My Sister’s Keeper Ch. 02

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In hindsight, only giving Kaitlyn a day’s notice of her predicament to come was pretty stupid in Sasha’s mind. If she had said even a week, she could have ordered some things and had them arrive in time to use them. Now, she still had to order them, but they wouldn’t even be there for a while.

Sasha sighed as she was on her computer, ordering new equipment to use. It was seriously getting her very turned on at the thought of using such delicious looking toys on Kaitlyn and she could hardly wait.

Even her lust, however, was not enough to justify paying an extra ten dollars on shipping for each individual item. Though, she had stolen Kaitlyn’s credit card just for this moment. It made her wet just thinking how her sister’s money was being spent on something that was going to be used on her in the most delicious way and she wouldn’t even be the wiser as to who did it. Almost as if it were a new instinct, Sasha’s hands slipped into her jeans and panties, fingering in her pussy and making her bite her lip to stifle the moans that were threatening to spring forth from her lungs.

She licked her lips at some of the various items she was finding online. Fortunately, Kaitlyn had dozens of sites she had visited and Sasha, after breaking into her laptop, had emailed herself links to all of them. She was definitely going to enjoy what she had planned.

What had surprised Sasha at first was the prices of some of these things. But, after doing some research, she understood that heavy materials such as latex, leather, or even pvc were hefty in price the more intricate they were. But, in her effort to fully engage in the delicious act of tormenting her sister, she (or rather Kaitlyn herself) had bought some various items. She had only bought a few for the moment, but she would certainly pleasure herself with more later.

The next step was to figure out how to do some of the rope based things she’d seen in the sites and pages she’d seen. She had some Girl Scout training for a good deal of it and was good at knots. Fortunately she was able to practice most of them on herself and ‘learn the ropes’ in a sense before preparing to use them on her older sister.

Preparing to do so, she looked at the clock and saw she had an hour before Kaitlyn would be bound in her room. She walked over to her closet and grabbed a small box, which held couple of things she’d taken from Kaitlyn’s room to help in hiding herself.

Opening the box, she revealed some latex gloves, leg coverings like the ones Kaitlyn had worn (but with a fused toe pattern instead of toe fitting) and a hood (this one didn’t prevent hearing or sight like the other) and a poster for corset and outfit combo she had gone to the store to buy for herself. The corset would have cost a pretty penny (that wasn’t her own), but she felt it would be worth it if it helped prevent Kaitlyn from knowing who she was (the thought hadn’t occurred that she could have just worn some of Kaitlyn’s clothes to hide her shape). She was going to save up such and such an amount at a time to earn enough to buy it later. She also had a folded up cloth and a second cloth to tie around her mouth to muffle her voice so it was less recognizable.

She shut and locked her door, resting easy in the fact she told Kaitlyn she was going out so she’d be less paranoid. After she walked over to the box, she stripped down, revealing her nice, well-toned body from practice.

Grabbing out the bottle of oil that had come with the outfit (but, she bought a separate bottle), she put some on her hand and began to rub it on her skin. She immediately felt a cold shudder that she couldn’t confirm was from the cold feeling the oil had. Once she’d finished applying it, she began to slip into the outfit. It was expensive, but she had gotten it at a great deal since it was only a plain one with no intricate patterns cut out for eroticism’s sake. The black color was also something she liked as it didn’t stand out with vibrancy.

She moaned a little at the feeling the outfit gave her as she put it on in the store. It was almost like a second fulya escort skin, holding tight to her own. It had short sleeves and a skirt ending. The corset was a nice, rigid thing that held tight and was pre-fastened. It had some flexibility so as to allow her to slip inside, which she quite liked. It had holes for her nipples and a slit for her pussy and one for her ass.

When she had begun to slip into the outfit at the store, she immediately began loving the feel of it as her legs slipped through the tight leg holes that were in the skirt. If she’d known how great this felt before, she’d have bought one sooner. She had to admit, of all the things her bitch sister was into, this was one thing she certainly didn’t mind joining her in. Once she’d gotten the outfit all the way on, the corset melded to her waist almost, seemingly magical in its hold.

She then felt herself becoming wet with lust and arousal as she began to put on the gloves. The feel of the latex gliding up her arms was causing her to moan and she had to bite down on her lip to keep it from being loud.

She managed to get them on, but before she put on the leg coverings, she slipped her latex clad hand into her pussy, fingering herself and toying with her clit. She felt herself drawing closer and closer to the edge and moaned loudly into her comforter as she felt her juices explode from her body. She sank to the ground in a daze as the muscle spasm ended, causing her to go limp. Once she’d regained herself, she stood and walked over to the leg coverings. She wiped up her cum with a rag she’d grabbed, making sure to place it down deep in her hamper.

