My Very Best Vacation

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It all started with the charity raffle. I almost didn’t get a ticket because they were $50 each, but the proceeds were going to support the children’s hospital so I got one. Quite a few really nice prizes had been donated so there was a lot of incentive. I was pleasantly surprised to get the call that I’d won the top prize; a one week vacation for two on the island of Jamaica.

It’s amazing how many people were now my best friend. A teller at the bank told me she had the perfect bikini as it was very skimpy. The receptionist at my gym flat out told me that if I took her, I wouldn’t need a second bed. The irony was that in the last year I had asked each of them out on a date and they had said no. I lost track of the number of guys who asked to go. In the end, it was an easy choice to make. I took my cousin Michelle.

Even though she is four years younger than I am, we still did a lot of things together growing up. Since we were each only children, whenever our families got together, it was only us. We got along great, always finding things to do that were good for both of us.

Michelle is a very beautiful woman. She has long, jet black hair that shines. Her soft brown eyes are like a cute puppy’s. High cheekbones and sweet lips finish a lovely face. Her body is wonderfully proportioned. Her breasts sit up nicely and are the perfect size for her body. Her legs are smooth and silky and look awesome when she wears heels.

If we lived in a large city, she probably would have been modeling when she was fourteen or fifteen. As it was, she didn’t get noticed until her last year of high school. The man who took her senior picture sent it out to a friend who gave it to someone else in a modeling agency. They sent out a photographer who did a full workup on her. The end result was an offer of a three year contract to model for them.

Over the next three years, while I started my business career, we received post cards from all over the world as my cousin went on many shoots. My aunt was always showing me the magazines she was in. Every time I saw one she looked more beautiful and glamorous. She even managed to make the cover of one.

When her contract was up, we were all surprised when she quit and came back home. She told us that it was way too cut throat for her and far too many of the other models were backstabbing divas. It just got to the point where it was no longer any fun. She decided to take what she made and open an upscale dress shop. It didn’t take long for it to become one of the most popular shops in town.

When I asked my cousin if she wanted to go with me on the trip, she was thrilled.

“I love the Caribbean,” she said. “I did several shoots down there. Here, look at these.”

She showed me a bunch of photos from a bikini shoot she did in Barbados. She looked so sexy in all of the suits she wore.

“I know why you quit, but it is truly a shame you are no longer modeling. I believe that the world is being deprived of a real treasure. You look awesome.” was my response.

“You say the sweetest things,” she said while giving me a hug.

When the time came for us to leave, we had an early morning flight. I was a little grumpy from having to get up so early, but I soon got over it. Michelle was so happy it was not possible to be down around her. The flight was uneventful except for a little turbulence over the gulf that wasn’t bad enough to be a worry.

We got settled in late in the afternoon so decided to just have a quick meal and explore the city. We found some quaint local shops as well as some obvious tourist traps. We bought the obligatory post cards and vacation trinkets to show family and friends back home. Everyone we met was very friendly and hospitable. We were having so much fun it was late when we got back to the hotel.

In the morning, we slept in and then had a leisurely breakfast from room service, just the way it’s supposed to be on vacation. Then we decided to hit the beach. Michelle changed in the bathroom while I changed in the bedroom. She was wearing a cover up over her suit when she emerged so I couldn’t see what she had on. She put everything we would need in a tote, grabbed a couple of towels and off we went.

The beach was not crowded but still had plenty of people on it. As we walked along trying to find a good spot, my cousin held my hand. She told me it was to let everyone know she was taken. That usually cuts down on the number of men hitting on her. We found a space that was open and laid out the towels. Just before she took off her wrap, Michelle looked at me.

“I purchased a new suit specifically for this trip,” she said. “I hope you like it. It’s called the Black Widow.”

My jaw dropped when she showed me her suit. It was black like the name suggested. The top consisted of a thin spider web pattern within sheer fabric. You could clearly see her tits through the fabric but the spider web part made it difficult to make out details. The bottom was pretty much the same with a smaller patch in the back.

“Well,” Porno she asked, “do you like it?”

“Dear lord, that’s the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen,” was my reaction.

She just smiled big and reached down for the sun block. Handing it to me she said, “If you do my back, I’ll do yours.”

