Mysterious Neighbor Ch. 03

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The sun was high in the sky when I awoke the morning after Jennifer and I had discovered our feelings for each other. I thought that perhaps it had all been a beautiful dream but there was too much evidence to the contrary. The way my body still hummed at the slightest touch to my nipples. The pair of panties on the floor that smelled of raw sex…the pile of packages that lay, unopened on the couch.

There was one thing missing. Jennifer. At some time during the night or early in the morning, she had slipped out of the house. I sat in my recliner, with my knees pulled to my chest. So many mixed emotions swirled in my head that I thought I was going to have an emotional crisis.

There was the emptiness in my arms, where Jennifer had felt so good. There was the lingering confusion of what course my sexuality was going to take now. No more did I doubt my longing for a woman’s touch, but what would happen when I met a man that stirred me deep in my core. Then there was Jennifer. What would she ask of me now and what would I ask of her. She had alluded to showing me more of the Sapphic skills but how far did she go? I had read some Sapphic novels that almost frightened me with the intensity of their actions. I wanted no part of that.

With a sigh, I rose from the chair to start my day. As I showered, I envisioned Jennifer mewling in passion as I bathed her. It didn’t help a bit to take away the longing that ate at me.

When I left the shower, the phone was ringing. I walked to the nightstand, still naked, to answer it.

“Hi Sherri, it’s Jennifer.”

Funny how four words could make me weak inside.

“Hey Jenn, you disappeared on me.”

“Yeah, sweetie, I had to be here to take some phone calls this morning. I just wanted to make sure you were alright and let you know why I left. Do the new things fit all right?”

“I wouldn’t have any idea yet,” I said.

“Why is that,” she asked.

“Because I’m still naked. I just got out of the shower.”

“Of fuck, Sherri, you didn’t need to tell me that.”

“I didn’t do it to tease you, Jenn.”

“Wait a minute,” she said. She put the phone down for a few seconds and she was giggling when she came back.

“What’s so funny,” I wondered.

“Now we’re both naked.”

“Oh my god, Jenn, stop teasing me.”

“You started it,” she said, giggling some more. “If you really want me to tease you, ask me what my fingers are doing right now.”

“Stop it, damn it,” I said. “Of fuck, Jenn, you’re going to make me crazy”

“That’s the plan. Have you started doing what you think I’m doing yet?

I didn’t answer, I didn’t have to. The moan that slipped from my lips was all the answer she needed.

“Race you to an orgasm,” she said.

“You’d better hurry,” I replied, groaning, my fingers battering my still sensitive clit.

I don’t know who cried out first. I was too busy staying upright since my knees had decided to get weak on me.

“I’ve gotta go,” she said, obviously out of breath. “I’ve got another call coming and I’m too weak to take it.”

I never got the chance to reply, but it didn’t matter. I dropped to the bed, my chest heaving.

It was nearly an hour before I went in to clean myself up before slipping into a pair of panties. I grabbed a robe, but threw it on the chair as I left the bedroom.

“What’s the point?” I said, to no one in particular.

I was a mess. I tried on the clothes, but they all fit fine, and later, I sat in the living room, tears sliding down my face. It just made matters worse. Were they tears of joy, or tears of confusion, worry, or what? I should have been jumping up and down with joy, but the doubts refused to go away.

I put the clothes In the laundry room, and opened the case of clay. My intent was to focus on my sculpture but the drawing I was basing the piece on, of Jennifer, of course, kept coming to life on me. I not only saw her, I heard her voice, felt her lips on mine and her body next to me. This was not going to work if I didn’t work things out in my mind. I had to either come to grips or go home just to get away from her and the situation I found myself in.

The phone rang again but my hands were covered with wet clay so I let the machine take it.

“Sherri, It’s Jenn, are you there? Oh damn, never mind.”

I did some deep breathing exercises and finally got enough composure to begin forming the piece. She’d been right about the clay. The difference was amazing. Of course, the subject matter had something to do with it, but it was so smooth and sensual in my hands, I almost felt like I was molding her flesh between my fingers.

As it is with most of my working sessions, I became engrossed in my work, so I never heard her come in. It wasn’t until I felt her naked body against me, her hot breath on my shoulder,that I knew.

“Oh my god Jenn, you scared me to death.”

“Are you accustomed to allowing naked women sneak up on you like that?”

“Only a select few,” I said.

“Do you always work in the nude?” she asked.

I shrugged and forced myself to finish the initial shaping. Then I turned to look at her;

“Holy shit, Jenn, you’re all covered with clay.”

“Where? I was snuggling your bare back,” she said.

