My Wife’s First Date Ch. 02

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Cathy and I had found our comfort zone in our marriage. I had set her up with her ex-boyfriend after she admitted that she did miss his big cock. Just a simple text did the trick. She had not noticed that I sent the text to her ex, David. When he showed up at the club, she was surprised at first. When he mentioned that she had texted him, she looked at her phone. It then dawned on her that I had been easing her into the encounter. After she fully recognized what I was up to, she gave me a quick smile, knowing that I was probably watching her.

She fucked David and then basically dismissed him. I got to do what our new fantasy had become. I ate his cum from her pussy. Now I had eaten another man’s cum from my wife’s flowing pussy, I found that it was not that much different than my own. It is definitely an acquired taste. The erotic sensual excitement was enough to get me past any inhibitions I might have. We had even talked specifically about me eating cum from her pussy. She made it plain that if we both enjoyed it, I should not have any doubts about my heterosexual identity. It made sense when she explained it that way. In my mind now, I was just servicing her sexual enjoyment.

The following few weeks we talked openly about the experience. She made sure that I was not having second thoughts. To me it was a fantastic experience. It was like seeing a hot wife porn movie or living out a voyeuristic fantasy like I had read about.

The more we talked she became convinced that I still had no reservations. We even began teasing each other. One of us would mention that it might be time that she got some more party clothes. Sometimes she called them slut outfits. I kept on the lookout when I surfed the internet sites. I picked up a sheer crop top type shirt and a ridiculously tight and short pair of jean shorts for her. I suggested that we take a picnic lunch to the park. This was to be pure exhibitionism, but you never know what you might catch if your bait is that attractive. Usually she was very proper in public, but the new sexual fantasies seemed to fuel her libido.

We picked a park out by a lake that we knew was not a place where school aged kids played in the afternoons. It was pretty secluded, and we found a spot with a concrete picnic table. We spread out our picnic lunch late in the afternoon. Cathy was packing the items from the car wearing a pair of wedge sandals. These were not really my favorite style of shoe for her, but in this setting, they did look more casual. At any rate her legs look like they stretched a mile from her ankle up to the split in the side of her shorts. There was barely enough material left between her legs to cover her pussy. I had picked these well and she was showing almost everything. The thin crop top draped across her hard nipples and let them show.

There was a little park traffic as people were leaving. We tried not to notice because we did not want to seem too obvious. We were having our light meal and some really good wine. After eating we sat on the concrete bench facing toward the access road. I noticed a couple of cars passing by more that once. The park had a loop and you could circle around the picnic spots. One particular car came by three times. I did not notice the occupants the first time, but the next times it appeared that there were two men in it.

They pulled up behind our car and got out. We got up as they walked toward us. Their eyes were glued to Cathy. As they got closer, they nervously started greeting us.

“Uh, how you folks doing?”

“We are good, how about you?”

“Great, great. Uh we are just down the way and are trying to start a charcoal fire, but we don’t have any lighter. Do y’all happen to have any?’

We had not had a fire and didn’t need any starter. The way they were looking at Cathy made me believe that they needed something all right, but it wasn’t lighter fluid. They appeared to be late thirties, maybe even forty. They both looked rugged and very well built. Sensing that they were there for the scenery, I invited them to have a beer or some wine, anyway. They eagerly accepted. They especially enjoyed Cathy bending over our ice chest to get their drinks.

Since this is pretty much what we came for, Cathy made sure she was as accessible as possible. The initial conversation was light, mostly, “Where you from, “What you do.” They were there with their wives and were fishing some. The wives hated fishing, so they went out by themselves to fish. The wives had been riding in the boat several times that day and were finished with it.

After the introductions and small talk, one of the guys, Will, mentioned that Cathy was a gorgeous woman. She thanked him for the compliment and served another beer to each guy. The other guy, Ted, chimed in about how pretty my wife was. This feeling out progressed until they asked if we were doing anything special in the park or did Cathy always dress so sexy.

No doubt now. Fish on the line. Cathy began flirting with the guys and asked whether they didn’t need to get back and start a fire.

