My stepdaughter is driving me crazy (Part 9)

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A week has passed. I am still in disbelief about what happened between my stepdaughter Nadine and me last Thursday night. Did I really cum inside her ass? Did she then really push my cum out of her ass and smear I it all over my body? Afterwards, did she really piss on my dick in the shower as I was cumming? Did I really stick my dick inside her ass and pee inside her ass while she was cumming? This all sounds so wild. So incredible. But I know it happened. It’s just hard to process. I have been fantasizing about Nadine for months and having some of these fantasies come true is just… not like me. These things never happen to me. I have been sexually frustrated for such a long time, almost all my life. But strangely Nadine is into it. She seems to love it as much as I do. I’m feeling so conflicted. This is all so wrong. She’s my stepdaughter. I’m not at all fulfilling my role as a father. And at the same time it’s the most sexually satisfying experience I’ve had in my whole life. I’m already semi-hard again just thinking about her. I just have to accept that I’m stuck in this impossible situation. It’s so wrong but it feels so right.

After our crazy Thursday night I decided not to masturbate. It has been a week. I know Nadine will move out soon, so I didn’t want to waste my energy on masturbation. I am so horny right now. Today we’ll finally be alone again. She’s out for her yoga class. I can’t wait till she comes back. I’m sitting on my sofa as usual. I’m hearing the entry door open. She seems to be home early. “Hi Frank.” “Hi Nadine.” “Hi Frank! Nice to meet you.” What? Who’s that? As I’m turning around on my sofa to see who this voice belongs to I’m hearing “This is Angela.” “Nice to meet you too Angela.” Nadine continues: “Our yoga class was cancelled today, so you don’t mind if we work out here tonight? Don’t worry, we won’t interrupt you – just keep watching TV. We’ll be quiet.” “Um… ok. Sure girls.” “Thanks Frank. We’ll just get changed into our active wear.” “Sure.” Both girls are running up the stairs. I’m getting a glimpse of Angela. She’s slim, slightly taller than Nadine. Dark blonde hair with dark eyebrows and blue eyes. Tanned skin. Her nose is small, straight, a tiny bit curved upwards towards the tip. Her lips are full. She’s hot. No doubt.

As the girls disappear upstairs my mind is racing. What is going on? This is new. Nadine hasn’t brought a friend over on Thursday nights in all the time she’s been living here. I’m feeling disappointed. I was hoping to have some alone-time with Nadine tonight. Anyway. It’s still early. I hope Angela will be gone soon. I doesn’t take long and I can hear the girls running down the stairs. They’re barefoot wearing tight yoga leggings which finish under their belly buttons. High cut crop tops expose their flat bellies. Held up by spaghetti straps. Ending just underneath their breasts. Heck are these crop tops? They’re actually bra tops, that’s how small they are. A yoga mat under each arm. I’m feeling very uncomfortable. These girls are way too sexy. I barely got used to Nadine being around me and now she’s brought a stunning friend along. Wearing these outfits showing off their young gorgeous bodies. I’m trying to look as relaxed as possible but I’m totally out of my depth.

“Do you mind if we work out here in the lounge room? It’s the most spacious room in the house.” I’m starting to sweat. My heart is pounding. They want to work out here? While I’m in the room? So many thoughts are running through my mind. “Um… ok. Sure.” Is all I manage to reply. “Thanks Frank!” They are planting the mats down just a bit to the side of the TV. My view of the TV is clear but the girls are very close to me. Angela is closest to me and Nadine isn’t far either. I’m feeling adrenaline pumping through my body. I’m almost shivering. Something’s not right. Why are they so close? There’s plenty of space in the lounge room. I’m getting suspicious. Fearful. Is this another of Nadine’s games? Did she tell Angela about us? How much does Angela know? This is getting out of control! I don’t want anyone else involved in this! This was supposed to be between Nadine and me. Was it a mistake to trust Nadine? Was this all one giant mistake? She’s only 18 after all! What have I done?

