Naive Couple Meet Alpha Couple Ch. 01

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George and Gemma were the alpha pair in the neighborhood and they were delighted when Dave and Dawn moved in two doors down. George had fucked almost all of the eligible women in the close not only with Gemma’s agreement but also often with her assistance. Having met the young quiet couple George was keen to work out a plan to get the demur Dawn into his bed. The couple came across as god fearing and rather innocent. Dawn seemed intent at hiding her figure behind old-fashioned clothes and her sexuality behind her quiet demeanor. This all added to an exciting challenge for the older couple.

Gemma befriended Dawn straight away, inviting her to visit her in her beautiful spacious house. She was soon bringing the shy woman out of her shell. She encouraged her to discuss her sex life with her husband particularly when the young Dawn started to admit that things were not good at all. She admitted that Dave was strictly a missionary position only man and never lasted more than a minute or two. She said she that she loved Dave but did wonder whether there was more to sex than she was getting. This was music to Gemma’s ears and even more so to George’s when Gemma shared it.

Gemma loved the challenge of extracting any information she could from the innocent woman. She asked her what she thought she was missing out on. Dawn was reluctant to say anything but Gemma was an expert, being understanding concerned and comforting. Dawn admitted she had never experienced her breasts and nipples being stimulated and had fantasized about it regularly. She nearly cried when saying how she craved foreplay, as she was rarely excited when Dave finished let alone when he started penetrating her. She asked Gemma what positions she had tried and whether Gemma found these exciting.

Gemma was delighted to report her findings to George. He quizzed her on every detail and they got so excited that they role played the innocent Dawn being introduced to the joys of uninhibited sex. George was keen to move from role-playing to actually planning how to get Dawn on the end of his prick. Gemma was almost as excited as she had really taken a likeness to the pure innocence of the younger woman.

The plan was hatched and Gemma invited Dawn over saying that she wanted to show Dawn some clothes that she thought would appeal to Dave. When she arrived George welcomed her and showed a nervous Dawn into the living room. He apologized that Gemma wasn’t there but said that she had left some clothes out and would be back later to help her chose.

George showed Dawn into a bedroom which had the clothes laid out with Gemma’s notes as to what went with what. Dawn was slightly less nervous as George left closing the door telling her to show him when she had the first outfit on. Her nervousness soon returned when the instructions said that the tight top and leggings should be worn with the thongs and no bra. She felt worried but excited as if it was a challenge. George timed his knock on the door just as she pulled the thongs up. Panicking she stumbled over before managing to get the very thin leggings on. Without even checking herself in the mirror she presented herself to George in the living room.

George was stunned. He had thought that hidden away her figure had shown promise but what he saw now was beyond any of his hopes. Her head was bowed and she slumped as if trying to hide her perfect boobs from view. Taking her by the hand he led her over to the full-length mirror. Standing behind her he pulled her arms back straightening her body to stand tall. She fought to cover herself with her hands as she saw that her nipples were erect and clearly visible. He held her so that he had a view of not only her boobs and aroused nipples but also the leggings encasing her shapely legs.

“Oh no, no I can’t be dressed like this particularly in front of you. I have got to get these off straight away. You can see, you can see my, my nipples. Please let go of me I am so embarrassed.”

Before she had time to react he took the bottom of the top and pulled it up around her neck. Trapping her hands between their bodies he brought his hands down to her nipples. Her boobs were not big but firm, with areola that looked like small boobs on her boobs. Her nipples were large, rubbery and bright red. He was delighted, as they instantly grew even bigger as he gently rolled them between his thumbs and fingers. The long sigh that escaped her lips was music to his ears. Her body sagged back against his and he saw her eyes glaze over.

“Oh fuck don’t stop that is unbelievable. Roll them harder, harder, pull them that is…. What the hell am I saying? George you can’t touch me like that I am married to Dave.”

“Does he touch you like this? Does he make your beautiful nipples feel like they are now? Tell me that you are not feeling more aroused than Dave has ever made you feel. Let’s see whether your bottom is as sensitive as your nipples.”