Ted said, “No, heck we have propane in our trailers. We, uh were going to cook steaks ulus escort later but it doesn’t matter.”

Cathy said, “Oh, so I guess you have some time to kill before dinner then. Won’t your wives wonder where you are?”


“Well you are welcome to stay with us a while.”

One of them said, “I guess we could go back to our site and tell the wives that we are taking the boat out for fishing and move over under your site.”

“Sure,” I said, “Cathy would like that.”

They got all excited that I seemed to be offering up my wife to them. It was near dusk and they hurried back to get the boat and make excuses to their wives about how the fish started biting just before sundown and they would stay near the shore a little further down and see about catching dinner.

In ten minutes, they were back. They came up from the lake and Cathy was looking so sexy.

“Wow, I see you made it back quickly. Another beer? Or do you see anything else you like?”

It couldn’t get any plainer than that.

“Well, since you put it that way, we would sure like to see what is under that skimpy outfit.”

I teased, “You want me to take my clothes off for you?”

“Hah, not exactly, but your wife is so hot, we had to ask.”

I looked at Cathy. “Looks like you maybe dressed a little too enticing for these lads, Honey. You want to show them what you look like with the clothes off?”

In an instant, she undid the only button on her shorts and let them fall to the ground. In another motion, she shucked her crop top and her beautiful breasts were in the open. All she had left was her shoes. She walked over to the concrete bench and spread her legs. Since it was getting just past dusk, any traffic could not see down to our table. The glow was sufficient for the guys to totally admire my hot wife.

“Well,” I said, “Is there anything else we can do for you?’

Cathy chimed in, “Why am I the only one naked. You guys beat around the bush long enough. Let’s see some cock.”

They looked at each other and then looked me straight in the eye. I nodded my head slightly. They were out of their jeans in a jiffy and their hard cocks sprang into view. They were good size, but not huge like David. One was about seven inches maybe and the other just a little bigger. Or maybe it just looked bigger because it was so thick. Cathy guided them over to her and took turns sucking each one of them. The thickest cock almost did not fit into her mouth.

I was the valet and carried a blanket to the picnic table and spread it out. Cathy stopped sucking long enough to get on the table. We knew the guys were nervous and I kept a watch on the road just in case anyone came along.

This was definitely going to be a quick fuck but with two guys, I was pretty sure that she would get off. Anyway, if she didn’t, she still had me and my magic tongue to do the cleanup and finishing what was left. The guy with the smaller cock got up first and entered her quickly. She wrapped her legs around him and pulled his entire length into her pussy. He was fucking her hard and fast and of course, came rather quickly. Cathy did cum, but it was not very intense. As the guy softened and slipped out, the next one took his place. His thick cock was having a more dramatic effect on my wife’s pussy. She began groaning and came as he pumped her full of his cum.

When the second guy pulled out, they seemed a little in a rush. I knew they were concerned about their wives. They made a few remarks about how I had such a hot wife again. They excused themselves after asking if we came there often. I assured them that this would probably not be a regular thing. Shortly, they made their way back down the lakeside and I assume high tailed it back to their camp.

I checked the road a few times and then went to my clean up job. Even though a good amount of cum had dripped out between partners, there was still an ample supply for me to feast on. Cathy came at least twice while I sucked her pussy.

She got up soon after and put her clothes back on. As we started packing up, a park ranger pulled up into our drive. He got out and greeted us.

“Just checking to see if you folks were staying the night. We need to get a count of the guests.”

“No,” I said, “We are packing up. Just out for a day of enjoyment.”

“Good, did y’all have a good time?”

“We had a great time.” Cathy said.

Good thing it was dark because when the ranger left and Cathy stepped in front of the car headlights, I could still see some cum on both of her thighs. We headed home and as we drove, she removed hers shorts and put a towel in the seat. We talked about how hot that was and she fingered her pussy as I drove home.

This adventure was a little rushed and we both felt like it was not the best encounter we could dream up. We decided to give it more thought and see what each of us could imagine. We were both committed to the cuckold lifestyle by this time. As our own personalized wishes, she would not humiliate me and I would be involved in every encounter. We also talked about our security and some possible solutions yenimahalle escort if something happen that we felt might be dangerous. In my mind our best safeguard was Cathy herself. A normal man would be so thrilled to score with such a beauty that I doubted there would be anything violent to worry about. If we ran across a man or men who just didn’t seem right, we would reset and leave the premises.

