My Summer Camp Journal 2012

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Author’s Note: This is my Summer Lovin’ 2012 contest entry and I hope you enjoy! Please remember only one vote per reader and comments are appreciated and welcomed! ~ Red

July 23, 2012

I can’t believe my mother is making me do this. I’m a senior in high school for God’s sake; I shouldn’t have to keep a journal if I don’t want to. Sure I know she’s probably right. I’ll look back when I’m old and decrepit and relive my glory days, but seriously making me go to Summer Camp at the age of eighteen is ridiculous. The only good thing about being here is that I’m not back at home watching her and Don suck face.

Anyway, I did promise I’d write in this damn thing, so here I am… it’s the first day of summer camp. It’s the same camp I’ve been coming to since I was in 2nd grade. Mom had my ass here as soon as she was able. They had mini-camping sessions and sure it was fun, but that was when painting with your fingers was cool and eating glue was the highlight of my life.

Just like all the years before, this year I again took the camp charter bus from Detroit along with several other campers, all of us ranging in age. Immediately I started scouting out for those girls you know you want to avoid and those boys you know you want to get to know better. I’ll admit, I had a few camp loves over the past several years and when I was younger I thought I’d die when I left camp at the end of the week. This year though, I’m not looking for love, not really. I’m starting my last year at Richfield High and I’ve got my eye on John Grimson, the star quarterback from Waynedale, our rival school! He’s sooooooooo hot!

With that said, it doesn’t mean I won’t take a gander at the flock of eye candy that rode with me on the bus and don’t get me started on the counselors! OMG! I think my panties got wet the instant James introduced himself. He’s in charge of Waterfront — our activities that will take place on Long Lake. I can’t wait to “drown” in his presence, someone bring me some CPR!

Once we got to camp, and our roommates were assigned, we all headed to our cabins and unloaded our stuff. It was awkward at first, but eventually we all settled in and made the Las Vegas promise: Whatever happens in the cabin, stays in the cabin. This of course applies to camp too. LOL!

My cabin buddies seem normal. Julie, is a cheerleader and probably the skinniest of us all, which means we’re all going to feel guilty when we stuff Smores into our mouths and she’s nibbling on them. Kate is a farmer’s daughter and though she’s not a waif, she’s not a big girl either, but her muscles… MY GOD! This girl is built! She’s got biceps that are larger than my fists! And her boobs — Jesus, how she gets a bra to fit those mothers is beyond me! Sara is probably the quietest girl in the cabin. She’s a short, round little thing and has already told us (repeatedly) that she’s hoping to lose 10 pounds while she’s here. More power to her, I say. It may happen — after all, we do a lot of outdoor shit while were here at Walden.

It’s about 9:30 at night and the girls are actually all sleeping. I don’t get it. It’s a week with no parents and we can stay up and talk and do shit and they all collapsed on me. Oh well, guess that’s why I’m here now, writing in this damn book. I don’t have much to say right now. We ate lunch and met more of the counselors and we took a quick tour of the camp. Not much has changed seeing as I see this place every summer. There were some nostalgic moments during the tour, but nothing I wasn’t able to push past.

Tomorrow should be more exciting. I’m going horseback riding with my roommates and Justin, another hired hunk, is going to be leading the group. OMG — he’s also to die for.


July 24, 2012

OMG! OMG! OMG! I am sooooooo going to fuck that man! Gotta run!

July 25, 2012

Okay, so I didn’t fuck him… yet. I am talking about James, the guy in charge of the water activities. Yesterday he had to fill in for Justin and his voice — I literally melt when he says my name “Jackie” — I mean, it never has sounded so awesome before. “Jackie” — Goosebumps man, I tell you! Goosebumps!

So, yesterday we were horseback riding and everything was normal. It was a beautiful day, the birds were chirping, the air was crisp, the sun shining, a real Normal Rockwell moment, when out of nowhere my flipping horse acts like a crazy beast. She’s tossing her head, stomping her feet, going all dumbass on me, and I’m 99.9% sure I’m going to fall off, when there he is — James. His hand is reaching for the reins and he’s got that mammoth critter under control. Our eyes meet and I know in my gut he wants me as much as I want him. How could he not! He saved my life for God’s sake!