“No, no you can’t touch me there, no one does that do they?”

“Some Maltepe Escort enjoy having their bottom spanked, some their bottom caressed and some enjoy their bottom being fucked. I think you would enjoy trying some new types of stimulation.”

“I can’t let you do anything like that. It would be unfaithful to Dave which I would never do.”

“What do you think he is doing right now? Let me tell you he is currently licking Gemma’s pussy. It looks like he is really enjoying it.”

“What do you mean he would never touch Gemma let alone lick her, her vagina. He has never done anything like that to me. How would you know anyway?”

“Very simple have a look here on my phone. Hi Gemma can you hear me? She must have turned the volume off but I think you can see what he is doing to her very clearly.”

“I don’t believe it. It can’t be him he wouldn’t do that. Shit it really is him. I feel sick to see him doing that to her, please turn it off. The bastard I have been trying to get him interested in licking me and he said it was dirty.”

Dawn suddenly turned from devastated, angry and upset to being defiant and determined exploding with “I’ll teach that bastard.” She turned to face him her eyes blazing.

For the first time since she arrived she held George’s stare and reached down to unbuckle his trousers. In one action she pulled both them and his pants down to his knees. She was kneeling in front of him before he had time to say anything.

“You are already bigger than Dave and it is still floppy. I can’t wait until I get it as hard as rock.”

It was growing fast as she closed her lips round the head and licked the underside. He had never considered himself particularly big but knew it would be twice the size before she had finished sucking him. She nearly choked as she took the growing organ deeper into her mouth before sliding it all the way out. He couldn’t believe it as she grabbed hold of his arse with both hands and pushed and pulled him in and out of her warm mouth.

He had fantasized about what it would be like to get into Dawn’s pants but this was beyond his wildest dream. She was not only complying with his wishes she was positively loving it. He looked down to see the beautiful girl sucking his cock with an enthusiasm that made him feel on top of the world.

“You can’t get enough of it can you my little one. You look like a starving girl who has just been given her first food in days. Feast on it my lovely I promise you many courses of pleasure. Let’s both get out of our clothes. I can’t wait to see the whole of your stunning body.”

“Please don’t tease me. I know my body is nothing like Gemma’s she really is stunning. I was always teased at school about my lack of curves and Dave does not seem to enjoy my body.”

“Have you looked in the mirror recently? Every woman would envy you and every man would want you.”

A smile lit up Dawn’s face and George could nor resist lifting her smiling face and kissing her gently on her soft lips. She managed to remove all his clothes before he got a chance to touch any of hers. When she only had the leggings and thong on he knelt behind her and started to pull them down her legs together. She was keen to get them off her feet but a little surprised when holding her shapely bottom cheeks together he ran his tongue along the length of the join. She started to protest but stopped, as it felt not so much dirty as beautifully exciting.

Next he stopped pushing the cheeks together and ran his tongue the length again. The second time he did this she let her cheeks relax and his tongue delved slightly into the warm crevice. Again she went to say something as his tongue swept along the length twice more. Her head was swimming her confusion extreme. It was so alien to her but so erotic. She wasn’t sure why but she bent forward slightly as his tongue started its next sweep. She held her breath as his tongue found more warm skin to moisten. She knew she wanted the tongue to explore deeper but was surprised that it was not more demanding.

She knew she was completely helpless as she bent further at the waist and reaching round spread her cheeks wide apart. George prided himself on his self-control but this single action nearly made him cum there and then. Leaning forward and touching no other part of her body he brought just the tip of his tongue to the very dark skin of her puckered anus. The breath she had held for so long exploded from her lungs as he gently tickled the super sensitive skin.

He was unable to say a word and the noises she made made no sense other than to convey stunned excitement. His tongue became a little more demanding as he took hold of her hips to give him more leverage. He had always loved to play with bottoms but he had never met a girl who had enjoyed this quite as much. She was pushing herself back onto his tongue while struggling to maintain her balance. He realized just how much she was into this when her breathing Anadolu Yakası Escort and sighing changed pitch and her hips not only pushed back but also started to thrust.

