My Story Ch. 07

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Female Ejaculation

Safe to say the week had started with a bang, literally and figuratively. I was in need of some serious rest and recuperation.

I’d had a crazy and extremely horny, naughty couple of days. I’d met O at his gym and had some kinky fun which ended in me spending the night at his. The following night I saw H and she’d well and truly got into the swing of things with the black cock role-play. It ended up with her fucking me deep with a big black strap on!

The next morning after H had left for work I’d bumped into her housemate Darius, a well-hung, gorgeous sexy black man who ended up seducing me. Not that I took much convincing, resulting in him taking me all the way. Now you can understand why I needed the rest.

The sexting with H had cranked up a notch or two. We’d been speaking about taking the next step and involving a black man in our sex lives and exactly what we’d all do together. I felt like it was becoming imminent, and in my head I’m thinking Darius would be perfect, but H still didn’t know what we had been getting up to. I was hoping it was just a matter of time but I didn’t know how to broach the subject with either of them. I’d think of something.

I’d hit the gym that morning and built up a sweat doing some leg and ass work, then some cycling. There were a few fit black guys kicking about so I tried to make it not look obvious that I was checking them out. I was definitely becoming addicted. I found myself becoming a little bit of a flirt at times if they’d smile at me or just say “hi”. I’d smile and act all coy and on occasions, I even had to head to the changing rooms so I could jack off to sort my own head out. Sometimes I’d time it so that I’d finish my workout or “purposely” head to the bathroom just at the same time. Sometimes right after the fit, big black men do, so I could maybe catch a glimpse of some black cock. I’d fantasise about them joining me in the changing rooms and having their way with me.

I was on my way home from the gym, headphones on, just scrolling through my phone, seeing what filthy texts H had sent today. A car slowed down beside me and the window was opening. I thought somebody may need directions or something. I approached the car door.

I heard a deep voice with an American twang from within the car, “Hey you, how’re things.”

“Oh um, hey Darius. I’m all good thanks, how are you?” I greeted him. I was a little nervous about what we had gotten up to together and hadn’t planned on seeing him today, so was slightly taken aback.

“I knew that sweet ass as soon as I saw it.” He said with a cheeky grin. “You need a ride anywhere? Hop in and I can take you.” Darius offered

I thought, well I’m just heading home, so I can get Darius to drop me off. What the hell, it’s good to break the routine. And with that, I made my way to the passenger side and got in.

“Thanks for this by the way,” I said to Darius.

He said it was no problem and was heading that way anyway. We made small talk about what I’d done in the gym and what we’d both been up to the last few days.

“I loved the other morning’s session by the way.” He said, glancing sideways sexily at me “I haven’t stopped thinking about it, and I want more.”

“I, uurrrm, I had such a hot time,” I replied.

“Yeah, you like that black dick, huh?” I’m not sure it was a question but of course, he was right.

He knew I loved it. Him talking to me like this was turning me on and I couldn’t stop picturing what we had gotten up to earlier that week when he’d seduced me.

I reached over and rested my hand on his knee whilst he was driving.

“Don’t stop there.” He said. “If you want it, then show me.”

I reached between his legs and felt the heat of his semi-hard cock against my forearm. I followed the length of his shaft halfway down his thigh and gave that bulbous head a squeeze through his trousers. I could feel it growing under my touch. I squeezed his cock and stroked it, keeping an eye on him and seeing him squirm in pleasure whilst I stroked.

We pulled up to some traffic lights that were at a red with people waiting to cross. As we came to a stop, I attempted to pull away but he must have sensed it because he reached down and held my hand right where it was. I’m not sure the people crossing the road noticed but a van pulled up alongside us and if the driver had looked through our window he’d have had a full view, as the van was higher than the car. It really turned me on to think that complete strangers could witness how horny I was for his black cock. It was a kinky thrill knowing we could be being watched, and perhaps my loving black cock wasn’t such a secret… at least not to some!

I was feeling more adventurous and with Darius egging me on, I began to unfasten his trousers, which at this angle was tricky, especially using only one hand. I had to remind Darius to keep his eyes on the road each time he kept looking down to help me. I greedily slipped my hand inside his trousers and felt his big hard cock straining to break free. I stroked him through his underwear, wanking and squeezing his giant hard cock. I shuffled güvenilir bahis around slightly extending my seat belt so I could get to him at a better angle. I reminded him again in a playful tone to concentrate on the road as I finally lowered my face to his crotch.

