My Wife’s Boss Ch. 05

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All rights reserved – this story is a work of fiction and remains the property of the writer.

“Oh please, I’m so ready. Drive into me all the way.” Ann’s voice was thin and hoarse, she was nearly begging to be impaled by that long shaft. Heinz held his cock in his fist and rubbed the huge head up and down her slit, his helmet becoming wet and shiny with her juices. Then he allowed the tip to slip into her. “Oh yes, yes, please, don’t tease me with it.” Ann pleaded. Heinz had found purchase within her now, and had the head of his cock buried in my wife’s pussy. I could see the folds of her labia stretched around his cock just below the head. He looked at me and proceeded forward. Relentlessly he sank into her, not stopping until his pubic hair met her newly bald pussy. “OH! OH! Ohhhhhhhhhh! Yes. It’s so deep. Thank you!” Ann literally screamed. I could tell she was cumming. An orgasm had actually been ripped out of her just by him entering her fully. Heinz held himself deep within her while she completed her spasms. Anns’ eyes opened and she looked into his. “That was the most intense feeling I’ve ever had. I never thought I could cum like that just from having a cock in me. You haven’t even……Oh!” Heinz began to move out of her. His long cock pulling out and out and out, until just the head remained. Then all the way back in, causing Ann to breath out hard. “OOOOOOH! Yes.” Heinz found a rhythm and began seriously fucking Ann.

Caroline watched as Heinz’ cock disappeared and then reappeared over and over into Ann. She reached for my cock and stroked me absently as she watched. “Look at that cock.” She hissed, not taking her eyes off of it. “It is giving your wife so much pleasure. Her sweet little pussy has never had anything so big moving into it, making love to it. She feels more like a woman now than ever before.” I couldn’t help myself and I came hard, shooting my cum onto Caroline’s hand. She didn’t even notice at first. “Hmm, I can see why Ann needs this. That’s not much cum from someone who hasn’t cum all day.”

“All week actually” I said, humiliated, and enjoying the tremors of my orgasm at the same time. “I saved it for this night.” Caroline absently licked my cum form her hand, still watching the action going on before her.

“Here, you clean this up.” She raised her palm to me, and offered me my own semen. “It will help you get hard again.” I licked the cream from her hand. The warmth ,and salty taste did cause me to start thinking I could stay hard. I completed the task, and then turned my attention back to Ann. Heinz cock was buried to the hilt inside her. She was moaning in ecstasy as he rested inside her. Heinz massaged Ann’s breasts as he caught his breath, leaning into her. “Watch this” Caroline said as she moved to her husband.

She pulled him back, withdrawing his long cock from Ann. Once he popped free, Caroline laid his cock on Ann’s stomach. The shaft extended up past her pubic mound, and up to her navel.

“Look how deep he was inside her… it any wonder she’s never felt this before? How is it Ann? Do you want this big thing back inside you or have you had enough?” I moved to Ann and brushed the hair off of her forehead, looking into her eyes I waited for her response.

“Oh honey, I need him inside me again…….once more, all the way. Please, I need it. I want him to cum inside me – deeper than anyone ever has.” I looked down at Heinz’ penis. Caroline was holding it on Ann’s stomach, and it throbbed and bucked there. I saw the wide head flare, and the dark hole opened on the tip. Caroline pulled it back, placing it at Ann’s opening. “Oh yes, there, right there – please.” Ann whimpered, now fully a slave to the huge cock of her boss. As I was.

Caroline pushed Heinz into Ann, and he sank in and in until I felt her body move up as he hit bottom. I looked into Ann’s eyes, and she looked into mine with such love. Heinz withdrew and entered her again, causing her hips to roll. Ann squeezed her own nipples and concentrated on the sensation of being completely filled by a man.

“Baby, do you know what’s happening?” Ann whispered in my ear. “He’s going so deep. So deep now, I can feel him at the opening Sakarya escort bayan of my cervix. I’m at the peak of my cycle. I need him to cum in me & I need you to lick my clit as he does. My orgasm will help his sperm into my cervix and make me pregnant. Oh, oh, yes! Can you imagine how good it will be to have his baby growing inside of me. Making my hips wider, my tits grow every day. It’s the ultimate in domination – the ultimate alpha male will give your wife his baby.” I was stunned. It hadn’t occurred to me, but she was right, this was making me hard as stone. I looked up at Heinz. He smiled.

“Just say the word Ann. Tell me to give you my seed and I will pump you full of it. I will give you what you want. It’s good you didn’t ask Mark. It’s not his place to decide. If you want my seed, I will give it to you. Just ask.” Heinz grinned as he held just the tip of his cock inside my wife. I looked at Caroline and she was nodding as she seemed to be holding Heinz’ full balls in her palm.

“Mmmmm! Yes, do it now, cum inside me. Please!!” Ann pushed my head down to her stomach, putting me in position to complete my task. Making her cum as he came into her, ensuring her pregnancy.

