My Toy Nancy Ch. 03

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I overhear Nancy ordering Mark around, telling him to make sure he has his car keys and wallet. She takes great delight in reminding him of the consequences if he embarrasses her in public. The two of them head out of the apartment and on the way to their shopping trip.

After they’re gone I get my phone and dial Marge, an old friend of mine. After a few rings she picks up, and after we chat for a couple of minutes I ask if she has time for a visit. I get told to come on out. I get cleaned up, dress and leave the duplex, walking over to the restaurant on the corner where I had left my car. Nice day I think to myself smiling, and it’s going to be a nicer evening.

I get the car and head out. Marge lives a little ways out of town, giving me time to think about the last few weird hours, which then leads to why I contacted Marge. We met a while back when I was a kid screwing around with people in malls and such. She was the only one who ever caught on to what I was doing — and that was because she could do the same time.

Oh, you thought I was some kind of unique freak mutant whatever? No, sorry — and frankly in terms of some of the others I’ve met I’m only average in terms of ability. I’m getting a little ahead of myself. Marge took me under wing, helped me get a handle on my so called talent, and at the age I was it helped a lot. We’d meet at malls or whatever and she would mentor me, give me pointers stuff like that. It helped a lot, and I got a lot better faster with Marge’s tutoring than I would have on my own. And let’s face it, she kept me from getting into trouble.

Along the way I had met her husband Lenny, who was a great guy. Lenny didn’t share our ‘talent’ but he was aware of it. Lenny was a successful businessman in his own right, owned several small manufacturing and retail places. So they lived a comfortable life, had a house with acreage out of town.

Lenny got me a job with one of his small companies after my sophomore year in college. Up to that point I had never been to the house, but one day I was told to run some supplies out to the place — was given an address and an internet map printout. It took a while to find — it’s really out of the way — and figured I’d just be dumping the stuff off and then heading back.

I get to the door and Marge meets me there, lets me in with a kiss on the cheek and a hug. We chat for a bit and she leads me to the kitchen for a talk. Tells me it’s okay with Lenny, this was set up so I would get a better understanding of the situation especially since I’m now over twenty one and working for them.

Turns out Lenny and Marge have interests in a couple of companies that are, well let’s say unique. They never were able to have kids even though both of them had serious appetites for sex. And they both had some interesting tastes in terms of their appetites – so Lenny started building some of their toys. They both realized the quality of his stuff was better than what was on the market, so they decided to create yet another business — a boutique supplier as Marge described it. She just wanted to let me know in case I saw anything as the place I was working at did a lot of the sub assembly work.

Later on I hear some gossip on the job — seems Lenny and Marge liked to host parties at their place in the country. Orgies really, seem like they had created a very exclusive swingers club. I find out later that the club served multiple purposes as it not only provided a safe outlet for their ‘interests’ but Marge and Lenny could also do pilot and market testing from their ’boutique’ line of products.

Unfortunately Lenny passed away a couple of years back; massive heart failure. Marge is still running the various companies, and she is doing well. But since she lost Lenny, well it’s not right that she turns into an old maid widow woman. I’ve had Mark in mind for Marge since this problem of he and Nancy began earlier this morning. She’s ideal for him — Marge is a big tall woman, Amazonian in build. Red hair, big in all the right places, and still very pretty. I always figured her to be a bit younger than Lenny — I pegged her for early forties, him maybe ten years older at the time of his death. And yeah, Marge stared as a central figure in more than a few of my masturbation fantasies!

I get to her place and see there are a few other cars in the drive. I park the car and head to the door, see Marge open it with a big smile on her face. “Ronnie, it’s been a while! Come on in I just started the coffee.”

I guess things have been busy and I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Ron — or Ronnie to my friends. “Hey Marge, coffee sounds great. You look busy, are you sure I’m not intruding?”

I get a hug and a kiss and Marge ushers me into the door. “Just some folks over helping set up for later tonight. I’ve been convinced to start hosting my parties again. We had a smallish one a couple of weeks back and I realized how much I missed them and my circle of special friends; I have some Lalahan Escort members of our group over to help set. Let’s get some coffee and head to the patio, that way we stay out from underfoot.”