I pulled his thick cock free from his underwear and sucked it straight into my mouth.

“Mmmmmmmm”. I wasn’t sure if it was him or me that murmured…

His cock head was juicy and I lapped up and sucked off all of his tasty precum treat. As I worked my hand up and down his shaft, stroking him into my hungry mouth whilst I swirled my tongue around that big, round, glistening head. I came to the conclusion that the shape of Darius’ cock, with its slight curve towards the tip, would be the perfect shape to learn how to deep throat on.

And I was sure Darius would be more than willing to teach me. His hands were on the back of my head controlling the pace whilst I teased his swollen balls. Darius had managed to find his way to a secluded country road and pulled into a lay-by.

Once we’d stopped, he could pull his trousers down a little further and I could bathe his balls with my wet tongue, sucking gently at them and hearing him emit deep moans of pure ecstasy. There was spit and precum over my lips and my face and I just loved it all naughty and messy like this. I moved and knelt on the passenger seat, leaning over to him which allowed his hands to roam down my back and gave him access to my firm round ass.

He squeezed and groped me while I sucked and stroked his beautiful, black cock into my mouth.

“Oh yeah, you hungry for that black cock huh?” He said.

I was… no denying it. I wanted to please him and wanted his thick, hot load shooting into my mouth and down my throat. I felt his hand slip inside my boxers and a moist finger tracing down my ass crack. I arched my back a little more to allow him greater access. I worked his glorious dick faster as he teased my tight puckered hole before curling a finger inside me. What is it about being fingered that just feels so deliciously right?

I stroked him into my open mouth, squeezing his balls with my other hand. I wanted his cum, I wanted to make Darius’ big, black cock climax so much I could taste it.

He was getting close and I felt him tensing up and holding my head in place whilst he thrust into my mouth. He held his breath, and then, with one low deep grunt, I felt the first rope of thick hot cum fill my mouth, before gulping it down ready for the next one. After three big spurts, I savoured the taste and feel of a horny, black man’s cockjuice in my mouth once again. I’d missed it already and it had only been a couple of days. What was happening to me?

Darius shuffled to pull his trousers back up and I straightened my clothes out and wiped my mouth and chin. I had a quick look around to make sure we hadn’t been watched and that nobody was close by. The coast was clear, thankfully. Darius started the engine and we set off, both of us a lot happier and satisfied than when we had pulled in.

“Your place then?” Darius asked.

“Yes please.” I replied, suddenly feeling a little awkward again.

We casually chatted about work, football and the gym etc. on our way to dropping me off at my place. I scrolled through my phone and sent H a text or two, keeping up with our new fantasy chat.

I knew that H and I would take the next step sooner rather than later, as to include a hot, black man in our adventures, one we could spend some kinky time with together. For me, Darius was perfect, but how to broach the subject with either of them? Would they both, or even one of them be down for it… I hoped so!

Then a suggestion came through from H… “What if we asked Darius to join us?”

I read the text and was in semi-shock, I think. I looked from my phone to Darius, imagining all of the dirty, sexy fun the three of us could have, and then back to my phone.

I read the text again. Yes, it still said the same thing. I felt a pang of nervousness coupled with excitement. Could this be the next step? I knew I was down for it, H suggested it, so she obviously was too. The only snag being, she didn’t know Darius and I had already hooked up. I decided I’d cross that bridge when I got to it. Right now I needed to decide how to broach the subject with Darius.

We pulled up outside my place. I looked at him, it must have been with a serious look because he asked what was wrong. Not knowing how to ask, I just showed him the text on my phone and waited for a reaction. I waited…

Darius sat back in his seat, “Wow. Um, sure that would be fucking hot.” He said in his deep American accent which was beginning to grow on me.

I couldn’t keep the excited look off my face when he agreed to it.

“And what do we tell her about us?” he said questioningly.

I’d been thinking about this myself since Darius and I had first hooked up, “Maybe we don’t have to. Just let things play out on the night and she’ll sort of know then anyway.” We discussed every scenario and felt like we had it covered. Although feeling guilty güvenilir bahis siteleri about not telling H, as I thought she’d be more than into it. But Darius was her housemate, after all.

