My Wife’s Best Friend Ch. 03

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(Our weekend together began when Connie came to our place after work on Friday. Friday afternoon and evening were idyllic. We went to sleep exhausted.)

Our guest room, “Connie’s room”, had twin beds. I slept in one to be close to her. I don’t think I awoke once during the night. When I did wake, the sun was streaming in the window and I could hear Connie humming in the bathroom. Memories of our wonderful night on the beach filtered back. I got up and headed for the other bathroom to freshen myself and to brush my teeth. I called out, “Good morning, Gorgeous Creature!” when I passed her partly open door.

“Hi, Lover!” She was in the shower and, through the frosted glass, appeared to be shaving her legs, but she was working high in her thighs? Memories of our frequent and loving intimacies gave no hint that her thighs needed shaving – they were hairless and invitingly smooth. Oh, well. Mmmmm, invitingly smooooth … aahhh … such thoughts caused stirrings.

I went about my ablutions and finished up by shaving and showering – (and remembering yesterday’s many wonderful visits between those sweetly welcoming thighs). By the time I finished, Connie was making tea and fixing sliced bananas and cereal. “Come on and eat. We need to restore our strength after yesterday’s wonderful activities.” She looked bright and sun-shiny. She was wearing medium-heeled, sexy, strappy sandals and a spaghetti-strapped pale brown satin slip-dress I had never seen before. It was extremely short – coming just a smidgen below her bottom cheeks. When she turned around to greet me I could see that her modest breasts were flattered in the low, loosely scooping front. The “V” where her thighs met her groin was modestly covered. Those invitingly soft thighs still looked invitingly soft. And since I could see nearly all of them, they were very appealing. Imagination and anticipation began to work their wonders and twinges of excitement thrilled in my loins. I hoped Connie was feeling as romantically susceptible as I was.

I was wearing another pair of thin silk jersey under shorts. “You look bright and beautiful this morning – and you’re so efficient – with breakfast and all. … And, my, that’s a lovely dress. I haven’t seen that before, have I? It’s very, very … mmmmmmmm!” The twinges increased to the point of pushing out a bit against a leg of my shorts. Our always-active chemistry made these reactions nearly instantaneous.

“Thank you, Sweet Lecher. No, you haven’t seen it. I bought it yesterday when I picked up my beach dress. I just couldn’t resist it. I thought you might like the skirt length.” Connie looked at the front of my shorts, “And I guess I was right.” With an eyebrow raised, she smiled and sent me a playful air kiss before turning around to get a milk pitcher from a lower cupboard. Instead of kneeling or crouching, she kept her legs straight, slightly apart and bent from the waist. The (probably intended) effect was startlingly arousing! With her legs held straight, the sexy, strappy sandals flattered them into things of chorus-line beauty, and her dress was so short that half of her derriere mooned me and the lower part of her puffy vulva winked from in between. Oh, my! I couldn’t see even a wisp of pubic hair – just unadorned, puffy outer labia protruding down and the sparkle of a bit of moisture glistening near the bottom of the crevice. Mmmmm … the thought of dessert came to mind.

Connie stood up with the pitcher in her hand and turned toward me. She looked down at my groin and a smirking smile came over her face when she observed, “It looks like your approval is … growing.” I had to rearrange my ‘approval’ from my pant leg to my tummy. She put the pitcher down and slinked toward me with sexily swaying hips. “Is it just the dress, Lover?”

My voice was low and croaking, “The … entire package … is captivatingly stunning … I …”

She looked again at the huge tent now standing out from my shorts. “You’re very stunning yourself.” Our groins met first and my hardness stabbed her. She flexed into it, “Mmmmmmmmm! I was afraid last night’s loving might have drained you.” Our lips merged and we gathered each other in. Connie obviously was very romantically susceptible this morning. Mm, lucky me.

“Apparently not.” Her body felt soft and yielding beneath the satin. I murmured on her lips, “You look wonderful … you feel wonderful … you’re making me feel wonderful.”

“Mmmmmmm. Wonderful.” She squirmed and murmured back, “Did you notice anything … different?”

“Well … between your stunning legs you let your puffy pink love lips smile at me when you bent over, and I noticed a few drops of succulent dew, but I couldn’t see any of the usual … hair.”

