My Treacherous Wife

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My name is Matt.

Married with my wife Teresa for 20 years now I still love her like the day I met her.

I have my own little electrician company and recently purchased an old house far of my home city maybe three -four kilometers away in the Woods.

We do have a lot of privacy there as not a lot of people come so far out of the City. Our best Friends the Müllers build a new house right next to us. We enjoyed to have some company out there.

Well recently my wife wanted to rebuild the balcony so I took some time off and started to work on that (I enjoy still doing some work myself).

So I already had removed the parapet so the balcony was now open and you had to be careful when going out there not to step over the edge.

I also had removed some old wood parts which looked severely damaged but to still have secure ground to work on I replaced them with some bigger wooden boards. It was Thursday morning and I was out there doing some work on the edge of the balcony, meanwhile my wife was inside probably reading a book and having a glass of wine.

She was dressed in a White blouse, a rather short blue hotpants and a black pantyhose.

I disliked her being on the couch like that. Not that I did not like her wearing such a sexy outfit.

I absolutely loved my wife to wear pantyhose or stockings but the downside, the big downside was that she was wearing them a long time mostly around four -five days sometimes a week and had a hell of a foot odor in those things.

As I knew her she was probably resting her feet up on the couch as well, right in the area where I usually place my head.

So after I would be done with work I would have to smell her feet odor in the cushion while watching TV.

The reason I dislike her odor is easy. Not that I had a problem with it from the start but about five years into our marriage we were on a party and got home pretty drunk.

As we ended in bed she wanted to try some new stuff and tie me up while riding me.

I agreed and she tied my hands securely to the end of the bed with some short ropes, then removing her black panty and gagging me with it before trying to mount me.

As we were pretty drunk she was not really getting me inside here and got a bit frustrated finally stopping and falling over on her back. While she was falling over her feet moved up and found their place next to my head. I tried to get her untie me but thanks to the gag I couldn’t make enough noise for her to notice.

She was passing out leaving me there all tied and with her reeking stockinged feet next to my face. During sleep she would move a lot and her feet ended completely covering my nose. I had to endure it for at least 6 hours which made me hate that putrid smell.

Of course she apologies the next morning and always tries not to get her feet near my nose nowdays.

Anyway that should explain my dislike of her foot odor. Back to the main story.

I was working out there. Making quite some noise , since our Neighbors the Müllers were on vacation, I tried to remove some of the concrete from the edge. After half a hour I got tired and wanted something to drink so I placed the machine on the floor and turned towards the door. Not wanting to waste time I was walking over the replacement wooden boards I mentioned earlier. They were about 2 meters long covering a hole of maybe 1,5 metes in diameter.

While having both feet on these panels I heard a low cracking sound. At first stopping and turning my head to find out where that came from. Another crack noise. Right below me. I looked down and saw the panels slowly giving in. I moved to the edge of the panels slowly, always checking for more cracks. Another step, another noise. Only one more step till I was back on concrete ground. Right as I lifted my foot to place it there, the panels gave in and I dropped down. Lucky as I was I could grab the edge of the concrete ground and pull me a bit up again.

Having my arms and Escort Bayan hands up trying to get more grip, as well as my head poking over the edge with my chin resting on the cold concrete ground. I heard Teresa’s high heels coming towards me.

The noise probably alarmed her.

She was stopping at the door and slipping her heels off (she never goes outside with those I don’t know why) then hurried towards the edge with her now only pantyhose covered feet.

She was stopping right in front of me with her left foot next to my right arm and her right foot in front of my head.

“What the hell happened Matt?” She asked a little scared.

“Well the wooden panels gave in and I dropped down here. I have some trouble getting enough grip to pull me up I need you to help me.”

“Yeah sure, Just need a bit of rope or something to secure us or you might pull me down too.”

Well not likely I thought as she had quite some strength and also got some more pounds in the last years. Not that she was fat mind you but her thighs and her belly got a bit bigger, of course as did her breast which I quite enjoyed.

“Not much time for that honey. I don’t have any ropes up here and I don’t know how long I can hold in this position.”

She looked around concerned searching the balcony for something to secure herself.

Meanwhile she tapped her toes a bit, which send some waves of really strong foot odor my way. I wrinkled my nose and looked up.