As I’m freaking out the girls are starting their exercise. They’re standing. Facing away from me. Backs toward me. They’re doing stretches while standing. On one leg now. Repeating a few poses. I’m starting to feel relieved. This all looks pretty normal. I’m trying to focus on my TV show and not on the two hot girls just next to me. After some time they are bending forward, resting their arms on their legs. I’m peeking over to them and my heart almost stops. I didn’t notice it before but their yoga pants become see-through as they are stretched. I’m looking right at Angela’s perky butt. Her asshole and pussy lips almost in plain sight. She’s shaved. No hair. A glimpse over to Nadine. The same! Right there is her beautiful butt and pussy showing through her yoga pants. I wouldn’t even call those yoga pants. As they stretch they become like see-through panty hose. I can even see the color of the girls’ skin! I can clearly see the creases around Angela’s asshole, her inner lips slightly longer than her outer lips. And the leggings are seamless. Nothing to impair the view. It’s as close to being naked as you can get without actually being naked.

There’s no doubt anymore. This is one of Nadine’s games. And Angela is in on it. No one in their right mind would wear such leggings to a yoga class. I’m freaking out but I can’t help myself. My dick is swelling more and more every moment. The girls are changing pose. Standing split. Hands on the ground, head down. One leg straight down, one leg angled up. What a beautiful view of their pussies! Now cow pose. Doggy style. Downward dog. It is a masterful blissful show of butt- cheeks, assholes, pussies and legs. I’m fully erect now, throbbing. The girls keep going. Plough pose. Upwards plank. Bow pose. They keep spreading their legs granting me the most stunning views. And both of them never make eye contact with me. Nadine has trained her friend well. Keeping up the illusion that this is all “accidental”, part of their “work out”.

Now Angela is on her back, spreading her legs, facing straight towards me. How beautiful Angela’s pussy is. Nadine’s getting up and helping her with the stretch, pushing down Angela’s legs. Nadine is standing right in front of me now. Closer than arm’s length. Her back towards me. I could touch her easily if I wanted. As Nadine’s pushing down on Angela’s legs, Nadine is bending forward positioning her ass right in front of me. She’s looking back at me, right into my eyes. She’s forming the words with her lips, silently: “Touch me. Touch me.”

My heart is pounding. I’m hesitating. It’s the most stunning view! Nadine’s butt and pussy right in front of me and a clear view on Angela’s slit between her widely spread legs. But do I want to touch Nadine in the presence of her friend? Will Angela see that I’m touching Nadine? Nadine’s body is hiding Angela’s face well. It could well be that I can just reach out – unseen. But what if – my thoughts are interrupted. Nadine’s looking back at me again moving her lips silently: “Touch me.” I’m so horny. Angela is clearly in on this. I can’t think straight anymore. I’m reaching out my hand, as subtly as I can, hidden from Angela and I’m touching Nadine’s butt cheek. How thin these leggings are! I’m sliding my hand to her other butt cheek. So firm and petite! I’m slowly moving into her butt crack which Nadine is spreading wide open by bending down. I’m feeling the elevation of the rim of her asshole. The depression of the hole. I’m circling it gently a few times. Moving lower to her pussy. So soft! I’m parting her lips a little and I’m immediately feeling her wetness. I’m running my finger up and down my stepdaughter’s pussy a few times, dipping a bit deeper. She’s so wet! I can see her wetness on her leggings. I’m gently caressing her clit. Circles. Up and down as I’m looking at Angela’s pussy. Too much stimulation for my senses. My dick is so hard! I can’t believe I’m doing this. Having Angela in the room suddenly Çorum Escort makes me feel excited. I’m feeling the kick of being with two stunning teenagers at the same time. As I keep playing with Nadine’s pussy I’m hearing her breathing getting faster. Her asshole is contracting a little from the pleasure I’m giving her. She so wet now. It’s smeared around her leggings. Nadine’s slowly getting back in an upright position and I’m immediately retracting my hand. As if nothing happened. Maybe Angela didn’t see anything after all?