“Right here, and here, and here, and here,” I said, as I touched her nipples, her chin and Gaziantep Escort İlanları her navel.

“Why you bitch,” she yelled, laughing like crazy. “”How the hell do I get that shit off?”

“You have to use body erase,” I told her.

“What the hell is that?”

“I’ll show you,” I replied, pulling her against me to rub my clay covered torso and breasts into her.”

“It’s not working,” she said,

“You’re supposed to be lying down when you use it,” I said, pushing her down to the plastic covered floor. “You can’t use your hands, just body parts and you have to rub them together a lot.”

Do I need draw you a picture of that? Stomach to stomach, breast to breast, we slid against each other, laughing like silly teenagers as we did it. It was like a hands-on wrestling match, trying to see who could smear the most clay into the best places. It was so erotic that we began to moan in unison.

“Pull your knees up,” I said.

“Why?” she asked, her eyes just glistening with erotic excitement.

“Just do it, please…for me?”

She pulled her knees high over her chest so I could grind my wet pussy into hers. It didn’t take much of that to bring us both off in a crescendo of orgasmic cries and four letter words that left us worn out.

I collapsed on top of her, showering her with kisses. We rolled around the floor, moaning and mewling until the glow subsided. Unfortunately, the plastic floor cover was not nearly enough to cover our play area and now, I had clay in my carpeting. I didn’t care. Jennifer was back.

We started giggling as we looked at each other, smearing cum and clay together over each other’s bodies.

“Ok, ok,”she finally yelled in surrender. “This is fun, but I’ve got clay in my pussy and everywhere else and when that shit starts to dry, it’s not going to be fun and games.”

“I suppose I should offer my services to clean you up,” I said, “since it’s my clay that wound up in your pussy.”

“It’s going to take a team effort,” she replied.

We went into the shower and while she started the water, I gathered the body wash that I use to remove it from my body, some bath sponges, and body oil, since the clay tends to draw the moisture from your skin.

We washed each other’s hair twice, since that’s the most difficult place to clean clay from. We bathed each other, tenderly. making sure not to rub too hard on tender flesh, until no clay was seen.

“Time to move to our secret places,” she said. Bending me over, she lathered up my vulva and began probing into me, knowing that there was no clay there to be removed. I began mewling , and had to lean against the shower wall, but she insisted that she could still see bits of clay inside. When my knees begin to weaken, she took the telephone shower in her hand, turned the adjustment to power wash and began to blast the soap off. Of course, the way my clit was being battered by the harsh spray, it was no time at all before I slumped against the wall, shaking all over.

She turned the adjustment to fine spray to finish up but it was too late. The harsher spray had so irritated my tender clit that even the fine spray was more than enough to make me beg her to stop.

Still standing under the shower, we kissed and caressed but then it was my turn. When it was time to bathe that sweet pussy, I bent her over, to give her a similar treatment, but I didn’t use the hard spray like she did. Instead, I rinsed her thoroughly with the fine mist. and went down on her like a human vacuum cleaner with a snake’s tongue. As soon as she came, I changed the adjustment to hard spray, reached up to spread her cheeks, and blasted her anus. Oh my god, I wasn’t ready for the reaction I got. She fucked her ass into the spray like a whore on drugs. Eventually, I slipped a finger in to finish the job and when she came, she twisted around and knocked me to the bottom of the tub before she climbed on top to kiss me so hard my lips were hurting.

“Oh, you bitch, you sneaky bitch,” she finally said. “No way you were a Sapphic virgin when I met you. I’m still like jelly inside.”

“I just gave you what I thought you’d want,” I said. “I guess I was right.”

“Oh my god, you’ve got to try that, Sherri. What an orgasm!”

“Gee, I guess you’re too tired to play anymore,” I said.

“You’re good, but you aren’t that good,” she said, kissing me some more.

We finished our showers and toweled off before going in to drop on the bed.

“I’m never going to get these projects done if we keep this up,” I said.

“Maybe we should stop,” she said, but I knew she was just messing with me.

“I really think we should,” I said, but then I pulled myself on top of her and kissed her. With my fingers stroking her hair, I lay quietly for a minute, just looking into the big sexy eyes of her, knowing that I never wanted to be without her in my life.

“What are we going to do when I have to leave?” I asked. “I never want this to end.”

“I know,” she said. “I’ve been forcing myself to pretend it’s never going to happen but you have to get back to college and I have showings scheduled. There’s no way we can make it work.”

“Please don’t say there’s no way,” I said, tears in my eyes. “I have to have that hope something will come to us.”

