My Sister, My Lover Part 5

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I came home from work after a four-day shift. I was trying the front door when the knob turned. To my surprise, Chrystal opened the door, “Look who’s home.”

I was stunned. She took my hand and led me through the house to the master bedroom. I knew what was happening in the room before we walked into the room. Liz and Linds were in a sixty-nine embrace both face deep in the other’s pussy.

Crystal whispered in a sultry tone, ” They are cleaning the load I put in each of them.”

My cock jumped in my jeans with that comment. Chrystal rubbed my cock through the fabric covering it. My eyes were glued to my wife and sister as they moaned in time with their movements. My pants fell to the floor. I needed a shower. I hadn’t had a shower all day, so I was not daisy fresh. The warm man scent between my thighs was rising up when I felt a strange hand lift my nut sack. I didn’t know it until a warm, wet mouth swallowed me whole. My hand instinctively moved to Chrystal’s strawberry blonde hair and tangled my fingers in the curls and my hips took over. I fucked the beautiful transexual’s mouth until I quickly burst my thick joy down her throat. She stood and French kissed me giving me a taste of my seed.

Liz and Linds both shook and moaned before separating in the middle of the bed. I walked over and kissed both of them. The mix of juices on both their faces made my cock start filling with blood again.

Chrystal threw my clothes in a pile in the corner of the room. I took a quick shower and was toweling off as I came back into the room. I lay next to my lovely wife and we started kissing passionately. I felt Chrystal moved between my thighs while Linds sat on Escort Ankara my cock. Liz alternated between me and Linds’ bodies. Liz moved over my head and dropped down. I tongue fucked her as she wiggled on me and kissed and sucked my sister’s body. I gasp in my wife’s pussy as Chrystal slammed her cock in me. We filled the room with our lustful noises. My sister and Liz had something in common. Both ladies were multi-orgasmic and today was no exception. They went off together while Chrystal stepped up her pace. Linds lay beside us and Liz dropped her wet pussy on my cock and rode me to three orgasms before I released into her. And Chrystal emptied into me.

We all kissed and cuddled for several minutes before grabbing our robes and moving into the living room.

When I sat in my armchair the blood supply had moved to my brain. “How long have the three of you been getting together?”

The three ladies told me that they got together once a week since I brought Chrystal home and into our lives. They all seemed nervous until they noticed my cock was hard and parting my robe.

We took a break and ate dinner in our robes. I threw all our pillows on the floor. I arranged them in piles and put a small pile of DVDs on the TV. I put the first DVD in the machine and hit play.

The first video was various sex scenes of Liz and I on our Caribbean Cruise. Some of the ships, some in our cabin, and several in secluded spots on various islands along the route. By the end of the video, everyone was panting lightly and hands were ducking under our robes.

The second video was a compilation of people who I and Liz seduced. We were excited by the end of the second Ankara Escort DVD. I and Chrystal were stroking each other in the middle of the pillows. Liz was sitting in one of the armchairs. One leg draped over each arm while she pumped the strap-on in and out of herself.

My sister Linds had been in the bathroom and upon returning joined Chrys and me on the cushions. Her mouth and hands flitted like butterfly wings back and forth from my cock to Chrys’s until we pulled her between us. Linds had her back to me so I could cup both if her milk-filled breasts. As I squeezed and tugged on them as milk splashed on Chrys’s body. Linds bent down and lapped her milk from the hard nipples and tight stomach of the beautiful transexual in front of her as I separated her legs and worked my cock inside her. Her tight ass swallowed me whole ass she groaned between light kisses and licks.

Liz grabbed Linds by the hair, pulling her upright and sliding her strap-on toy into her sister-in-law and thrust deep inside. Chrys jumped behind and worked her cock into my wife. We all made sounds of lust. Groans of joy intermixed with moans of desire echoed around the room. My left hand cupped my sister’s breast while my right massaged my wife’s as Liz was repeatedly rammed by our newest sexual playmate. With the added stimulation of the double dildo in her pussy orgasms repeatedly shook Liz and Linds’ bodies until Chrys and I erupted our white sexual lava deep into each of the thoroughly used ladies.

Chrys and I turned and took a heel to head position as we cleaned the tangy remains of our anal encounters from each other’s cocks. Liz and Linds cuddled under their robes and dozed as I and my Ankara Escort Bayan beautiful cocked lady cleaned our soft cocks. Once cleaned and exhausted we rearranged ourselves. Cuddling and kissing we shared the acrid treats we had collected from the other’s tools. We lapped and sucked each other’s tongues until we also faded into slumber.


By the end of summer, we all had full body tans. Weekend clothing-optional, pool parties, and barbeques were team events one person watching the roasting food while the rest of us found wild and wonderful ways to make others orgasm.

Some of the family members had caught wind of the proceedings and would occasionally show up to add their flavor to the group.

Havana, now in college, became an occasional participant. As well as Liz’s sister Sara, who visited the day my mother also joined us. We re-enacted scenes from last winter’s ski trip with Chrystal replacing the tour guide. Mom really liked Chrys and invited her on a couple of day trips she would be going on later in the fall.

Chrys happily accepted her invitation after the two of them had a missionary meeting on the diving board. My mother moaning like a whore while my transexual playmate filled her pussy with ejaculate. If I had not been in the same position with Havana under me, my balls slapping her bottom, and Liz sucking her young breasts I would have joined them. Linds was on her knees and Sara, Liz’s sister was working one of our toys in and out of my sister’s pussy. When Sara brought Linds to orgasm they changed positions and Linds filled Sara with a strap-on and brought her to orgasmic joy as well.

I was surprised that my fire fighting compatriots weren’t called considering the amount of noise eliminating from over the fence. A couple of times the neighbor inquired if everything was “ok, “. We all laughed and moved inside.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32