Nadia’s Perfect 10

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This story is utter and complete fiction. Places and institutions mentioned in the text exist in real life but the characters do not and any resemblance to anyone is simply coincidental. The author does not encourage nor condone the acts carried out by the characters in the story.


I’m simply overwhelmed with the generous responses I received for my first story (A Summer Feasting). To all those who took the time to send me feedbacks, thank you very much! Your words are my encouragement. The story below is actually an edited version of the very first story I wrote. Enjoy! (This work is copyrighted to the author, 2007).


PART 1: “Hmm… I think I’ll have a lifeguard next!”

It’s a sultry Saturday afternoon and Nadia Warren lay panting on her bed. The white satin sheets, moist with sweat and other bodily secretions, clang to her naked body as she turned over to her side to look at the equally exhausted young hunk beside her.

“Oh Brandon! That was a fantastic fuck!” She cooed as she rested her chin on his heaving chest.

“You were awesome too Mrs. Warren… and it’s Jason,” the boy mumbled.

Nadia smiled like a schoolgirl as she entangled her slender fingers on Jason’s thick, wiry pubes.

“You fucked me so hard I forgot your name,” she quipped as she reached down and started fondling the young man’s cock.

“That’s alright… I guess,” Jason answered back with a lusty grin.

Earlier that day, Nadia was having breakfast at the Country Club when she spotted Jason, a nineteen-year-old college jock who was working there as a waiter for the summer. He was tall, young and athletic, just how Nadia liked them. After some chitchat, she invited him for lunch over at her place and soon after that they were moaning and grunting in bed.

As Nadia continued caressing his hardening cock she started to feel lucky again. Jason has popped his load three times that afternoon: once in her mouth and twice inside her pussy. She knew the virility of young men like him and she knows how to exploit it to her favor. Unfortunately for her, luck was not at her side that day.

“Uhhmm… I kinda have to go back to the Country Club… my shift’s about to start,” Jason said as he tried his best not to give in to the pleasures of Nadia’s fingers.

“So soon?” Nadia flirtatiously replied, tightening her grip around the youthful wet penis.

“Uhhmm… Yeah, it’s a busy night,” reasoned Jason as he lifted himself up from the bed and freed his now fully-erect pecker from Nadia’s lustful grasp.

“Maybe we can have a go another time? I still have some days off before the end of the summer,” he added as he picked up pieces of his clothing from the floor.

Nadia just smiled and gazed at him as he was putting his uniform back on. She watched intently as the late afternoon sun shone upon his young rippling muscles.

“Well, I hope it’s sooner rather than later, lover… good luck hiding that wood,” Nadia smirked. Jason smiled back and gave her a deep kiss on the mouth before going on his way.

Nadia stood up from the bed and put on her red silk robe. She crossed the cozy living room of her small but swanky La Jolla beach house and headed towards the view deck. The cool California ocean breeze gently swayed her golden hair as she gazed over the bay. She could feel Jason’s sperm trailing out of her feminine depths down to her shapely legs as she swayed her body to the soft music coming from a beach party not so far away. She inhaled deeply her celebratory cigarette as she pondered her latest tryst.

For years, the forty-nine-year-old housewife has been playing the role of the doting little trophy wife to Rupert Warren, a real estate tycoon sixteen years her senior. She lived the same boring life over and over again until one day she realized that she only has a few years before she reaches the big five-O. In what her husband usually referred to as her “mid-life panic,” Nadia began to spend more and more time at the gym and started to do things that she never even dreamed of doing a few years before: sky diving… bungee jumping… smoking pot… and, unknown to her husband, sleeping with young hot men. After years of monotonous sex with Rupert, she decided to have an upgrade, and a lustful forbidden one at that. And now that her husband is away for the duration of the summer, she’s determined to get as much play as possible.

In the two weeks since she arrived in La Jolla, she has been already been fucked by her gym instructor, a Camp Pendleton recruit, a surfer hunk and most recently a hot waiter. She was amazed at how she was able to get these men to bed considering that fact that she was already old enough to be their mother. It was at that moment when Nadia gazed down on the lifeguard station at the beach.

