My Sister’s Friend

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It was going to be my sister’s twentieth birthday the next day and for some reason she decided that she’d have a couple of her friends stay overnight, sort of getting a jump start on the festivities.

It was a hot day and expected to be a warmish night and my sister and her friends were dressed accordingly. Or, from my point of view, under-dressed, accordingly. Not that I was complaining, mind. Her two friends were very attractive young ladies, neither one of whom I’d kick out of my bed if I chanced to find them there.

The girls were noisy, chatting and clowning around. They’d all had a drink or two and were feeling quite happy. Eventually they all retired to my sister’s room, but not to sleep. I could hear music playing, loudly, and there was a lot of squealing and giggling going on.

Now I am not a spoil-sport. I was quite prepared to let the young ladies have their fun and just hoped they’d eventually quieten down so I could grab some sleep. I figured that this would probably happen by midnight so I just hopped on the ‘net and idled some time away thereon.

My problem was that the noise level from Kathy’s room seemed to be escalating. On top of the loud music, there were screams and squeals and much laughter. They were getting loud enough that I figured they’d soon be disturbing the neighbours. If the parents were home they’d have leaned on Kathy a little and made her tone it down. Seeing they weren’t, I guessed the task fell to me.

I rapped on Kathy’s door and was ignored. I knocked again, loudly, and was ignored. Whatever they were up to they were too pre-occupied to pay attention to little things like answering knocks on the door. So I went in.

Let me describe the scene to you. There was my sister, Kathy, effectively twenty years of age and, even if it is her brother saying so, stacked in all the right places. She was also wearing a matching bra and panties set. I know they matched because she didn’t have anything else on. No big deal as far as I was concerned. She was my sister and I’d seen her running around in her undies for twenty years. (Less one day.)

Also there, was Naomi. A few months younger than Kathy, quite pretty and just as nicely stacked. I was able to make a pretty fair judgement of this as she was also dressed in matching bra and panties and nothing else.

The third young lady was Suzy. Not sure of her age but I thing she fit’s in somewhere between Kathy and Naomi. I had always considered her the prettiest of the three women, but that may have been because I’m partial to blondes. I have a couple of problem right now in describing her. It’s hard to say how stacked a young lady is when she’s flat on her back as her breasts tend to flatten out. I did notice that Suzy had plenty of breast to flatten. Neither could I say if she was wearing matching bra and panties. This wasn’t because she had a dress on but because she didn’t have a bra on. Not that I minded that little detail.

Oh, yes. One other little detail where Suzy was concerned. She was wearing a strap of some sort on each arm that tethered her to the bed.

All three looked at me with various degrees of consternation. Then Kathy started yelling. How dare I come barging in to her room like that? Didn’t I have the common decency to knock? Was I a pervert, trying to catch them undressed?

I held up a hand, trying to stem the flood of words so I could slip in a couple myself. Eventually Kathy slowed down and stood there, glaring at me.

“I knocked,” I politely fethiye escort explained. “A couple of times. You were making too much racket in here to hear me. I wanted to tell you to tone it down a bit or you’d have the neighbours complaining, especially him,” I added, jerking my thumb towards the place behind us. A chronic whiner lived there.

“If I was trying to catch you naked,” I went on, “it looks as though I very nearly succeeded. I didn’t know you went in for bondage.”

I nodded to where Suzy was red-faced and wriggling on the bed. It didn’t help her much. She was flat on her back with only a little pair of panties to shield her modesty.

“We were just mucking around,” protested Naomi, going red. “We were tickling her, that’s all. Suzy was saying that she wasn’t ticklish and we couldn’t make her react.”

“It all depends on how and where you tickle,” I said, sounding as though I was giving the thought some consideration. I strolled over to the bed and looked down at Suzy.

“Don’t you let him touch me,” she squealed. “Untie me. Now.”

“No,” I said, contradicting her order. “Leave her for a few moments. Now let me see. Did you try here?”

Armpits are generally ticklish. Suzy’s were at any rate. Perhaps because it was me and not one of the girls doing the tickling. She squealed and bucked, trying to wriggle away from my touch.