Seeing my wife standing over me like that in her full beauty, with her tight blouse on and her Smooth pantyhose covered legs, the sight unmanned me. Though the odor broke that moment for me.

“I will shout to the Müllers so they come over as well hon. Then I will help you up.”

“No way. They are on vacation Teresa. Your the only one here who can help me.”

It took her a moment to recognize fully what I just said but the concerned look on her face suddenly vanished and was replaced by a sadistic grin.

“Well hon. Since we are all on ourselves here. I do have a deal I want to offer you.”

“Teresa! Help me up we can talk about that later!”

“Sadly we can’t. I can really only talk about that now while you need me.”

My eyes locked with hers. Her green eyes blazing with fire.

“I want access to your Company bank account.”

“Teresa now is really not the time to ..”

She cut me short, placing her right pantyhose foot or better her toes on my lips.

“Well it’s exactly the time for it.”

She removed her toes from my mouth. I was slowly loosing grip and slipped off the edge a bit. Barely able to hold my head there I answered her.

“2377 is the code, and you now where the card is don’t you?”

“Thanks Hon.”

“Now come on help me up. I can barely hold on any longer!”

“Well there is another thing. You know this little boy from the Bank. Tony. Don’t you? He is 12 years younger than I. He is so eager to get some sex with me. I already had him liking my pussy a few times and while he is not as skilled as you are he makes it up with stamina. Well he is more than eager to ride me and to be honest he has a nice cock. I can’t deny it any longer you see. But I don’t want you to divorce me either. So I guess the best way is if you just accept it the way it is. ”

Was that real or a bad dream?

I knew this youngster. He was an average guy.

Was she really betraying me like that? I couldn’t take that. No!

“You stupid Cow! I will not stand by and look at you go around fucking other men and keep silent about that!”

“Sad Matt. It really saddens me to hear that. Maybe you don’t really understand your position.”

I did not care at that moment. I used all the strength I had left to pull me up. Winning more ground every second. Until I felt a moist warm sole against my forehead.

“How dare you stop me?” I asked in rage

“Well I cannot let you get up like that. You need Bayan Escort to realize that I have the power now.”

With those words she pressed against my head with all her wight. I slid back down. My head slipped over the edge. My arms were desperately trying to hold onto the ledge. I slipped some more until my fingers got grip right at the ledge. Now I was hanging there with only my Fingers left and most of my strength had gone aswell. I was shocked how cold my wife was. How could she do that anyway?

“I guess you have like 5 -10 minutes until your Fingers slip off too. You should really think about my deal again hon. Mind you I’m in the better position now.”

With that she lifted her right foot and placed her toes on the fingers of my left hand. She put them down carefully and gentle only exert enough pressure for me to notice them.

“5 – 10 minutes until you slip off. Well that is without my sweaty pantyhose feet stepping on your fingers of course. And don’t think I wouldn’t do that. You should be aware of my intention by now.”

There I was hanging on the balcony by my fingers, my wife standing over me purposely placing her feet on my fingers.

“You cannot step on my fingers so easily. If I fall down there and die the police will surely find out that you did that. Your sweat and all is on my skin now.”

“Oh officer I came out and saw that he was gone. I ran to the edge loosing my heels while doing so. As I reached the edge I realized that I was standing on his fingers and has I stepped off he fell down. I killed my husband oh god.” She said in a half sexy half crying voice.

“Sounds convincing doesn’t it Matt.”

Sadly she was right. Time was racing against me. Below me at least 6 metes to the hard rocky ground. Above me my wife ready to kick my fingers loose if I don’t agree on all her terms. My fingers sliding off slowly and my strength leaving me.

But I will not give in to that. She cannot fuck other men while being my wife.

My mind raced. There must be a way how I could get up. Surely convincing her to let go wouldn’t work. But maybe I could grab the window sill below me.

“Time is passing Matt.”

She increased the pressure on my fingers now. Lifting her heel and putting more pressure on her toes.

“I’m not sure your Fingers can hold on if I start twisting my foot.”

She loved it. I was sure by now that there was nothing she did not enjoy on that situation. She was always the more dominant part in the relationship. But I would have never thought she could be such a beast. Never ending love heh? Pah what a shit.

The window was probably 1,5 m below my stomach. If I could time it right I might could grab the edge of the ledge , while falling. I had to. It was the only chance I had.

