My Slave, My Master

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Jenn and Tom had been married 15 years. Though their sex life had gone through the typical lifecycle – jumping each other every chance they had in college, and slowing down since their two kids were born – Tom was still totally into Jenn, and Jenn was totally into Tom. Sure, they’d both put on some pounds, and age was doing what age does. But he still found her body just as hot as he did at 19 – maybe even hotter with her breasts so much bigger after kids. She was still into him; his gentle touch and his incredible stamina.

Beneath the surface, though, both were holding back. Even going back to when they were dating, Tom had an insatiable fascination with bondage. For Jenn, it was somewhat of an uncomfortable subject. Though she’d let Tom tie her up a few times, and she’d tied him up a few other times, she never really understood his fascination. What they’d done was ‘bondage light,’ with one or the other tying the other up with scarves, bras, panties – whatever! – but never really acting out the part of the master and the part of the willing, well, as weird as it was to say it, slave.

On their 15th anniversary, the couple went to the Bahamas, where they had rented a small bungalow. The morning before they were to leave, Tom passed Jenn a note.

“What’s this,” she asked.

“Just read it,” he replied.

Dear Jenn-

I know we’re about to leave, but I wanted to propose something to you. You know I have always been curious about exploring sexuality through bondage. You have tried to play before, and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that. But we both know that it’s always been awkward because you have felt like you didn’t know how to act. Well, I wanted to do something about that.

I want to tell you that if I want you to dominate me it is because I am giving you all of the control because I trust you. I want you to tell me what to do. For at least an hour or so, I want you to act like you own me, and use me for your pleasure. It’s not the act of being tied up that turns me on, it’s the idea of being yours, and being used to make you cum. I don’t want you to be polite, I want you to be rough and let your animal urges drive you. I want you to tease me close to the brink and then let me slowly fall back down again.

And I want to do it to you, too. I want to tie you up and make you hornier than you imagined you ever could be. I want to make you beg for release, all the while knowing that when it comes, it will be the most powerful orgasm you’ve ever experienced.

If this idea is at all okay with you, please tell me. I want so bad to serve at your pleasure, and to give you release as we exchange power.

I love you,


She tried to collect her thoughts to respond – she felt a bit lightheaded, and looked at him. She couldn’t even explain her feelings. Even though the idea of bondage had never been her idea of a great time, she felt her pussy growing damp as she read his letter. Across the table, Tom was dying.

“Oh shit!” he thought. “Have I just completely destroyed my marriage?!”

Jenn cleared her throat.

“Umm… this is what you want? You want me to be your slave for one night, and you want to be my slave on another night?”

“Yeah… I’m sorry, I don’t know what I was thinking. I never should…”

“No!” she spurted. “No – don’t be sorry. I just … I know it’s your fantasy, but I’ve never understood where you were coming from. I just – I never know if I would go too far.”

“Jenn, it would be just about impossible for you to go too far. It’s like playing a game, being in a movie or a play or something. We’re playing roles, and I want you to play the role of the dominant. And when we switch, you’d play the role of the submissive who wants nothing so much as to be fucked.”

She smiled. “I think I get it a little better now,” she said. “And I want to do this for you. But I want you to go first. I want you to dominate me. Show me how it’s done so I can do it right when it’s my turn.”

Tom was hard just hearing her say the words. “I love you!” he said. “I want to make it work, and I want it to be a surprise. So let’s plan that one night on vacation, I will do it.”

Jenn blushed. “Should I wear anything special? I mean, what do you want me to do?”

“Don’t worry about the details. You’ll know when I say something.”


The first two nights of their vacation came and went without a hitch – and without the surprise. They had sex, all right, championship sex. But never did he break out the dominance. Jenn was surprised each night as she found herself disappointed that this wasn’t the evening. My God, she thought in the shower while shaving her pussy bare, I think maybe I really DO want this!

On the third evening of the vacation, they got ready to go out to dinner. Jenn got dressed in full view of Tom, changing into her sheerest, shiniest, tightest white satin panty and bra set. She knew it drove him crazy, and she knew they were running out of nights. Odds were, something ought to happen.

At dinner, Tom handed her a present. She began to unwrap Bycasino it.

“Why don’t you open the box just below the table?” he suggested.

Inside was a fleshy, pink dildo – at least six inches long. She gasped and closed the box.

“What are you thinking?” he asked

“I can’t believe you’d give me this in public!” she whispered.