I quickly agreed. I wanted her facing away from me so she wouldn’t see the hard-on I was rapidly getting. I had her lie down to make it easier. Her skin felt great under my hands. I covered her top to bottom, including the butt at her encouragement. When I was done, I lay on my towel and she reciprocated. It felt awesome, almost like she was caressing me instead of rubbing in lotion. She took her time and when she was finished my dick was hard as steel.

We lay there soaking up the warmth for quite a while. After a bit Michelle turned over to get sun on her front. I glanced quickly as she was putting the sun block on. Part of me wanted to be the one rubbing it in but another part reminded me she was my cousin. Looking around I saw she had quite a few people watching her, and not just the men. The whole time we were there we talked and joked, having a good laugh every time someone came along and commented on her suit.

In the afternoon we decided to go find a place to eat. I had softened somewhat but was still a noticeable lump. Fortunately the shirt I had was long enough and loose so I was covered. As we walked along the beach, my cousin again took my hand in hers. We found a place right on the beach and ate.

“I’ve noticed something,” I commented. “With all these women around in bikinis, even with your cover-up on, you seem to be the center of attention. It could be some of them know what you have on under it, but most of these people never saw your suit so it must just be you.”

She smiled and let out a small laugh. “I know. I don’t want to sound conceited because you know I’m not, but I get that all the time. Guys are constantly coming into my shop to look for dresses for their “girlfriend” that I know doesn’t exist. It’s a dead giveaway that they don’t want help from anyone but me. While I was modeling I got comfortable enough with my body that I really don’t mind the attention. The truth is I enjoy it. Why else would I wear a suit like this?”

“I’m glad you like it because I don’t see it stopping any time soon. So, what do you want to do next?”

“It doesn’t matter, whatever you want is fine with me. If you don’t have anything specific in mind, I’d kind of like to go back and get more sun. I want to get as much sun as we can before going back home to the cold.”

“Sounds like a plan to me.”

We found another place to lie down. This time I noticed she took off her wrap before laying out her towel. Again we put sun block on each others’ backs and again I got hard. I figured this would end up being a regular occurrence so just decided to live with it and hide it the best I could. Once more we had great fun talking, sunning, and joking around. In the late afternoon we decided it was time to wrap up and get ready for dinner.

I let her take a shower first to get the sand off. Michelle dressed for dinner in a halter top, skirt and sandals. She managed to make that simple outfit look awesome. We asked at the desk for a recommendation. We wanted to know where locals went to dine. He called ahead to make sure there was room and then sent us to a small, out of the way place. The ambience was very casual and the food was incredible. Michelle had jerk chicken and I had curry goat; we each had a few rum. They made us feel like we were eating at home.

Back at the hotel, we were sitting around relaxing when my cousin got a wicked grin on her face.

“Tomorrow,” she said with a giggle, “we should head over to Hedonism.”

“No,” I said quickly, “definitely not. Bad idea.”

“Why not?” she asked. “I thought all men wanted to see naked women walking around.”

“Under most circumstances you’d be right. This is not one of them.” I responded.

“But why? Are you embarrassed about your body? You shouldn’t be you looked great today.”

“It’s not that, it’s…something else.”

“What is it? Perhaps I can come up with a solution.”

“I…I can’t”

“Please, tell me.”

The look on her face was one of a lot of concern. I paused a moment before answering, getting up and walked across the room first.

“The truth is that bikini, and your body, gave me a hard-on most of the day. Going somewhere and watching you take it off would be torture. You have no idea how difficult it is for a man to be around someone who is so beautiful and incredibly sexy, knowing he can’t have her.”

My cousin got up and walked over to me. She put her arms around my neck and looked me in the eyes.

“What on earth makes you think you can’t have me?” she asked. “You can have me any time you want me.”

“But, you’re my cousin,” I said. “I know that in many places that’s ok, but where we come from is not Altyazılı Porno one of them.”

“Who says anyone has to know?”

“You’d really let me?”

“Of course I would. I’ve had the hot’s for you since I was thirteen.”