I was a little shaken up. I admit it, but as soon as he touched my hand and asked me if I was okay, I was ready to faint in his arms. Yeah, I know it sounds melodramatic, but you had to be there! OMG! I creamed my panties before I whispered, “Yeah, I’m cool.”

He helped me off my horse, his hands were on my waist and his marmaris escort eyes held mine. The world stopped spinning, until Sara said something about cramps and needing some Midol. James chuckled, checked on my horse and gave me his to ride. I don’t know what the problem was with old Magpie — my horse — but I was thankful James hadn’t put me back on her. He helped me onto his and climbed up behind me. Yeah, that’s right… I was in that man’s lap! OMG! Talk about having to change clothes when I got back to the cabin.

I made sure to use my position to my advantage. I leaned back into him, sashayed by ass against his crotch and heard him groan. Yeah, he wants me. I am sooooooooo gonna fuck him!

That was all yesterday though. I didn’t get a chance to write last night. I had a lot of stuff to do, but today, today was even more AWESOME. He touched my ass and I don’t mean by accident. This was a full on rub and squeeze. I moaned. LITERALLY moaned!

We were in line waiting on food to be served and he was behind me. I was talking to Julie. I knew he was there and I sort of stepped back, hoping to graze him with my ass, but there was his hand, right there waiting for me. I wanted to die! It felt so good and so wicked. My stomach tightened, my pussy tingled and my nipples got hard. If I turned around, his fingers would have been pressed against my pussy and I would have rubbed myself all over him. I am sooooooo bad!

Tomorrow we’ve got a lot of activities planned that involve the lake, everything from swimming, kayaking, canoeing, fishing. I am going to need saved or at least need help with perfecting my backstroke and I know just who is going to help me.


July 26, 2012

I am in so much trouble if mom ever reads this. Okay, not really because I am 18 after all and she wasn’t an innocent when she was my age either, so the apple didn’t fall far from the tree — right? Today was amazing.

The girls and I woke up, did our morning routine, got some breakfast with the others, and then headed down to the lake to find out where our stations were. I noticed that I was teamed up with several other girls that weren’t my roomies as well as some guys. We were supposed to head out to the west side to do some fishing. I don’t mind fishing, but remember…I had other plans. That was until I saw James was in charge. I would like to think that he planned it out that way, but I won’t over analyze that — it’s not important. What mattered though was he was going to be spending time with me again.

We loaded up our gear, got into canoes and paddled over to the west side where we set about getting ready to haul in some bass — or so that was the goal. James made sure I was in his canoe and he was in the center seat. I sat in front of him and some guy named Adam was behind him. I made damn sure my bikini bottom was lower than it should have been. James was getting a show and whenever I looked back, he offered me a show too. His swimming trunks could not hide the hard-on that was under that thin material. I smiled, licked my lips and tilted my head. There is no denying he knew what I was offering.

During the fishing trip I made sure that Adam didn’t get to see much of anything, after all I didn’t want to be sent home and James didn’t want to lose his job. At one point I turned around so I could face James. Our boat sat in the water, pretty stable and I spread my legs. I placed the rod’s handle at the crevice of my pussy, and rubbed it up and down the material of my bottoms. James licked his lips in approval, glanced back and checked to make sure everything was clear. Then he pulled out his cock and showed me the glistening head. I had to choke back the moan of lust that poured out of me. Yeah, he’s so going to fuck me and that cock — it belongs in my mouth!

The fun had to end and the teasing had to stop — at least for a while. We headed back to the shoreline when it was time. His cock still hard, my bikini bottoms soaked and a stringer full of fish — caught by Adam — was evidence to our excursion. When we landed, James immediately headed to the water for a swim and yeah… I followed. I know I was being obvious, but come on — who could have resisted?

Anyway, he swam way out and I stayed about midway between the shore and where we were supposed to swim. After a short while I heard this soft whistle, it was really hard to hear, the wind seemed to carry it away right at the last moment. Well, I turned and found the source, there was James tucked behind this alcove of reeds and hanging willow branches from the tree nearby. I felt that tingling in my tummy and my pussy muscles grew tight and yep, hard nipples soon followed. A quick glance around told me that no one was watching, so I swam over and tucked myself into the hiding spot that he was whistling from.

