My Sister Part one

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My Sister

When my older sister and I were young, we played the show me yours game, but after showing her my cock and balls, she would always chicken out. I never did get to see her pussy or tits.

Fast forward to now, when I still get hard thinking of her, and jerk off to visions of playing sex games with her. We are both married and I know she shares my inclination to watch porn. As two couples, we have gone to movies with porn as the theme, and after getting home I banged the hell out of my wife envisioning that she was my sister.

She has admitted to me in private that porn makes her horny, but never did she show any enthusiasm for playing those games now.

During one of my vacations, I stayed with my sister and her husband, while my wife visited relatives down east. Her husband worked 12 hour day shifts, so I got to spend a lot of alone time with my sister.

One day we were joking about our childhood games, and I asked her why she never showed me her body, while I stood there with my cock out. She didn’t want to answer, but when I pressed her, she said that she was afraid that I would try to put my cock inside her. She might be right, but I would never admit that to her. This is how our conversation went:

Me: didn’t you ever wonder what it would have been like, if we had both stripped and touched each other?

Her: yes, but I was afraid it would go too far. I really did like seeing your cock and balls. It made me horny.

Me: Do you ever wonder what my cock looks like now compared to back then?

Her: Sometimes. Hey I’ve got some porno tapes in the rec room in the basement. Wanna go watch some?

Me: what if I get really horny?

Her: I guess you could jerk off and I could watch.

Me: okay, let’s go.

In the basement, with the lights off and the tv showing 70’s porn, my cock was in full erection. We sat on the couch, with us on opposite ends.

Her: you look uncomfortable. Are your pants too tight? There is a big bulge in the front of your jeans.

Me: I know. What should I do?

Her: I thought you were going to jerk off?

Me: Is that really fair, that I am exposed jerking off, while you are Bostancı Escort fully dressed?

Her: what are you suggesting?

Me: you know what I want to see. It would be a lot easier jerking off and cumming if you were naked.

Her: That’s not going to happen. You might lose control and try to get inside me.

Me: I promise I won’t try. Just strip and slide down beside me, and I should be able to cum in no time.

After getting naked and stroking my cock, my sister reluctantly stood and stripped. She sat back down and I asked her to slide down beside me.

Her: promise you won’t try to get inside me. I could never cheat on my husband.

Me: I promise. Now slide down.

With my sister’s naked body pressed against my side, I began jerking off noisily and faster. I had no intention of cumming too soon, because I wanted to see how far this would go.

After jerking for a few more minutes, I noticed my sister squirming a bit.

Me: are you getting as horny as I am?

Her: I guess, but there’s not much I can do about it.

Me: you could rub your clit and try and orgasm with me, or I could rub it for you. I’m sure my hand would feel better than your own.

Her: you decide.

I reached over and gently parted her legs and rubbed my fingers through her pubic hair and down to her pussy lips. She was soaked.

Me: your pussy is really juiced. You must be really horny.

Her: so, get busy and help me.

Me: Can you help me too?

Her: you mean jerk you off?

Me: yes, then we can both cum.

Her: I don’t know. We probably have gone too far already.

She shifted and moaned as my finger gently massaged her clit, and she hadn’t anything more to say. She turned slightly and took my cock in her hand and began stroking.

Me: can I get you to turn slightly so my cock is more easily accessible.

She shifted and her head was resting on my shoulder while she jerked my cock. I put my arm up and around her shoulder, to hold her while she jerked. I Could no longer reach her pussy, but at that point I was too far gone to care. As she continued stroking me, I gently applied pressure to her shoulder Bostancı Escort Bayan in an effort to get her head closer to my cock. She probably knew what I was trying to do and didn’t resist, so I kept up the pressure. Soon her lips were about three inches from my cock head, so I pushed up with my hips and my cock head brushed against her lips. She jumped, but didn’t move away.

Her: I suppose you think I’m going to give you a blow job?

Me: a guy can dream, can’t he?

She didn’t reply, so I raised my hips and gently pushed on her shoulder. I felt her tongue flick out and I instinctively raised up further trying to get into her mouth. With virtually no resistance from her I pushed her head down, and I was now about two inches inside her mouth. I could feel her tongue moving in a swirling motion, and the suction started shortly after. I just couldn’t stop. I pushed on the top of her head and thrust upwards, so my cock was almost fully engulfed. She started bobbing her head up and down and I was perilously close to blowing my load.

Me: This is not really fair. Let me help to make you feel good too.

Her: What do you mean?

Me: I’ll lick your clit and help you cum.

Her: You won’t try anything funny with your cock?

Me: No, I promise (I lied).

I moved down between her legs and gently spread her open. My tongue did a light flicker through her pussy lips and then my lips latched onto her clit. I sucked and licked as she began moaning and squirming, edging closer to an orgasm. She grabbed my ears and pulled me tight to her pussy, as she went into spasm.

Her: lick harder, I’m cumming. Don’t stop, don’t stop, please suck my clit.

With one final convulsion, her orgasm began to subside. I let her bask in the glow of her orgasm for a minute, then moved up to the couch and spread my legs. I stroked my cock and watched for her reaction. When I didn’t see any, I said:

Me: It’s my turn now.

Her: I really shouldn’t but I guess it’s only fair.

As she crawled between my legs, I said to her:

Me: Suck me off sis, I really need to cum.

Her: I guess you plan on cumming in my mouth.

Me: Escort Bostancı Please just suck my cock, I need to orgasm. I’d love it if you swallowed for me.

As she lowered her face to my cock, I reached for her ears, to get her mouth deep on my cock.

She must have sensed what was coming, because she spit all over my cock, probably to make it easier to go deep on me. As the spit hit my cock head, I pulled on her ears and rammed my cock deep into her mouth.

Me: Suck that cock deep into your throat, I need to cum.


The vibrations from her MMMMMing sent me over the edge. My cum shot out like a cannon and flooded her mouth to overflowing. Trying to contain the cum flood was nearly impossible, and several streams of cum ran from the corners of her mouth. As the last of my cum was drained, I finally released her ears and relaxed. She looked up at me and said:

Her: Happy now that I swallowed almost all of your cum?

Me: Not quite. I’m still hard as a rock and need to bury my cock deep in your pussy.

Her: No way, you promised that you wouldn’t do that.

Me: Sorry, I have to fuck you until we both cum together.

Her: I can’t cheat on my husband.

Me: You already did, by swallowing my cum.

Her: If we do this, do you promise never to tell anyone what we did.

Me: Yes, I promise.

She sat on the couch and spread her legs, so I got up and positioned my cock at her pussy entrance. As I sunk deep into her, she moaned and grabbed my hips. I began thrusting into her and in no time, she was in full orgasm. I felt my balls tense up, and I was ready to unload again. I finished pumping her full of cum, as her orgasm subsided, but she was still shaking and moaning.

Her: I can feel you cumming and I can’t stop my orgasm. Oh god, I’m going to cum again.

Me: Just relax for a minute or two, and I’ll be able to fuck you again.

Her: I don’t know if I can handle another orgasm.

As my cock began to fully harden again, I began gentle thrusts, and watched for her reaction.

Her: Fuck me hard, I want to cum on your cock.

I jackhammered her pussy until I felt another orgasm cumming. I didn’t think I had any cum left, but it felt great anyway spasming inside her. She couldn’t cum again, but she whispered to me:

Her: Tomorrow’s another day bro.

To be continued………………………….

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