“Possibly earlier, but it wasn’t until I was thirteen and the hormones started flowing through me that I realized what is was I felt. You were always so sweet to me when we were together. I know it started because there was nobody else around, but you were always interested in what I wanted. You made sure I was happy and had a good time. You don’t know how much of a turn on kindness is to a pre-teen girl.”

“Wow; I don’t know what to say.”

“Don’t say anything, just finally fulfill my fantasy.”

With that she leaned in and kissed me. It was a kiss that knocked my socks off. The passion she put into it was overwhelming. Her tongue entered my mouth and the tip battled with mine. I tried to return just as much enthusiasm as she had. When it was done, she looked like she had won the lottery.

I said, “I was going to ask if you are really sure, but I think that kiss is enough of an answer for me.”

“I’ve never been surer in my life,” she answered.

Reaching behind herself, she untied the halter top, removed it and tossed it away. I got my first good look at her gorgeous tits. I know I’d seen most of them through her bikini earlier, but seeing them completely uncovered was so much better. After taking a moment to get a good look, I turned her facing away from me, reached around and took one in each hand. As I gave them a good feel, I whispered in her ear.

“I’ve wanted to get my hands on these for so long. This is a dream come true.”

“It’s a dream for most guys,” she giggled. “For many, a wet dream.”

She stopped giggling and let out a sigh when I started kissing her neck. Her nipples hardened under my touch. At the same time she started grinding her butt against my dick, which was hardening rapidly. We kept it up for several minutes; grinding, fondling, kissing; I even managed to nibble on her ear for a bit. Soon she turned around and began tugging on my shirt. I took it off and tossed it in the direction of her halter.

“I’ll finish this,” I said, “You go get on the bed.”

When I was down to just my boxers, I looked over to the bed. My cousin had removed her skirt and was only wearing a sexy pair of red panties. She was laying in a very seductive pose.

“Damn, I wish I had a camera right now. That is a picture worth saving.” I said with a huge grin.

“That won’t be necessary,” she said. “Any time you want to come over, I’ll recreate it for you, live.”

I came over and knelt on the bed as she lay back. I gave her a kiss on the lips, and then kissed my way down her cheek, throat, and chest. I kissed and licked all over the outside of each tit, slowly moving my way to the middle. Latching onto one of her nipples, I sucked hard. This caused her to moan and reach up, holding my head in place.

I lavished attention on her tits; kissing, licking and sucking. Whichever one my mouth was not on, had a hand on it. Michelle gave me lots of encouragement by sighing and telling me what felt good. She also gently moved my head and hands to the place she liked best. After several minutes of this, I continued kissing down her body.

Pausing at her belly button, I tickled it with my tongue. Michelle started giggling madly and tried to push my head away. I vowed to remember that reaction for another time. Moving lower I got down to her panties. I saw a wet spot forming in them and her aroma was wonderful. I so wanted to dive right in.

Avoiding temptation, I continued down one leg. Slowly dragging my tongue along the top, I used each hand to rub the inside and outside of her thigh. A quick kiss on her knee and I did the same to her calf. Kneeling between her legs, I lifted her foot and placed a kiss on the top of each toe. Taking the big toe in my mouth, I sucked and nibbled. As I was laying her foot back down, I tickled the bottom lightly.

She let out a loud yelp and yanked her foot from my grasp. She sat up and gave me a glare that said I had better not try that again. The smirk on her face betrayed her seriousness. I mouthed a ‘sorry’, even though I was not. She continued her glare as I reached for her other foot. I made sure to avoid the bottom even though I wanted to tickle it badly. Instead I just licked and sucked the toes.

When I was through, I kissed and licked my way up the back of her calf. When I got to the back of her knee, I flicked it lightly with the tip of my tongue. She shuddered and her leg trembled. I could tell she was fighting the urge to pull back. Boy was my cousin ticklish. It was information I would someday use to torment her after she teased me mercilessly.

Laying her leg down, I kissed the inside of her thigh. Going back and forth between each thigh, I slowly moved up, gently spreading her legs as I went. The wet spot Brazzers had grown, as well as her scent. I gazed at the red lace for a moment, contemplating what was beneath. Leaning forward, I placed a kiss on her panties right above her clit. Her intense moan told me my aim was correct.