“Hmm… I think I’ll have a lifeguard next!” She said to herself. Then, she remembered that her twenty-one-year-old son Derrick was coming over for lifeguard görükle escort training at the nearby Miramar College. Almost immediately, an impure thought began to sprout in her head. She didn’t know if she’s still horny from fucking Jason or if she’s just really a changed woman. Nadia felt something that she never felt before about her son and it was a feeling that no mother should ever have. She has done some pretty wild stuff but this was just outside the realm of what she thought was permissible. She tried to dismiss it but the more she blocked it the more she wanted to entertain it. The fact that Derrick was coming over for a visit also made matters worse for Nadia’s tormented mind. She took another whiff of her cigarette, raced towards the kitchen and took a swig of brandy for her nerves.

“Fuck! What am I thinking?!” Nadia berated herself, certain that it’s going to be one hell of a long night.

PART 2: “Just a little nice-to-see-you-again present”

It has been almost a week since that fateful afternoon of Nadia’s shameless thoughts. It was an unusually warm day and Nadia was wearing a pair of black tights and an equally tight tank top which exposed her fantastic petit body. Her breasts were soft but still quite firm like her ass while her beautiful tan is the envy of every woman at the gym. She’s pacing around her dresser trying to pick out an outfit for another wild night out when her door bell rang. She went out of her room and walked across the dining room towards the front door. She opened it and there was her son Derrick standing in front of her.

“Derrick! Is that you!?” Nadia shrieked.

“I wasn’t expecting you for a few more days!” she continued as she hugged her strapping son.

“Hi Mom! Just thought I’d surprise you,” Derrick responded as he wrapped his arms around his mother’s tapered waist.

Nadia inhaled deeply as their bodies were intertwined. Her face was muffled against Derrick’s chest as she smelled something familiar. It was a sexy, manly scent — a combination of musk cologne and sweat. It reminded her of all the young men she’d slept with, and also of what transpired during that fateful afternoon on the view deck.

“You look great honey, still tearing up the gym I see,” Nadia remarked, freeing herself from her son’s embrace.

“You know me Mom, you look great too!”

Nadia smiled awkwardly, not knowing how to react.

“This place’s awesome!” he declared as Nadia led him inside the beach house. He dropped his bags in the living room and the two of them went straight to the view deck.

Derrick grabbed hold the iron railings and inhaled the fresh sea breeze. Nadia went to the kitchen and came back with two cans of beer, giving one to her son.

“Nothing tops a beach house!” he declared before gulping down his drink.

Nadia eyed her son carefully. She can’t believe how gorgeous Derrick has turned out! She had not seen him since he graduated from high school some years back. His blue-green eyes and sexy grin are certified showstoppers that melted women’s hearts while his boyish buzz cut complemented his diamond-shaped face as well as his six feet-one frame. He was a member of the swim team back in high school and he’s also into surfing, a sport that brings him to the California coast during the summer.

Derrick is a management major at the Arizona State University and he has decided to take some lifeguard training course at Miramar College, just a few kilometers from La Jolla.

After a few more exchanges and a tour of the house, Derrick picked up his bags and went to the guestroom to unpack.

As Nadia went to the kitchen to prepare some sandwiches, she couldn’t forget the scent of her son. It was such a sexy odor that she felt a warm sensation in her pussy. She guzzled her beer, turned around and looked through the kitchen entrance to the open door of the guestroom where her son was unpacking. He was wearing a gray ASU shirt, navy blue shorts and sneakers. Derrick wasn’t aware that his mother was watching him when he took-off his shirt.

Nadia’s eyes grew to the size of quarters when she saw the magnificence of her son’s upper body. He looked like an underwear model with his smooth swimmer’s body — a perfect 10 by her standards. All her reservations and hesitations were suddenly nowhere to be found, crushed by the image of her half-naked son. The erotic warmth emanating from her pelvis was becoming harder to ignore. She closed her eyes and imagined how good he would look in those red lifeguard swimsuits. Then she pictured him peeling-off that uniform slowly. She was breathing fast and could feel the wetness building up inside her — she was effectively in heat and she wants him bad! She was about to reach down inside her tights when Derrick rejoined her in the kitchen.