I told him to act surprised when H asked about it. He agreed and added he’d pretend to need to consider his reply for a while, this seemed perfect. I thanked him for the lift, and everything else he’d given me that morning and we said our goodbyes. Until the next time.


Well, as things turned out, H couldn’t find a way to ask Darius that all-important question. So she planned a movie night at her place and of course, Darius and I were invited. She suggested we have a pizza, lower the lights, watch a film, smoke some weed hoping to lower our inhibitions and make us all horny.

Her plan may have worked, but just to make sure, I let Darius in on the whole idea beforehand with the instructions to act surprised when things did heat up.

The night was upon us before I knew it. I felt both nervous and excited. Although H and I had fantasised about all this stuff together, the reality of it could work out differently. I told myself that we should just relax and it would all play out naturally. After all, the three of us were fairly open-minded people.

We enjoyed a few whiskey shots in the kitchen and got a bowl on the go to pass around. Hopefully doing the trick and helping us to chill out and enjoy. We got settled in for the movie, H was snuggled up to me under a blanket with Darius at the other end of the L-shaped sofa. Bliss!

H’s hand went straight to my cock under the blanket. She squeezed and groped me through my pants, making my dick rock hard. We took turns on the bowl and it’s true, it really does lower your inhibitions, sending the horniness levels through the roof. I hadn’t smoked in a while but I always enjoyed it. Getting high always made me crazy horny, and from the initial feelings, tonight was going to be no exception.

H slipped her hand inside my pants and rubbed the tip of my cock, the most sensitive area with her thumb. It was driving me wild and I honestly thought I might cum by her just doing that. With the whiskey and the weed, she was on overdrive.

H took another hit of weed and leaned in really close to me, blowing it into my mouth. I became really light headed and nearly shot my load right there. She realised how close I was to cumming and slowed her hand down on my cock. She let out a little giggle which caught Darius’ attention.

“What’re you guys gigglin’ at over there?” he asked.

“She just gave me a blowback and this shit is strong.” I replied, exhaling with wide eyes.

“Here, try it.” H said, and took a hit on the bowl before crawling to Darius and blowing it into his open mouth.

Her lips lingered on his a little longer than necessary and I gave her ass a slap to remind her I was still there. She let out a squeal and looked back at me over her shoulder with a naughty glint in her eye, wiggling her peachy ass in my direction. It was a great view. H had on a pair of her silky pyjama shorts that really did show off her assets, hugging her curves in all the right places and not leaving much to the imagination. The type of shorts I wouldn’t want her wearing in front of Darius if this hadn’t been part of the plan, I could see everything. Her ass looked good enough to eat!

Darius gently turned her face back towards him and after a brief pause, their lips were locked together once again. H let out a little sexy moan as their tongues met and swirled together. Their breathing was ragged like there’d been a release of pent up frustration. I could tell they had both been wanting this for a long time. The rhythm and rhymes of pure passion let out into the air. H leaned in close, resting her hand on his torso, feeling how strong and taut his hard abs were. Darius held her face lovingly as they kissed deeply and with an animalistic desire. Both of them panting and grabbing and groping at each other.

H’s sexy little pants and moans of pleasure turned me on. I watched her hand slide under his top to feel his chiseled torso. She pulled his top up over his head and flung it to the floor, leaning down to kiss his chest and naughtily tease the tip of her tongue at his erect nipples whilst looking up at him. I reached over to have a good grope of her perfect ass, although I didn’t want to disturb them. She looked over her shoulder at me and winked cheekily before turning her gaze back to Darius.

I squeezed and kneaded her firm ass cheeks, taking my time, knowing how her ass needs, no… deserves, a lot of loving undivided attention. Her groans encouraged me to carry on, although they could have been for Darius. I hooked my fingers into her silky shorts to slowly pull them to the side. I wanted to get to that naughty pussy, to get her ready for what was to come.

I pulled her shorts to the side and let out a scoff when I realised Darius was way ahead of me. His thick black fingers spreading her beautiful pussy lips, revealing how wet she was. This was so damn sexy, and I had the best view of the house. I iddaa siteleri reached for my own cock to give it a gentle stroke whilst admiring Darius’ work. He knew just how to turn her on. She swayed, her hips in unison with his movements, almost grinding down onto his hand, fuck she was horny. I certainly wasn’t going to forget this moment in a hurry.