“I’m not just giving it to you in public,” he said. “You will use it in public. Tonight is the night you’ve been waiting for. Is your pussy wet?”

She squirmed. “Just a little, but more now. Tom, please don’t make me use it right…”

“Don’t worry,” he said. “I’m not going to have you pull up your skirt right here! I want you to go to the restroom, get yourself wet, and stick the dildo up your pussy. Then put your panties back up tight to help hold it in, and come back here. And whatever you do, do not let yourself cum. Do you understand?”

Jenn was speechless. And then she realized that she was giving herself over totally to him for the evening. That she, in fact, would exist for his pleasure. But she also trusted her husband – trusted him more than anyone – and knew that she’d not be sorry.

“Yes, sir,” she said. Good grief – did I just call him sir?!

Jenn walked to the bathrooms and felt her pussy juice between her legs. Without touching her, without one piece of clothing being taken off, Tom had gotten her wetter than she could imagine. She went into a stall in the ladies’ room and lowered her panties. She fingered her pussy and couldn’t believe how wet she was. She took the dildo out of her handbag and touched it to her hole. She was on fire. Slowly, she pushed the cock into her swampy puss, gasping as she did. She eased her panties back up and pulled them tight. The back end of the dildo bulged from the satin crotch as she stood up, concentrating on the fullness she felt and squeezing her pussy walls to keep it in. She walked over to the mirror, every step a kind of torture, and checked her composure in the mirror. She felt like she had ‘sex’ written all over her face!

Tom looked at her as she came back. She had a cross between a smile and a glare on her face. He could tell she was being affected, especially when she sat down and the chair must have pushed it further up in.

“How do you feel, my dear?” he asked.

“I don’t know,” she said in a breathy voice. “I feel so full, and I’m afraid it will pop out.”

“Your panties should keep it safely in,” Tom said. “Do you like feeling full?”

“Yes, but I’m afraid I will cum.”

Tom looked at her. “You will NOT cum until I tell you that you may. Is that clear?”

“But I don’t know….”

“Stop,” he told her. “Repeat what I said.”

“I won’t cum until you tell me I can, master.”

“Good,” he replied. “And look, here’s our food!”

She barely squeaked out a thank you to the waiter, and pecked at her food. She could barely concentrate on eating when her pussy was simply melting at her seat. She wondered: Will I get so wet it will go through my dress?

As she wondered, she rocked back and forth a bit. Tom asked “Feeling a bit better about it.” Jenn rolled her eyes back as she concentrated on her pussy. And then, unexpectedly, the dildo popped out, trapped in her panties but leaving her pussy gaping and wanting.

She appeared panicked, and Tom immediately guessed what was wrong.

“Put it back in,” he said.

“But how? How am I going to get back to the bathroom,” she hissed.

“Do it right here,” he commanded. “Now.”

Jenn looked around to make sure they weren’t being watched, and slid her hand under the table, up her skirt, and positioned the dildo. Tom watched her face and knew instantly when it was in as her eyes closed and her mouth opened, emitting an involuntary moan.

She’s barely keeping it together, Tom thought to himself. We need to get out of here. He flagged down the waiter, slid him the card, and said to Jenn “It’s time to go.”

Jenn worried. Would it slide out again? Concentrating with everything she had, Jenn carefully stood up, squeezing the fake cock with all of her energy. Tom took her hand and walked out the door of the restaurant into the cool evening.

“We’re heading back to the room now, dear.” He told her. “If I cross a line, if there’s anything I do that is too extreme, I want you to say ‘orange,’ and that will be our safe word to stop. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir” she replied.

“Good,” he said, as they reached the outside door to their bungalow. “Go inside and stand in front of the bed with your hands behind your head.”

She did so as he went to the bathroom and freshened up. He came out and was stunned by her beauty, her breasts riding high as her outstretched arms heaved them up. He walked a circle around her, and she could feel his gaze. After all these years, he STILL finds me sexy, she mused!

Tom could barely contain himself as he got to her front again.

“Remove your blouse,” he told her. Lowering her arms, Jenn unbuttoned the blouse and slowly shook it off her shoulders, revealing Bycasino giriş her plump breasts, barely held in by the sheer silk bra.

“Very good. Now take off your skirt.”

Jenn fiddled with the zipper, and the skirt dropped to her feet. Tom could now see her panties, absolutely soaked at the crotch, which bulged with the blunt end of the dildo.