We chat getting our coffee, then walk out to the patio and sit. We spend some time catching up and I finally get around to telling Marge what happened very early today with Mark and Nancy, and the predicament it’s created. I broach the subject of her taking him on either for herself or her group.

“Ronnie I know you think you have an idea of what happens in my parties, but let me tell it to you straight. This isn’t just people swapping partners. Lenny and I had, well certain tastes when it came to sex. And once we started that one specialty business we began meeting others who had similar interests. That grew to where we were meeting all sorts of people. Everyone is nice and friendly, and we know what we like and it’s not exactly the same as what everyone else likes. One of the reasons Lenny and I got into hosting these parties — it was a way for the friends we’ve met to safely indulge, have some fun and not feel like they were getting judged. I’m not too sure about taking on someone like this.”

“Marge, stop deflecting. That was a great answer for the part B of my question — now how about the part A. I don’t mean for Mark to be any more than a boy-toy for you — unless you have someone else you’ve been keeping on a leash. In that case what’s the problem with having two? A lady like you needs a braced set of horn dogs, it’ll keep you young and gorgeous. And if it helps, I took a lot of pictures — here.” I bring up the picture function and pass my phone over.

“Around here keeping someone on a leash is not a metaphor, and I’m one who likes to be holding it.” Marge looks through the pictures I took earlier. “Hmm. Okay, Ronnie I’ll admit this Mark is tempting — I do have something to tell you about what you think you did by the way, but that comes next. Damn it he does have a nice cock, he looks so cute on his knees with that hair brush in his ass. Okay, this is what I’ll do. I’ll send Rachael back with you — you listen to what she says, you give her free rein. She’ll know exactly what I want. I’ll be out later tonight — early damn it I don’t want to miss my party — to pick her up and check out this fresh cut of meat. If she and I say OK then he’s in. Deal?”

Marge hands my phone back. “What time — and you bet, it sounds like a plan to me.” Mark better impress Marge and this Rachael or else he’s getting kicked to the curb. My patience with the situation was over when I left for Marge’s — I have no interest in coming up with a Plan B.

“I’ll be out your way around seven tonight. The party here isn’t going to be beginning until later — that gives both Rachael and me time to get home and ready for the fun. Now in terms of you thinking you did something — don’t worry about it. A lot of us have run into the same thing, it’s a stress reaction. Come out again some weekend and we’ll work on it, hone it so it’s controllable. Not today — I have far too much to do. And you guessed right in that the effect is like a deep hypnotic state. You put someone in that state and they are very compliant as well as extremely suggestible. But you really can’t make someone do something that would be against their nature. So I think you’re right about Mark, he sounds like some twisted shit hole. Nancy probably had fantasies and a deep down interest about anal and lezzie sex — and from your description it sounds like she had some inhibitions but they got broken down. But you can forget about thinking you are going to will someone to death or have them break into a bank — unless of course they are already suicidal or really want to be a bank robber.”

I saw Marge frown as she continued. “But you can condition someone to be more accepting of suggestions by jacking up their emotional state. We talked about this before, and it’s something to guard against doing. It’s too easy to use as a crutch, worse you can get sloppy and complacent and one day get caught. Combine the deep hypnotic state with the conditioning and your commands become more powerful. You may have fucked up this Mark guy, but on the other hand from your description of the circumstances I wouldn’t be shedding too many tears over that asshole.”

“There’s another reason I want you to bring Rachael. Lenny and I were always strict about health when we hosted our parties. Our hobby venture started expanding, and we acquired a small clinic as part of our holdings. Everyone gets a clean bill of health from the clinic or they can’t play. Checkups are frequent — they really need to be with our bunch. Rachael works there and I want her to draw samples from Mark. I’ll have her get Nancy’s too — let’s make sure he didn’t give her any presents. She might as well get some from you while she’s at it. Rachael can get them to the lab tomorrow. Nice thing about being the owner, business Escort Lalahan hours are never a problem for me.”

“So let’s get her and have you two head back.” With that we pick up our empty cups and head back into the house and to the kitchen. There’s an attractive plump lady peering into an open refrigerator – taking stock of its contents. She has jet black hair and her jeans display some really nice curves. “Hey Rachael, I want you to meet someone.”