I stroked my cock and hit the bowl, all the while watching this sexy show unfolding in front of me. H on all fours, leaning in and kissing Darius passionately, her ass shoved out and aimed in my direction. Darius’ thick black fingers sliding all over her juicy pussy, dipping inside her and rubbing her clit, causing her to moan out in pleasure. H’s hand wandered down his muscular body and were currently undoing his trousers to get at his big black cock. I heard her gasp as she pulled it out.

“Fuck that’s a big cock!” She exclaimed.

I couldn’t have agreed with her more. It is huge and just… Perfection. Also, I could personally vouch for him knowing just how to use it.

H was in awe of it. She took her time, holding it in her hands, feeling the heat and raw power exuding from his throbbing cock. She stroked it tentatively, the contrast of her white hand wrapped around that girthy, black dick of his made for very sexy viewing. This was what we’d been fantasising about together and finally, it was all happening and it was every bit as hot as I’d imagined it would be. I wanted H to explore and experience everything Darius had to offer. His own special package that I’d already had the pleasure to enjoy.

“You wanna taste this cock?” Darius growled in a deep whisper. I think he said it to H but I can’t be so sure. I knew my answer, my mouth was already salivating at the thought.

H held it tightly, her eyes glazed as if mesmerised by it. Then, almost as if in slow motion, she lowered her mouth to his thick cock. She gently lapped at the very tip before accepting it into her wanton mouth. Her wet pink lips sliding down the shaft. An inch, then two… until it filled her mouth completely.

I moved so I was kneeling behind her, giving me a better view for watching H begin to devour that beautiful, black cock. As I stripped off my boxers, I tugged at her silky shorts, pulling them down around her legs. I rubbed the tender tip of my raging hard dick slowly up and down her swollen, wet pussy lips. At the same time, I could feel Darius’ fingers roaming around her sodden slit, what a sensation. I couldn’t hold back and roughly shoved my dick deep up inside her. She let out a loud groan of pleasure, only to be muffled by the sound of a mouthful of cock. Darius had silenced H with his huge black gorgeous dick.

Her pussy was tight, and warm and moist. I felt it enveloping my shaft, almost milking it on its own. I began fucking H, letting my thumb tease at her tight ass. She stroked and sucked on Darius’ throbbing cock. He had his hand on the back of her head, controlling the pace and depth to which she was taking it. She was forced to stretch her lips incredibly wide to accept that thick shaft in her mouth, her hands explored his muscular thighs and abs, caressing his body. Darius thrust into her mouth a couple of times, making her gag whilst he held her there.

I couldn’t fuck her full on as I was so fired up, I daren’t go for it for fear of cuming. I’d give a few thrusts and have to stop to calm myself down, this was so fucking hot.

Darius forced his cock deeper into H’s throat, and she appeared to be helping him. He held her head and pushed it down, she pulled on his thighs until her nose pressed up against his pelvis, his balls squashed against her chin. She came up for air, gasping and breathing heavily with tears in her eyes.

“Fuck, I could feel it right down my throat.” H spluttered, catching her breath but seeming proud of herself. I was proud of her too, that was fucking amazing.

“Oh man, your girl can deep throat.” Darius fired at me, sounding impressed.

“Fuck babe, you devoured the whole thing.” I told her, amazed. I only wished I could take his cock that deep.

H caught her breath and that hungry look washed over her face again.

Darius pulled her towards him, meaning my cock slipped from her wet pussy. He pulled her on top of him so she was straddling him and gripped his cock to have her sink down onto it.

“Oh fuck, fuck, fu-ck.” She swore breathlessly while he worked his massive cock into her.

I was back to stroking my dick again. I had a bottle of poppers to hit whilst I was watching Darius take full advantage of my girlfriend. She sounded so sexy as turned on as she was. Groaning about how big his cock was and how it was filling her tight pussy as she began to ride him deeper.

I moved behind them and dropped to my knees between Darius’ legs. I could see his thick cock disappearing inside her tight pussy, and I leaned in to give that naughty ass hole of hers a tease. Of course, I knew this would move me closer to Darius’ beautiful, black cock that was now slick with all of H’s pussy juice. I held H’s ass apart and rubbed my thumb over her tight little puckered hole, wetting it and rubbing it in. I was giving H the attention but I could not get enough of the sight of his thick cock and balls slamming up into her. I rubbed his balls and base of his shaft whilst tickling and teasing her ass.

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