My wife’s Mom Rosa

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My wife’s Mom Rosa
My wife Gina and I are upwardly mobile, we both work and good jobs, and moved out of the city into the ‘burbs. We have a nice split level home, and no k**s. Maybe k**s one day, but we are happy as we are. Gina’s Mom, Rosalie came to live with us.

Rosa as I call her is a short gal in her 70’s, with greyish hair and a bit of a moustache. Kind of plump, nothing too sexy about her, but she is a real sweetheart. She will not let us do house work, as she lives for free and feels it is her duty to help us. She cooks a few meals, and best of all, she makes coffee in the morning, so Gina and I wake up to that delicious aroma.
One day, my wife works day shift and I work the swing shift, Rosa asks if I can take her to the craft store for supplies. I agree to do it, and when we get there I am behind her browsing around, and she bends over, and I see she has no panties on under her dress. She stays there long enough for me to get a great look, before she straightened up.

We paid for her purchases and went home. I went to my bed room to relax a bit before I had to go to work, I was thinking of Rosa bending over, and my cock grew. I was only wearing shorts and I let my cock out and stroked. Rosa walked by and looked, and , burst into my bedroom as I tried to hide my cock.

“Danny, I see you. I see your cock is hard. You work so hard, does my Gina not take care of you?”

I fumbled for words, but Rosa reached out and grabbed my cock and before I could resist, she had popped her teeth out and was sucking on my cock. Rosa gives such powerful suction and I cum in less than 10 seconds. Rosa smiles, and her hand on my still tumescent cock, says “Danny, you still hard.” And she sucks me some more. I swear my toes were curling every delicious moment. This time it took nearly a minute for me to cum.

Rosa sucked me of every drop, and put her teeth back in and looked at me and said “Danny, listen to me. This is not sex, this is me relieving your stress. You give me a beautiful home to live in. I do this for you. You say nothing to Gina, nothing! Anytime you need relief, I do for you.”
I sort of shook my head and said “OK, Rosa”, and she left.

All night at work I thought about the best fucking blow job in my life, not one, but two in less than two minutes.

That night I went home and crawled in bed with Gina, and slipped my cock into her pussy, as we spooned and fucked her for a long time before I cum. Gina moaned with delight at my ardor. I rolled over and went to sleep, sated.

Come morning Gina and I get up, she went into the shower and I went pee. Gina pees in the shower to save time. She gets dressed and we go to the kitchen for coffee, and a bagel. We chit chat for a bit, and Rosa joins us and Gina looks at her watch and gives me a peck, and grabs her purse to leave.

As she drives away, Rosa spills a bit of coffee and grabs a paper towel and wipes up the spill, her short jean skirt dress rides up, and again, no panties. Like I said, Rosa is not a sexy woman, by most standards, but my cock thought other wise and began to grow.
I got up and went to my bedroom, and closed the door. Then I got an idea. I opened the door all the way, and lie on the bed, my hard cock straight up in the air and stroked it. My hand smelled like my cock, it smelled like Gina’s pussy. I did not want to cum, I just wanted to keep my cock hard in case Rosa come by.

Like she knew my thoughts, she walked right into my room and took her teeth out and sucked me off twice, never stopping. Her powerful suction had me cum twice in less than a minute. It was fucking unbelievable!

When she was sure every drop was gone she smiled, put her teeth back in, and left me alone. I did this every morning for the rest of the week, and each day Rosa sucked my cock with precision. I was in heaven. Come Saturday, we were at breakfast and Gina says she will jog to the bank and make a deposit then jog in the park for a bit. I tell her, I planned to mow the lawn. After she went out the door, Rosa comes by me. She rubs my crotch, and my cock starts to grow.

“See Danny, you need some release,” and she pull her teeth out and my cock out, and said “I must take care of your needs” then proceeded to suck me off like she always did.

When she was done I went to the garage, but needed a key to unlock the shed, so I bahis şirketleri went to my bedroom to get my keys, as I went down the hall, I could hear Rosa moaning. So I stopped at her door. It was shut, but not closed. I merely had to push and it opened. There was Rosa on her side, pinching her nipple and shoving a dildo in and out of her ass, deeper and faster until a long moan escaped her and she went limp.
I backed up and closed the door, and she saw the movement. She got up and straightened her house dress as I went to get my keys.

“Danny” she said, “I know you were watching. Please talk to me”
As she walked into my bedroom, I had the keys and she said “You must think I am a horrible person”

“No Rosa, why would I think that? We all have needs and you were taking care of your needs.” I explained to her.

“Danny,” she said, “I need to tell you a story. It happened a long time ago. Please sit.”

So we both sat on my bed, and she began.

“Danny, even Gina does not know this. At the end of WWII, in Italy, we were starving. There was so little food, no work, my family was destitute. One day I saw an American officer eating a biscuit and drinking coffee. I went to him and asked if he had any spare food. He looked at me and said, why should he give me food? I told him, I would do any kind of work for food. He laughed and said, “I have no work”

I looked at him and implored him, that I would do anything. He had a strange look and said “Anything”

I knew he wanted sex. When he asked how old I was, I told him I was thirteen, and a virgin. I boldly said he could have my mouth or my ‘culo’, my ass, but I need to keep my virginity. He smiled and said to come with him.