Angela is getting up and now Nadine is getting down on her back on the mat for the stretch. The girls are switching position. Nadine is now in the same position Angela was in before. Legs wide spread. I’m having a perfect view of my stepdaughter’s wet pussy. I’m just realizing Angela must see Nadine’s wetness all over her crotch. This is not very subtle anymore! Angela is now right in front of me. Very close. Just as Nadine was before. Her back towards me. Angela is bending down to help Nadine with the stretch. For the first time I’m seeing Angela’s beautiful slim legs and round butt up close. She’s a little taller than Nadine and her hips are slightly wider. Her ass cheeks look perky and full. She’s so well proportioned! Her asshole is beautiful. Did she bleach it? Her pussy is fully shaved and her inner lips seem a bit bigger than Nadine’s. I can get a glimpse of her clit. It’s quite large. Is her clit swollen? Her inner lips are glistening. Oh my god. She’s very wet! I’m seeing a small stain on her leggings already. I’m frozen in my position on the sofa. Just taking in this gorgeous view. I’m feeling so horny. Precum must be all over my dick. My dick is so hard. I’m so lucky I managed to pull a blanket over it to hide it!

Several moments pass. Angela remains in this bent down position, pushing down on Nadine’s legs with her arms. To keep Nadine’s legs wide open for me. For us actually as Angela can see the view as well as I can, if not even better as she’s closer to Nadine. Nothing further happens. I don’t dare to touch Angela. I’m looking back at the TV screen. Suddenly Angela is moving her head back to me. I’m looking at her, straight into her eyes. How beautiful she is! Blue eyes! Her face is so youthful. And these full lips! So kissable! I’m feeling electrified. She’s moving her lips. You guessed it. Silently she’s forming the words “Touch me.” I’m inhaling as if in shock. I was half expecting it but having it actually happen is an entirely different thing. As she’s turning her head away I’m reaching out with my hand. I’m feeling her butt cheek. There it is! I’m doing it! I’m touching my stepdaughter’s friend. A wave of excitement is washing through me. Unwillingly I’m starting to breath faster. Angela is flinching a tiny bit. As if surprised that this is actually happening to her. Her asshole contracts a little. I’m performing the same spiel as just before on Nadine. Caressing her asshole, circling her pussy, moving in closer to her inner lips, parting them. How full her inner lips are! How wet she is! I thought Nadine was wet, but this is another level! As I’m running my fingers up and down her sizeable inner pussy lips, Angela gets so wet that she’s dripping onto her leggings. What a view! I can’t wait to touch her clit. It looks so swollen. Is she that aroused? I’m slowly circling in closer on her clit and as soon as I’m ever so slightly touching it Angela flinches and pushes her knees together. I’m hearing how she’s exhaling briefly, sharply, suppressed. I’m gently running my finger up and down her clit, several times, up and down, up and down. I’m noticing Angela is contracting her asshole and butt cheeks as I’m doing it. She’s so responsive. I keep going and I’m hearing her breathing faster and faster. She turns me on so much. I’m throwing a look over to Nadine. How hot this whole crazy situation is! I’m seeing my stepdaughter’s pussy, her slim legs, her beautiful flat belly. I’m going into sexual overdrive. I keep playing with Angela’s pussy, faster and faster, circling, moving left and right. Angela is shivering! Her legs! She’s pushing her knees together so forcefully. Forming an X shape. I’m pushing down on her clit with more pressure now and I’m going left and right now as fast as I can! Suddenly Angela’s legs are twitching. I’m seeing her asshole contract rhythmically as she cums. I’m hearing her exhale heavily, barely suppressed. She keeps going on for this for several moments. I can’t believe what just happened. I’m so aroused. I can barely take it anymore. But at the same time I’m also frozen. What am I doing? This is crazy! I just made my stepdaughter’s friend cum in front of her. Have I lost my mind?