She began to slip the leg coverings on, licking her lips at the feelings it gave her, particularly when she was going to use them on Kaitlyn. Once she’d finished, she looked at the clock. Still a little time; perhaps Kaitlyn was ready early. That would be a delicious treat for her. But, she still had some things to put on. She slipped on the hood, letting her hair out through the holes that were in the hood. She laced it up, liking the tight feeling. She decided, however, to take it off for this time. There would be a later date in which she’d prevent her from having a blindfold, but for now, she wanted to not have sight.

She then took the cloth with the folded cloth and tied them around, but not in, her mouth. These muffled her voice so that it wouldn’t easily be recognized. She had tried it out and could fortunately still make a decent yell and barking of orders. It would be the perfect look.

Sasha slipped out the door, slinking down the hall almost like a cat. The latex was surprisingly quiet and she liked how it felt. While any time before this, she would have felt absolutely embarrassed to be walking down her hall naked save what was essentially gloves and long socks, now she felt a primal lust and desire that would have been unnatural.

Making it to Kaitlyn’s room, she once again peeked in to see Kaitlyn naked. However, this time, she was sitting on the ground on her feet. Her legs were bound together and bent. Her arms were tied behind her back, but in a simple tie. Sasha was thinking of punishing her for not being better, but since she’d only said “bound behind your back”, she decided to let it slide. She moved in quietly, thankful that Kaitlyn had oiled her door recently and it no longer squeaked.

She walked up to Kaitlyn, moving like a cat coming up on its prey. She noticed that she wasn’t blindfolded. The younger’s eyes widened in panic as she looked around for something to use. Sighing internally, she took the cloth off of her mouth, walking up to Kaitlyn and quickly tying it around her eyes.

Kaitlyn began to struggle a bit before Sasha immediately quieted her down.

“Stop,” She said in a disguised, commanding voice. “I command you.”

Kaitlyn immediately stopped, knowing that the more she cooperated, the less likely it was for her hobby to be revealed. Sasha then took this moment to walk to the closet and find one of the items she’d thought was so devilishly kinky gebze escort that she just had to try it out… on Kaitlyn. The item in question was an armbinder and this one looked devilishly kinky.

Sasha untied Kaitlyn’s hands, grabbing a ball gag and buckling it tightly into Kaitlyn’s mouth. Kaitlyn didn’t move. Sasha felt a little bored at this. But, of course, she wasn’t going to complain if this was how she wanted to act. She shoved Kaitlyn’s arms into the armbinder, buckling it very tightly and making sure each strap was fastened tightly. She buckled straps above and below Kaitlyn’s breasts, making them stand out more. She then grabbed said breasts, squeezing them. She had to admit, Kaitlyn had nice tits if there was any good quality about her.

Having watched quite a lot of (lesbian) bondage porn (for research; she would never admit to even herself she had a thing for girls, but she certainly would never watch a naked man), she decided to get into the character she was trying to play. She leaned down and licked Kaitlyn’s breasts. Kaitlyn let out a loud moan as she shuddered from the contact Sasha’s tongue made.

Sasha scrunched up her face; that was not as fun as it seemed. It was kinda gross… and Kaitlyn seemed really turned on by it. While Sasha certainly wouldn’t be doing that any time soon, she would certainly keep that in mind.

“You’ve done what I asked you to do.” Sasha said, her disguised voice working. “I suppose I’ll have to reward you for that by keeping your secret. I guess you want some fun times now, seeing as how you tied yourself up just for me.”

“Ysh, Mshtrsh” Kaitlyn moaned a little into the gag as Sasha kneaded Kaitlyn’s nipples with her fingers, making sure to give them some gentle tugs every now and again. She then reached down for Kaitlyn’s pussy, slipping a finger in and beginning to finger her. Kaitlyn continuously moaned into the gag, as she reached a climax. Once she’d hit it, she spasmed out, not unlike Sasha’s own earlier, and fell limp.

Sasha smirked as she walked over to the closet, grabbing the one item she’d thought of so many devious ideas for use. She took it and set it off to the side. She knew when she was going to use it.

She then grabbed out a pair of nipple clamps that had alligator teeth on them. She clamped them on Kaitlyn’s nipples, pulling the chain that was connecting them.

She then grabbed two small egg vibrators and fastened them to the chain, turning both on. The vibrations send shudders and moans through Kaitlyn’s body, causing her to feel herself slowly creeping to that climax she wanted. Sasha smirked, slapping Kaitlyn’s ass and breasts.

“Stand up, slut,” She barked. Kaitlyn clumsily obeyed (once Sasha had finagled with her leg bindings to allow her to unbend her knees).

“Now, stand still,” Sasha said. “I’m leaving soon and I plan to leave you with something extra delicious to remember this by.”