“See,” I said. “It’s easy. Did you try her lower ribs?”

I sat on the bed and dug my fingers into Suzy’s ribs, hitting that spot right at the bottom of them. A second bingo. Suzy’s whole body jerked into the air as she bounced on the bed, squealing. It was a good thing that the music was loud enough to help drown out her squealing.

Kathy and Naomi were giggling and stirring Suzy up. Suzy was wriggling and begging them to let her loose. This whole thing was so embarrassing.

“Tell me, did you try to tickle her like this?” I asked, and brushed my hand lightly back and forth across Suzy’s nipple.

Suzy shrieked, while the others giggled some more.

“Actually, I don’t think that was tickling her,” Kathy said.

“Oh, I don’t know. She’s definitely jumping around when I do it,” I pointed out. “How about if I do this?”

I reached down and lightly scratched down the crotch of Suzy’s panties, tracing along the length of her lips.

Suzy was protesting loudly now, demanding to be let loose. I was protesting that I hadn’t finished tickling and should be given a chance.

“Did you know that the mons is ticklish?” I asked Kathy.

There were prompt denials from all three girls at this claim. They weren’t having a bar of it.

“Sure it is. Just watch.”

Before they guessed what I was doing I drew Suzy’s panties down. I had them off before she was even starting to protest. At that point she just seemed to freeze. I took advantage of this to start massaging her mons. Suzy reacted just the way I expected. She squealed and started squirming under my hand.

“See,” I said. “Ticklish.”

“I don’t think that’s tickling her,” said Naomi, looking at Suzy’s face. “It seems to be exciting her more than anything else.”

“Really?” I asked. “Are you sure? What about when I do this?”

I slid my hand down over Suzy’s mound, covering it and giving it a gentle massage. Suzy’s squirming doubled in energy and she was gasping and trying to say something. The trouble was that one of my fingers had accidentally slipped between her lips and was stroking inside her. Every time it looked as though escort fethiye she was about to actually say something a gentle probe deeper changed it to a gasp or a squeal.

I continued teasing Suzy, massaging her mound, every so often dipping between her lips to agitate her inner flesh, building up little tensions inside her. I could feel when she gave up protesting. Her hips seemed to heave slightly as she started pressing herself up against my hand, wanting a closer contact.

That’s the point at which I pulled back. I winked at Suzy, who was flushed and breathing hard. As a matter of fact, all three of the young ladies were flushed and breathing hard.

“For a moment there, I thought you were just going to ravish poor Suzy right in front of us,” Kathy said, and Naomi was nodding agreement.

“Really, I’m shocked at you,” I murmured. “As though I’d ravish a guest who just happened to be naked and tied to the bed. Why the poor girl would be completely helpless. She’d just have to lie there and take it. I didn’t even think of such a thing.”

I looked down at Suzy who gave me a nasty look back. I couldn’t tell if she was happy or disappointed in my stopping. Angry, yes, but pleased or dis-pleased, I had no idea.

Reaching over I took hold of a breast and gently squeezed it while rolling the nipple around with my thumb.

“I’m sorry,” I told Suzy. “I should have asked if you wanted me to keep on going. Very rude of me not to.”

My hand dropped down and closed around her pussy again, gently squeezing.

“Shall I go on?” I asked, almost laughing when Suzy frantically shook her head, rejecting the notion.

I stood up and moved down to the end of the bed. Leaning down I captured Suzy’s ankles and eased her legs further apart. If she resisted, I didn’t notice.

“I seem to have got you slightly worked up,” I said. “Maybe kissing it better will help.”

There was a loud squeal from Suzy and she tried to jerk away from me. All he managed to do was lift her legs off the bed, and with my hands already holding her ankles I just helped her along, lifting them higher and wider. Then I leaned down between her legs and kissed her mons. From there my mouth slid down, tongue probing, slipping between her lips and tasting her soft salty body.