I suggested that we go out to a club one weekend in a different city to minimize the possibility of running into anyone we knew. She liked the idea. I had read plenty of cuckold stories that followed this plan and I really liked the idea. I would get so horny watching her get picked up. We had to set it up just right and make sure the club was sufficiently crowded so that I would not look out of place just watching. I was sure I needed to walk around, mix and mingle and even find some attractive females and ask one to dance. The harder part would be getting a guy back to our hotel room with me involved.

The next weekend we travelled about 150 miles to a larger city. I had done some homework on the clubs and read tons of reviews on line. We went over on Friday evening after work and arrived around seven o’clock. We checked in and showered. Cathy wore just a little more makeup than usual. Mostly it highlighted her pretty eyes. I had purchased a rather low-cut top for her and a demi-bra which held her cleavage out quite nicely. The skirt was mid-thigh and her heels were of course a five-inch stiletto. I decided not to look under her skirt. I wanted the panties or lack of to be a mystery. I just loved thinking of her while I watched. Panties or no panties. The guy would have to find out for himself. She looked classy but so, so hot. Our target for the evening was a big cock. To do that she was going to have to spend some time feeling some cock to find the right one.

To make the scene more realistic, I dropped Cathy off about two blocks from the club. We had driven by once and it looked safe. I followed along slowly to make sure she made it in. I then parked and waited about fifteen minutes before I went in. My plan was to try to look inconspicuous while I kept an eye on my beautiful Cathy.

I ordered a drink and began to slowly check the place out. I saw her standing at the bar looking concerned and checking her phone as if awaiting a text. As she started to drink several guys came by and struck up a conversation. She would be waiting for her boyfriend and wondering where he was. She talked to the guys and flirted with them just to keep up the interest. After three lively conversations, one of the guys came back. He was about six feet, two and looked very athletic. He made his pitch again and Cathy smiled finally accepting his invitation to dance. When they finished, she looked longingly at her phone and was in an intense conversation with the guy. The script was first that boyfriend was on the way. Then he would have car trouble thirty miles away. A flat tire seemed about the right amount of time. Eventually the boyfriend would be waiting on Triple A to come to the rescue. I saw her give a quick kiss to candidate number one.

Then an unexpected scene developed. It looked like two couples were sharing a table. One couple was black and the other white. I did not pay too much attention except that the black guy went to the restroom and when he came back, he asked a lone white female to dance apparently. She accepted and they danced a couple of times. On the second dance, it appeared that he was getting very close to the attractive blonde. His hands began to move across her butt and even copped a feel of her breasts. She appeared to be receptive, but when the music ended, they separated and went opposite directions.

The black guy returned to his table and his female companion looked like she was chewing his ass out. He seemed to be trying to appease her while the other couple watched helplessly. It ended when the pretty black woman got up and threw the rest of her drink on him. She stormed out and the white female ran after her. Later, we learned that the girls left in one of the cars. The guys were probably to come running after them, but they did not. When the black guy went to the restroom to dry himself off, he passed by Cathy all alone at the bar. Of course, he stopped and started hitting on her pretty hard. I could see her explaining her ‘situation’ to him. With a little convincing, she eventually followed him to their table.

At the table introductions were made and the white guy eyed my wife up and down. The smile on his face looked like it might freeze. I could see the conversation and I knew that Cathy was explaining the continuing plight of her poor ‘boyfriend’. Of course, they all danced several times and inevitably the guys became bolder in their closeness and caresses. I noticed that after a couple of dances she was reciprocating the touch and feel sessions.

I thought, “Good girl”, she is checking the goods. Cathy had no idea that the wives or girlfriends had left in a huff. I could see her keep looking for a new text from her boyfriend. She pretended to get a call eryaman escort and excused herself. I was watching and sensed that it was about time for her to reveal the sad truth about being stranded. Her story was that a girlfriend had dropped her off at the club and the boyfriend was going to meet her there.