The window was the big one in our stairwell. The window ledge was only 20 cm higher than the stair behind so if I could grab the ledge it would be the best way back in.

The window was half open too. Giving me a fair chance.

A pain suddenly ran through my entire body. My wife had started to twist her right foot with her toe part on my fingers and probably her whole wight on me. My fingers slipped off one by one and it hurt like hell.

I let out some screams of pain.

“Awww. Does it hurt you hon? Well I told you I would do what I have to. You leave me no choice here.”

“Stupid Bitch!”

“Oh. Well that is the way you want to go? You still have one hand left mind you. I could simply stomp it loose now. But I want to have some fun. She turned her head to the left where my tools were. She went over and picked up something then came back to the edge and knelt down, my hand between her knees.

“That should do the trick.”

Oil. Fuck. If she would put it on my fingers my chance to grip the window ledge where fucking low now.

“Lets see how that works out.”

She poured quite a lot over my right hand. But not over my left. Well Escort of course not. For here that one was out of the game already. She had kicked it off and I still had quite some pain in the fingers. But I still had a chance now.

She got up again and placed the oil back in the toolbox.

“Well hon. I see that your fingers are slipping off. We had a nice time but I guess Tony will make up for your loss. I will wait for you down there.” She pointed her fingers to the ground then turned and left.

Her ass and her pantyhose legs slowly leaving my field of view.

My fingers slipped off.

I was falling.

I had one try. The window came by.

I used all the strength I had and grabbed the edge of the window ledge with my left hand. Stopping my fall but also hitting the wall hard with my body.

I had made it.

Well not fully but at least I had some grip. I got my right hand up and tried to hold on but the oil prevented me from getting enough grip.

It slipped off once, twice, then another time.

Shit I thought.

That was when I heard it. The clicking of her heels.

“Fuck no. She is really coming down that way.” I said to myself.

I had to be fast. There was a good chance she would see my fingers and simply stomp on them another time. It was still quite a distance to the ground.

A last try. And I got some grip. My fingers were holding. Barely but they did. I tried to pull up again. It worked now if I only.

“Oww. Your quite a bit of work you know that?”

Shit she saw me. I had to move up faster. Pulling me up with all my strength. My eyes were poking over the edge of the window panel just to see here heels appear right behind the window.

“How you dare not to fall down? I oiled your hand how can you even grab that edge?

Oh right! I oiled one hand. Silly me I should have oiled your left one as well.

Well you give me a second chance to stomp your hands now. And even with my favorite heels on.

How nice your are. But have no illusions you will fall like you did on the balcony.”

She opened the window fully and stepped onto the window sill placing her hells in front of my fingers.

“Come on Teresa. We had some good times together. Can we not just forget about all that and you help me up?”

“We could hon. But I’m so into stepping on your hands now I simply can’t stop.

I love how you hang there. I love how your fingers poke over the edge. I love that look on your face when I stomp them.

I simply love it more than I love you.”

She stepped on my right hand with her left heel and damn it did hurt. She stomped down hard once, twice then I let go of the edge. Hanging by one hand again.

“Well to not be such a sadistic beast I won’t step on your left hand with my heels on as well.”

She lifted her right foot and dropped that heel back through the window towards the staircase.

“See you in Heaven Hon.”

She chuckled then stepping on my fingers. Again twisting her foot left and right like she stomped out a cigarette. Lifting up her leg to stomp back down. Once, Twice. I held tight.

“A little fighter are you? Hehe more fun for me then.”

I simply can not forget that look on her face when she lifted her foot for the big finale. Already knowing that I would not hold on after that stomp. She looked so overjoyed.

Then her Foot came crashing down. Probably breaking 2 of my fingers. I slipped off. Her face, her body all went away. I was racing towards the ground.

I landed on my legs. They cracked and I hit the ground with the rest of my body. My head hit a stone and my vision faded. I couldn’t move my legs. And had no strength to move my Arms. The pain overpowered me. I faded in and out of conciousness.

I saw here opening the Front door. Coming towards me.

“Well your a lucky bastard. Still alive as I see.”

She stood at my side for a few minutes mustering me. Then went to the garage. The returned with the little board with wheels I used to slide under the car’s when repairing them.

She placed it at my side and rolled me onto it. Then pulled me back into the House. My eyes shout and it became dark around me.

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