She was going to orgasm there and then on his tongue with no other contact. The very thought again nearly overwhelmed him. While the idea of her cumming this way was wildly exciting he was concerned it would bring things to a premature end. As she pushed her bottom towards him he pushed his tongue as far into her relaxed anus as he could before standing up and turning the confused Dawn round.

Her face was alight, as he had never seen it. There was also confusion written all over it. She looked like she was pleading with him but was not sure what she was pleading for.

“I didn’t know anything could feel that good. I am so embarrassed that what you did was so dirty but so utterly amazing. “

“You don’t need to apologies you are clearly a very sexually charged girl and many women find their bottoms are very erogenous.”

Their eyes were locked together as he slid one hand down between them finding the top of her very wet pussy. He teased her clit, which had long ago broken free of its hood. She went to say something before he raised a finger to her lips to stop her. He realized that he could bring her to orgasm very easily but wanted to enjoy her excitement as much as she seemed to be. The teasing was as much about just missing the swollen clit as it was caressing it. Her eyes were bright but had an element of pleading.

“You feel so excited yet I have barely touched you. Do you usually orgasm easily or is it something about me?”

“When I ehhh mast, when I play with myself it takes a long time for me to orgasm. I have never orgasmed with anyone else. I suppose that means that it is something about you. I want you to fuck me so badly. Please show me your favorite positions. Dave will only use the missionary position and it does nothing to arouse me.”

“Did you say you have never had an orgasm with Dave? You poor girl no wonder you are so desperate, sorry so keen to experience one now. I think it would take almost nothing for you to orgasm right now on my fingers.”

“Yes I am desperate to orgasm but please would you let me experience that as you fuck me. Your prick is so beautiful and my pussy has never been so wet and ready.”

George had known for some minutes that Dawn would do almost anything to be allowed to orgasm but now he realized she was completely helpless to refuse him anything. His excitement at the idea of bringing the helpless girl to orgasm threatened to bring this to a sudden end but he managed to control himself again. He knew his next comments were really cruel but he could not resist the surge of power they gave him.

“What do you think Dave would make of you begging to be fucked by me? Do you think that your behavior deserves to be rewarded by me giving you exactly what you ask for?’

The excitement left her eyes and she could no longer hold George’s stare even as he intensified the clitoral stimulation. She had to fight the urge to explode into orgasm even though it was what she wanted. She would be betraying Dave in the worst way possible. Then she remembered the view of him with Gemma and she stared defiantly back at George.

“I know I am behaving badly but it was Dave who started this with your wife. I may not deserve it but I am damned sure I am going to get it one way or another. Are you all talk or are you going to prove to me that you are a real man?”

“The real man I am is going to take you over my knee and spank you for your behavior before he fucks you until you cannot stand up. Now get over my knee and ask very nicely for me to spank you until I think you are ready for fucking.”

She was delighted that she had goaded him into taking full control. For his part he had always known he was in control now she knew it too. If there was any doubt the speed in which she settled herself over his knee as he sat on the sofa dispelled it. He caressed her bottom as she ensured that her clit was squashed against his leg. She was as delighted as she was surprised as she followed his instruction.

“Please spank my naughty bottom until you think I am ready to be fucked.”

While her whole body was slimly built her bottom was surprisingly rounded. The first few spanks landed crisply on her tensed cheeks. She relaxed after a few and her bottom rippled slightly as the next harder ones landed. She soon entered a dream state where there was no pain just stimulation. She had to drag herself back to the present as once again she thought she would orgasm. She had no resolve left and prepared to be spanked to her first shared orgasm.

“That is the first half of your spanking. Please get on the floor in a kneeling position in front of the mirror. I am going to show you what it feels like to be fucked from behind.”

“Do you mean you are going to fuck me in the arse?” Please fuck my İstanbul Escort pussy.”