Suddenly Nadine is getting up. “Do you mind if we take a seat with you on the sofa?” “Um… sure” I’m stammering. The girls are sitting down next to me. I’m in the middle. I’m looking at Nadine. She seems excited and aroused. I’m looking over to Angela. Her breathing is still elevated. Her face looks drowsy yet blissful. Post orgasmic contentment written all over her. “Do you mind if we cuddle with you?” Nadine asks. This whole situation is so wrong. So ridiculous. I’m just giving in, playing along. I’m spreading out my arms. “Come here.” Nadine’s gently leaning on my side and Angela on my other side. Angela’s head is resting on my chest. I’m taking in her scent. Her perfume is heavy and sweet. Mixed with a slight hint of sweat from the workout. I’m turning my head to Nadine. Her floral scent! I’m so turned on by being so close to these two beautiful young girls.

“Did you like what we just did?” Nadine suddenly asks. I’m lost for words. So many conflicting emotions! And I’m so horny. “It was an amazing show.” I’m hearing myself say. “I got totally taken by surprise! I had no idea that this was coming!” “Oh yeah?” Nadine says looking me in the eyes. A smile is on her face. “That was the whole point. We wanted to surprise you. I’ve been planning this with Angela for several weeks. Ever since – you know…?” “Um… I really appreciate what you two did. But you realize that I – we – can get into a lot of trouble for this? I’m your stepfather and this whole thing is -” “Don’t worry Frank,” all of a sudden Angela intermits. “I’ve been Nadine’s close friend for years. Nadine has told me everything. This may come as a shock to you but you can trust me.” Nadine has told Angela everything?? What?? I’m so screwed! I’m done! All of a sudden I feel like I’ve lost. That I have ruined my life. Both girls now have the power to ruin my life. My life is in the hand of two 18 year old girls! My lust has become my doom!

My face is becoming heavy with sorrow. I’m having tears in my eyes. My throat is getting dry. I’m feeling a knot in it. “You know girls. What I’m doing is wrong. I’m the adult here. I shouldn’t do this. I’m at a weak point in my life. My relationship with Katia is about to end. I shouldn’t do this with you Nadine. You’re my stepdaughter. I should be a father figure to you. But instead, I’m incredibly attracted to you. I shouldn’t love you this way. And Angela, I’m feeling responsible for you too. It was such a nice thing you two did for me today, but I haven’t even spoken to you Angela. Not even had a proper conversation with you. It’s not quite normal how you got introduced to me –“ “Oh Frank,” Nadine interrupts. “You’re too nice. Too caring. I know how much you have been suffering in your relationship with mom. Mom talks with me, you know? About you and her. I know that your relationship wasn’t going well. And… This may sound weird. I really do find you attractive. There’s something about you. I loved how mom talked about you even before I met you. I loved your pictures. And when I saw you in real life it was even better. It’s hard to see you unhappy. I want to make you feel better. And by the way, Angela knows all about this.” “Yeah Frank. Don’t worry. I’ve volunteered to do this. Nadine’s been raving about you and the whole situation is just so…” “Wrong?” I couldn’t help but ask. Angela’s chuckling “Wrong maybe, but it’s also so hot. So forbidden. When I heard what a deep connection you and Nadine had, it didn’t take Nadine long to convince me to put on this show for you Çorum Escort Bayan today.”

