My Surprise Party

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All characters portrayed in this tale are fictitious (that would be “fake” as in not real) and are to be considered over the legal age regardless of where you hail from and the applicable laws of your location. If you are easily shocked or offended, this may well not be the story for you.


My relatively new girlfriend, Brenda, and I have known each other since our school days, and had lost contact with each other over most of our adult lives until in our very late 40’s, at which time, we began talking regularly. As we reacquainted ourselves with each other, our chats became increasingly more personal, eventually leading into very in-depth, down-deep-and-dirty discussions about our sexual pleasures, and dislikes (the latter being an extremely short list), our experiences and our fantasies. We found ourselves to be so very similar in our endeavors sexually, and things we wanted to try… in general, the lifestyle we both wanted to freely live and enjoy.

Brenda, I found, is bisexual. She, surprisingly, can also be very dominant even as petite as she is. She loves a hot woman about as much as she likes a hot man.

I, on the other hand, am also bisexual, extremely submissive, liking a hot man about as much as I like a hot woman.

In our discussions, we had talked about such things as us being together, and that we would love to watch each other not only with members of the same sex, but also with members of the opposite. We also talked about group sex, animals, exhibitionism, voyeurism, nudist camps and colonies, PDA’s and other public displays, golden showers, the fact that I love wearing women’s panties (the silkier, lacier and sexier, the better) as often as possible, as well as sometimes wearing pantyhose… the list goes on, and as they say, no holds barred (almost).

This all led to our actually getting together as a couple. Her previous relationships, much like my own, did not allow for such interests… no, not ever, no how, no way… as our previous partners were very closed-minded and “uptight” people… but, together, we promised each other to do our very best to fulfill each other’s wildest fantasies, and not only allow each other to live the life we both want, but also to encourage it, to even continue to push the boundaries, push the proverbial envelope… the only caveat being as long as we were both agreeable and did such things together . This left the field wide open to the imagination as to the things we do and try together.

In many (most) occasions, she took the role as my Mistress, I her slave, she dominating me in all ways. Sometimes we reversed roles, and I took the lead, making her my slut. Sometimes, neither was the dominant nor the submissive one… but we always dared to try new things regardless.

My birthday was coming up (Valentine’s Day, February 14, of all dates)… I generally do not do anything for my birthday, and just treat it as any other day. This tradition was about to change… drastically! She was up to something, I could tell. All she would say is that she was planning something very special for my birthday, making it one beyond my wildest dreams. She also talked me into taking a week’s vacation starting with my birthday, which was a Monday, therefore, I’d be off work from Friday evening prior through all of the next week until the following Monday. More than that, she would not say.

As my birthday was getting closer and closer, I was getting increasingly apprehensive (due to not celebrating my birthday usually) about what she was cooking up for me, yet at the same time, getting all the more excited, because she always pleases me no matter what she does.

I had gotten off of work on Friday night beginning my vacation as soon as I left the building and the weekend progressed as usual with the exception that she spent an unusual amount of time on the phone in private, chatting online, sending and replying to emails, etc.

The night before my birthday, she was extremely hot and horny, and we made love as equals with all of the passion of horny teenagers, alternating between hard and fast, and slow and gentle, changing up positions frequently.

Our lust finally sated for the night, we laid back in bed, and she told me that tomorrow night was going to be my night and the start of a week of ecstasy and a lot of fun… we held each other close and fell fast asleep.

We woke the next morning with renewed fervor and made love as passionately as the night before, her finishing our love-making session with “Happy Birthday, Lover! I love you!”

We had our breakfast (which I prepared for her as it was Valentine’s Day as much as it was my birthday). Amongst other things, I gave her a necklace with a small key on it that was half of a set, my half of the pair having a miniature pair of handcuffs. This pleased her immensely!

She told me that she didn’t have anything for me in the way of material presents for my birthday… However, she had a gift for me for Val’s Day that would aid in the gaziantep escort ilanları fun and festivities of my surprise party.

After we finished eating, she ordered me in her severely dominant Mistress tone to strip naked, and then to clean the kitchen from making our breakfast. I obeyed my Mistress, and removed what little clothing I had on, and proceeded to clean up the mess.