We went into his office and he locked the door. He fondled my tits and then he pulled out his cock. I got down and put his cock in my mouth and he told me what to do. Soon it was very hard and long, not as long as you Danny, but for a thirteen year old girl it was massive. Then he pulled his cock from my mouth, bent me over, and pulled down my panties and he shoved his cock into my ass, It burned and hurt like hell. I wanted to scream, but I needed food, so I accepted his cock.

When he was done, he buttoned his pants and gave me a loaf of bread and a tin of sardines. He told me to come back tomorrow at the same time.

I hurried home to share my bounty with my family, and pretend my bum was not smarting from his cock. The next day I awoke and did my chores and at the right time I went to see the officer. Once again, I sucked him hard, he fucked my ass, and he gave me a bit of food. Lucky for me, my ass was getting used to it and it did not hurt so bad, but still hurt.

One day I arrive and he tells me there is no food. I ask, if I let you have sex, will there be food tomorrow? He said perhaps, and I let him have his way with me. The next day I arrive and once again, he says he has no food, I begin to cry. He tells me that some of his men have some, would I give them the same offer? I was desperate Danny, what could I do?

So he went outside and came back with two men. He said he gets the same deal, and they get it too and there will be food. So I shake my head and suck his cock, and then he gets behind me and shoves his cock in my ass, as I suck one of the men . The man cum so quick, I got to start on the next man before the officer squirts in my ass. He pulls out and I suck hard and deep, hearing the man moan, and he cums.

I realized that if I could make them cum, they would leave my ass alone. So the next day I sucked the officer’s cock with vigor and before he could pull away, he cum. I took the next two men and made them cum in a very fast way. Soon, no one wanted my ass, and my work was done so swiftly with my new found talents.

The officer was sent some where and when I arrived the next day, the new officer wanted to know what was going on. I told him and he got hard and he said, he would do better. He made me disrobe and he sucked on my nipples and he had me bend over, but to my surprise, it was not his cock I felt, but his tongue. His tongue slipped into my hole and felt deliciously good. In time his cock went in my culo, but he reached around and rubbed my clit and my nipples as he slid in and out of my ass. I cum, I swear I cum 3 times before he emptied his load in me.

When he withdrew, perabet güvenilir mi I wanted to thank him, I never felt so loved in my life. I took his cock, fresh from my ass, I did not care about taste or smell but sucked him hard and deep and he cum. He was pleased and pressed a few lira in my hand. I was elated, I could buy my own food!
I went back thee every day for a few months, and he was always so kind, so generous and gave me the most exquisite orgasms. Then the soldiers left and times were hard, until one day a nice soldier was fond of me and said he would take me to America if I would be his bride. I said yes, and soon I was in America.

But he was a good man, but a bad lover. He would stick his short cock in me and in a few strokes he was done, and I was unsatisfied. When he left for work I had a fat wooden dowel I sanded like a penis, and would fuck my ass, because I knew I could orgasm. Now I was pregnant with Gina, and even more horny. One day he come home and after dinner we went to bed and I gave him a blowjob. He resisted, said it was nasty, bit in a few seconds he squirted into my mouth and he was happy and went to sleep. I did this every night, and made myself cum after he went to work. It was our sex life until he passed away of a heart attack.
My cock was about to burst out of my shorts, the story was so erotic.

“Danny, do you understand? I love sucking cock, I love sucking your cock, but this fat old lady need a good as fuck to cum, and that is why you caught me like that. Do you forgive me?”

I hugged her and said nothing to forgive, and she saw my bulge and proceeded to give me a blowjob, and said with a wink. “I held back on the second cum, saving some for Gina” and put her teeth back in her mouth. I started to mow the lawn before Gina come home.

Gina came home and jumped into the shower and I joined her and ate her pussy and fucked her in the shower. I felt so damn alive!

Later that night we went to bed and I was fucking Gina, and pulled out of her pussy and slid into her ass. Gina did not mind anal once in a while, but not too often. I put Gina on her belly and fucked her ass with vigor, thinking of Rosa all the time, until I cum. I pulled out and Gina curled up and was soon asleep. As I listened to Gina’s soft snore, my cock was a chubby. I wondered if Rosa really liked to suck cock. So I got up and went to Rosa’s room and whispered Rosa I need you. She woke up and saw my cock and rolled close and as her tit with it’s fat nipple escaped from her nighty, she sucked my cock.

But this time she licked and lapped a bit before sucking. It was not long before I cum, and she drew one more cum from me. “Go to bed Danny, before we get caught. And thank you, your cock was extra tasty” and she pulled on her nipple, twisting it before I left the room.

So I went to bed and went to sleep. I was thinking that Rosa cleans our home, she daily sucks me in the most delicious way, how can I help her. I thought I would prose a plan to her, that one day a week I would give her a good ass fucking, not sex, just my way of relieving her stress.