I had my back to the beach and he served as look out. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen. A kiss maybe, or something a little more risky — what happened — well, blew my mind! He put one hand on my hip and yanked my bikini bottoms marmaris escort bayan to the side, a rush of cool water rolled across my pussy. But that wasn’t what had me squirming. His fingers were in my hole and he was finger-fucking me before I could tell him how much I wanted his cock.

While he pushed his digits in and out, he kept an eye on the beach, making sure that we were safe. My muscles tightened around those thick appendages and I started to thrust my hips forward. “Oh fuck yeah,” I told him and he grinned like a cat who swallowed the canary. I gyrated and ground, thrust and fucked his fingers while he whispered how much he wanted me and how he needed to get his cock in my tight hole. I was all for it and told him so, but he being the older and wiser of the two of us, told me “later” — talk about frustration!

He didn’t stop though. He added another finger to the mix and then told me to pinch my nipples. I pulled my bikini down and began to do just that. I assaulted my little pink pearls exactly the way I wanted and needed. The hard buds perked and the small ridges were rubbed and teased with the palms of my hands. With James encouraging me and with his fingers curling and scratching at the sides of my fleshy wall, I knew I would be coming and coming hard. I begged him not to stop and he smiled wide, told me to “come all over” his “fuckin’ hand.”

My orgasm was amazing. I shook against him while biting down on my lower lip, stifling my scream. Yeah, I came for James. A rush of hot liquid flooded his palm. The shudders that wracked my body felt so wicked and wonderful. I couldn’t wait for that cock. When he pulled his hand free, he turned me around, pinched my ass and told me to head back to the beach.

Again I did as I was told and now here I am. It’s late and I’m finishing up my journal entry. I can’t wait till tomorrow. I think James needs some TLC from my throat.

See ya!

July 27, 2012

I “give good head” that’s what he said.

We found some time to be alone when I faked a migraine. I found out from Justin, who was leading another horseback riding excursion, that James had the day off. At first I thought that meant that he’d be gone and I wouldn’t see him, but then I noticed him lurking around the edge of the woods. So needless to say, I suddenly felt a headache and it was promising to be a big one.

I begged off the trip, got some ibuprofen from the nurse and headed back to my cabin. James was already inside. I don’t know when he made the beeline over, and I don’t care. I knew we only had so much time and that time was now.

He pulled me against him and our lips touched. FINALLY! Our tongues twisted and turned, while my hands flew to his pants. He told me that one of my roomies was occupied with crafts, but that activity wouldn’t take too long. I knew who he was talking about, so I understood what was expected of me and believe me I wasn’t complaining.

I dropped to my knees, and pulled his shorts down. His cock jumped out at me. I wasn’t going to let this opportunity pass me by. His balls were in my hand, while his cock was blanketed by my mouth. The feel of his rock hard shaft sliding over my tongue was heaven. I mean it… if I died right then and there I’d be okay with it. I sucked his dick, licked the head, bobbed back down and repeated the whole process over and over again. He pulled my hair and began to control the depth. I gagged a few times, but pushed through the awkwardness. I wasn’t new to the scene. I had sucked off plenty of boys the night of my eighteenth birthday party — it was my gift to myself for being a straight-A student all through high school.

Well, James’ cock was the largest one I’d ever had, but I wasn’t about to give in to defeat. I angled my head, opened my jaw wider and took that sucker down my throat. He growled — SERIOUSLY! He growled!!! I mean how fuckin’ awesome is that. He pushed my head down the full length of his cock and before I knew it my nose was buried in his pubes. The musky scent of his body made my head spin and my pussy sloppy. I couldn’t wait to feel that mammoth beast in my tight hole.

He warned me he was going to come and in my mind I was screaming “YES!” His cream filled my throat and I swallowed it down. Another shot flew from his rod and I drank it too. “Gonna wear the rest,” he said and true to his word, he pulled his dick from my throat and covered me in hot sticky milk. I loved it! I felt so dirty and used and so thoroughly face-fucked. My throat was a little sore, but my whole body was on fire.

“You have to fuck me,” I told him and I threw myself on the floor, I pulled off my shorts and offered my pussy to him.

“Baby I so want to,” he told me, but we both knew he had to leave. He put his cock away, looked out the window and then dropped to the floor, where he proceeded to eat me out.

Okay — I’ll take that too!