My head is spinning. I’m sitting here with two gorgeous teenage girls who talked themselves into believing that this is ok on a certain level. There is something wrong with them. They’re so young. They’re not thinking clearly. I’m benefiting from this. Sexually. It’s absolute bliss. But at what cost? The risk I’m taking is incredible. What if anyone else finds out?As I’m about to voice my concern Angela is sliding the blanket off my lap. I’m wearing my thin trackpants. She’s sliding back into one corner of the sofa, planting her heel on my dick. My stepdaughter has clearly told her everything. It’s exactly how Nadine started to seduce me months ago! I’m just looking at Nadine’s friend. I’m lost for words. Suddenly Nadine is doing the same – on the other corner of the sofa. Both girls’ heels are on my dick. Rocking back and forth ever so gently. “Don’t worry Frank. Angela and I will keep this a secret.” Nadine says. I’m looking at Nadine. She’s clearly still turned on. I’m looking at Angela. Her mouth is half parted. Her teeth are so white! She looks excited. I’m looking down at both of their bare feet on my lap. Nadine’s toe nails are painted French style. Angela’s are painted white. As they are gently massaging my dick with their feet I’m swelling up. It doesn’t take long till I’m hard and throbbing.

“Would you like us to fulfill another of your fantasies?” Nadine purrs. I’m exhaling. I’m so horny! All my rational thoughts are dissipating. Two girls! It’s too much to manage. “Nadine, are you ok if I …. You know…. With Angela?” “Yes Frank you can go all the way. Don’t hold back!” “And what about you Angela are you ok if –“ “Yes Frank. Nadine has told me everything. Don’t hold back! I’ll let you know if I don’t like something” “And what about contrace-“ “I’ve got the same birth control implant as Nadine. And I’m tested for STDs too. We did it together.” Who are these girls? I’ve just received a blank check to all my wildest fantasies. I don’t know where to start.

“Take off your bra tops girls!” Both girls comply immediately. Angela’s breasts are sizeable. Slightly bigger than Nadine’s. I still don’t know how to continue. I’m taking off my shirt too. I’m bare chested now. “Slide your leggings down to your knees, Nadine. Play with yourself.” Nadine obeys and starts masturbating. “Come here Angela. Move your face close to mine but don’t touch me.” Angela’s sitting next to me now. I’m moving my lips close to hers. I’m breathing her breath. Mint! I’m hugging her, pressing her large breasts against my chest. She feels so good! “Slide my pants down Angela. Yes. Straddle me! Sit on my shaft. Yes!! Kiss me!!” I’m passionately kissing Angela as she’s grinding back and forth on my throbbing shaft. Her thin leggings are the only thing between my bare dick and her pussy. “Hang on Angela.” As she stops I’m ripping her leggings at the crotch, making her ass and pussy fully accessible. “Keep going. Yeaahh!!” Her bare pussy feels so good on my shaft. And her full inner lips. My god! So soft! I’m feeling her all over my dick. She’s dripping wet. My precum is all over my cock. I can barely take it. “Grind on my tip! Aaaahh!!!” Angela is grinding her pussy all over my tip and it doesn’t take long until I’m sliding inside her. “Oh Frank!!! Yeahh!!!” She’s so tight as her lips part and wrap around my shaft. She’s so wet. It’s pure bliss. I’m sucking on her nipples and I’m looking sideways over to Nadine who has spread her legs and is masturbating while watching us. What a view. I’m meeting Nadine’s gaze. “I love you Nadine. I love you Angela.” “I love you too Frank,” both girls reply almost at the same time. I’m pushing up my hips so that Angela can grind better on me. I’m feeling her swollen clit grinding on my body. My goodness! Angela is riding my cock harder and harder and I’m trying to hold my cum back.