Rachael turns around and I can’t help but notice she has a huge rack, she’s obviously not wearing a bra and the denim shirt she is wearing is barely containing those beauties. “Hi. Marge the food delivery is running late — want me to call those guys?” I don’t want to be a creep so I bring my eyes up to her face — she’s attractive, with the right makeup would be knock out pretty. And she wears glasses. I’m getting a nerdy geek girl vibe from her.

Marge explains to Rachael there’s a change in plans and outlines what she wants her to do. I get told to get my car’s trunk open as they will be bringing out Rachael’s things. After a short wait Marge and Rachael leave the house — Rachael is lugging a large duffle bag while Marge has a couple of plastic utility cases. I help them load the gear into the trunk — the duffle bag goes in first as it’s large and awkwardly shaped. Rachael heads for the passenger side and after giving Marge a hug and kiss goodbye I get behind the wheel and we head back to my apartment.

Rachael outlines her game plan while I drive, and asks for my permission to use Nancy. I readily agree! From talking with Rachael I gather Marge had told her a story – I had caught Mark and Nancy at my apartment in the middle of a scene and they had both admitted to having a number of fetishes and were just acting them out. And after they were caught Nancy begged me to keep her and she would do anything to stay; Mark was afraid of getting blackmailed and was more than willing to cooperate so as to not have his perversions made public.

Obviously Marge didn’t give Rachael the complete picture, and Rachael wasn’t in the know in terms of the talent Marge and I shared. We chat about her plan, then things in general until we arrive at the apartment. I see that Mark and Nancy have already arrived and are parked in the drive so I pull up behind them.

We gather Rachael’s things and head inside. Nancy is sitting on the floor in the middle of the living room going through the pile of items she and Mark had purchased during their trip. “Hi! Mark and I got home just a while ago — I sent him to the bathroom to get out from underfoot.” Nancy sees Rachael and smiles while looking her over. “And I’m Nancy by the way. I’m just going through this treasure trove we brought home.”

I decide introductions are in order. “Nancy meet Rachael. She was sent her to help get Mark ready for a very special meeting later this evening. Rachael meet Nancy, my wife.” Rachael puts her bags down and walks in front of me then stops.

“Ron you told me Nancy was more than just your wife, that she’s a very special part of your new toy collection. Isn’t that so – toy? I think the toy needs to stand so I can inspect it.” Nancy stands up, her arms at her sides. “Not a bad looking item Ron. But I think your toy needs to remove its packaging so we have a better view. Toy, remove your shirt and jeans. And remember your function, take them off so we can enjoy it.”

Nancy slowly pulls her polo shirt up, then off her torso. Once it gets cleared she shakes her head so her hair flies out then drops the shirt down next to her. She brings her hands up and cups her lace brassiere sheathed breasts, then slowly brings them down her belly to the top of her jeans. She leans her lovely rack forward while she rubs the tip of her tongue across her lips and then unbuttons her fly. Rachael walks over to Nancy and stops next to her. “Hands at your sides. Stand upright and thrust that chest forward.”

Rachael walks behind Nancy and stands close to her, reaching around and caressing her breasts. “I’m impressed Ron, your toy has nice tits and they look so very fetching in that pretty bra. Toy, finish unzipping your jeans while I play with your pretty tits.”

Nancy starts to slowly grind her ass into Rachael’s pelvis as she unzips her jeans, then peels them off of her hips. Rachael has unclipped Nancy’s bra and is playing with her nipples. “These aren’t’ the biggest set I’ve played with but are still a nice handful. Toy you can pull your pants down, then finish removing your bra. Leave your panties on for now.” Rachael steps away and starts rummaging thru the various packages on the floor, selecting a few and stacking them off to the side.

Nancy tugs her jeans off, puts them with her polo shirt. Rachael looks her up and down, motions for Nancy to turn around. “Nice all the way around Ron, and what a lovely ass your toy dolly has. Toy, go get the sissy slut out here.” Nancy leaves then returns Lalahan Escort Bayan shortly with Mark in tow.

“The fresh meat is finally delivered. Sissy slut — you – the one with the male appendage — stand in the middle of the room.” Marks slinks into the room, stands where Nancy was just a moment ago. “Sissy sluts should not look like normal people, get your outer clothes off. Now.” Mark starts fumbling with his shirt as Rachael selects a riding crop from the pile she had set aside. She slaps it against a nearby chair. “Nice, crops work so much better when they are brand new. ” She turns to Mark and smiles. “But why should I keep testing on a chair when I have a fresh unmarked meat bag crying for tenderizing standing next to me?”

