at her sex, issuing a harsh heat and forcing her instinctually cross her legs tightly to react against the sensation. Burning tendrils spread across her breasts and her lips, begging her to take more of his intoxicating seed inside her. “Oh god,” she pleaded. “Please, let me have more of you. Please.”

Her begging was cut off by him grabbing her hair with his free hand and forcing her mouth onto his manhood. She could barely hear her own muffled screams of ecstasy as her wet tongue slid up and down his pulsating cock, taking in the maddening flavor of sweat and precum. With his hold on her, Ezra used her arms and head like a marionette puppet, roughly thrusting his full length inside of her. As his cock pushed against the back of her throat she could feel tears coming to her eyes, but she paid them no mind; they were no more of sadness than the increasing wetness gushing from her sex.

She was used in this way for what seemed like an agonizingly blissful eternity. Her arms had already fallen asleep, making her feel as though she was being dangled by some sort of supernatural force. The numbness was spreading throughout her lips and her neck, but she did not care, even as her saliva began to pour down her chin. The less she felt physically was all the more she could do to please him. Anything would be worth the feeling of his surging cum pouring down her throat, its heat streaming across her body. She anticipated that feeling would soon approach; his thrusting had become even rougher, faster, and his puppet-like grip over her body was weakening.

She whined in disappointment as he suddenly dropped his grip on her, sending her limp body drooping to the floor. He removed his pants entirely and then with a hand scooped up Talya and dragged near the bed, her back out. Talya knew immediately what he wanted. She positioned in a near-flat manner against the front guardrails of the bed, her hands tightly clutching the rails in front of her. Ezra then gripped the backs of her legs tightly, and in a swift motion pulled them into the air. Her entire body was now suspended in the air, her hands gripping the guardrails, her back up, and his hands gripping her legs. It was in this position that he began to push his manhood inside her.

The initial feeling of his cock inserting into her pussy was nearly too much for Talya to bear; her hands felt like pudding and nearly lost their grip on the guardrail. She managed to maintain enough of her physical sense to keep her hold as he slowly pushed himself into her, inch by agonizing inch. She could feel her tight and boiling hot sex straining to accommodate his girth, each muscle taut as a bowstring inside her, firing dazingly intense sensations to her brain. The sensation was so much that she couldn’t maintain the facilities to even scream; only her animal grunting was audible to her. As he finally penetrated her to his full length, even those vocalizations disappeared, and she was silent, her hands gripped to the frame tight as a vice.

He pulled himself out and slowly pushed himself back again, every millimeter of every vein and bulge on his taksim escort cock registering in her overloaded mind. He then did so again, sending another jolt through her dazed body. And then, again, and again, until he reached a stride, thrusting into her body like a piston on a generator. Her mind seemed to shrink away at the overwhelming waves crashing at her body. Even blinking seemed like far too strenuous a task. Saliva and tears dripped from her face, uninhibited in her current cognitive state. Her eyes rolled around in her head, seeing only sparks of blue and white and green and black and red in front of her.

His thrusts quickened even more, furthering the already inhuman experience her body as enduring. She apparently blacked out, because after one moment she realized that her hands had finally slipped from their grip, and were now holding feebly on to the bottom of the frame. Ezra seemed to pay no mind to this; he continued his hold on her legs and his assault inside of her. In this new inclined position Talya could feel the blood rushing from the rest of her body to her head. She could feel the plateau coming to its end, and the imminent climax that would almost certainly destroy her. She moved her lips around to form words, but they felt foreign, as if she was speaking for the first time. Finally, she slurred out two words.


Ezra barked a laugh. “Oh no you don’t, bitch. Not before I do.” He immediately slowed his thrusting to sharp, angled blows, which brought her back down to reality. She squealed with every of his hard thrusts, wondering if they would drive her whole body through the wooden floor and into the soil underneath. His groans become more and more audible to her as her cunt noisily sucked at his cock. Her breath escaped in harsh gasps as his blows became even rougher, slamming against her pelvis, arching her back further and further outward. His thrusts increased speed again, and his grunts became less separated. Faster and faster they went, until it seemed as though the thrusting became one constant blur of sensation inside of her and his grunts became a single continuous scream. He then suddenly dropped her legs and her knees fell to the ground with a thud.

She immediately assumed a kneeling position in front of his cock, which he was stroking vigorously. She braced herself by gripping her hands to his rock-hard gluteal muscles, knowing what would come next. The first blast of semen landed on her shut right eye. It felt as though a knife had ripped through her face and hot air was rushing into her head, down through her body to her sobbing cunt. Her body screamed as the orgasm hit her, her figure quaking against him.The next blast hit her on her breasts, knocking the breath out of her and forcing her jaw open to gasp for air. Ezra took the opportunity to grab her head and push the full length of his cock into her gaping mouth.

As the third blast hit the back of her throat, it was as though Talya’s body tore apart. Her muscles tensed in ways that she did believe possible. Her fingers and toes curved like talons, and her knees locked painfully. Her cunt sent waves of furious ecstasy throughout her body, her breasts flailing as her back spasmed. She shrieked in bliss again and again like a madwoman, the sound muffled by his ejaculating cock. Another blast hit her throat, and her entire physical sense was lost, everything turned red with her climax.

