Mystery Man

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The phrase *blazing eyes* came to her mind all of it’s own when Yasmin looked up at the man. Indeed they did have a hot, wet look to them but whether they were gray or green or blue she could not rightly say. Rather it seemed to shift with the light…or his mood.

At long last she tore her from his and looked at her computer to re-acquaint herself with the task she had been working on. Blank eyes took in the computer screen but comprehended nothing. Almost in a day she looked back at him and finally, to her chagrin, offered her “hello and welcome. What can I help you with?” She had said the line dozens of times if not triple digits yet she stammered over it and sounded uncertain.

At 6 ft 5 the man was gorgeous, lean but athletic and most of all wolfish. His smile at her was at once warm and also that of a wolf seeing the weakest of the herd revealed. He watched wordlessly when her eyes started to the air conditioner control box on the wall. Gray eyes, yes they have to be great, took in the totality of her and seemed to use those windows into her soul to look at the shimmering mind behind it. Disappointment flitted across those eyes of his at what he saw there.

Yasmin felt disappointment herself. As if she had let this stranger down. Why that matters to her she didn’t know but it did.

He looked as if ready to speak, at last, but looked around the small office one last time. “Are you alone here?”

She had already noted how it felt as if time stopped when he walked in. As if the air had thickened impossibly. Now though…now the air in her lungs and throat congealed as well. Yasmin coughed in order to clear her throat and fought the urge to wheeze on inhalation. “Yes sir, I am.” Too late she thought that perhaps she should have been more circumspect but it was out now. As was that half-smile of his, as if nothing in this world was worth a full one.

“How long?”

*Well I am definitely not answering that one.* He turned to walk to the glass door and she could do nothing but look admire the lines of his grey suit, silver cufflinks and the oxblood tie she had seen. The lock slid home with a finality. “An hour, sir.”

He turned to face her and his stride when he came back was slow and etimesgut escort graceful. The patience of a predator. “Come to me. Let me see what you are wearing.”

*No way.* But she was up and clearing her desk immediately. *What the…*

Then his eyes were on hers and she was lost. She twirled slowly in her peach colored skirt underneath a white blouse that was unbuttoned just enough to show the golden necklaces that dangled in her cleavage. The colors accented her cafe au lait Cuban skin perfectly. A synergy that was near intoxicating though perhaps not as mesmeric as he.

“You look gorgeous. Stunning!” There was little of enthusiasm in him, rather anger but at what she could not know. The man prowled to her left then right looking her up and down. “You don’t mind do you?”

Her mind betrayed her. Her heart now was thick too it seemed. She nodded her assent and the man stepped in close and began to undo her blouse casually, easily. He looked down to see her breasts in the bustier, the nipples over the top of it by design and hardened. She looked up to see him looking up from them and blushed.

Casually, languidly, he bent over to suck one dark nipple into his mouth and suckled lightly before flicking the other with his tongue and going back to the first.

“I…I don’t even know your name.” She made no move to pull away. Indeed some small part of her mind noted that her panties were now wet and getting wetter. The black French cut matching her bustier perfectly.

Straightening, “Nor will you.” His hand came up then to cup her neck and pull her in and her lips parted slightly in response though she was sure she gave them no such command. Their lips brushed ever so slightly and then he was unzipping her skirt and it pulled around her feet. “Perfect.”

“Who are you?” She stammered.

“We have covered that already.” His tone iron and stern; admonishing.

“I mean…how are you doing this? To me.”

“I am doing nothing but telling you what to do. Yes?” His slap on her ass was a complete shock and while he watched the delightful jiggle her eyes opened wide and a tear formed in the corner. She was still standing there with etlik escort a shocked expression when he picked her up with hands under her armpits and moved around to her desk where he sat her on the flat surface as if she were a child and indeed she felt one.

She could offer no resistance when he opened her legs and his fingertips massaged her through her panties to find her so very wet. Those brown doe eyes looked to him in wonder and more than a little fear. Their eyes stayed locked for a time.

“You are mine now.” The finality in his voice brooked no argument. No resistance could be, or was, offered. “Open for me.” Deftly he took out his iron bar made flesh and Yasmin pulled her panties to the side and he slid home as if returning to…well…home.

Yasmin herself knew that this was not the case though. Tiny voices in her head railed against this but she had given herself to him and welcomed him into her with a whimper and a moan.

He took here there on her desk in this crappy strip mall office. He stretched her and brushed against her cervix as if it was just one more erogenous zone. Slow and deep. His eyes stayed on hers, his face betraying a sort of openness that had not been there before, and it was a connection somehow deeper than his literally being inside her. Not that he gave, no, he took. He invaded her and it was as if he could see inside her as he did it and Yasmin could only give in and allow it. No, there was more. She could enjoy it and she did. She closed her eyes when she came and sought to hide it from him.

“Yes…yes…YES.” She convulsed with orgasm and became awash in bliss and still that same fear at the situation and maybe that is why she came so hard or maybe it was why there was another one right there. Just within her grasp. Perfectly manicured nails move to her clit to stroke her to another but the man grabs her wrist and moves it away.

“Look at me.”

She knew what he meant.*Let him in.* She did.

He pulled out and ran the underside of his sex-slick member along her clit slowly. It wasn’t quite enough to finish it despite that it was exquisite torture.

“I…I need you in me.” Once again she could eve gelen escort not believe his effect on her but she had been surrendered for some time and while there seemed to be no end to him expecting her to surrender more and more she was incapable of saying no at this point. Total surrender to this stranger. She would be so very mad at herself later but now…

The mystery man plunged into her and began to stroke her at length but his eyes held hers and demanded all. She gave it. With his thumb he stroked her clit and soon she neared that crescendo and just a heartbeat before he stopped and slowed his thumb.

“Please!” There was nothing of asking, only pleading. He sped up again the wet sounds of their fucking filled the room. Her breathing got deeper and faster and once more she knocked on that door and once more he stopped. She gripped his neck and one long-nailed hand dug into his ass and pulled it toward her but to no avail. She whimpered and begged, “please. I want to cum…PLEASE.” Her first was wonderful and memorable but her body told her this one would be epic.

He sat there inside her and knew she had given all she had, at least mentally; spiritually maybe. Slowly he began again with both cock and thumb but her claws still dug into his ass and now she succeeded in pulling his lips to hers and they kissed deeply and passionately and once more she yielded to him.

He let her cum them with his hungry eyes devouring her and her body wracking with tremors. He fucked her to that point, then beyond, then through it and only once it had subsided entirely did he pull out and step back.

Without words she knew. Maybe he didn’t want to leave DNA, maybe he was worried about kids…she didn’t know but she dropped to her knees and begin to pump with her mouth and lick her own juices from him with an echo of the hungriness he exuded. She took him all in her mouth and then showed this stranger her mouth so very full of his seed before swallowing it and gagging only slightly. One more surrender.

She was late to notice him walking out and zipping up. The door opened with a chime and in walked her boss while the stranger walked out. Karen found her there on her knees with seed in her teeth, a wet snatch and wet spots on her desk.

PS The least surprising thing was her immediate termination but she only felt somewhat upset about this. The tradeoff was not inconsequential. What was surprising was the business card on her windshield with no name but she knew from who it had came. She only didn’t know what she would do with it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32