“You may now remove the dildo from your pussy,” he told her. Thank goodness, she thought at first, and then a split second later – do I have to? She pulled the crotch of the panties to one side, and pushed the dildo out to her waiting hand, and reached to set it on the bed.

“Wait!” Tom said. “Did I tell you to put the dildo down?”

“No, sir,” she replied.

“That’s right, because you need to clean your toys. Please lick that clean now.”

“Yes, sir”

She raised the toy to her mouth and took it all in, the taste of her juices strangely arousing.

As she closed her eyes, licking the dildo clean she heard the distinct beep of Tom’s camera.

“Oh – no pictures, honey, please?” she begged.

“No dear,” Tom said. “Nights like this happen once in a lifetime. I want to be able to relive it from time to time.”

She thought about arguing – so far, she’d seen nothing that would make her think this wouldn’t happen again. In fact, she was realizing that there was something very liberating about her bondage – that she was free to experience everything, and give up all of her daily responsibilities to Tom’s care while he focused on her needs. But rather than argue, she smiled – a big smile with her tongue licking the tip of the dildo.

“There’s something missing here,” Tom said. Taking hold of her right wrist, Tom snapped one handcuff on, then brought her left wrist forward and chained her. Jenn tugged on them – yhep, not going anywhere, she thought. Tom picked up the camera and started shooting again. After a few shots, he put the camera down and took the dildo from her. Turning it on low, he pressed the vibrator up against her bra, her nipples clearly poking up in the middle.

“How does this make you feel?” he asked.

“It mmmm, makes me feel good, sir,” she replied.

“Good how?”

“It makes me horny, sir?”

“What do you want me to do with it?”

“Anything you want, sir.”

“Good answer,” he said, and pulled the cup of her bra beneath her breast. He kicked up the dildo’s power and teased her rock-hard nipples. He traced a path down to her panties and told her to lie down on the bed.

With a pair of handcuffs already attached to the headboard, he attached her cuffs to the frame. The vibrator on high, he buzzed lightly on the outside of her panties.

“Does this feel better when its buzzing than it did when it was up inside you?”

“Mmmmmmm yes…” she said. Pressing it harder into her clit, he asked “How badly do you want these panties off?”

“Baaaaadddd…” she said.

“Mm… I bet. But not quite yet,” Tom said, pushing the soaked material up into her hole with the buzzing dildo. Drawing it out, he pushed it into her clit again. She was close. Real close. He lightly, almost imperceptibly, pulled it away.

“What do you want?” he whispered.

“I want you to fuck me!” she said “I want you to fuck me like your toy! I want to be your slut!”

“I’ve been fucking you,” he said. “Tell me what you really want.”

“I want you in me…” she said, trailing off as he switched it on again. “Oh God, I want you in my cunt so bad! I want to be your slut.”

Slut? He thought. I can’t believe she’s referring to herself that way! Calling it her cunt? What was possessing her? Well, Tom thought, I’ll roll with it once and see how she reacts.

“You’ll get this cock in your beautiful cunt, my little slut. You’ll get that in good time. But first, I want you to help get the easy one out.”

“Will you let me cum afterwards?” she begged. Oh yeah, he noticed. She is into the dirty talk tonight!

“Oh, yes, you’ll cum. But you must do everything I say.”

Tom unhooked her cuffs from the headboard and led her to the side of the bed.

“Kneel here,” he said. She dropped to her knees, still in her bra and soaked panties. Tom dropped his pants and guided his erect member to her mouth. Jenn, it seemed, was quite ready for this as she greedily sucked his cock into her mouth, then pulling back to give long licks on his shaft before taking it back in and rolling her tongue around his head.

And Jenn wasn’t the only one excited. The entirety of the evening was getting to Tom, and he felt his orgasm build quickly. As he got close, he pulled his cock out of her mouth and jerked it. Jenn was almost disappointed – at some level, she WANTED him to fill her mouth with his cum. She watched him pull and licked her lips, she wanted to see him cum so bad. With a grunt, he shot his load – the most massive she had ever seen – with some hitting her face, and much hitting her tits. She licked around her lips and got a taste of his salty cum. Though in the past she’d hated the taste of it, she found Bycasino deneme bonusu it strangely arousing now. Tom watched her and gave her another order.

“Clean yourself. Lick up all of the cum on your body.”

She raised her cuffed hands to her tits and dragged her fingers through, raising her fingers to her mouth and greedily sucking him off.

