My Two Lovers Ch. 03

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Brenda had come such a long way from her initial, shy first days, and had become confident in her sexuality. Her hips swayed above her heels, as she entered my bedroom.

I dimmed the lights, and sat her down on the edge of the bed, then went and made sure the jacuzzi was ready for later. I returned, nude, and sat at her feet, kissing her knees as I unwrapped her feet, placing her heels at the wall behind me.

“Mmmm,” she moaned, as I licked the soles of her feet, before sucking her toes. She lifted the hem of the babydoll up, showing me the frilly lace that struggled to contain her.

I cupped the mound, massaging, pressing, feeling her precut ooze out, wetting the panties, then playfully pulled it out and let it snap back a few times, eliciting a yelp each time.

Brenda silently lay down on the bed and I pulled them off, tying them around an ankle. “Taste your pussy, daddy,” she said, parting her legs. “it’s all yours.”

A sweet fragrance greeted me as I drew closer to her inviting hole. She was really good at listening and taking tips and really making sure every detail that would turn me on was attended to. I had mentioned long go, how I loved rimming her, and separately, how I loved her perfume. She put the two together, began always using scented lube, and dabbed the exterior with new and amazing scents each time.

I licked and kissed all around, before darting my tongue in. As she gradually opened up, I felt around the crinkly edge, and nuzzled my nose up, towards her balls.

I gripped her cock, and squeezed and released a few times, before rising up and bringing my own alongside, Kadıköy Öğrenci Escort lying on top. I brought her hand down, to hold us together, as I kissed her wildly, until she laughed and told me to slow down.

I pulled her up to sitting, and she slipped her dress off and kept it aside, drawing my head down between her breasts. “I’m happy we’re here right now,” I admitted. She stroked her hair out of the way, “Oh Papi, we’re gonna get a whole lot happier!”

She climbed back to the head of the bed and lay down, bringing her legs up, hooking them behind her arms. I crawled over her and let my cock linger, the head just teasing her hole for a bit, touching the source of warmth and moving away.

I planted my arms against her knees, curling her up further, and freeing her arms. “Put me in.”

She brought her palms together around me, and scratched the base of my dick with her nails, before squeezing me, and pulling me in. Once the head was in, I lowered my face to hers till our noses touched.

I lightly rotated my hips as I pushed forward. “Unh, take it baby.”

She massaged my shoulders as I worked my way in to her. “Mm hm, like that. Slide in to me, Mm hm.”

Fully rooted in her now, I pushed her body in, my cock pulsing in excitement. “You feel fantastic, baby, so good. Every time I’m in you,” I started thrusting now. “Every. Fucking. Time. Unh. Every. Time. Fuck. Amazing.”

I paused and pulled back a bit to catch my breath. “What happened?”

“I just … didn’t want to come too soon.”

“Relax,” she squeezed my shoulders, “we’ve got all night, haven’t Kadıköy Çıtır Escort we?”

I nodded.

“So don’t worry, let it go.”

I started moving again. “That’s right, do it, just let it all out. Give it to me.”

My face grimaced with the effort, and she brought her hand up to hold the side of my face, and I felt her cock curl up and tap my stomach to the tune of my thrusts.

“Yeah, yeah,” she nodded, as I sawed in and out, in and out, faster and faster. “Aaah!” I cried out as I hit home, and unloaded within her, feeling the cum spurt out, and then dribble back past me.

I collapsed on her, my chin in her hair. I kissed her forehead, as she stroked my back with one hand, and my balls with the other.

“I fucking love being in you,” I said, a bit automatically. “Mm hmm, I love having you in me, keeping you in me.”

I really didn’t feel like getting up for a while, and played with her hair as we exchanged light kisses. I felt lighter, buoyant even. Life was good!

I think she caught me smiling. “What’s up?”

“Oh nothing, just reflecting on my good luck. So where were you this evening?”

“So prying, you’re like a jealous boyfriend!”

“Hey, I’m …”

“Chill, I’m kidding.” She reached out for her phone. “I was hanging out with Kev and Stella.”

She showed me snaps of the three of them, making duck faces in Kev’s bedroom. Kev is like Brian, the Stella is a tranny.

“You silly perv. You want to see naughty pics, don’t you?”

“I don’t know. Wait, _are_ there naughty pics?

She laughed, “kind of …”, and flipped Kadıköy Elit Escort to some pics of them naked in a large tub, their arms around each other.

“Huh,” I said, as she ran out of pictures. “Well,” she said, “what did you expect? We’re friends.”

“So what’s new with everyone? Do you still run into Pete?” (Pete was my former lover, who had introduced me to Brian)

“Not since he moved away. Stella is kind of traveling a lot, doesn’t really share a lot with us. Kev is kind of okay, it’s … he keeps getting into these terrible relationships.”

“Oh? What happened this time?”

“Well, he fell for the same ‘big tough daddy’ type again, and now he’s having trouble keeping up. This guy is forcing him into all sorts of whipping and pissing, and … I mean, you know Kev, he’s usually up for that sort of stuff. But he says this is extra violent even by his standards. And now there’s talk of sharing him with his friends. He’s already wearing a cage.”


She showed a pic, Kev spread out on a sofa, wild hair tumbling down, a finger between lips, posing naughtily. “Well, whatever works, eh? I think the water’s warmed up, let’s take a dip.”

Lying in the bathtub, she’s spread out before me, her cock poking just above the water surface. I reach out and thumb it, and stroke her leg under the water with the other hand, as she leans back, flicks her hair around my shoulder and places her head on it, moaning into my ear, and holding on to my head with a hand.

Light jazz music (cheap bluetooth speakers FTW!) echoes as I angle myself against her inner rosebud and slowly rub against it.

“Yeah baby, right there,” she exhales, and clenches her stomach in. I back off, wanting to edge her closer and closer, until she almost bends in half as she cums, spurting above the water.

I’m not that hard, but don’t feel the need to come. I close my eyes and drift off for a bit.

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