“Don’t start crying on me now, you silly goose. You know what that does to me.” Already I saw the glistening of a tear in her eyes.

“I’m sorry,” I said, quickly crawling off of her

“I’ve got to go,” she said. “I’m supposed to be working and so are you. Now, let’s just snap out of it and get to it I’ve got a couple new projects in the works and I promised to be by the phone. I’ll call you later.”

“Ok, ok, bail on me, but remember, when they find me on the floor, my poor neglected pussy battered into a pulp, it was you that got this started.”

“Oh, poor baby.” She cooed. “I’ll kiss it and make it all better later.”

“You could do it now and save the battering,” I reminded her.

“I’ve created a sex fiend,” she said, heading for the door.

“No, you just found one that had been lurking inside me for a long time.” I yelled as I watched the beautiful movement of those tasty ass cheeks.

It took some doing, but I got refocused and went to work cleaning up the mess from our play time incident. The clay hadn’t really hardened yet so with a brush and some release formula, I soaked the area of damage, scrubbed cleaner into it and rinsed it over and over until the water was clear. Then I used towels to pull the liquid out of the carpet. It was a lucky break that there was no padding under the carpet. It would take hours to dry, so I carefully moved my work to another area. . Needless to say, I was sweating like a French whore in a sauna so I had to go take a shower…again. I sat with a glass of wine, reviewing what I’d completed and what I needed to do yet. The interpretive piece was penciled in, but I was still playing with the color combinations. One watercolor was about eighty percent done, but I still hadn’t decided whether that was the one I would use or not. It was almost too personal now. I wasn’t sure I wanted to share the emotion that went into the painting or not. Of course, there were others, and I was already working on one that revealed more intimate details.

The sculpture, well now that was a different story altogether. This is going to sound so weird, but the new clay was affecting me in a strange way. I’d wet my hands and start working the material, but …oh, this is so hard to explain. It was like the clay took on a life of its own, and I found that I could almost work with my eyes closed. It seemed to be telling me every single thing I did. And there’s the other thing too. It didn’t want me to stop. No, I’m serious. Every time I paused to review what I’d done, it just seemed to talk to me. “No, that’s not quite it. You need to work on those breasts more, etc. etc. I really wondered if I was losing my mind.

I didn’t quit until my arms ached and sweat poured from every pore. It was all I could do to stumble into the bathroom, turn on the water and sit on the toilet while the tub filled. I added a liberal dose of bath oil, and crawled into it, sliding in all the way up to my chin. With a towel behind my head, I closed my eyes and allowed the feeling to take me away.

I didn’t leave that world until the water cooled to the point of discomfort. Even then I put had no energy. I considered calling Jenn but forced myself to let her work. I started to head for the recliner, but an obvious rumbling from my stomach reminded me that I hadn’t eaten. As I ate my smoked salmon salad, I gazed down at the sparkling waters of Lake Wanderlee. I’d been there for almost two weeks and, thanks to Jenn, had only got my bikini wet once. I smiled as I realized that I’d spent most of my time either naked or in panties…mostly naked. The new clothes she’d bought me were now laundered and folded neatly in a drawer or hanging in the closet. For some reason, I went in to flip through hanger after hanger, before putting on a really pretty sun dress. I sat in front of the mirror, brushing out my hair when the phone rang.

“I’m lonesome,” she said.

“Well, get your pretty ass over here.”

“I can’t. I’ve still got two calls coming and they’re both important. To make matters worse, I ruined a canvas.”

“How did you do that?”

“Oh, I knocked over a wet canvas. It’s completely ruined. It was coming along so great too. Now I have to start over.”

“I’m sorry, honey. I’ve been having a pretty good day for the most part.”

“Are you naked?”

I giggled at her. “Is that all you think of?” I asked.

“Pretty much, for some reason,” she said.

“No, I’m not naked. I’m wearing that sun dress you bought me at Dugan’s,”

“I just want to rip it off your sexy body Damn, can you tell I’m horny?”

“I’m getting a hint of that, yes.”

“God, I hate waiting for people when I’m horny. Well, to hell with it, I’ll just go get one of my toys.”

“Uh uh,” I said. “That’s my job. Keep your hands and your vibes and dildos off. You’ll just have to wait for me. I can probably be there in say, four or five hours.”

“You’d better get your ass over here soon, then, or there won’t be anything left for you to play with.”

I just cut her off and waited. Sure enough, it wasn’t more than a minute or two before the phone rang but I let the machine pick up. I was too busy laughing my ass off.

“You’re playing with fire girl and you’ll smell the smoke pretty damned soon. Now get your ass over here.”