Mother and son spent the remainder of the day catching-up. During dinner at a cozy restaurant along La Jolla Boulevard, Nadia, now in a sliver low cut karacabey escort halter and black mini skirt, never missed an opportunity to flaunt her body to her son. She pretended that she was with him on a date and flirted with him incessantly. She was already beyond reason and was going through extraordinary lengths just to have him. After dinner, they went to a bar to dance and drink the night away. With the way she looked, Nadia could have got any guy she wanted but her target was set. Along with the thumping of the music, she grinded her body against his in a way that would attract scandalous stares if everyone knew that they were mother and son. Derrick was starting to feel uneasy but he couldn’t bring himself to restrain his mother since she seems to be having one heck of a good time. He just attributed her behavior to the shots of tequila she just had.

It was around 3 am when the two of them decided to call it a night. When they returned to the beach house, Derrick entered his room and sat on the edge of the bed. The erotic advances of his mother were not lost on him. In fact, they were working on him big time! This made him apprehensive yet excited at the same time. He was relieved the night was over but there was something inside him that wished otherwise. He decided to take a shower and relieve the tension on his brain and the hard-on in his pants. He stripped-off his clothes and entered the bathroom wearing only his white bikini briefs. What he didn’t know was that his brazen mother has stealthily entered his room just after he had entered the bathroom. Completely without clothing, Nadia followed the trail of clothes on the floor until she reached the bathroom door. She opened it ever so slightly and saw her son almost naked with his back facing her. Her pussy was all juiced-up and she was loosing the battle to reign-in her sexual desire. She couldn’t wait any longer. Without any warning, she opened the bathroom door.

A startled Derrick turned around and was flabbergasted with the sight of his bare mother that it took about a couple of seconds for him to realize that he himself was standing in front of her almost naked! He panicked and immediately grabbed an oversized hand towel in a pathetic attempt to cover himself.

“Sorry honey, did I scare you?” Nadia asked as she approached him slowly, hands on her waist and hips swaying indecently from side to side.

Derrick cleared his throat and swallowed hard. He has never seen his mother in this light before. He was shocked… scandalized… offended even; but curiously he could not look away.

“Don’t worry baby, it’s just Mommy!”

Nadia clasped his right hand and gently placed it on her shaven mound. But Derrick belatedly pulled back his hand and stepped back.

“Whoa Mom… what’s all this?” he inquired with his back against the bathroom wall.

“Just a little nice-to-see-you-again present,” Nadia replied as she inched closer. “What do you think?” she whispered with her nipples slightly grazing his nervous flesh.

Derrick was speechless but Nadia knew how to break the ice. She reached down and forcefully yanked his towel off. At that moment, Derrick’s erection met his mother’s lustful eyes. His cock was so hard that it was already pulling the elastics of his underwear. As if by instinct, Nadia was on her knees in no time. She lifted her son’s bikini briefs with trembling fingers and unceremoniously pulled them down to his ankles. Things were happening so fast that Derrick was at a loss at what to do.

Nadia felt her mouth water with the sight of her son’s circumcised manhood. It jutted out menacingly from his lap like a cannon ready to fire. His shaft, which bulged slightly around the middle, was dark pink in color and surrounded by thin squiggly veins. It’s crowned by a rather blunt, purplish cockhead. It was at least seven inches long and six inches in girth. His hairy balls hang prominently at the base of his shaft, surrounded by a wiry garland of dark brown pubes.

“I would like to be the first woman to taste your lifeguard cock before those beach bimbos beat me to it!” Nadia bawled as she staked her claim to her son’s beautiful belly hugger. She held his throbbing meat by the root and guided the swollen head towards her waiting mouth.

The hot meaty texture of Derrick’s twenty-one-year-old cock was pure ecstasy for Nadia. She pulled down the lid of the toilet seat and motioned him to sit down. The dutiful son obeyed and she started bobbing her head up and down his lap. Derrick was gripping the sides of the toilet seat while his heaving muscular body convulsed with unbridled sexual pleasure. He felt his mother’s tongue explore the most sensitive nooks of his manhood. He felt her warm breath passing through his pubes. He shivered with lustful anticipation. It was too late to protest now.

“Ohhhh Fuck, Mom! Eat my cock!” he whispered with a trembling undertone; granting his wanton mother permission to pervert mudanya escort him…to sodomize him… to molest him.

Nadia felt empowered by his encouragement. She sucked harder and deeper while her left hand reached for her damp slit.

“Awww Yeahh… Eat me! Stick it in your mouth!” Derrick moaned as he placed his hands on the sides of his mother’s bobbing head. Nadia was going crazy. She was sliding a beautiful cock in her mouth. But this was not just any ordinary cock. This was her own son’s cock, her flesh and blood!