Immediately after cleaning the kitchen, she spanked me, telling me I was a bad boy leaving my clothing on the floor where I had taken it off. I took the clothing to our room and placed it in the hamper. I returned to her and awaited her next instruction.

She produced a small package wrapped in Valentine’s paper and handed it to me, telling me to open it. I did so to find several pairs of very silky, very lacy panties. One by one, she had me model them for her, and finally selected one pair of silky, black panties trimmed in pink lace with a little pink bow tied in the front. She told me that I am to wear these to my party and that we were going to leave in just a little while.

She instructed me to remove them for now, and had me follow her to the shower where I was to wash her body thoroughly, followed by drying her off. She then instructed me to shave my head, face and groin area (she loves my skin there as smooth as a baby’s bottom) and then to shower myself. Further, after I finished showering, I was to lotion my body from head to foot with the lotion that she would have waiting for me.

Once I had completed my tasks as ordered, I returned to the bedroom, where she had laid out a pair of jeans, and a white tank top for me along with the black and pink panties she had selected earlier, instructing me to get dressed and be quick about it. I dressed as quickly as possible and met her in the living room.

She was beautiful, dressed in a tight, very low-cut white sheer top with no bra (or anything else) underneath, so her small, beautiful tits and perky nipples were quite seeable. Below that was an extremely short denim mini skirt.

She had already packed her own bags for the week away, and instructed me to do likewise, but that I was to pack only the bare essentials such as toiletries, one clean pair of jeans and one clean shirt, and the remainder of the panties she had bought for me. I was to do so and return quickly.

When I returned to the living room, she came to me and wrapped her arms around me and kissed me passionately, sticking her tongue in my mouth as she did so. She withdrew and smiled to me and asked, “Are you ready for the greatest birthday party of your life?” I told her that, indeed, I was.

We loaded the car (a ragtop) and got in, but before we left the driveway, she ordered me to remove all of my clothes except for my black and pink panties. I was to go the entire drive like this, and that in a few minutes, we’d be on the highway for a good portion of the trip, and she wanted anyone in vehicles high enough to look down into the car (which pretty much was almost everyone) to see me in nothing but pretty panties.

We entered the highway, and almost immediately, trucker’s horns started blaring, folks in other vehicles who noticed me slowed down for a better look, and cat calls started. However, it was next to impossible to determine who was enjoying seeing me in my panties, or my girl in her outfit (her skirt was hiked so far up that she might as well have not worn it at all, it becoming all to obvious that she wasn’t wearing any panties… Anyone at half a glance would get a full look at her shaved-clean pussy. Her top was so low cut, and sheer, she might as well have not had that on either). Occasionally, she intentionally drew attention to us by beeping the car’s horn.

Between the very sight of her almost nude in her outfit, and all of the attention we were drawing from other motorists, my cock was hard and poking out from the top of the panties. As we slowly passed a trucker on the highway, she slowed down to equal speed alongside the driver and told me to pull the panties down to give him a full view of my stiff member and to stroke it slowly for him. I did as I was instructed and the driver seemed to appreciate the show I was giving him. She kept us in check with the trucker for a few minutes, and seemed to note when I was about to blow my load all over me, and ordered me to stop and then picked up speed blowing her horn as we pulled ahead.

At one point, she instructed me to finger her pussy so other drivers could see and watch as she kept pace with them. At other times, she would play with herself to their pleasure.

This continued for the first couple of hours as our drive was more and more up hills and towards the mountains. They were no longer looming I the distance, but rather, we were fast becoming one with them.

Finally, we took an exit for some town that I have never heard of, and once at the end of the exit ramp, turned onto a small road, very rural, and continued our ascent into the mountains. On this road, our opportunities were almost nil to continue our show for others as there were rarely any other vehicles in sight, and we passed through only one small town, otherwise, nothing but nature.

Soon, we turned off of this road onto a gravel lane that wound its way into the trees, the surrounding woods swallowing us whole. We continued twisting our way through the deepening woods until finally a clearing began to appear ahead… not much of a clearing… just one big enough to fit a somewhat mid-sized cabin, very rustic and obviously remote.