What should I do next with the girls? So hard to think! “Angela, lie down on your side.” I’m becoming her big spoon. She’s the small spoon, facing the backrest of the sofa. “Nadine? Would you 69 with Angela? Is that something-“ “Yes Frank!” Nadine interrupts. She squeezes in between the backrest and Angela. Good that my couch is so wide! I’m pulling my dick out of Angela’s pussy and I’m pushing it against her asshole. “Angela? Is it ok if I…?“ “Yes Frank!” Angela replies as I can feel her anus relax. She’s so incredibly wet that her backdoor entry is covered in her natural lube all over. My tip slides in so easily. I cannot get enough of anal sex. How beautiful her ass feels wrapped around my dick. “You feel so good Angela!” I gently move back and forth savoring every bit of pleasure from every movement. “Nadine, play with my asshole. Put your finger inside it. Jiggle it gently. Aaahhhh!” I’m grabbing Nadine’s leg and I’m sucking on her toes. Just in front of me Angela is licking Nadine’s pussy. What a view! I’m looking down and Nadine is eating Angela’s pussy. I’m fucking Angela’s asshole so close to Nadine’s face. “Yes! Mmmmhhhh! Aahhh!!!” The girls are moaning. I’m moaning. There is so much going on. “Massage my shaft! All the way between my balls down to my asshole.” I’m suddenly feeling two hands all over my shaft. Massaging it. Parting my balls. Pushing against my asshole. I’m looking down and it’s both Nadine’s and Angela’s hand’s doing it. I forgot to specify who I wanted to do it, so both did it! I’m feeling like I’m in heaven. With two goddesses. I’m so close to cumming. Suddenly Angela screams “Harder! Harder!! Haaaarder!!! Aaaahhhh!!!” I’m ramming my cock in her ass as hard and fast as I can can. I’m feeling Nadine’s finger inside my ass and both the girls’ hands all over my shaft and balls. I have never felt anything like it before! Angela is twitching now. Spasming in front of me “Aaaahhh!!!!” I’m squeezing her large breasts. “Uh-” I’m hearing Nadine exclaim with surprise. I’m looking down and Angela’s squirting directly into Nadine’s face! Angela is cumming explosively and her female ejaculate gushes out onto Nadine’s face. Drenching her in it. I’m trying so hard not to cum! This is too much to take!! I’m still sucking on Nadine’s toes. Pure ecstasy!

As Angela has finished cumming I’m pulling out my dick. Barely avoiding to cum myself. “Girls, you are so amazing! Angela, lie on the sofa’s corner. Spread your legs! Nadine, sit on top of Angela. Spread your legs too. I want both of you to be double open for me.” Both girls are getting in position. How acrobatic they are! Frontal pussy and ass stack! I’m sliding my dick back into Angela’s ass while I’m kissing Nadine. Next I’m fucking Angela’s pussy. I keep kissing Nadine. Now I’m pushing against Nadine’s asshole. It’s taking a bit of patience to enter her as it’s her first anal penetration today but after a gentle warm up I’m fucking her properly now. I can’t believe what I’m doing! It’s another wild fantasy come true. I’m now moving on to Nadine’s pussy. “Yes Frank! Fuck me!” Nadine screams “I’m so close to coming.” Angela is suddenly grabbing Nadine’s breasts, squeezing them. Now Angela is inserting a finger into Nadine’s asshole. I keep fucking Nadine’s pussy. Harder and harder. Now I’m feeling a hand on Nadine’s clit. It’s Angela’s hand. She’s rubbing Nadine’s clit! “Oh yes!!! Make me cum!!!” Nadine screams. Before I know what’s happening Nadine is cumming hard. A small squirt of her female ejaculate lands on my belly. I’m feeling her pussy contract as Angela’s finger jiggles inside Nadine’s ass.