I eased my way around to the restroom area where she was indeed going into the ladies’ room. When she came out, she made eye contact and winked at me. I assumed that at least one of the guys fulfilled our every wish. The story after that was that the boyfriend had ruined the tire and Triple A had towed him to a tire service store affiliated with them that they could get access to after hours. It would take quite a while, so she was going to Uber back to the hotel and wait for him. These guys offered to drop her by the hotel since they were in trouble anyway. She took quite a bit of convincing and another cock check with each guy seemed to carry the day. They all left together.

I had about an hour to kill and she would keep me updated with texts as she got a chance. With all the foreplay out of the way, it was a cinch that they would gladly see her to our room. Of course, the mini bar was open and she would offer them drinks. What was going to follow was a foregone conclusion. With her being receptive to being felt up and her stroking each cock it would soon culminate in some wild sex. She was a little sly and short on the texts. I drove back to the hotel parking lot to wait. Also, I made certain that that is where they took her.

When I saw them enter our hotel I felt at ease. I knew she would be in the room and that I would join them later. I decided to give them twenty minutes to get going before I texted her. I hoped that she would delay fucking them for a little while. When I texted her, there was a delay before she texted back. I had said that I was lucky and would be at the hotel in about ten minutes.

After we shared details later, she told me that the guys were a little concerned that I would be coming to the room and catching them all together. It took little convincing from her that it would be okay and that she had the green light to hook up with anyone if she wanted.

Finally, I knocked on our hotel room door and waited. Cathy came and cracked the door slightly.

“Honey,” she said, “These kind gentlemen gave me a ride back here. They were worried that I might be in danger if I took an Uber.”

She opened the door and introduced me to Damon, the black guy and Pat, the white guy. I shook hands and thanked them for watching out for my wife.

“So,” I said, “You guys were having a drink?”

“Oh yes, Dear, let me get you one. I bet you are worn out after the flat and the waiting.”

“Oh thanks,” I replied. She was still in her clothes, but it looked like the top had been jostled a little. “I hope you have treated these guys well for taking care of you.”

They smiled a knowing smile. “It’s okay, really. If you were all about to get comfortable, don’t let me stop you.”

Cathy kissed me on the lips and said, “Actually, Baby, I think I really should thank them properly. Is that okay? I think we have something in common with them. You know what I like, and they have what I like. I think you will be impressed when you see them for yourself.”

“Really, you naughty girl? You have been cock hunting again while I was having tire trouble?”

She got up and pulled her top off showing the prominent cleavage escaping the top of her bra. One of the guys unbuttoned her skirt and lowered the zipper. It fell to the floor around her sexy heels and there she stood naked except for the shoes and her bra. Her slick pussy was dripping with dew. She went over to the guys and undid their belts and trousers. When they stepped out of their pants, she pulled their briefs down quickly.

Pat the white guy was very well endowed. Probably eight inches, but very thick. His big cock was circumcised. Damon was packing a throbbing piece of man meat at least ten inches long. As his cock bobbed, it got even thicker. I was afraid that my wife would not be able to accommodate that black monster in her pussy. While they removed the rest of their clothing, Cathy told me to remove mine also. She smiled coyly when my little bobbing cock sprang out. Luckily the guys did not laugh at me. They were focused on my gorgeous wife as she kneeled in front of them. She took Pat’s cock in her mouth as she slowly stroked Damon’s massive member. I could see precum starting to drip from his foreskin. As she moved his skin back a pinkish purple head showed and I could see the lubrication oozing from his pee hole.

She sucked on each cock and occasionally looked over to me showing a curious little smile. The twinkle in her eye told me that she was so happy that we were exploring our wild side. She had Pat lay down on the bed. What I did not know was that she had cleaned herself thoroughly before the guys were allowed to start. She excused herself and went to the bathroom once more, but returned very quickly. As we found out she had added some special lubricant to her ass. She mounted Pat’s cock facing away from him, but not in her pussy. She got him started slowly into her ass and worked his whole length up into her bowels. Later she revealed that she had been looking on line herself and this is something that she wanted to try. At first it looked like it was not going to happen.

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