As we approached the clearing and the cabin was in view, I reached for my jeans to put them on. But, before I got even close to picking them up, Brenda slapped my arm and told me that I wouldn’t need them.

She drove to the left of the cabin and around front (we had actually approached the cabin from the rear) where there were a couple of other cars (neither of which I recognized) parked to my surprise. “Okay,” I thought to myself… “She has friends here for my party, but I don’t know them. And, she has me in nothing but frilly, pink and black panties.”

She pulled in alongside one of the last vehicles in the lineup, and cut the motor. We sat there in silence for a moment, she kissed me on the cheek, and then she spoke: “Are you ready for your party, my Love?”

I replied, “Yes.” my bewilderment likely obvious to her.

“You will do exactly as you’re told, no hesitation, no question.” She had left something out, I sensed, but I could not put a finger on it.

“Okay, I will do as you say.”

“Good, now let’s go in, settle in and have a drink with some friends.” She replied.

“Like this?” pointing to my pink and black sexy panties.

“Yes! I told you, you will do as you are told, no questions!”

“Yes, Mistress.” I had been put in my place. I still had that nagging feeling that she was leaving something out.

So, I “pulled up my big girl panties” and got out of the car. Brenda met me around the back at the trunk and opened it. I retrieved her bag and my meager one and we proceeded into the cabin that would be our home for the week.

The front door to the cabin gave way to a relatively large living room stretching from front to back of the structure, an open stairway to the left going up to what I assumed were the bedrooms. Under the stairs was an open door into a bathroom. At the right side of the living room was a doorway into what appeared to be the kitchen.

Our guests were waiting for our arrival on the couch in the living room, drinks already in hand. Brenda instructed me to go into the kitchen and pour her a glass of wine and get myself a beer. Once completed, I returned to the living room, barely aware of my lack of clothes… until I noticed our guests’ stares.

Jan and Dave are a young couple, perhaps late 20’s to very early 30’s at best. Jan, a pretty redhead, green eyes, typical fair skin with a smattering of freckles just enough to be cute on her, average in build and weight, smallish to medium breasts… beyond that, I couldn’t tell much more as she was sitting down. Dave was slim, a decent looking guy with sandy blond hair and blue eyes. Not very remarkable, but just plain good looks. Both Jan and Dave looked me over intently.

Now, the other couple wasn’t quite what I was expecting even though I really didn’t know what to expect. Bill and Jay were a gay couple, both in maybe their late 40’s, both attractive and well-toned.

I have to admit, between my girl, and these couples, not to mention my wearing nothing but women’s panties, I was feeling things stirring deep in my groin.

Dave spoke up and in an authoritative tone, told me to go get him and Jan a drink, both wine. I almost hesitated, but thought better of it, remembering Brenda’s instructions, and that nagging feeling that she had left something out beginning to clear. I went into the kitchen again and brought them their wine with a slight bow as I handed them their glasses.

I returned to my beer, and barely got a sip and Jay told me to go get them each a fresh drink (which cemented the answer to that nagging feeling, and my role here.

I obeyed and got Bill a beer and got Jay a scotch… When I returned with their drinks again with a slight bow, Bill gave me a swift swat and a quick grab of my ass. Jay smiled broadly all the while staring at the bulge in my pink and black panties.

I could feel all eyes on me as I walked away from our guests.

Someone knocked at the door, which gave a bit of a start, as I had just really begun to revel in the attentions being given me.

Brenda ordered me to answer the door and let our new guest arrivals in. Further, she expected me to greet them warmly… I wasn’t quite sure what to make of that last instruction, but I dared not ask questions. I went to the door, and opened it to reveal a female approximately 22 years old, blonde and shapely, and a man who had to be at least twice her age if not more… Both eyeballed me up and down and smiled in what seemed like approval.