She sucked on my tongue, “Mmmmmm, that’s your special treat for today.” Connie began to breathe more rapidly. “And I am a little moist … because I’ve been thinking about … you know what, and then seeing my Ardent Admirer getting stiff in your shorts … well.” She lifted her skirt just a bit, reached through silivri escort the fly of my shorts to free her now nicely extended Admirer, pushed him down to her vulva and hugged us back together. She had made sure my glans was laying in the channel between her inner labia and noodling with her clitoris. She began to flex and moan into increasingly luscious kisses. She whispered, “If you show me yours … I’ll show you mine.”

“I’ll go first.” She wouldn’t let us part and I had to push my shorts down between kisses and hugs. “Now you can see … the fullness of your affect on me, Gorgeous Creature.”

Connie kept one arm around my waist and, after a parting kiss moved a few inches away to look down, “Mmmmm, wonderful fullness … Oooo, inspiring extension, … aah, exciting girth. What a lovely, stiff penis you have, Lover. I love it. … Ohh, how I love it.” She stroked me gently before lifting her skirt to her belly button, “Now! There! See me smiling at my stiff Admirer?”

Only a tuft of pubic hair remained halfway between her navel and her mons. Her pussy was beautifully and invitingly naked. “Mmmmmm, your pussy is gorgeous without hair. Your outer lips look beautifully puffy and inviting. So lovely, so kissable. May I?”

Her whisper was breathless, “Oooooo, Darling, … before breakfast?”

“I promise it won’t spoil my appetite.” I was breathless too. I wanted her.

“Then you definitely may. … Where do you want to … have your way with me, you lecherous animal?”

We both were trying to control our breathing. I guided her back against the counter and dropped to my knees in front of her, “Right here, Sweet Love … Oh, God, your pussy is so beautiful.”

Her voice was breathy, “Thank you, Lover.”

She widened her stance and opened her thighs. I lifted one of them to rest on my shoulder and turned my head to kiss and nuzzle its cushiony softness. I turned back to the waiting love lips. Connie flexed her vulva out to present herself to me. My mouth engulfed her – no hair, just the soft skin of her puffy outer lips, and the pink, moist folds of her inner lips. It was deeply thrilling … so smooth … so feminine … so kissable. I tried to suck all of her labia into my mouth. I managed to engulf most of her inner labia and the hood that protects her clitoris. I feathered and nibbled her saucy nub while I sucked in the sweet folds. Her clit responded, growing and stiffening between my sucking lips until it was as saucy as one of her nipples.

“Oohh, You’re going to make me … cum … mmmm, I love this.”

I murmured around her womanhood, teasing, “Then maybe you’ll be nice to me.”

She moaned, “Mmmmm … so nice …”

I cupped the round cheeks of her bum in my hands to hold her to me and left her clitoris for a moment to lick and savor the honey oozing around the threshold of her hungry vagina. Connie was flexing gently now and whining in rhythm with her movements. Fingers followed behind my lips and while they delved into her slippery warmth my mouth returned to suck on her now fully engorged nubbin. Her quiet whines and moans, the subtle movements of her pelvis, and the rich flow of her juices told me how she felt about my reaction to her little dress and shaven pussy. Connie loved to lure me, and she loved what happened to us when we both had the feeling.

Soon Connie held my head in her hands and began to fuck my mouth and loving fingers. “Uhng … uhng … ohh, … Lover!” Her whines became groans and her soft, round tummy shivered. Her thighs shuddered on my cheeks. A sudden gush of her love honey seemed to almost spurt into my mouth. She held on tight and fucked me wildly. “Ohh, God! … Maarrrkkk! … Ohhh!” Finally, she slumped and leaned back against the kitchen counter – eyes closed, head back in euphoric afterglow – still moaning softly and pleasing herself with slow, gentle flexes while I softly licked and kissed away the still oozing moisture. Finally she groaned in a whisper, “Come up and kiss me … please.”

“Darling, your pussy is so beautiful.” I gave it a parting kiss and hugged her thigh to my cheek before lifting it from my shoulder, “And these gorgeous thighs … mmmmm.”

She sighed, “I love to show them to you … and have you between them … loving my pussy with your lips and tongue and fingers … and with your hungry, hard cock.” Her thigh raised up to caress my cheek.

Before moving up I pushed my shorts further down below my knees with one hand and then began to slither up between her intimate, soft, welcoming cushions. My hands caressed up as I rose – holding us close so that her puffy pussy was always touching my mouth … or my chest … or my tummy … or my penis. When my penis reached her undulating vulva she flexed it out in welcome. Her Admirer slipped into her warm haven and plunged slickly through her warm honey.

“Oohhh …. Maarrrkk … mmmmm, Darling … Am I being nice now?”

“Unnhh … so nice.”