With her legs being held in the air there was nothing Suzy could do but take it. My tongue darted into her while she squealed and squirmed slightly. Once again I noticed that she was pressing her pussy up to meet me. I dipped into her passage and then explored further. I could feel her shudder when I lingered too close to her clitoris and deliberately tarried there, enjoying her rising tumult.

Finally I lifted my head and looked at Suzy.

“You know, Suzy, if it wasn’t for Kathy and Naomi there watching I’d drop my trousers and ravish you right now, but I wouldn’t want to embarrass them. Of course, if, say, Naomi was to lower my trousers as a sign of approval I’d really have no choice but to take you.”

Suzy was shaking her head but I was watching Kathy and Naomi in my peripheral vision. They were looking at each other and I saw Kathy give a decided nod. Yes, do it.

I continued smiling down at Suzy while she watched with eyes that seemed to just keep opening wider as Naomi stepped up behind me and, reaching around me, started undoing by belt and zip. Suzy was shaking her head while Naomi pulled down my trousers and then my underpants. Naomi, the little wretch, also reached around to squeeze my fethiye escort bayan erection.

I leaned over Suzy, and the tip of my cock was swiftly pressing against her. I could feel her lips yielding, easing apart to let me in. Then Kathy interrupted.

“Just hold it a second,” she snapped.

Startled, I held it and looked over at her. Did she really want me to stop? She held up a finger to me as though to say wait one moment, and then she darted out of the room. She was back almost immediately, holding a towel.

“Lift your bum, Suzy,” Kathy said.

Suzy blinked and automatically lifted her bum as requested. She promptly squealed loudly as she found that she’d pushed herself firmly up and onto that cock of mine which had been poised above her. At the same time Kathy slid the towel under Suzy’s raised bottom.

“OK, continue,” she said. “I just didn’t want a wet spot on my bed.”

How efficient of her. Suzy might have thought it a bit callous but right then Suzy was too busy wondering what to do about the cock upon which she’d just skewered herself. I showed her. As she dropped back down onto the towel I stayed with her. The only difference was that when Suzy hit the towel and bed she came to a halt while I continued on my way, sinking even deeper into her. I didn’t stop until I had her firmly nailed to the bed.

We stayed like that for a couple of moments, just looking at each other. Then Suzy gave this little shrug at about the same time my hands came up and closed over her breasts. With that shrug Suzy moved into what I suppose you could call a spirit of willing cooperation. She pushed up hard against me in a gesture of surrender. I took it as that, anyway, and started to move firmly within her.

We forgot about Kathy and Naomi. For the present time there was just the two of us and the pleasure we were giving each other. With me no longer holding her ankles Suzy swung her legs down and around me, clasping me tightly, using them to draw me deeper with each thrust. I happily abused her sweet body, taking everything she offered and coming back for more.

Suzy was gasping, putting all her effort into matching me. I suspect that she may have been a little aware of the others as she seemed to be trying to stay silent, only the occasional muted squeal escaping her. This didn’t seem to lessen her obvious pleasure. She was writhing happily under me, grinding her groin vigorously against me every time I slid home. I had no doubt that if she hadn’t had her arms fastened to the bed she would have been clutching my shoulders and digging her nails in deep. (And considering the length of those nails I was quite happy to keep her tied.)

I gave Suzy my best, trying hard to prolong it until she was ready for the final run, even if it was hard to judge when she was staying mute. In the end I just gave up. I started slamming home harder and faster. Like the kids say when they play hide and seek, here I come, ready or not.

Suzy was ready. I finally broke her silence and she screamed as her climax hit her. (Chalk one up for my side.) I pumped frantically, emptying my balls of their load, relieved to have such relief available.

I fastened up my trousers and retired to my own room, reminding them that I would appreciate it if they’d keep the noise down a little.

“By the way,” I added as I was about to leave. “If you’re worried that the bed might be a bit crowded for the three of you, send Naomi into my room and she can share mine. I’ll take good care of her.”

Naomi looked startled at that. She looked even more startled when I reached over and unclipped her bra. Cupping her breast, I nodded.

“Oh, yes,” I said. “I’ll take very good care of you. Don’t be too long.”

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