Sunday afternoon comes and were are lazing around, and Gina is watching TV, and I was at the kitchen table tinkering with the garage opener that needed batteries. Rosa was flitting here and there, and one moment later she unzips my pants and drops to her knees and sucks me off. She puts her teeth back in and said “I don’t know if you needed that, but I miss my daily issue of cum” and winked as she left the kitchen.

Come Monday morning, after breakfast I went back to my room and soon after Rosa comes in the bedroom. We do not pretend any more, she considers it her job to give me a morning blow job, as well as any other time I want one. So she bends over and sucks me off. When her teeth are back in, I ask, “Rosa, can I ask you a question?”

“Sure Danny, what is up?”

I said “Rosa, I want to fuck your ass one day and help you cum”

Her face blushed, and said “No Danny we can not have sex, I am your wife’s mother”

I smiled, and said, “Blow jobs are not sex. Look at it my way. One day a week, after breakfast, I come to your room, and I fuck your ass so you can cum one, two, maybe three times, and help you as you help me”

Rosa looked at me funny, and said, “I’m an ugly old woman, what perabet giriş if you cannot get hard?”

I laughed and said, “I got hard at the craft store, and in the kitchen and when I caught you in your room. I know now that you wanted me to see, and you were hoping I could get hard, huh?”

Rosa smiled and hugged me. “Wednesday sounds good to me.” And left the room

On Wednesday morning after Gina left, Rosa disappeared. I did not want to appear too eager so I waited a bit and then went to Rosa’s room, were she was sitting on the bed.

“I was afraid you chickened out.”

I told her no way and kicked off my shorts and tee, sporting a hard on. She pulled me close and bent over the bed, flipping her housedress over her back. I asked if she had lube or anything.

“Just shove it in my ass Danny”

I guided my cock to her ass, and pressed and it popped in. Not too tight, but a firm anal ring that could open or close tight. I began to slide my cock in and out of her ass. And she began to thrust back I could feel her fingers on her clit as I fucked her ass. My balls suddenly were wet from her pussy, her moaning and grunting had brought about an orgasm it seemed. She pushed back taking all of my cock as I grabbed her hips and fucked her steady. Rosa was not a tight ass like Gina and it was good, because I enjoy anal sex and I was not going to cum too soon.

“Fuck me Danny, fuck me hard and fast now. Don’t hold back”

So I did and fucked her as she hollered and moaned and fell forward, my cock erupting in her ass.

“Oh Danny, that felt so good, the ass fuck and the orgasms” and she took my cock in her mouth and made me cum three times. Fuck! I was spent. Her ass was so swollen and loose after a good fucking. It was beautiful in a way, unlike Gina’s tight ass

So every Wednesday Rosa got her ass fucked. No more house dress when I go in her room. I prefer it, I want her naked and pull back hard on her fat nipples and she cums harder and more often. And it always ends with her sucking my cock fresh from her ass, a delight I have grown to adore.

A couple of months later on a Friday night, Gina leans over and gives me the best blow job of her life. After I cum, she says “Danny we should talk” She lick and sucks my cock some more, getting him chubby.

“I know my mom has been sucking your cock”

Oh shit, busted, I think.

Gina sucks my cock some more and says,” I admit you have been fucking me more often lately, so I don’t think I should complain”

Gina sucks me hard and then straddles me and guides my cock to her ass, and begin rocking on my cock. Mom told me how you are fucking her in the ass once a week, and how you make her cum buckets”

“I’m sorry Gina, I just..”

“Shh! I’m not mad Danny. I love that you care enough about Mom to take care of her needs. It’s time I took care of more of your needs too. So here’s the deal. No lies. No pretending” as she started bouncing on my cock her tits bouncing, and swaying, and in a bit she stiffened and shook as she cum.

She got off my cock and put it in her mouth and said “Mom says you like this” and bobbed her head up and down until I cum. When she had licked and sucked all my cum, she sat up Indian style and looked at me.

“Danny, fuck my mom any day of the week if you or her want, she is not threat to me. I hear Mom is good at sucking cock, fast too. So I give you both all the freedom to suck and be sucked, any time, and any where. Lastly, tonight proves that I can cum from anal sex, so my ass is your to take when ever you want.”

“Gawd yes Gina, that sounds wonderful”

Gina called her Mom into the room and told her, that she told me the same thing as she told her, and I agreed. Rosa smiled and come to my side of the bed and said to Gina “Watch”

Rosa took my soft cock that just cum twice into her mouth and did her magic. Gina was amazed at my reactions and the speed Mom could make a man cum.

“Teach me Mom”. Gina said

Rosa smiled and said “ Practice baby, practice.” Then looked at me and said “Danny tomorrow is Saturday, but my ass is yours if you will take it.”

I said, “I will but I have an idea first, if I can get hard”

Rosa come close, but Gina sucked my cock and worked it until it was hard. I told Rosa to straddle me and sit on my cock. So she put my cock in her ass and I took hold of her big nipples and pulled and twisted and pinched until Rosa cum hard.

Rosa got up and blew me a kiss, and left and Gina sucked my cock fresh from her Mom’s ass. I could not cum, but loved her enthusiasm. I hugged Gina tight and we dropped off to sleep, all of us looking forward to a sex filled weekend

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