My TV Experience

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I met a bi couple in Sydney several years ago on the internet. Val and John were really into many kinky things and were really very Bi sexual.

After a few weeks of getting to know each other and finding out what we all liked etc. via email, Val and John wanted to meet me.

I arrived at their place to find John already dressed in sexy satin Panties, bra and stockings. I knew then that this was going to be a wild experience. I walked into the living room to see Val dressed in similar sexy lingerie and I could feel my passion grow.

Val suggested that I change into satin panties and bra that were lying on the couch together with toys and a strap-on dildo, and as Val and John sat and watched I undressed with their eyes burning against my flesh. Finally pulling down my boxer shorts my cock was hard and throbbing in anticipation of what lay ahead.

Slipping on the lime green satin panties, the feeling of the satin against my cock, balls and ass was amazing. I then tried to put the matching bra on and John got up to help me. Once he finished behind me I could feel his panty clad hard cock pressing against my ass and he reached around and massaged my cock through my panties.

Val then led John and I into the bedroom and we all lay down on the bed caressing and fondling each other through all of our satin and lace panties and bras. As I kissed and licked Val’s nipples and breasts I could feel John Ataşehir Escort lick and suck my cock through the satin panties and the feeling was sensational. Val’s sexy smell lures my focus as I trace my tongue down her stomach, my hands start to wander around her groin and thighs. Not able to resist, my mouth kisses the exposed skin around her panties and kiss and nibble this sensitive area, but then my mouth and nose lightly touch Val’s pussy through her panties and I can smell and feel how wet she is.

I pull the panties down quickly and in one lick slide my tongue along the length of her shaven pussy making her shudder in anticipation of what I will be doing. Getting the taste and the hot juices on my tongue sends me wild and I start to lick and suck the folds of skin while snaking my tongue inside her hot cauldron of juices.

I can feel John sliding down my sexy satin panties now licking and sucking my cock, balls and asshole while I pay attention to Val’s hot and wet pussy. Feeling John’s tongue slide all over my balls and then along my ass crack and centering on my sensitive puckered asshole was causing my rock hard cock to throb.

By now Val is squirming around, breathing heavily and moaning as I attack her hot succulent juices with my tongue. Savoring the flavors I keep licking up the overflowing juices. My tongue darts down and lightly teases the juices around and on her asshole Kadıköy Escort and the sensation again adds to the erotic desire. I then slide my tongue harder into her asshole rimming it.

Sensing Val is near to orgasm, I use my fingers to slide into her hot and tight sexual opening, my tongue and mouth then start licking her clit relentlessly until she goes absolutely wild and thrashes around holding my head positioned around her clit. Val tenses up and stiffens in orgasm, yelps in pleasure and I leave her over-sensitive clit alone. My mouth and tongue start to suck the flowing cum juices hungrily …

By now, we all had removed our panties and bras. I move around to be confronted by John’s hard cock. Taking his cock and tonguing the head, I then lick down to his balls and suck and take them in my mouth. I then slide my tongue further down and slide it all over his asshole and push it in. I can now feel Val’s tongue dancing around my throbbing cock and balls.

I return to John’s cock and slide it into my mouth feeling his throbbing cock pressing on the back of my throat. I start to pump my mouth over his cock. I use my fingers and slide them in his asshole and this takes him over the edge as he cums deep into my throat with hot sticky cum. At the same time I erupt into Val’s mouth as she sucks my juices dry.

After recovering from a quick and intense orgasm, I saw John had slid Ümraniye Escort into Val from behind with his big 8″ cock and was slowly fucking her in deliberate strokes making her moan. Not wanting to be left out, I slide under both Val and John and started to lick her clit and John’s cock and balls as they fucked. Everybody was moaning in pleasure and I could feel Val starting to cum and was rewarded with a torrent of her juices flowing into my mouth and after what seemed like an eternity John’s cum came rushing out with a few last spurts. The combined juices dribbled into my open mouth with the tangy flavours mixed together!

After a rest and some wine John had started to get hard again and started to slip his big cock into Val again and I watched as they enjoyed a nice slow fuck. Val asked me to double fuck her, so I get behind Val after they had rolled over. Using some lube, I start to slide my cock into her ass, slowly and gently until she got used to the two cocks inside her, Val started to pant and go crazy at being filled with two cocks as her orgasm subsided, I started to suck her juices off John’s cock, again enjoying the flavors.

I then felt Val behind me with the strap-on, lubed and pushing against my asshole. It was an amazing feeling with a plastic fake cock sliding slowly into my ass putting pressure on my prostate. I started to suck John’s cock hard as he was stroking my hard cock at the same time. I felt my orgasm approaching and as Val slid the fake cock deep into me this pushed me into the most intense orgasm I have ever had and I came hard, cum shooting out of my cock onto John and the bed, I was soon rewarded with his cum shooting into my mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32