My Step Brother Matty Pt. 01

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My name in Snow. I’m now 24 years old, male, twink, and working as a Nurse in my new home state with my boyfriend. I’m around 5’7″ with long hair and fair skin, normal build.. I consider myself bisexual and have a fair 6 inches or so. I would like to share a special story with you all. Please enjoy.

Years ago when I was 18, my parents had gotten married and I was lucky enough to gain not only a wonderful new father, (step father), but a new step brother. His name was Matt. Tall, around 6’4″, slender with a small amount of fat on the belly probably from beer, we’re talking less than a pound. Jet black hair, short. With facial hair and a bit of hair on the chest. And a deep voice that could melt butter from a hundred yards away. His eyes were a cool deep blue that felt like an ocean of sapphire to the normal blues we see, he was something special.

I had only met Matt a few times before my mother had married his father, from the first time I saw him, he made my heart pitter patter and pound with every encounter. I knew he was unobtainable but I always felt something when he looked at me. Anyway, the engagement was short and sweet, but soon they got married after about a year. Don’t get me wrong, they make a perfect couple, and not the bad plastic couples you see after a divorce. Matt obviously came to live with my mother and I, since naturally, his father had moved in. That day made my heart feel as fluttery as a newborn butterfly taking its first flight.

As time passed, Mom and her new hubby went on many trips. Very frequent. This left me and Matt alone on many occasions, and I truly believe he knew that I not only lusted after him, but I had the biggest and hottest crush anyone has ever had! Well, let’s just say that during the first summer of my mothers marriage and while they were away, things were always tense and heated between the two of us. Tension so thick you could taste it in the air like new rain falling on pavement in the summer.

Matt always seemed to tease me whenever he got the chance, but little things at first like taking off his shirt and stretching his perfect tanned body. Glimpses of Porno his boxer brief underwear here and there as well. But the pay-dirt was when I walked past the bathroom and he was taking a piss, the door was almost halfway open. Quietly I watched his tan-toned cock as he peed, the sight of it made my mouth almost water, I wanted so badly to see more of it. Then he stroked it a few times and I could feel my heart exploding in my chest as my own cock burst into a full on diamond. How I wished I could feel it in my and, or taste it in my mouth. Needless to say I think he knew I was there and gave me a god show before wrapping up. Also, needless to say I went and jerked off so hard and came so hard, I felt like I had found heaven.

By the next morning, things seemed normal enough. After breakfast, a bowl of fruit loops, I went to take a shower. And this is where things got hot. Perhaps it was the summer heat? OR the hormones in the air. While I let the warm water trickle down my nude body, I heard a noise. Peaking out of the curtain I saw Matt brushing his teeth and humming softly with that deep heavenly voice. He was only in his tight boxer brief underwear, and I could see ever bit of his man glory outlined.

I immediately had gotten hard, but tried to play it cool as I fondled my hardness. After he finished brushing I asked for a towel to which he promptly handed one to me. He simply said, “Good morning, little man. Did you get too sweaty and want to cool off?” My heart pounded in my chest as I dried off a little and decided to wrap the towel around myself. I hid the hard on as best I could and slowly opened the shower curtain, seeing him in all his beauty and glory, with only those underwear in my way of seeing the meat that he had. But, he was obviously semi hard, probably because he had just woken up.

Once I stepped out of the shower, he got closer to me and smiled, asking if I was alright since I was blushing redder than a dark red cherry. I remember for a brief moment I turned around to turn off the fan and Matt smirked since my towel had opened a little, showing him a little of my bubble Altyazılı Porno butt, it must have also revealed my state of hardness to him. Because what he did next, will be in my memories forever.

With a swift movement, he pushed me against the nearby wall with a thud and I gasped as he slammed a hand onto the wall next to my head. His head went into the crook of my neck and a soft kiss was placed on my neck; once, twice, a small nibble and more kisses. Oh god… Oh god… It was so fast but it made me let out the most girlish moan I had ever made. Even when using a cock sleeve and small dildo combined.

He simply chuckled lightly and whispered hot and hard into my hear, making me shiver at the feeling of his hot breath in my ear, “Mmm Hehehe you are such a little fag, you know that? But I can’t stand it anymore. I’ve got to have you. You keep staring and playing these games, but I’m going to have you weather you say I can or not!”

Before I could voice anything besides a few sharp pants and gasps of surprise, he knelt down and opened my towel wide. Revealed was my hot, damp, naked body and all its glory, including my raging hard cock. He wasted no time kissing my head and shaft for a moment before taking me into his mouth; the sensation was so warm and wet, his suckling was perfection as he made me erupt with moans of delight and surprise. Note that this was my first blowjob ever, and I was in heaven. His tongue swirled and rubbed against my cock as his hands rested on my thighs. My own hands bracing myself up against the walls. It wasn’t long before I let out a loud cry and began shooting into his mouth, the largest orgasm I had ever had. Hot thick ropes of my cum. And he drank it all!

After all that, he stood slowly after making sure I was clean and teasing me a bit more, “Mmm yummy, but we aren’t done here yet baby boy!” He pushed me down to my knees but braced me with his thighs. His raging hard no pressed against my cheek threw the fabric of his underwear. The smell of him was so intoxicating as he ripped off the cloth and let me see his large hard meat for the first Brazzers time. 7 inches of beautiful perfection. He had the look of pure lust in his eyes as he bit his lip and said, “Ngh! Don’t make me wait baby, suck my cock. Suck it like you mean it.” Matt gave me a deep kiss, forcing his tongue into my mouth. I was on fire as I tasted my own cum on his tongue. Bliss. Pure Bliss.

By this point, even after such an intense orgasm, I had gotten rock hard again and wasted no time fulfilling my deepest fantasy and dream. Stroking his hard cock in my hands, and finally…. Tasting that big meat that I dreamed of tasting. He ran his fingers threw my hair with a soft long groan. My tongue tasted him as I took him into my hot, drooling mouth. This was obviously not his first blowjob, but he was obviously enjoying my mouth since he began pushing his large meat further into my more than willing eager mouth. As I worked his dick with my tongue and mouth, he began groaning louder and louder. Finally came time to take him into my throat, which sent him over the edge as he howled lowly in that deep voice. “O-Ohhh god.. Baby yes! Suck my big fat cock!”

He used my mouth as his personal ona-hole. Grabbing my hair and fucking my mouth as I sucked. Before I knew it he was growling as he panted and said, “G-Get ready! I-Its cumming! Drink my hot seed!” His large meat began shooting hot ropes of seed into my mouth. Savoring the flavor for just a moment before I had to begin drinking his milk. After what seemed like gallons of the delicious milk, he pulled my mouth from his cock and panted hard. Looking down at me he grinned and licked his lips, his eyes still filled with lust. “Mmmm, fuck I should have let you do that a long time ago.”

Matt helped me to my feet and shared another hot, passionate kiss with me before whispering into my ear. “Heh ohhh baby, if you think I’m done yet…. Done with your sexy ass, you are dead wrong.” His mouth found my pulse and bit down on it, which caused me to let out another hot moan. He hands went to my bubble ass and he squeezed. His mouth met my ear again and nibbled on it as he said, “I’m going to rape that sweet little boy pussy of yours! And I’m not taking no for an answer! Although, I can’t truly rape the willing? Now can I?!”

~End of part one~

I will write part 2 soon, where Matt takes my cherry and I reveal the hot steamy sessions we had.

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