Smiling, I headed for her place, not sure of what lie ahead for me, but knowing that whatever it was, it involved me getting naked and sexually abused, but wasn’t that what my body had been asking me for over the last two hours?

When I got there, I didn’t see her right away so I went to check in her bedroom. I was sure that was where I’d find her, but the room was empty…at least for a few seconds it was. I’ve no idea where she came from, but the next thing I knew, I was propelled forward and onto the bed by a naked woman, who landed on top of me.

“You’re going to pay for making me so damned horny,” she said.

I was laughing so damned hard I couldn’t defend myself. She pulled me to my feet and grabbed at the top of my new sundress.

“I’m going to rip this off you, and ravish you like you’ve never been,” she said.

“No please, Jenn. Don’t rip the dress. I love it and a special friend bought it for me.”

“You’d better lose it quick then,” she warned, pulling it up and over my head. “No panties.” She said. “Good move,”

She threw me back onto the bed then, but I surprised her. I got over her, straddling her body with her arms pinned against her body by my knees. When she tried to throw me off, I just pinned her shoulders down.

“Now,” I said. “You have a choice. You can play nice or I can go home.” I bent to kiss her and it only took a few seconds of deep tongue play to calm her down.

“Damn it, I need you,” she said.

I pulled back to sit on her, as I toyed with her nipples, pulling and twisting them in my fingers. Once I had her squirming good, I scooted down on her body so I could get my mouth on them, switching back and forth from one to the other.

“Oh god, honey, I need that,” she cooed.

She worked her arms loose and I half expected her to throw me off but by that time I had her nipples so irritated that she didn’t want me to stop. With her hand on the back of my head, my face was jammed into her breasts.

While I continued to suck on her nipple, I moved my hand down behind me to stroke over her.

“Oh, look who’s wet and wanting,” I said, pressing into her with my fingers.

She moaned and thrust upward to my hand. When she did, I slipped a finger into her and went directly for her clit. She was so aroused I thought she was going to go off on me just from that but I didn’t want that. Not yet, anyway.

I slid down and dove between her thighs before she could block me. I spread long, laving licks over her to get her good and wet, then I went for the gold. Her clit was full and accessible so I got it between my teeth and pulled. She went nuts but then I stopped. With two fingers, I got hold of her clit and pulled then I snapped at it with another finger several times. She let out a wail over and over and almost screamed when I sucked on it over and over again, then attacked it with my tongue flashing over it like a snake. In the meantime, my finger found her anus and began probing at it. She lost control shortly after that and rewarded my efforts with a massive orgasm that ended with her fingers locked in my hair and her legs wrapped around my head.

I almost had to force her to let me go but eventually she relaxed her grip on me and let me up to kiss her.

After allowing her to calm for a few minutes, I allowed her to turn me to my back. She got off the bed and pulled me down further. She put me on my knees and had me bend over with my head on my arms. I got a chill as I realized that whatever she had planned for me almost certainly involved something to do with anal. She hadn’t hurt me before, so I had no reason to suspect that she would do so now, but I bit my lip just in case.

That was somewhat confirmed when she started licking my anus and thrusting her tongue into me. It was my newly discovered favorite thing to do so I forced myself to relax, or at least I tried. Her thumb was in my pussy, with her knuckle pressing into my clit with each stroke. After bringing so very close to the cliff several times, she stopped and I felt her thumb leave me. I tried, but couldn’t see what she was doing, only that she had moved slightly to my left. A few seconds later, I felt something cold being drizzled over my crack, and down over my anus and pussy. A few seconds after that, I felt something hard against the rim. She moved it in circular patterns around and around, but then I felt pressure. There was a sharp pain and I yelped, but she whispered that it was going to be all right, and then whatever she had in her hand was forced through my anus. “Ow, OH FUCK,” I yelled. She spanked me several times, harder than I’d ever been spanked, but it took the focus away from the burning in my anus as she forced it in further. She drizzled more into my hole and began stroking it in and out, going a bit deeper with just about every stroke. Whatever it was, it was longer than anything that had ever been in there and there was quite a bit of discomfort, but then that began to be replaced by a pleasurable glow emanating from my rectum. I felt something being held against my clit and seconds later, what felt like a finger vibe began attacking my clit with a mind robbing buzz that soon had me losing my mind. As I got close, she probed deeper into me with the thing in my ass and just as my world, began to explode, she pushed it deep with a dozen hard, deep strokes that knocked me to the bed. That was not a good thing, because now I was lying on the finger vibe that showed no signs of stopping or slowing up. I’ve never screamed like that in my life, but I sure did with that one, and the two that followed as well.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32