“That’s it! Suck it!” Derrick gasped as he watched his pulsating pole being devoured by his mother’s lips.

Obscene licking and sucking noises mixed with sighs and moans bounced off the walls of the small bathroom. They were like music to Nadia’s ears. She went further down her son’s cock and began licking his scrotum.

“Yesss! Lick them!… Suck them!… Oh fuck!” the prospective lifeguard caterwauled with gusto.

Nadia popped one of Derrick’s balls in her mouth. It’s so fragile and sexy at the same time! As her mouth was busy toying her son’s ball sac, her other hand slowly milked his slippery tool… gripping it up and down… driving him closer and closer towards the edge.

“You like that? Don’t you baby?” Nadia muttered lewdly as she resumed lavishing Derrick’s meat with her exquisite tongue. “Fuck Yeah!” was his delirious reply.

Nadia started to suck deeper and harder again. She bobbed her head faster and with more intensity. She was trying her best to summon her son’s life giving seed; for it to splash inside her mouth and coat the insides of her throat.


Derrick wailed hysterically as he threw is head back and bucked his hips upwards to meet his mother’s sucking mouth. The fingers on his left hand were furiously strumming his pebble-like left nipple while his other hand was on top of his mother’s head grabbing a fistful of her golden locks. His toes curled inwards as every muscle in his body surrendered to his sexual release.

Nadia felt the giant spurts of hot bittersweet cum splash inside her mouth, then another and another until her mouth was full of it. Globs of semen which managed to escape her greedy little mouth landed around her lips… on her nose and cheeks. After savoring every taste and smell, she opened up her throat and allowed most of her son’s seed to slide down.

“Fuck Yeah!” Derrick jerked as he sprawled himself in the toilet seat. “That was one heck of a blow-job!”

“I’m so glad you liked it, baby!” Nadia replied as she sat astride her son, wiping-off traces of his creamy offering from her lips with her fingers. She put her arms around his neck, looked at his glassy eyes and kissed him on the mouth. She pushed out her tongue so he could taste his own flavor. Derrick gently obliged and partook of his sperm on his mother’s mouth. He rolled his tongue inside her cum-coated orifice, tasting his freshly deposited spunk with newly-discovered fervor.

“Damn! You’re wet like the ocean!” Derrick exclaimed as soon as they broke their cum-laden kiss.

“Well, I don’t think I should tell a stud like you what to do with a leaky pussy,” Nadia retorted with a naughty smirk across her face.

“Hold on to your fuckin’ horses then!” Derrick answered back as he stood up carried his horny mother towards the bed.

PART 3: “The tables have turned!”

As soon as Derrick laid her down, he immediately positioned himself between her legs and parted them wide open. Nadia’s shaven pussy opened up like a moist flower to her eager son.

“You have a beautiful pussy, Mom!” Derrick whispered as he ran his fingers against her puffed labia. Nadia inhaled deeply as she felt her luscious pussy lips slowly being parted. Derrick worked his digits up and down his mother’s slit. He opened it up with his thumb and forefinger and blew his hot breath across her quivering chute. Before Nadia knew what was happening, he lowered his head and began flicking her unveiled clitoris with his tongue.

“Ohhh Derrick! That’s so good!” Nadia cooed, “Oh baby!… Don’t stop!… Ohhh God Yesss!” she sighed as Derrick parted her legs even wider and glided his tongue up and down her watery twat. She was so wet; her juices flowed with such profusion that it basted her son’s face as well as the satin bed sheets.

“Oh baby! Lick me!… Lap it all up!… Awwwghh Fuck!”

Derrick’s tongue was like a contraption built for licking pussies. He licked and sucked his mother’s clit with varying speeds and intensities which made her head spin with incestuous pleasure.

“It’s so damn good!… Oh yessss!” Nadia shrieked as the warmth of her body covered her skin with shimmering sweat. Suddenly, Derrick lifted his head.

“Oh baby! Don’t stop! Please!” Nadia pleaded shamelessly.

“Don’t worry, Mom. You’re gonna love this,” He assured her as he shifted his body to her side and leaned perpendicular to her. With the fingers of his right hand parting Nadia’s pussy lips, he slid his left thumb inside her fuck hole and at the same time inserted his index finger slowly inside her asshole. He then continued to suck her clit.

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