My Wife, Lara and I

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We’ve been drinking and flirting all night — but the mood changes a bit. I move over to where my wife Evie is and give her a nice long kiss. Meanwhile I grab some handcuffs and cuff her arms behind her back and to the chair so she will be watching but not joining. After another kiss to tease her a bit more, I come over to where Lara is.

As I sit down next to Lara I lightly caress her face. It feels slightly odd to be touching another woman with my wife watching. I look over at Evie and make sure she still ok with this. Her smile says she is, so I wink and lean in for a kiss. Our first kiss is full of passion, making the next bit blurry. We are kissing, caressing each other. Somehow we get each other’s tops off. I am leaned over licking and sucking her nipples and breasts. I notice her looking over at Evie, so I glance over and see the lust in her eyes. My hand that was caressing Lara’s leg moves up to rub her pussy through the clothes. Both women let out slight moans, anticipating what is to come. I kiss back up her neck and across to a long, slow kiss while I work my hand under her skirt and panties. It is very hot and wet. I break off the kiss and start working my way down her body with my mouth, all the while rubbing her moist lips. I stop for a short while to suck each of her nipples, but only momentarily as my goal is down further. Soon my mouth and tongue are replacing my hand. Her moaning becomes very pronounced, and I can hear Evie’s breathing as she watches. I slip a finger, then 2 into her pussy, all while licking and sucking her lips and clit. It doesn’t take long and I feel her tense up and know from her sounds that I’ve given her what I hope to be the first of a number of orgasms of the evening.

At that point I move up to give her another nice wet kiss. As we’re kissing, I grab the other pair of handcuffs and pull her hands behind her head and cuff them together. Then I pull out the scarf and blindfold her — and move away. I can tell she’s disappointed to not have anybody touching for now — but there is more to come.

I then move to Evie and give her a kiss while I un-cuff her. She is ravenous for some touching, so I quickly start touching her all over while I rip her clothes off. I can tell she likes the taste of a different pussy on my face. Once we are completely naked, we start moving over to where Lara is blindfolded. Evie and I position ourselves on either side of her, starting to kiss and caress her. The plan is to overload her senses with both of our touches. Before too long, Evie has taken my place eating her pussy. If Lara is not sure that it’s a new mouth down there, it’s quickly obvious, as I move to rub my cock on her nice breasts. Then I move it up to her mouth, where she eagerly takes it between her lips. I am in ecstasy, having one gorgeous woman suck on my cock while I’m watching my wife eat out her pussy.

Now seems like a good time to change things up a bit, so I pull the blindfold off and remove the handcuffs. I think we all want my cock in somebodies pussy right now — the only question is who. I decide since Lara has already cum once, my wife needs the attention. atakent escort I lay her back and slide my cock into her wet pussy. I lean back to give Lara access. I watch her kiss my wife, then slowly work down to licking and sucking her ample breasts and nipples. I feel her hand move down and start rubbing her clit. This is a of the trick that gets my wife going every time, so it isn’t long and she moans out her first orgasm of the night.

Once Evie is satisfied for a little while, it’s time to take care of Lara. I lay back and pull her on top of me, sliding her down onto my hard and wet cock. It slides in easily — but I can feel her already tensing up because of her anticipation. I am concentrating on her riding me, when I notice my wife leaning in to kiss her and give more attention to her breasts. I feel her hand slide down and return the favor of rubbing her clit. Before I know it, my wife has shifted and sits her pussy on my face. All I can do is concentrate on licking, feeling Lara riding away on my cock. I can only imagine that they are kissing each other, taking turns licking and sucking each other’s neck and breasts. I lose track of times, but can count at least 2 or 3 more orgasms by my wife. I am hoping Lara has had a couple as well — but I’m not in position to tell.

After a while I am let up from my position. I can see they are temporarily interested in playing with each other. I’m ok with this, so I watch for a while. No matter how often I see it there is nothing that turns me on like seeing 2 women exploring each other. I grab my camera and snap a few pictures to help me remember later — and I am certain they will enjoy seeing them as well. After a while I decide to help them out a bit and grab a double ended dildo. I move myself into the fray and use there wetness to lube up the toy. I then start working it into each of their pussies. As they work on fucking each other I again step back and snap some pictures. In addition to the obvious overall shots and close-ups, I focus on their faces trying to catch the ecstasy there.

All this has me ready to cum. knowing that we have all evening to play; I decide to take care of myself for now (besides, when I get hard again I’ll be able to stay that way most of the evening). Seeing the 2 pussies enveloping the dildo and rubbing against each other makes my target fairly obvious in my mind. I decide to get a little help and grab a hand from each of the girls and place them on my cock. It doesn’t take too long and I can feel the load building. Luckily I grabbed the camera, so I start snapping as I’m cumming. I’ll find out later how these shots will look. I know that seeing the 2 pussies, both engorged with the toy inside and covered with my cum on the outside will be a vision in my mind for the rest of my life!