“Please, sir, will I be allowed to cum after this.”

“Let’s see how good a job you do!”

She raised her breast to her mouth – no small task with the handcuffs on – and licked herself clean. Tom was normally a one-cum guy, but watching this was getting him hard again already. So much the better, he thought, because he had every intention of fucking her to an amazing orgasm soon. Very soon. But not yet.

Tom walked over to the nightstand as Jenn continued to suck every last drop of cum off her body. He pulled out a handkerchief and folded it end over end, creating a blindfold.

“Now, my dear, it is your turn.”

He sat behind her and tied the blindfold around her eyes. He guided her to her back and reattached her cuffs to the bedframe.

Cut off from her vision, Jenn was in another world. Tom traced outlines of her body with his finger, rolling circles around her nipples. Finally, at last, he unclipped her bra. He fingers traced a path down toward her swollen mound. In all they’d done, it was the first he’d actually fingered her pussy. Tom was amazed at how wet she was. It was like someone had spilled a tube of lube. The smell was intoxicating. Tom got between her legs and licked his way up. Jenn squirmed and bucked as he inched closer to her.

“Am I getting someplace good?” he teased.

She moaned; Jenn was in another place. “Yesss…” she hissed. “Eat my pussy, sir. Please lick me… mmmm”

Hooking his thumbs under the sides, he slid her moist panties down her legs. My God, she realized, I never thought he’d get them off! His tongue darted back up her leg, and he took a few long licks from her hole up to her clit. Jenn was completely transported to a level of pleasure – somehow, being blindfolded made her other senses that much more pronounced. Tom pushed his tongue into her pussy again, and circled around her clit, then licked up her body to her heaving tits, his hand left behind and slowly, slowly stroking her puss. Stradding her, he asked in a whisper. “What if there was someone else in this room right now?”

Jenn panicked – this was never part of the deal – but she was afraid: If I say no, will he stop touching me? I need to cum soooo bad…

“I don’t know, sir, umm…”

“What if there was a woman in the room right now? Would you want her to stick her head between your legs right now?” He picked up the pace of his rubbing. Jenn’s clit was on fire, and she bucked her hips.

“ohhh…” she thought, and she wondered: Lesbian sex had never been something she’d been into. Sure, she’d always wondered what it might be like to be eaten out, but it was never a possibility. But now… it was scary, but she trusted him… so…

“Yes. Yes, sir. I would want her to eat my pussy. I want to cum soooo bad.”

Tom knew the dirty secret – they were the only two in the room. But Jenn didn’t know. Despite cumming just minutes before, Tom felt his balls swelling in anticipation.

“Tell me, Jenn, if the only way you could get your pussy licked right now was to eat her pussy, would you do it?”

She thought for a moment, the distaste of lesbianism disappearing in her own need. Tom dipped his fingers in her hole, coated with Jenn’s delicious juices, and put them up to her mouth. She sucked her womanly nectar and he whispered again “Would you?”

“Ohhh yes… I want to… I need to…”

“Beg for it…”

“Please let me eat her pussy. Oh please, I need to cum…”

Tom barely stifled his laugh as he got up and placed himself over her.

“Jenn, there’s no one here but you and me. I was just teasing you…”

Her mind was crushed in disappointment. Mentally, she had crossed that line and was ready to try anything to cum. Not only was she ready, she wanted to. Tom grabbed the sides of her blindfold and ripped it off, simultaneously plunging his cock into her pussy.

“It’s just the two of us, honey, and I am going to fuck you now as only I can.”

Jenn was at the top and could see the edge. Her husband, her master, her protector gave her everything she needed. In the back of her mind, she had always been bicurious but was unwilling to admit it. But now, she knew she could be curious and admit it, and it was OK. He reached above her head and unclipped her cuffs from the bed.

“Touch yourself. And cum for me,” he said.

Her cuffed hands flew to her pussy and she diddled her clit as Tom slammed into her. Her orgasm ripped through her, from her chest to her belly to her pussy, which convulsed violently around Tom’s cock, squeezing so hard some of her own juices squirted out. The force of her orgasm was all the convincing Tom needed, and he filled her pussy with a second load of cum. He collapsed on her, immediately feeling both awkward and a bit guilty. No longer driven by his urges, he wondered if he had gone too far. He rolled off Jenn and looked at her. Her smile was untouched, and she raised her hands to her breasts, fondling herself gently while looking at him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32