My Wife and 3 Daughters Ch. 03

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I just turned 45 years old and had been a coast to coast mover/trucker for half my life. My strength and ability to go without sleep helped me to make good money. My new tractor had the power and speed to get across the country quickly. The pay was a share of the line-haul so it helped that I owned the trailer too so I got a bigger percentage.

I had taken this 40 year old lady on the truck with me. I met Charlene in Bangor Maine and after a couple of dates and no sex I had invited her to take a trip with me. That was bad enough but I suggested that we find a place to live in the middle of the country so I could get home each way across the country. What if I finally got into her panties and it wasn’t any good?

I finally nailed her in a service plaza off the New Jersey Turnpike on the way to Virginia. She was fantastic! My blind faith paid off. Yes, I wanted to play house with this woman. I don’t know why the father of her three daughters did not stick around, but maybe I would find out the hard way. For now I would enjoy incredible sex.

Even as fantastic as Charlene was in bed, I continued to fantasize about her oldest daughter, Tammy. The middle daughter, Linda was the big boob type that I never liked. I am an A and B cup fan, not the D and DDs. The youngest, Tina, was not quite 18. I have no interest in jailbait. Although Tina did have a birthday coming up and she was almost as hot as Tammy.

All of my shipments out of Bremerton Washington were headed for Florida so I could stop by our new home outside Springfield Missouri and play family. My mate, Charlene was as lovable and accommodating as ever. Tammy was as hot as ever and still hated me. Linda and Tina were signed up for their senior school year when it opened in September. Linda trabzon escort had already started dating a young man named Lyle, and had made a lot of new friends.

The first night I was home, Linda had a bunch of her friends over, and that is when I met Lyle’s younger sister, Regina. Regina was 21, about 5′ tall and 100 pounds. She was sporting a sweet little pair of B-cups, pretty blonde hair, and green eyes. Some of Linda’s friends were paired off but Regina was by herself.

Charlene sat at the end of the couch so I sat next to her. Regina plopped down on the other side of me and her hand landed on my leg. Soon her hand was moving up and down the inside of my leg. This created two problems right away; my pants were beginning to tent and Charlene was getting mad. After a few minutes Charlene grabbed Regina’s hand from where it was giving me pleasure and said “Can you be more respectful?”

Regina said “Oh my god! I didn’t realize what I was doing. Maybe I better not have any more to drink.” Later when we passed in the hall outside the bathroom she slipped her phone number to me.

That night in bed, Charlene had forgotten the whole incident. She sucked my cock for a long time and then started to rub my bulb up and down her pussy. Like always, it took many strokes to get my shaft all the way in her tunnel of love. When I reached her cervix, she let out a scream the kids must have heard.

The following night, Linda bitched a little about her 11PM curfew and headed out. She gave up too easy. So I decided to see what she was up to. I was hiding around the corner in the dining room when she came home at 11 and made a lot of noise slamming the front door and stomping up the stairs. She slammed her bedroom door. A couple minutes trabzon escort bayan later she came tiptoeing back down the stairs. I reached my hand out and grabbed her boob as she tried to sneak out the door. She promised that I could have her another night if I let her go. Of all the women in my mind, Tammy came first and Regina second. But Tammy hated me so I said “Where is Regina?”

“Want me to get her for you?”

“Yes, tell her to meet me in the truck.” Charlene had a lot to drink so I hoped she was out for the night.

About 20 minutes later, Linda showed up at the truck. “She cannot come tonight but she will go with you tomorrow. What time can you pick her up at the donut shop tomorrow?”

As I said “10AM,” she had my member out. She was trying to suck it, but it is hard to maneuver in the front seat so I moved us to the sleeper. She continued to suck it and I spun us around so that I could get at her pussy. She had a skirt on and she quickly removed her panties and I kicked my pants off.

Her 19 year old pussy tasted good and her mouth was very talented. We went on doing 69 for a long time. Every time I nibbled her clit, she let out a moan.

Then she wanted to ride me. I was pretty wet with saliva and pre-cum and so was she so I was surprised that it did not go in easy and when her pussy finally consumed my swollen member she was tight. For whatever reason, I had expected her to be loose. She was riding me cowgirl and after a while she turned around and rode me reverse cowgirl. She kept going up and down. Every time she went down my love stick would hit her cervix and she would go round and round. It was an incredible sensation. She mixed it all up with back and forth motion. No wonder she had so many escort trabzon friends.

Sometimes things turn out a lot different than you expect. This big breasted girl that I had little interest in turned out to be a fantastic fuck. I still enjoyed Charlene and craved Tammy and Regina but Linda was a girl that I would need to fuck again.

I knew that I couldn’t last much longer so I said, “I am going to cum.”

“Go ahead. Mom has had me on birth control since I was 14 and the doctor told her that I was not a virgin.” And then she started shaking and moaning. Her violent orgasm lasted a long time and mine joined in. It seemed like my whole body was coming. Finally, we both finished coming and lay in each other’s arms. Usually people kiss first and fuck later but Linda and I had done our fucking and now we were kissing. We lay cuddling and kissing for a long time.

She said, “Please don’t tell mom I was out late tonight.”

“What would I tell her you were doing?” And we both laughed.

We needed to get in the house before anybody found us both missing. But it was not to be. As we lay spooning, my member continued to throb and stayed hard. Soon I was fucking her doggie style. She still was not loose but the head of my penis found the way back in more easily. Call it a lazy man’s fuck but we were laying on our sides, doing doggie style. After a few minutes I got her to her knees and I knelt behind her stuffing her wonderful pussy with my swollen manhood. I was pulling her hips into me to match my strokes. This girl’s pussy felt so good.

Again, it seemed like my whole body was coming. I kept stroking at the same time as filling her cunt with stream after stream of semen. As soon as she felt my hot spunk, she began to cum. Yes, I would have to fuck this girl again but for now we needed to get in the house.

I went in the bathroom and cleaned up and then into the kitchen for a soda. Linda had crept upstairs earlier so now I went up with a soda in my hand.

Charlene was sleeping soundly.

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