I moved my head up and down, gently rubbing her with my lips. Reaching up I ran a finger along the leg seam. With my tongue flat, I licked slowly from bottom to top a few times. I could tell Michelle was getting impatient when she reached down and started to lower her panties. With a chuckle I got the hint and removed them myself. I got her to jump when I managed to lightly scratch the back of her knee again as I did, but in such a way to make it look accidental.

I gave her a couple more slow licks, but with the panties gone there was a much different reaction; she let out a huge moan. Taking her clit in my mouth, I gently sucked, pulling back until it popped out of my mouth. I did the same with her lips a few times, moving lower each time. Getting the best response on her clit, I went back to it a couple more times.

Reaching up with my hands, I spread her lips open and put my tongue inside, pushing it as deep as I could. Moving in and out I tongue fucked her, increasing my speed as I went. As I did, I used a finger to rub around her clit, close but not touching it. I could tell by her increased breathing as well as the ample fluids she was producing that she was getting quite excited.

Replacing my tongue with a finger, I pushed into her to the knuckle. Her insides were boiling hot. Turning my hand palm up, I rubbed the roof of her pussy. At the same time I went back to sucking her clit, occasionally flicking it with my tongue. I also rubbed her abdomen right above my mouth.

This three pronged attack increased her arousal quickly. Keeping at it, it took only another few minutes before she had her orgasm. Unlike a lot of the women I’ve been with, who were very vocal when they came, my cousin was silent. She let out a big gasp then held her breath as her whole body clenched. A few seconds later she repeated; gasp, clench. Every time she clenched, her pussy rippled around my finger. She also pressed her mound up against my mouth.

Six, seven, eight times she clenched before collapsing back onto the bed breathing heavily. I removed my mouth but left my finger inside her while she calmed down. It took several minutes for her to catch her breath. Easing my finger out of her I reached down to remove my boxers; for a second it got caught on my dick which was as hard as steel.

Crawling up the bed, I knelt over her. She had her eyes closed so I leaned in for a kiss. When our lips touched her hands flew up to grab my head and hold me as she kissed frantically. When our breath ran out we broke the kiss. Michelle looked up at me with the biggest smile on her face.

“Oh dear God,” she said, “I have never cum so hard in all my life. It was like a bomb went off inside me filling every molecule with power. It was soooooo awesome.”

“Damn Michelle, you really know how to boost a man’s ego,” I said with a laugh.

“I’m not an idle flatterer,” she said seriously. “I tell it like it is. If a man is good I tell him. If he is not so good, I tell him that as well…gently of course. I can only think of one other person who has licked me as good as you just did, but then she’d had lots of practice.”

“She?” I asked with some mild shock.

“Oh shit!” she said turning red and covering her face. “I didn’t mean to let that out.”

I waited a few moments before removing her hands. When she looked up at me sheepishly I just raised an eye brow to indicate my curiosity.

“Ok, I will tell you the whole story some time,” she said with a sigh, “but you have to promise me never to tell anyone else.”

“Not a word, I swear.”

“Thanks. If that ever got back to my parents I’d be mortified, not to mention the hurt it would do to my business in our conservative, stuck up town.”

“I’d never do that to you, but I’m really looking forward to that story. My imagination is running wild right now.” I said as I eased down on top of her.

“I’m sure it is,” She said with a laugh, rubbing herself against my dick, “based on that gun I feel down there.”

“Mmm, it is anxious to be fired,” I retorted.

“What say we holster it before it goes off and hurts somebody?” She grinned back.

With that I got back on my knees. My cousin reached down and took my dick in her hand. A couple of swipes through her juices and she lined it up with her entrance. Looking up at me with anticipation, I leaned forward and entered her slowly. The sensation was almost indescribable. She was tight; not virginal tight, but tight enough that I had to really push hard to get the last of me in. She was also intensely hot. Easily the hottest woman I have ever been in.

As I entered her, I watched her face the whole time. The deeper I got, the bigger her smile. When I was completely imbedded, she closed her eyes and let out a very contented sigh. Her pleasure was written in an ear to ear smile. I held myself there for several moments for both of us to get used to it. When her pussy had adjusted and loosened slightly, I started a long, slow in and out thrust.

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