“Here you are my darling.” With that, Heinz drove into her. Not hard or fast, just steadily pushed his cock into my wife’s vagina. He held still as he was in her to the hilt. He gave Caroline a look and she did something to him I couldn’t see (I assume she squeezed those huge balls, or slipped a finger into his ass), and he simply started to cum. I watched as his cock was clearly spasming, shooting it’s cum into Ann. I was dazed at first but then got to my task. I moved closer to be able to reach her clit with my tongue. As I licked her swollen bud, I felt his cock on my cheek, throbbing, flowing with his potent sperm. It didn’t take much and Ann was cumming like a skyrocket.

“OH!OH!OH! Yes!!!! That’s it, oh yeeesssss! Thank you, thank you so much.” Ann moaned as she relaxed. Heinz still seemed to be depositing his essence into her. In a few more seconds he completed his job and started to withdraw. I watched as inch after inch of his wet, thick shaft appeared between my wife’s labia. When the head finally popped out, it jumped once or twice more, a drop of snow white semen at the tip. I lunged for it and took the head in my mouth, sucking the sweet nectar from his cock.

“Oh baby, look at you. Sucking the cock that just knocked up your wife. That’s a nice way to thank Heinz for giving me his seed.” Ann ruffled my hair as I nursed on Heinz wilting penis.

“You stay there for a half hour or so, and give that sperm a chance to find your egg.” Caroline whispered. “I’ll help these two clean up.” With that, she lifted me to my feet and took me by the hand, leading me into the house. My head was spinning. I thought of my wife lying there on the patio, her hips raised, her beautiful pussy exposed as another man’s sperm was racing to fertilize her egg. I looked to me left and saw her reach up and pinch one of her thick nipples, the other hand wondering down to her pussy – another orgasm was not far away for her.

I turned back to Heinz and Caroline. They were standing side by side, looking at me. Heinz turned to kiss his wife, and then back to me.

“I think we should take a shower. Ann will be fine. A short nap will do her good. Follow me.” Heinz lead the way up the stairs to the master bath. Caroline grasped my penis on the way by.

“Look at you. That made you so hard didn’t it? You really are accepting this scenario aren’t you? You’ve been waiting your whole life to have a real man dominate you haven’t you?” She dropped and sucked hard on my small cock. “I’ll be up in a minute – you two get started.”, and with that she released me, and disappeared into the kitchen. I watched her incredible ass as she walked away. I knew I had to get upstairs though and made my way to Heinz.

When I go to the master bath Heinz had already stepped into the shower. I joined him and rinsed the sweat from my body. I felt him behind me, lathering himself, and then his large hands held my hips. A finger probed my hole, and slid in easily with all the Escort Side soap. I sighed in contentment as he slid two fingers deep within me. I was starting to bend over at the waist, about to offer myself for mounting, when he surprised me. Heinz withdrew the fingers and went about his routine of bathing. Soaping his chest, arms, and washing his hair. I watched as he was covered in the white soap suds, the stream of water trailing them down his torso and over his long cock. I reached for it. It felt so full and soft in my hand.

“Whoa now. I’m not a machine, it will take me a little to get back up for this.” Heinz warned me, but I noticed his head was moving backward as he spoke, his eyes closing as I stroked his cock. “Mmmmm, that does feel pretty good….you seem to like this old cock do you?”

“I love your cock…..please, let me suck you again…..” I dropped to my knees to await permission. Staring at his cock while I heard him groan.

“You may. Suck my cock. Now” Heinz commanded. He sat back on the shower bench and spread his thighs. I moved between them and lifted the shaft away from his balls. I moved to lick them, nuzzle them, and take them in my mouth. His cock began to fill with blood and throb in recognition of my efforts. I moved up and took his penis in my mouth, sucking on the head as it slipped form his foreskin. “That’s it, you know what I like now.” He moaned. Just then I felt another hand on my head, and looked up at Caroline. She stood nude in the shower beside us. I kept Heinz in my mouth as I gazed up at her. Her beautiful form was amazing to see as it dripped water.

“Don’t stop, I love seeing you enjoy my husband’s cock. Suck him hard, right there. Just take the head in your mouth, just past the ridge, and suck. Mmmmm look at those veins standing out on the shaft, he does like that. Now rub it over your face, and tell us what you feel – what you need.” Her voice was harsh and she was clearly full of lust. I rubbed the thick shaft across my face, reveling in the feeling of total submission.

“I need this cock, I need it in my mouth. I’m so horny right now I’m dizzy. Please let me suck your husband’s cock. Please.” I looked up at her, then him. They looked down at me and then locked eyes with each other as Heinz pushed my head down to his waiting penis. I took him as deep as I could. Then, he withdrew, and stood before me. They were kissing as I continued to suck him. There I was kneeling before a couple. Sucking the husband’s cock, in the most subservient pose possible, as the wife watched and enjoyed the sight. Heinz began to fuck my mouth and I knew he must be getting close. I held still and allowed him to use my mouth for his pleasure as he stroked in and out, deeply.