“Don’t worry we will save the pleasures of anal for another day. Today I will show you just two positions. Fucking you pussy from behind gives me lots of control and allows very deep penetration. Many women enjoy the helplessness and the deep penetration. For this first time you will be able to see much of what is going on in the mirror. Do you think you can control yourself enough to not orgasm until I have given you the rest of your spanking and shown you another exciting position?”

“I am not sure I can stop myself from having an orgasm I am so close already.”

Kneeling behind her he teased her by circling her pussy her clit and her anus with his rock hard prick. She found herself chasing it with her pussy trying to impale herself on the shiny head. He let her succeed in getting it an inch in a couple of times before pushing firmly forward with his now lubricated prick to the most wonderful squeal he had ever heard. She thanked him time and time again for fucking her. He was moving deeper in on every thrust taking over a dozen before he was buried to the hilt.

“I take it from your comments that you are enjoying being fucked from behind. You are very tight and very wet. I am going to fuck you now and prove to you that I can control your orgasm and that you are completely helpless.”

The thrusts were now long but not hard or fast. She again shouted out her excitement saying that he felt huge but she would try and control herself. When he paused thrusting with his prick buried deep she commented on her self-control. He lent forward and whispered in her ear that he would now hold himself still but that she would orgasm pushing herself onto his prick. She did not understand but did find her hips pushing gently backwards and forwards. When she felt an orgasm rushing towards her she tried to stop all movement. It was no use a tidal wave of pleasure gripped her whole body and her hips betrayed her fucking his prick for all she was worth.

He relented and taking hold of her hips he fucked her gyrating body with long hard deep thrusts. She could not stop apologizing for failing and thanking him for the most beautiful orgasm. She was still repeating herself as she eventually collapsed forward releasing his prick. He followed down with his prick still rock hard squashed between them lying along the crack of her bottom.

“I ought to punish you more for failing to control yourself. In fairness I knew I could make you orgasm whenever I wanted to but I wanted you to realize it. Now as you can feel I have not had an orgasm and I wonder whether you will enjoy the second position enough to get excited again. Dawn thought that she was so deeply satisfied she would never need another orgasm but was keen to see what position he had in mind.

“I will hold over the rest of the spanking to another day if you would fuck me until I have an orgasm. The position will allow you to take control. I don’t want any quick orgasm you are to control our bodies and bring me to orgasm when you think I am really ready. I am going to lie on my back and you will mount me and use your beautiful pussy to pleasure me.”

She loved to see how hard and big his purple-headed prick was as she lined her still dripping pussy up and sank down onto it. She didn’t know how she would feel after her orgasm but the stretching and massaging of her pussy was instantly arousing. She thought she might struggle to fuck him but it felt great and she loved the look on his face as she took control. She was quickly fucking him vigorously and could tell by his breathing and his expressions that his arousal level was quickly growing.

George had been totally dominant earlier and she had loved being totally controlled. Now he had given her the control, again something she had never experienced. She was loving it. She slowed down as she sensed he might orgasm. This was all about control, all about his orgasm. She slowed him down, she sped him up, she fucked him forever. It was as if the very power he had given her now took control of her body.

“You told me earlier when I was to cum, now I am telling you to cum as I fuck you.”

“You have learned quickly. I will cum now but you will cum again with me.”

She might have been in control but she was unable to stop the orgasm hit her hard as he fucked her from below. Wave after wave hit her and just rumbled on and on as he pumped her full of his cum. She collapsed forward onto his chest in a state of only partial consciousness.

She lay on top of George in a state of total confusion. How had she just done what she had? Could she ever hope to experience that level of excitement again? It had been almost frighteningly exciting.

That day Gemma had been just as much in control of Dave as George had been of Dawn. The older couple would quickly be in control of the younger couple. Dawn was a natural submissive, but not exclusively so. Dave was helpless as the older couple took complete control. He was allowed to watch Dawn being manipulated and stimulated in every conceivable way. His needs were not ignored but when the four were together the expansion of his own sexual experiences were led by Gemma and George.

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