“I’m so close to cumming! How shall I do it girls? How?” I’m stammering. My brain is blank. I’m just a bundle of horniness. I can’t wait to explode. “Wanna come inside my ass Frank?” Angela asks. “Yes I’d love to” I’m replying. Nadine adds: “Do Angela doggy style and lean all the way forward, propping up your hands on the sofa. I’ll give you a rim job while you’re cumming inside Angela’s ass. I’ll try to stick my tongue as far inside your ass as I can. And I’ll massage your shaft all the way between your ass and between your balls. I know you like that Frank!” “I love you so much girls! You’re the best!” Angela is presenting her ass doggy style, what a breathtaking Escort Çorum view! Her hourglass figure! Her asshole is gaping, pink, and I’m sliding inside her with ease. As I’m leaning forward I’m exposing my asshole to Nadine and in no time she’s rewarding me with a stunning rimjob. She’s massaging my shaft at the same time. How wonderful! I’m in heaven! She’s pushing her tongue inside my asshole. How good it feels! In and out, in and out. Now she’s alternating with a finger. Oh my goodness! And all this while I’m fucking Angela in her tight ass. Angela is turning her head. I’m kissing her passionately. “Yes Nadine! I’m so close. Push your tongue inside my ass. Keep massaging my shaft! Oh my good! This is incredible Aaaaahhhhh!!!!! Yeaaahhhh!!!!!” I’m cumming so hard. A massive release! An eruption of pleasure. Inside Angela’s ass. I just keep pumping. It doesn’t seem to stop. I’m feeling so much! Nadine’s tongue inside my ass. Her fingers massaging my shaft. And I’m kissing Angela passionately. What an intense orgasm! I have never experienced anything like this before.

I’m pulling my dick out of Angela’s ass. Collapsing into the sofa. It’s over. What an experience! I’m about to ask the girls to cuddle as I hear Angela “What would you like me to do with your cum?” I’m pausing. My brain is spent. A few moments pass. I don’t know what to say. “Push it out, straight into my ass,” I hear Nadine say. I can barely believe what I’m seeing. Angela is sitting on the backrest of of the couch and Nadine is lying on her back, elevating her hips all the way to the top of the backrest, propping herself up on her arms. She’s spreading her asshole. So pink. So beautiful. Nadine’s anus is now just a little bit beneath Angela’s asshole. Upside down. I’m seeing Angela trying hard to push out her cum. Her asshole contracts several times. What a beautiful view. Finally she succeeds and my cum is dripping out of her ass straight into Nadine’s gaping anus. She keeps pumping out a few more times until she’s dry. I’m watching in disbelief. “Now it’s your turn Nadine! Straight into my mouth!” Nadine’s switching position with Angela and Angela is positioning herself right beneath Nadine’s asshole. Nadine keeps pushing and contracting and there it is! My cum goes straight out of Nadine’s asshole into Angela’s mouth. Angela is now passing on my cum into Nadine’s mouth! The girl’s show is incredible! Nadine is passing some of my cum back to Angela and spits her portion right on to Angela’s pussy. Angela is doing the same with her part of my cum. She spits my cum straight onto Nadine’s pussy. Both girls are rubbing my cum all over her pussies and assholes. They push it inside their pussies, inside their assholes. “Do you love it that your seed is now inside all our holes?” Nadine asks. “Oh my goodness. I love it so much!!” is all I manage to say.

The girls are approaching me now. They are parting my legs wide open. Nadine sits on one of my legs. Angela on the other. Straight with their pussies and asses on my leg. I can feel my wet cum all over my legs as both girls keep grinding back and forth on my thighs. They still don’t have enough! I can’t believe it. Both girls are facing me, straddling my legs, rubbing their clits on my thighs. They start kissing each other right in front of me. Their boobs are bouncing beautifully in front of me. I’m taking my hands and run them up and down their backs. Feeling their asses. Their beautiful slim waists. Now I’m running my hands over their soft breasts! How hard their nipples are. Suddenly Nadine is kissing me. Now Angela is kissing me. We’re all sticking out our tongues, triangle kissing. What an odd sensation! I’m looking down and I’m realizing my dick is hard again! It paid off not to masturbate for a week. What a waste it would have been compared to this experience.