“Yes, take that cock – you know you love it. You loved it when he came into your wife didn’t you? Giving her his seed, just as he will to you. This is what a real man looks like!” Caroline pulled his cock form my mouth and held it up, brandishing it at me. “Look at it! It’s power, it’s size. It is more male than you will ever hope to be. By sucking it you may become a little more masculine just by taking his sperm into your body!” She was really getting into it.

“Yes, yes, you’re right. Please let me have it, please give me your sperm!!” I begged, playing my part. She leaned it down toward me, and allowed me to engulf it with my lips. “Mmmmmm” I moaned as I tasted some of his sweet pre-cum. I went to work in earnest now, wanting him to finish in my mouth so I could show her how good I was. Before I could get my reward though, he pulled away. I looked up at them from my kneeling position with a question in my eyes.

“I think you need to be bred. I think you need my husband to breed you like he did your wife. Stand up, and bend over. Take his cock the way a real woman would. Let him push it deep into your pussy and give you all the pleasure a woman can feel. You need to be taken properly. Offer yourself to him. Show him you’re ready for mounting!” Caroline commanded this. I didn’t have to be told twice. All the talk about being a ‘real woman’ was getting me really hot. I stood and bent over the shower bench, exposing my ‘pussy’. “That’s izmir escort right, open yourself up, and receive the gift of a real man. Feel his power as he takes you, penetrates you and totally dominates you.” I felt a soapy finger enter me, then withdraw.

The blunt end of Heinz massive cock pressed at my hole, and although there was plenty of soap, I felt resistance. He held my hips as I knew he was about to thrust into me.

“Relax, don’t tense up or this will hurt.” She warned. “Maybe this will help.” Caroline reached under to stroke my cock which was rock hard with anticipation. “Now, here it comes.” I pushed out as Heinz had told me to do at our first session, and he pushed in. The head popped past my sphincter and he sank into me to the hilt. My pussy was now full of him. “There now, isn’t that good? Now you are a woman – you know what it means to be taken, to play the role of the woman, and feel your lover take his pleasure with you. Now make him cum with your tight little pussy.” Caroline stroked my cock, and I came as soon as I felt Heinz pull out. His cock nudged past my prostate and the cum flew form my cock. “You do like this don’t you?” She said as she milked the cum from me.

Heinz fucked me for at least twenty minutes before he finished. I felt him quicken his pace, holding my hips tightly, and really hammering into me. I looked up and Caroline’s hips were beside my head. I wanted to feel him cum, I wanted to lick her pussy, I wanted to see my wife, and have her see me. Then I felt it. Heinz held himself deep within in me. I heard him groan as he started to cum in me. His thick cock jerked, jerked, and seemed to be jumping inside me. I knew his thick seed was flowing into me, and as I opened my eyes, Caroline leaned down, and kissed me hard on the mouth. She thrust her tongue into my mouth as her husband deposited his alpha-male sperm into me. If I was a woman, I would be pregnant. Now I thought of my wife…..lying on the lounge outside, asleep, resting as Heinz potent semen bathed her cervix. If she wasn’t pregnant now I would be shocked. I felt so empty as Heinz pulled out of me. I sat on the bench and looked up at them. Caroline stood beside her husband. They were both nude and her hips perfectly framed her beautiful pussy. I looked at Heinz and saw her raise his cock up. It had been hanging down and was still thick, although it was softening. She offered him to me.

“Clean this. Suck your masters cock, and show him how much you love his cock.” She purred as they began to kiss. I felt her hand pull my head to him. I opened my mouth and prepared to accept his penis. Looking down at it, I saw the last drops of cum dripping from the tip. The spray from the shower had washed away the soap, and I took him deep in my mouth, sucking hard to clean him of the last drops of his essence. After I had serviced him sufficiently, we all got clean, and dressed in robes to go check on Ann.

Walking out to the patio, I saw what just looked like such a vision of beauty. Ann was still on the lounge, still naked. She was awake, and lay with her legs spread, one hand caressing her breasts. Her vagina was open, the lips were glistening with their mixed juices and the look of satisfaction on her face was amazing. Her other hand was resting on her belly. She looked up at me.

“I can feel it. I feel pregnant. Heinz did it. My pussy feels so wet, so full of liquid, I think he really filled me up. Do you want to lick me a little?” Ann was smiling and was motioning to her lap. I leaned over and sucked her nipple which was erect, dark, and full. Moving down to the place between her legs, I licked up the length of her opening when I saw her hips roll, and she bore down. The river of white semen that flowed from her was amazing. It looked like four men had cum in her that afternoon as the sperm ran down her pussy, over her upturned anus. I looked up at her, making eye contact across her body. She smiled and squeezed her vaginal muscles again. I didn’t waste time, and went to work lapping the warm, sweet, and salty semen from my wife. It was a real mouthful, and I moved up to give her a long, deep, cum-filled kiss. We shared his load, the load of semen that had just been spurted into my wife. The load that had likely just made her pregnant. Swapping it back and forth between us as we slowly, swallowed it. Tasting him, and her, and out love.

…. To be continued

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