I helped her şirinevler escort raise the thigh again – this time to rest it on my hip. With my hand on her soft bum cheek, I held that thigh up for her and grasped around her hip with my other arm. Connie continued to lean back against the counter and held us strongly together with hands on my arms. She began to spasm a few moments after I entered and squirmed deep inside. She whimpered and moaned, and continued to shiver and quake in a continuous series of orgasms while I rutted and squirmed and delved and withdrew and teased. I let go her hip for a moment to hold my swooning penis while my corona nuzzled her clitoris … then back in it plunged. She raised her other leg and locked her ankles behind me. I supported her with both my hands on her bottom. We both were in a deep, glowing state of hungry lust. She squealed into a kiss when she felt me begin to throb. I tensed while the feeling absorbed me. Connie’s sweet vagina clutched and squeezed in a hungry rhythm. She was so wet we could hear the squish of our lush merger.

My pulsing stopped and my thrusting slowed. We began to relax with soft kisses. I let her legs slip off my hips and my sagging penetrator finally slipped out of her love nest.

Connie whispered, “What a lovely way to start the day.” She slipped down in front of me sighing, “Let me suck our love juices from my Ardent Admirer.” Before she had finished with her kissing and laving I was half hard again. “There … mmmm, look, he’s perking up!” She took me back between her lips and, with one hand caressing the base of my growing cock and the other cupping my scrotum, she sucked and laved and fondled and kissed. She slithered up again and kissed me, “Your lovely penis just gave me the last drop of your luscious cum, Darling, and it’s getting beautifully stiff again.”

“Your mouth is so sweet … and makes me feel so good.” I caressed her lips with mine and murmured, “If I hadn’t just filled your loving pussy, I would have filled your loving mouth … I’m so hard again. Now it’s my turn.” I knelt before her and snuggled my head between her generous, soft thighs. She opened them for me and my tongue loved its way from vaginal opening to the tip of her clitoris. “Mmmm, I can taste both of us, and your clit is still hard.”

“Oh, … Lover, uuhhhhnn.” She was gently squirming. My kissing lips, dancing tongue, and gentle fingers were inspired and Connie shivered quietly with her third morning greeting. I laved her clean again. “You’re so sweet … and … you can tell … I can cum as often as you love my pussy.” I feathered her clitoris once more, “And that’s so wonderfully … often.” I didn’t want to abandon her smooth, soft love lips – my tongue and lips licked and sucked them in again. “Oh, Lover … the way your mouth loves me … and the way your sweet cock loves me ….”

I murmured into her moist folds, “I can’t resist you.”

“Mmmmmm … that’s why I was already wet … when you first saw my naked love lips between my legs.”

“Because I can’t resist you?” I rose up to hug her to me.

“Mmm hmm … after I douched away all of yesterday’s wonderful juices … and while I was shaving … and putting on perfume … and my dress … I was thinking about how soon your stiff cock would be rutting around and pushing into my newly naked Loving Place.” Connie’s lips bathed mine in luscious kisses, “And when I stroked my fingers through my wet love lips … and rubbed my clitoris … I almost came.” More kisses, “I’m so glad you wanted me before breakfast. I feel good when your cum is in me.”

“And, judging from my rising condition, I’ll want to make another deposit in you after breakfast – right after.” I brushed her lips with mine, “All that talk … about stroking your pussy … made me a little excited.”

She whispered, “I love how much you want me.” She pressed her tummy into me and squirmed against my newly excited erection. “Uhnn, you’re so hard again.” Connie hugged me closer and whispered, “Would you like to have me again … before we eat?”

I gasped, “I’d love to.” We kissed with soft, moist lips and the mental vision of her pussy winking at me from behind while she bent over getting the pitcher voluntarily came to mind and made my penis twitch. “Darling?”

“Mm hmm?”

“You looked so … inviting … when you ‘flashed’ me while you were getting the milk pitcher … .”

She gave me a coy look, “And …?”

I gave her a naive, boyish grin, “And it always feels so good to snuggle into your sweet cheeks … when I hug you from behind …”

Her lips softly brushed mine while she whispered, “And …?”

“I’d like to … make love to you … like that.”

We both began to breathe a little harder. She nibbled my ear and quietly murmured, “You can make love to me any way you like, Darling.” Connie took hold of my eager penis and coaxed me to a low stool at the kitchen counter. When she reached it, she bent over şişli escort to rest her head in her arms on the stool seat, raised her skirt to her waist, straightened and spread her legs, flexed her soft bottom up toward me and cooed, “How’s this, you bad boy?”