When she came back to reality, she was lying on the ground, one hand rubbing her cunt madly. The other hand was gathering up the cum that had landed on her breasts and face. She greedily sucked at every finger, the cum stretching like tendrils across her knuckles. As she swallowed she felt her body quake and tense in another orgasm, a shrill cry accompanying it. Finally her naked body collapsed, each muscle aching from the experience, her cunt still issuing her juices.


Ezra bit into his cigar and took a long puff. Talya lay on her side on the bed facing him, the bedsheet up to her waist. Every time they fucked Ezra would always go immediately for a cigar, and she would have to wait until he was done before they could talk about their plans. He had been working on this one for nearly ten minutes.

Finally he finished and put the cigar away. He turned his head towards her, acknowledging her presence for the first time in some time. “We plan to take the city tomorrow. Your position inside the city will be needed to assist us.”

Talya nodded. She had been meeting with Ezra for nearly three months now. She had first met him during her first time in the Irgun camp that she had went to mostly out of curiosity. She had heard of the Irgun militia’s efforts from many people; everyone knew about their goal of emptying the Palestinian mandate of Arabs, and their tactics, such as the slaughter of the Arabs at Deir Yassin. Talya was determined to not be on the losing topkapı escort side of the civil war, and she would not be killed for some hopeless cause of racial co-existence that the villagers of Ramleh subscribed to.

Once she met Ezra, a commander, and told her who she was, he immediately took her into the Irgun fold and realized that her place in the village could be of great use. They had met periodically since then, planning out ways to take control of the city for the Zionists. Until tonight, there were no solid plans, just ideas. But now would finally be the time to take action. Talya would be free from the lost battle that was Ramleh, and be able to start a new life in the newly created state of Israel.

“What do you need of me?” she asked, scratching his chest hair idly.

“We will need to disrupt the communications capability of the villagers inside. We will give you a radio scrambler to place at a certain point inside Ramleh. We will give you a map showing the position that you need to place it. The scrambler is not fully assembled yet, so you will need to return tonight to pick it up.”

She nodded. “And then after the village is taken you take me to Tel Aviv, right?”

He looked away. “Yes, of course,” he murmured. “That’s what I said, right?” He then noticed that his cock was hard again, standing up straight. He stood and moved to her side of the bed. “Bend over,” he ordered.

She immediately assumed a position on all fours. As his cock penetrated her still-sopping pussy once more she dug her head into the bed to muffle her shrill moans.


Rana sat near one of the village fountains, reading a book. The day had been quiet, so far; Amir was still on duty in the village guard and would be for the next two days straight. The absence was brutal to her, but she made the best of it she possibly could. Before the civil war started Rana had planned to go to the University of Cairo to get her degree in engineering, but the situation had changed and all she could do now was thumb through some old engineering textbooks that one of the villagers had.

Rana looked up and noticed it was nearing sundown, with the light getting too dim to read. She glanced around the town square and saw Talya walking by.

“Achot,” she called out. Talya turned towards her voice and waved. “How about get that tea that you said earlier?”

Talya hesitated for a moment before speaking. “No… I don’t think I can right now,” she said, shaking her head. “I’m feeling a little ill right now. I just need some air.”

Rana could tell from her tone that she wanted to be alone.But why? “Are you sure? Some goat’s milk warmed up should help you.”

Talya smiled. “No, maybe later. Thank you, though. I’ll see you later.”

Rana saw Talya walk on the western road, towards the village gate. Right before she was lost from Rana’s line of sight, a gust of wind blew through the road, sending Talya’s skirt flying up. She quickly pulled it down, but not before Rana saw. Rana blinked again to make sure she was seeing straight, but what she saw was definitely true.Talya wasn’t wearing any underwear. What the hell is going on?Rana thought for a second, and then went down the street to the cobbler store.

In the store Abu Ahmad and his 16 year old son Mahmoud were busy shining pairs of shoes. They rose as she entered but she motioned for them to continue. “Abu Ahmad, can I borrow Mahmoud for a while?” she asked. The old man shrugged and Ahir dropped his work, following her out of the store.

“Mahmoud, I need you to do me a favor,” Rana said quietly. “Talya is going for a walk outside the western wall. I want you to…”What do I want him to do? What am I sending him for? “I want you to keep an eye on her. Make sure she’s safe. She’s ill.” Rahir nodded. “But follow from a distance and don’t let her see you. She could use some space, understand?”

She handed Ahir a gold coin, which he quickly pocketed. He then strode down the street, following in the direction Talya had gone. Rana suddenly felt guilty for violating Talya’s space, but she reasoned that if Talya was ill, she could use a hand near her if anything happened. Rana turned down the street, and walked towards her house to get some sleep.


Rana was woken by the loud crack of gunfire. She jerked awake and frantically looked around her. Across the city was the sound of screams mixed in with the sound of the guns. Rana dashed to her window and saw fires on the edge of the city. Families were pouring out onto the streets, holding children and whatever belongings they could carry, running towards the eastern gates.They’re here,Rana realized.Irgun is inside the city. But how?The defense perimeter was without a doubt the best in the Palestinian mandate; the Zionists had been repelled months earlier because of it.

Rana was thankful that the rest of her family was in Gaza on business; they were at least safe from all of this. She quickly removed her nightdress and put her dayclothes on. She grabbed a luggage case from her closet and quickly threw a few belongings inside: a miniature Qu’ran that Amir had given her for last year’s Eid, a set of clothes for changing, a stack of bank notes. Lastly she grabbed an unloaded pistol that she kept in her bedside drawer, along with a package of ammunition.

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