I was to greet them warmly, and not being sure what that could mean, I stepped to the young woman and kissed her passionately, welcoming her in. I stepped back and saw a smile on her face. The man stepped to me and kissed me just as passionately as I had just kissed the young lady, as his hand reached down and firmly grasped one ass cheek, while the young lady fondled my ball sac followed by sliding her fingers up the length of my now hardened shaft sending shivers through my body.

After ushering the couple into the living room, I offered the couple drinks which they readily accepted, and as I walked towards the kitchen, I heard the girl tell her other half that this was going to be the most fun trip she’s been on in a long time.

As I returned with the new couple’s drinks, a new knocking at the door once again, and without being told, I answered the door.

Standing there in the doorway was a handsome young man, well-toned, in jeans and muscle shirt. He smiled giving the an all-over glance, and immediately stepped to me and kissed me, inserting his tongue into my mouth, probing… His hands were on my crotch and ass as we kissed. I eagerly returned the favour, kissing him and exploring his mouth with my own tongue and feeling up his jean-clad cock.

Having escorted him into the living room and getting his drink, offering fresh drinks to the rest of our guests and to Brenda; I waited patiently for the next instruction.

Brenda, my beautiful and so very sexy girl, told me to get myself a beer, which I did thankfully. When I returned to the guests and Brenda, she took charge and spoke to us all:

“Hi, everyone!” she began. “Welcome to this week of fun! My name is Brenda, and this is Link, my boyfriend, my sex slave/slut, my obedient slave boy. I hope you like the sight of him in his panties! We are all here for the next week to help him celebrate his birthday, which is ironically, today, February 14… Valentine’s Day!”

“Link… These are quite obviously our guests for the week. You are here to serve them in any way they see fit. You will do exactly as I tell you and exactly as they tell you, regardless of what it is, and you will do so without hesitation, without question. Do you understand, Link?”

I replied, “Yes, my Mistress!”

Turning back towards our guests, she continued, “As you just heard, Link is here to serve and service each and every one of you for the entire week. The sky is pretty much the limit as to what you can do with him, to him, and make him do to and with you… that’s all of you women, as well as all of you men. The only limitations are that he is not to be harmed in any way, or permanently marked. Is all of this understood?” “Oh,” she added, “Link will be spending the nights in bed with me, with or without others.”

Each and every guest nodded in agreement, some actually acknowledging verbally.

Brenda then turned to me once again, and said, “Link, I will introduce each guest individually, one at a time. As I introduce them, you are to greet them in any way you feel they expect, and if they take the lead, follow their lead. Is that understood?”

“Yes, my Mistress, I understand and will obey.” was my reply to her, certainly loud enough and intentionally forward enough to invoke compliance, my total submission to their every whim and desire, as well as my eagerness to serve and to please Brenda and our guests.

“Good. Now for the introductions. Come here, Link and face our guests and let them have a good look at you before names are given. I want them to see their property that will be at their total and complete disposal for the coming week.”

I did as I was instructed without hesitation. I stood in front of our guests, my Masters and Mistresses, my owners, for this week.

“Okay, let’s start from the left,” she began. “We have Jan and Dave. Link, say hello to Jan and Dave.”

I walked to where Jan and Dave were sitting, saying a sincere hello with a broad smile. I leaned over and kissed Jan and gave her some tongue action while my right hand fondled her left tit with an added gentle tweak of her nipple. As I withdrew, she sat there for a moment almost in a trance.

Next, I moved over a step to stand in front of Dave. I said, “Hi, Dave.” And also kiss bent in to kiss him, my right reaching down and caressing his cock through his jeans. It felt like he had a decent-sized package.

I stood back and as I did so, Dave reached forward and ran his fingers gently along the length of my cock, then back down again between my legs and with slight pressure, fingered my asshole through my panties..

“Next, we have Bill and Jay, Link. Please say hi to them,” said Brenda.

I leaned forward, this time one hand around the nape of each of their necks, and I drew them to me, kissing each of them passionately as each wrapped an arm around and felt my panty-clad ass cheeks before letting them relax back into the couch. As I moved back, I let me hands run down their chests, over a nipple, and downward over their bellies to their members, giving each a slight squeeze. This seemed to please them immensely.

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