Kaitlyn shuddered with her arousal, feeling it grow as she stood there. Sasha picked up what she was looking at earlier, a chastity belt, smirking as she added two vibrating dildoes to it. Both were about six inches long and an inch and a half thick, the medium size of all the dildoes in Kaitlyn’s closet. She slipped it between Kaitlyn’s legs, feeling Kaitlyn becoming wetter as she imagined what was going on. However, that turned to slight panic as she realized what was being put between her legs.

“Stand still.” Sasha barked, forgetting to disguise her voice. Kaitlyn froze, though Sasha couldn’t tell the reason. Sasha slipped in the dildoes, locking the chastity belt onto Kaitlyn’s body. She smirked as she loosened the armbinder enough so that Kaitlyn could wiggle out of it; had to let her out somehow. She then said to Kaitlyn in a not so nice voice.

“If you behave, I’ll take this off the next time, slut.” She said, leaving the room, jingling the only keys to the belt as proof.

After she’d left, Kaitlyn began to get out, managing to slip out of the armbinder. She could easily have done it from the beginning. She’d trained gültepe escort herself in the escape artistry necessary to escape all of her equipment except the chastity belt. Once she was free, she sat down on the bed.

She looked down at the chastity belt. It was padded inside, partially to prevent one from sticking their fingers in to masturbate, and let her move freely. It was vented in the front for if she had to urinate with it on and usually had a hole in the back for the… other processes, but her entire ass was taken up by the dildo, which made her moan as little as she walked.

She put her head in her hands, sobbing. That voice sounded eerily like Sasha’s. If it genuinely was Sasha that did this to her, why would she not just say so… maybe it was embarrassing… maybe she was just that cruel. Kaitlyn sighed, tears falling into her hands. She knew what she had to do and she knew it had to be done soon.

She got up, walking out, trying to stifle the moans that wanted to emerge at every step. She walked to Sasha’s room, knocking on the door. She thought Sasha was gone, but if she was the one who did this to her, she would be here.

Sasha opened the door, clothes hastily thrown on, and looked at Kaitlyn, who hadn’t put anything on.

“I… I have something to tell you,” She said in a quiet voice. Sasha, confused, yet turned on, let her in, not bothering to show hatred.

“I…” Kaitlyn tried to put words to it. “I love you… but, more than a sister… like a lover.”

Sasha, looked at her in confusion, which morphed to anger and hatred. She reached back and slapped Kaitlyn.

“You disgusting freak.” She said, angered by the statement. “That’s sick. How dare you come in here and say that to me?! And, I thought it was fucked up enough you liked to be tied up in your room.”

At that, Kaitlyn sobbed once, looking down. It was confirmed to her that Sasha had done that to her. She felt her heart shatter, but then something else occurred to her.

“You call me disgusting and sick?!” She demanded, shocking Sasha at her words. “When you’re the one who RAPED me on my bed and earlier today! I can’t believe you would dare to say such hypocritical words to me! I was going to confess my love to you, but you raped me! If there’s anyone who’s sick, it’s you! Now, release me form this chastity belt!”

“No way, you sick bitch!” Sasha shouted. “You deserve it for being such a bitch!”

“What have I possibly done to you to deserve this?!” Kaitlyn yelled. “It’s one thing for you to join in, but you didn’t even tell me it was you and raped me! I certainly gave you no consent to that!”

“You shouldn’t have snuck around to do that!” Sasha yelled.

“I have a right to my own private hobbies!” Kaitlyn yelled. “How dare you say that when you RAPED me?!”

“Quit saying that!” Sasha yelled. “You deserve it!”

“What did I do to deserve that?!” Kaitlyn yelled, tears in her eyes. At this point, it hit home with Sasha just how fucked up her actions were.

“I… I had no idea.” Sasha said, apologizing for the first time in her life to Kaitlyn. “The entire time, I thought I was just getting some payback, but then, I became really turned on by it and wanted to keep going… I never really thought how it actually psychologically would affect you… Look, I know this sounds off coming from me, but… I’m sorry. Is there a way I can make it up to you?”

Kaitlyn thought for a moment, coming up with an idea.

“How about in one week, I reverse the roles?” She crossed her arms. “Make you understand what it’s like to be the one without control.”

“I… guess that’s fair…” Sasha said. “I was a bitch then.”

“And, also give back my keys.” Kaitlyn said. “I know it’s odd to talk about, but with this thing in me, there’s no way for me to sue the bathroom.”

“But, that’s what the vents are for.” Sasha said.

“There’s a dildo up my ass.” Kaitlyn said, a slight blush on her face. “I can’t go… you know.”

“O-Oh,” Sasha said. “Right… Sorry… say… after the whole reversal thing… do you wanna… discuss this whole thing… together?”

“I’d love to.” Kaitlyn smiled as Sasha gave her the keys. “I’m just glad I have someone else to talk to about this…”

The two awkwardly went on to their own activities, ready for what the next time brought.

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