Mark rips his shirt off and then in an almost cartoonish blur removes his pants, then stands. “You don’t listen so well do you tenderloin?” Rachael walks over and smacks Mark on the ass with the crop. “I said outer clothes. Didn’t whatever thing that expelled you explain that shoes and socks are outer clothes?” She smacks his ass again. Mark winces as he kicks off his shoes, then reaches over to pull his socks off. While he’s bent over Rachael hits him again on the ass with the crop.

Mark stands up, he’s still in the same stained and worn bra and panties Nancy had given him earlier. Racheal starts giggling as she walks around him. “You are the most pathetic looking thing. And really, your dick is hard? You’re enjoying this? Oh boy, I can see Ron was right you are some piece of twisted shit aren’t you.”

Rachael finishes her inspection and stands in front of Mark, lightly slapping the crop against the tip of his erection as she talks. “Alright sissy boy here’s the plan. Ron has offered you to a friend of mine, suggesting you might be an adequate play thing for her. I’m here to get you ready for her.” Rachael stops her tapping, now she slides the tip of the crop back and forth along the top of his erection.

“First though we want to make sure you aren’t carrying anything nasty since you clearly like sticking wee willie wee-wee into things you shouldn’t be.” Rachael brings the crop up and slaps Mark’s cock tip with it. Mark winces while she gets one of her cases, puts it down on a chair and opens it up. Rachael takes out a pair of latex gloves and puts them on. Then she pulls out some swabs and sample containers.

“Toy — the one with the cunt — get over by sissy boy and take his panties off, you are going to help by playing nurse. We’re going to start by inspecting meats meat and ass.” Nancy goes to Mark and tugs his panties down to the floor, then has Mark step out of them. Nancy picks them up and shoves the crotch of the panties into Mark’s mouth.

“Nice touch dolly. Now get on your knees next to cum gobbler there and grab onto his cock for me — I need you to spread open his piss hole. Now listen up meat boy — I need a sample from your urethra. This is going to hurt. If you move it will hurt more and probably cause a tear because I’m going to shove this stick into piss hole and down your cum pipe to get my sample.” Nancy holds up one of the swabs and grins cruelly at Mark.

Nancy grabs Mark’s erect cock and spreads open his piss hole. Still grinning Rachael takes the swab and inserts it, twisting it around while she gets her sample. Mark’s breathing heavy, his hands balled into fists. “Just so you know swishy boy the next sample comes from your ass. You look like you were a cock gobbling twink when you were younger, so I think it safe to assume you regularly take it in your loose worn out ass. We want to make sure you aren’t carrying Chlamydia.”

Nancy jerks the swab out of Mark’s cock and he cries out, she puts it into one of the sample containers. “Okay toy, let go of sissy boy’s cock and get ready for your next task. Meat boy bend over and spread your ass cheeks. That must come very natural to you.”

Mark does what he’s told and grunts while Nancy pushes the swab into his asshole. “Well well well, maybe I was wrong about you. Your anal ring doesn’t have that dilapidated well used look I usually see from the other bottoms and fag hags I deal with. Just between us girls that’s going to change from what I’ve heard. You need to be checking out buying case lots of Depends if you know what I mean. Okay you can get up.”

Mark is wincing as he straightens up. Nancy grins at him. “Cheer up, I know a guy who’ll do cut rate colostomy’s — that’ll keep you from constantly shitting yourself. Just trying to help you sissy boy.”

Mark stands still while Rachael pulls out some more equipment from her case. “Next thing I need is a urine sample. Princess has a hard on so we’ll do it this way. Toy grab the queen’s cock again we are drilling for oil.”

Rachael uncaps a tube of lube and passes it to Nancy to hold. She then takes Marks shirt and jeans and places it as a pad on the floor in front of him. She removes a catheter from its packaging and puts the end into a holding bag. Grinning evilly she brings the catheter tip to Nancy. “Okay toy, squirt lube on the tip and the rest of the tubing. Sissy boy this is getting inserted into your urethra so I can get a urine sample. If you relax it may even feel good. If you tense up it hurts like a bitch. Guess which one I prefer?”

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