She looked so sensual, so inviting that my wagging erection engorged to amazing, throbbing stiffness anticipating the wonderful feeling of snuggling into the irresistible cheeks of her delicious bum. I moved behind her and whispered, “Connie, you look so beautiful …” The outer labia of her expectant pussy were very puffy and glistened where our juices were oozing out of her vagina. My hands caressed over the voluptuous curves of her hips and round, soft cheeks. I snuggled into her and my prodding penis nuzzled the outer lips of her pussy, “… and you feel so wonderful.”

She gasped, “Let me help ….” And she reached back between her legs and guided the throbbing head of my cock as I pushed into her. Her first reaction was, “Oh, Maarrrk!”

“Am I hurting you?”

“Noooo, … it feels so … uhn … good.”

“I’m glad, because it feels wonderful to me.” I pushed in slowly until I was buried. My corona was nudging her cervix and my groin was excitingly crushed into Connie’s bum cheeks. I felt like I had gone to Heaven. I slowly pulled out and pushed in again a little more vigorously. She grunted and moaned her approval. My avid penetrator made rhythmic slurping noises moving in and out of Connie’s soaking vagina. When I reached under her dress to fondle a breast with one hand and began to finger her clitoris with the other, Connie shuddered with her first intense orgasm.

Her voice was almost breathless when she moaned, “Uhn … uhn … oh! I can’t stop cumming. Oh! Darling, … I feel you in places you’ve never been before. … Fuck me hard. God! My cunt feels is on fire!” One of Connie’s hands covered mine and helped me massage her clitoris. She whined and moaned in the throes of obvious ecstacy.

Making love face to face is more personal and affectionate, but making love like this was intensely sexual, more animalistic and hinted at male dominance. There was no doubt that my body was enjoying Connie’s body in a strongly lustful and satisfying way. I hoped it was wonderful for her and that she would want us to make love like this again. These thoughts were just abstractions at the moment, because the depths of my lust, excitement, and sexual pleasure were overwhelming. When I knew I couldn’t last much longer I gasped, “Uhn, God! You feel so good against me like this. … I can’t hold back any more!”

Connie could hardly speak. She was in a continuous orgasm, but she moaned, “It’s … alright! … Please … cum in me. … Uhn.” In a grand release I drove to her depths, froze motionless in spasm, and emptied into her. Connie’s legs nearly crumpled, but while our bodies quieted I held onto her. In a few moments she stirred, my deflated penis slipped out of her warm, moist loving place, and she turned to let me take her into my arms. We kissed very softly and lushly. When our lips parted she murmured, “That was incredible, Darling. I hope you’ll make love to me like that again, … soon.”

“Yes, it was incredible; and yes, I certainly will … soon.”

Finally we addressed our breakfasts. We were sitting across from one another again at the glass table. Connie’s short slip-dress barely covered her hips and, with her legs crossed, revealed all of one thigh and hip. She had teasingly eased the front of the tiny skirt aside to tempt me with peeks at her naked, freshly shaven, prominent Mound of Venus where it disappeared into the enticing vee of her soft and generous closed inner thighs. The lovely view had sustained and encouraged the regrowth of my nearly hard excitement so that the rosy head began to protrude below the left leg of my short’s. I hadn’t realized how briefly cut they were.

Connie occasionally caught me ogling and sent me an inviting air kiss each time. She had glanced through the table top as well and, when she first saw my excited protrusion, she squirmed a little and recrossed her legs. The momentary glimpse of a bit more of her Venus Mound and the cleft between her puffy labia caused my penis to involuntarily twitch. Connie saw it and looked up at my eyes. I sent her an inviting and passionate air kiss in return. She formed a perfect “O” with her lips and suggestively inserted a spoonful of cereal – partially removing it and then inserting again.

“You’re a tease. You’re making me get longer … and stiffer.”

Her voice was low and gravely, “So I see. I love your shorts.”

My voice too was low and gravely, “I love your dress.”

We had finished breakfast and while we sipped the last of our tea we each continued to ogle our irresistible views and exchange air kisses and other bits of body language that gave away the secrets of our resurging heat. My excitement was almost fully hard, its blushing pink head was protruding far below my pant leg and it was so stiff that it was lifting the material away from my leg. Connie was recrossing her inviting legs more frequently and much more seductively. Each glimpse lasted a few moments longer and was a tiny bit more revealing. One of her graceful hands stroked up and down her inner thigh and once in a while squeezed into the vee for a sweet massage.

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