At this point I am spent for a little bit, so I sit down to watch some more. What I see next gets my softening cock back stirring again. I see the girls each rub their hands in my cum and bring it up to feed it to each other. As they are sucking each other’s fingers off, they lean in for a nice ataköy escort long kiss. All this time, they are thrusting their hips at each other, fucking each other with the toy. After kissing for a while, they both lean back and start going to town with their hands on their clits. Before too long they are both breathing heavier, I can tell they are both getting close. Not long after I hear one after the other rise their breathing and moaning even higher and they both cum in quick succession.

Now they both noticed me sitting resting and they are not having any of it. They set the toy off to the side for now and head over to me. Without speaking, they both had the same idea — and they start kissing and licking my body. They work up and down my body, concentrating on my neck, nipples and insides of my thighs, both avoiding my cock for a while. Finally, they both decide they have teased me enough. One of my biggest fantasies is fulfilled as they both start kissing and licking my cock at the same time. Luckily I still have the camera close, so I quickly snap a few shots for posterity.

It doesn’t take long and I’m back at full mast. That was obviously their intention as they stop and decide what to do next. Next thing I see is Lara getting up on her hands and knees. My task now is fairly obvious — so I move behind her and start rubbing and caressing. Before too long, I’m working my cock into her. As I do, I’m reaching up underneath and rubbing her nipples and squeezing her breasts. As I’m getting into it, I hear some clicking and realize my wife has grabbed the camera to take a few shots for herself. This inspires me to start going a bit harder and deeper. After a few pics, my wife has another idea. She moves over and lies in front of Lara, who sees what her intention is and leans down to start licking. This is another fantasy checked off — fucking someone who is licking my wife, being able to see the ecstasy on her face. Being satisfied once already I can last for quite a while. Being as everybody seems to enjoy what’s going on — so I just let it ride for a while. I do change things up now and again — occasionally grabbing her hair to pull her back, then switching up to give a little spank and then going back to giving her nice hanging breasts some attention. I also ask my wife how the long pierced tongue feels, getting a moaning ‘good’ out of her!

After giving it to Lara for a good while and making sure she has had a couple good orgasms, I decide it’s my wife’s’ turn. I get on my back and pull her over to sit down on my cock, reverse cow-girl style. After she works my cock into her wet pussy, I lean her back to me to give Lara access. Lara then sticks her nice long, pierced tongue out for me to see, winks and disappears from my site as she leans in towards Evie’s pussy. It isn’t long and I can feel where she is. As my wife is riding me, I get the occasional sensation of a tongue lapping at my cock in addition to the tight wet feel of pussy around it. I can tell that she is doing a good job pleasing my wife, by the tight clenching I can feel and the loud moans I here. atalar escort We combine to give Evie 2 or 3 nice orgasms like this.

After a bit we break this up and have a small down session. As we refresh ourselves and refill drinks, we talk about what we are going to do next. As we discuss options, my wife makes the decision that we are tying Lara up again. This time she ties her hands above her head and then rolls her over onto her stomach. At this point both Evie and I are rubbing and caressing her, concentrating on her back and ass — but occasionally reaching down to give her breasts some attention. I decide I think I know what Evie wants, and start focusing my attention on Lara’s nice ass. I rub down to her pussy and back up to her ass — bringing her juices up to lube her ass. Evie then grabs some lube and starts rubbing it into her ass — sticking a finger in and out quickly as a tease of what is to come.

In order to make sure Lara enjoys what’s next, I’m taking it very slow. I take over where Evie left off, first inserting a single finger in her ass — then working up to 2. I can tell from Lara’s moans that she is enjoying it. When I think she’s ready, I lean up and position my cock by her ass. I massage her back and caress her neck a bit, building the tension and excitement up, as I’m rubbing my cock between her cheeks to get it lubed up. I then change positions ever so slightly so the tip of my cock is at the entrance to her ass.

While I find anal sex enjoyable, these first moments of insertion are always kind of touchy. I make sure I am working it in gently so as to not give her too much pain and ruin the moment. I use her breathing and moaning as my judge of success, and as I can hear ecstasy and not pain I decide I am doing a good job. That’s my signal to keep increasing my speed and depth — which increases the speed of her breathing and the loudness of her moans. I look up and notice Evie has again grabbed the camera and is snapping some more pictures. As I’m at the point where I’m all the way inside, I noticed she has switched over to video mode and is capturing that amazing combination of pain and joy that only seems to show up when she is getting fucked in the ass.

It’s been a while since I first came this evening, and this feeling is certainly getting me close again. To make things easier for me, Evie starts asking Lara how it feels. Lara can’t really answer much except to moan, but that doesn’t stop Evie from asking how she likes my cock in her ass. The tightness milking my cock and hearing my wife asking the questions is pushing me closer and closer. Next thing I know Evie has leaned over to me and started sucking on my nipple. At the same time I can tell from Lara’s moaning and tensing up that she is cumming too. This pushes me over the edge and I cum for the second time this evening, spraying my cum deep inside her ass.

At this time I’m done for the evening. I sit myself down out of the way and watch in bliss. I guess both the girls want one more quick orgasm as they lie side by side and move into a 69 position. Of course I grab the camera and snap some shots, moving around enough to get some close-ups. It isn’t long and both of the girls are having another orgasm. At this point I think we are all exhausted and sated for the evening. We all get under the covers and shut out the lights — all thinking about the evening and hoping it will be the first of many adventures we have together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32