His tongue moved furiously in, out, and around my pussy. He pushed his fingers in and told me I tasted wonderful. I knew I did, after all I’d sucked many a dick that had escort marmaris been in my tight channel, not to mention cleaned my own fingers and toys several times as well. When he nipped and teased my clit with his teeth I thought my world was exploding. Fireworks seemed to be going off and all sorts of colors danced behind my clenched lids. The cum that flowed from me, coated his face and when he was done eating his fill, he rose up and said “you give good head” then he told me to meet him in the barn tomorrow where he’d “fuck” me “proper”.

“Damn right, you will,” I told him before he left.

And he will too!

July 28, 2012

Parents are due to pick us up tomorrow, Sunday. So if I write more in this it’ll be back at home — but honestly — I think I’ll hide this journal so far under my stack of crap that mom will never find it and I won’t add to it — EVER!

Today James and I disappeared together. I claimed cramps this time and I knew with it being the last day that the girls wouldn’t be coming back to the room to check in on me; they were going to be far too busy. How James managed to disappear on the last day — I don’t know, and I don’t care. That’s his business and his job. LOL!

But either way — I was his and he was mine all day today.

I stayed in my cabin for the first hour, making sure that it looked like I was staying in for the day. When I felt it was safe I darted out and headed toward the barn, where I knew James would be waiting. Once I slipped inside, I felt this man grab my waist and spin me around. There he was in all his handsome glory. He was kissing me and I was answering back with the same hungry desire.

When we pulled apart he took my hand and led me to the ladder that would lead to the hayloft. I climbed on and he followed after, admiring my ass on the way up. At the top of the loft, there was a blanket spread out, along with a bottle of water and a bag of chips.

I spun around and quickly began to wiggle out of my clothes and James was quick to follow. We weren’t going to screw around — well not when it came to getting down to business. Our first fuck was going to be fast and hard. We both had been waiting all week and just in case we did get caught, we at least wanted this first fuck out of the way! Right!?

So with our clothes off, I got on the blanket, lay down and just opened myself up to him. He didn’t have to guess if I was wet. Hell the sunlight was glistening off my wet mound, not to mention his precum was oozing from his cock head. James wasn’t slow and I didn’t care. He dropped down, spread my legs wider and thrust his dick into my slick hole, and with that we were on our way!

His mouth took hold of my right tit. My hand was in his hair. I was pushing him down and thrusting upward, wanting every inch he had to offer. I felt his hairs rubbing against my shaved mound and my clit was being bombarded by the friction of his fucking. His back muscles rippled under my touch and when I moved my hand down to grip his ass cheeks I made sure my fingernails left some marks.

So, yeah, the first fuck was fast and furious. Can’t say much more than that — we both came and that’s all that matters. Afterward, he rolled over and spread his arms out. I wanted more though and he obliged. I crawled down and settled between his legs. While he stared down at me, I began a slow and thorough washing of his cock and balls. I licked around the base of his shaft, down to the right sphere, and then the left. I made sure that I cleaned as much of our joining off of him as I could. He groaned in appreciation and stole a glance every so often.

After servicing his balls, I made my way up and down his shaft, licking, sucking, and stroking my way from the base to the tip. I toyed with the slit and when he was spotless, I was rewarded with several inches of freshly aroused meat. So I did what anyone in my position would… I climbed onboard and lowered my pussy onto his throbbing tool. It was divine and if someone had caught us, I would have been tempted to ask them to take pictures. LOL!

Sitting astride James was perfection at its best, but then again that is what perfection is — right?

I ground my pelvis against him, took his hands and had him cup my tits and then I rode him slowly, pulling myself up and then lowering myself down after keeping my body suspended for a moment. Over and over I teased myself, and him, eventually though, my eyes were rolling back in my head and I was riding him like there was no tomorrow. When I came this time he was the one in control, pounding me and dropping me, lifting me and fucking me harder with every thrust. He fucked me while I came and that made the orgasm mind-numbing. He came again and I felt his shuddering deep within my hot cunt.

I collapsed on him and that’s where I stayed for several long minutes. I may have fallen asleep, not really sure, but who cares — when I was ready to move again, I did so. We drank some water, ate some chips and talked about what we had planned for the rest of the summer. I learned James would be heading back to Chicago after the season was finished and I told him I’d be starting up my senior year. I asked if he wanted to keep in touch and he said, “It’d be nice, but we needed to keep things real.”

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