The girls keep grinding their pussies on my thighs and Angela is grabbing my dick with her hand. She’s gently pushing my cock against my belly, massaging it. Not too much pressure. It feels so intense like this! Nadine is sliding a finger into my asshole, in and out, circling it, playing with it. I’m reaching forward, sliding my hands down their waists, across their flat bellies, inside their pussies. Their slits are covered in my cum from my previous shot just now. My fingers enter their pussies easily. Both girls are adjusting their position a little to accommodate my fingers inside their pussies as they keep grinding against my legs. One pussy on each hand. How amazing! “Put the tip of all your fingers together Frank! Yes!!! Push your hand slowly inside me!! Aaahhhhh! Yes. Stretch me from the inside! You know how much I like that!” Nadine shouts with pleasure as my hand’s fingers disappear into her vagina. I can’t fully insert my base knuckles. My Nadine is too petite.

Angela is looking down at me semi-fisting Nadine. She keeps watching for a few moments and keeps grinding against my fingers, harder. “Do it for me too Frank! Put all your fingertips together! Push them all inside me!” I’m doing as I’m told. I’m sliding my fingers inside Angela. Her fleshy inner lips part with ease and I’m entering her carefully. “Oh yeah!!!!” Angela screams. “Deeper!!” she yells as she’s pushing herself against my hand. She’s less tight than Nadine. I’m enjoying the bizarre sensation of having each of my hand inside a different pussy. It feels so warm and tight to be inside them, so intimate. So vulnerable. Both girls keep stroking my dick at the same time. “Deeper!” Angela yells. I don’t dare to push harder, but suddenly Angela holds my wrist and pushes it powerfully against her vagina. I’m trying to make my base knuckles as small as possible. And there I go! My hand is in! I can’t believe it. Angela is moaning hard as her vagina is bulging. My fist is inside her. Her clit is swollen. She’s rubbing it now, her face frowning from pleasure. Nadine is getting turned on by what she’s witnessing and is screaming “I’m cumming!!!!” I’m feeling her contract around my fingers. She’s pulsating and masturbating her clit like crazy.

“I’m so close too!” Angela yells. “Get up Angela, I want you to cum and squirt all over my face, just like you did before with Nadine.” Angela’s carefully lifting her body, getting up on one leg. My fist still inside her. She keeps flicking her clit. She’s contracting now. So tight! She’s slowly pushing my fist out of her vagina. “This is insane. Yes stretch me! Stretch me! Oh my gooodd!!! Aaaahhh!!!” Angela yells as she pushes my knuckles out of herself. As soon as I’m out she starts twitching. A large gush of Angela’s female ejaculate hits me straight in my face as she’s cumming. I can’t believe it! I’ve never experienced this before. She keeps going, squirting and shivering. Showering me in her ecstatic fluid. What a show!

Both teenage girls are sitting back on my thighs. They’re giving me a handjob now. It’s so beautiful! Four hands stroking my dick, my shaft, massaging my balls and my asshole. I’m in paradise! I’m leaning forward from time to time, sucking on their breasts. “Oh Nadine! Oh Angela!” We’re kissing again. “I’m close to cumming girls!” Angela and Nadine are going down on their knees. One hand stroking my dick, the other massaging my balls. They are alternating at giving me a blow job. My cock slides into Nadine’s mouth, now into Angela’s mouth. My hands are resting on their stunning, young, soft bodies. How beautiful their hollow cheeks are as they are taking my dick into their mouths! Now they are licking my dick simultaneously with both their tongues. “Girls, I’m cumming. Aaaahhh!” I’m pumping my cum inside Nadine’s mouth. Now Angela’s mouth gets the next pump. I keep pumping. Exploding inside them. Incredible bliss! Now it’s all over. Angela and Nadine are kissing each other while my cum is still in their mouths. They’re passing my cum back and forth a few times and then Nadine is looking me into my eyes. She swallows. Now I’m meeting Angela’s gaze. She’s swallowing too. I’m getting a kiss from Nadine and Angela. They are kissing each other. Both girls are now snuggling up next to me. “I love you so much Nadine and Angela! You have made my day!” “I love you too Frank.” “I love you too Frank.” “I love you Nadine!” Angela says. “I love you too Angela!” Nadine replies.

Copyright Normann Blaze 2022

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