My Uncle, My Teacher, My Lover

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I was always close to my Uncle Brad, the age difference between my Dad and Uncle Brad, lets just say Brad was an accident. Brad was fun loving, he liked all the things I liked, from when I was a small child Uncle Brad was the highlight of any visit. I wanted to be at his side all the time.

Uncle Brad and Dad had a falling out, I was never privy as to why, my Mom said “It’s was an adult thing not for young ears.” I never questioned it, but I did miss my Uncle. After years of no contact a death in the family brought us all back together. I could not wait to see Uncle Brad once again, after all I was eighteen now, no longer just a boy.

I had Dad and Uncle Brad end up close to each other in the same small room, they would have to finally talk, or yell if need be, but I needed my Uncle back in my life. They exchanged pleasantries, finally talking like two adults, I was to go to university this year and I wanted to stay at Uncle Brad’s to save money with housing.

Brad came over after the funeral, it was so nice to have him back in our home, he looked different but the same. He was always a very attractive man, perfectly coiffed hair, the dark beard and his tanned complexion, his body always in shape, the man impeccably dressed. I had never seen it before but now I was curious, was my Uncle gay?

Mom and Grandma always said he was a confirmed bachelor, he was not one who would ever marry, the man had his own home. I never saw him with a woman on his arm, and if I had really noticed Uncle Brad always checked out the men in public places. I always wondered would I be a confirmed bachelor as almanbahis well, I never had a girl in school, I never fancied a single one of them.

I now looked at my Uncle in a different light, he and Dad so different, Dad was serious all the time, Uncle Brad the life of the party even in small social gatherings. Dad sat Uncle Brad down and asked him about me being able to live in his house with him while I went to university, Dad would pay him rent and groceries.

Uncle Brad was delighted to have me come stay with him, but at the same time I could see I would be dampening his style a bit. Uncle Brad left, Mom and Dad would drive me over to his place, get me settled, I so looked forward to being with my Uncle on a daily basis. His house so well decorated, it was the certain touches that caught your eye, the man was talented when it came to decorating.

After Mom and Dad left, my Uncle and I sat and talked over a glass of white wine, Dad would have had a fit if he had seen his good Christian son drinking in the middle of the day. He set ground rules for me to follow, a time to be in each night, he would not invade my privacy and I was not to invade his. I was a lot like my Uncle in that I was very upfront, honest, I asked the questions others were afraid to ask.

“Uncle are you Gay?”

I caught him totally off guard, he was so flustered, shocked at how open, how upfront I really was, he mulled it over before he responded.

“What if I was Billy? Would it make a difference to you?”

“Not at all Uncle, the reason I ask is I think I might be as well.”

I had never seen my Uncle almanbahis giriş speechless, he sat there mouth open, his face expressionless.

“Billy what makes you think you might be gay?”

“Well Uncle I am not into girls, I’ve only had a crush on other guys in my school, but no one at my school was like I am, I know I prefer men to women.”

“So you have never been with a man, you just think your gay.”

“Uncle when I masturbate I am thinking about men not girls.”

There was some uncomfortable silence for some time, we drank our wine just looking at each other.

“Being honest Uncle I have thoughts of you when I am jerking off.”

I knew I had made him very uncomfortable, but I knew from an early age I more than liked my uncle, I imagined him and I kissing his hands all over my body.

“Well we better get dinner started.”

We got dinner ready and he and I sat and enjoyed our meal, we watched some tv then early to bed, we talked but not to much was said.

“I’m sorry Uncle for telling you that I think of you while I am playing with myself, but I have liked you more than just my Uncle for so many years now.”

He did not respond, I knew I had to drop it, leave it alone, let the subject kind of disappear then maybe we could be back to normal again. It was hard being in the same house with him all the time, I caught myself staring at him bent over, I knew I watched his crotch way to much. I wanted his cock in my hands, I wanted to see how it tasted, i wanted to know how big it was hard, just thinking about it made my own cock hard.

The tension slowly dissipated, almanbahis yeni giriş he and I almost back to normal, I was in the shower when he came barging in. He needed the toilet right now, with the glass door there was no hiding my nudity, not that I even tried. I knew I wanted him to see me naked, see if he would make the first move and touch me.

I caught him staring at my ass, the fact he licked his lips as he leered at my cock, I got out of the shower, I was less than a foot away from him, he could not go anywhere. I slowly dried myself off, I was not shy to be naked in front of this man, he was the one I wanted to see me, touch me and make love to me as well.

My cock quickly grew as I looked at him sitting there on the toilet, he did not try to hide his own growing cock. I took my time to get myself completely dry everywhere, he finished off and tried to get past me, I ran my hand over his chest, my cock instantly reacted. I was now boned up and hard as a rock, I touched his face to his neck down his arm to his hand. I pulled it in and made him touch my cock.

My cock spasmed, I would cum if he even held it I knew it, he stood there in a trance, his eyes on my own. I leaned in and kissed him, a very soft gentle kiss, his hand never left my engorged cock, my balls pulled in, my cock ready to explode. He quickly pulled his hand away, he had come back to reality, guilt had taken over him.

“Billy we can’t do this, it’s wrong.”

“Why is it wrong Uncle, I need you to show me, Please.”

He looked at me, I knew he wanted too but it would not happen anytime soon, he quickly left the bathroom, he did not realize I was right behind him when he licked the precum I had deposited on the palm of his hand. I would try again later, my cock needed release, my balls so full and ready to let a load go.

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