My Sister Kelly Pt. 4

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I got off my shift at the hospital and instead of running some errands like I told Eric I would, I decided to come home and change out of my scrubs and then go out. I got home and the house was pretty quiet, I could tell my daughter Kelly was out. I quietly went upstairs to see if my son Eric was home. It was apparent he was not expecting me home because his bedroom door was wide open. I heard some talking and what sounded like some moaning coming from his room. I could have called out but my curiosity was peaked so I decided to sneak up to his doorway to see what he was doing. I looked in and saw my son sitting naked at his computer clearly jacking off to some porn he was looking at online. I watched my son with lust and fascination for a few minutes as he worked his cock, moaning and I could hear him saying his sister’s name so I knew he was fantasying about fucking her.

I was torn in half, part of me thought I was his mom and either saying something or just walking away and making some loud noise so he knew I was home. Then there was the other part of me, the very sexually aroused part. I hadn’t been with a man in over two years! I noticed that my lustful thoughts were deepened with the addition of incestuous thoughts added in. Suddenly I noticed that I had my hand down my scrubs, massaging my very wet pussy. I thought about having my son fuck me like I saw him fucking my daughter. I didn’t know if he would find me as sexually appealing. After all I wasn’t his 20 year old sister. I was his mom and an older woman. I knew it was wrong but I let my lust laden thoughts direct my next action.

I walked into my sons’ room, intent on breaking my drought on no sexual activity. My son was really into his lustful thoughts about his sister because he did not hear me come in. I put my hand on his shoulder and said, “So Eric, this is what you do when I am not home.” My son jumped, startled by having been caught by his mom. He quickly took his hand from off of his cock and grabbed his mouse with the intent to try and close the porno he was looking at. As he did this he said out loud, “Oh shit mom!” I grabbed his hand and stopped him. Our eyes met and smiled at him, “It’s ok. All guys do this. If it gives you pleasure you can do it, I don’t mind.” My son just looked at me, not knowing what to do or say. “Well Eric, you might as well get yourself off, I am sure you were close to cumming.” My son looked at me in shock, surprised to hear this coming from his own mother. “I can’t jack off with you watching me!” But as he said this I knew he was lying. He was just trying to play innocent. If he knew that I knew him and my daughter were fucking I am sure he would have responded differently. But then I thought maybe he didn’t find me that sexually appealing. But yet I thought I had so much more experience; I knew he would enjoy being fucked by an older woman. I could have said I knew about him and Kelly but I didn’t want to spoil that fun they were having and my fun of watching. “Ok…well how about I just get out of your sight and then you can finish getting off.” So without another word I dropped down onto my knees and crawled under his desk. “Mom! What the hell are you doing?” I called out from under his desk, “Just keep watching your nice porno video son.” I crawled to my sons legs, I put my hands on his knees and my son automatically spread his legs.

My sons cock looked so good up close. It was a nice length and width. I could see how wet it was, covered with his pre cum. I hadn’t tasted pre cum in so long but now I was going to get my taste of what my daughter seemed to love. I pulled my sons’ chair in and moved into his legs taking his cock into my mouth. Wow! His pre cum tasted so good! I knew instantly why my daughter loved sucking her brother’s cock so much. I slid his prick in and out of my mouth a couple of times, I heard my son moan. Then I said, “Are you watching your screen?” “Oh fuck yes mom!” “Good. Keep watching it Eric and just pretend I am that woman on the screen sucking your nice cock.” I began to bob my head up and down on my son’s cock. Eric put his hands under the desk and on to my head helping to move my head up and his pre cum covered cock. “Oooh yes…mom…fucking don’t stop! That’s it! Fuck yes! Suck my fucking cock!” “Eric…don’t think of me as your mom, just as that woman on your screen.” My son tried pushing his chair back but I wouldn’t let him, I guess I felt that if he didn’t actually see me with his cock in my mouth then it our incestuous action would be ok.

I listened to my son moaning as I sucked on his nice hard prick. He kept running his hands through my long black hair. “Yeah that’s it mom. Fucking suck my cock. Suck it mom, suck it good.” The fact my son was enjoying our encounter only added to my lust. I ran my lips down on side of my sons’ cock and then back up the other side then I ran my tongue all over Eric’s’ prick head. I lapped up the pre cum oozing out of his nice piss slit. Then I slid my sons’ cock back into my hot, wet mouth. Eric pushed his chair away from the desk trying to get me to come along with him. I got a good look at his throbbing, red, saliva covered cock as it bounced straight up into the air. “Mom, come out from under there, I wanna watch you suck on my cock.” “No Eric! I told you, watch the screen and just pretend that it is that woman sucking your cock.” “Fuck that mom! I want to watch you sucking my cock!” I got up under his desk, stood up and started to walk for his bedroom door. “Sorry Eric. I told you I wouldn’t give you a blow job if pulled away from the desk.” I looked at my son with a bewilder look on his face. Deep down I was hoping my son wouldn’t just let me leave. I truly wanted to suck his cock; I wanted to make my son cum in my mouth. I trusted my son’s lust was overflowing him, like mine was and I was not disappointed!

My son grabbed me by my arm and spun me around facing him. “Oh no you don’t mom! You are not going anywhere. You started to suck my cock and you are going to finish!” I never saw such lust in guys’ eyes before as I saw in my son’s. I went flush as I knew he had nothing but pure lustful thoughts in his mind. I didn’t say anything back to my son but I did try to pull loose, when I did my son pulled me right up against his naked body. His hard cock felt so good up against my body as I felt it through my scrubs. Then he took his other hand, moved it around my back, pulling me closer to him. Our eyes met and he kissed me with a deep kiss on my lips. As he did this his hand went down to my ass and he gave it a nice hard grab. This sent eclectic tingling up my spine. Then my son pulled me over to his dresser and took something out of it with his free hand.

“Eric, what are you going to do?” My son turned around to face me, “I’m going to make sure you finish sucking my cock mom!” He then pulled me over to his bed, “Get up on the bed mom!” I purposely refused; I knew my son was getting more excited with me being difficult. “Mom! Get up on the bed now!” I slowly sat down on my sons’ bed. “Sit up against the head board!” I slid myself back up against his headboard, still curious as to what my son was going to do. My son then produced his other hand from behind his back and I saw he had a couple of ties in his hand. Without a word my son very, very quickly tied my wrists up to his bed board. This was so kinky, I never had a man do this to me before and since it was my own son, it really drove my lust to a new level. However I did my best to hide my own lust but I figured my son could see my lust and glee in my eyes. My son stood up on the bed in front of me, he looked at me with such lust as he very slowly stroked his hard cock. “Now you can’t go anywhere mom.” He bent down, fixed the pillows behind me as he pulled me down. Then my son Eric straddled my body, still stroking his cock he knelt down in front of me. His cock and my mouth were at just the right height.

My son moved forward and tried to put his cock in my mouth but I kept my mouth shut and turned my head. As I did this I said, “No Eric. I am not going to suck your cock.” My son held his cock in his hand, smiled and slapped it against my cheek. I could feel his hot, sticky pre cum on my face. Then he ran his prick head across my closed lips, making sure he got pre cum on them. Then he pulled back to watch me instinctively lick his pre cum off of my lips. “Yeah that’s it mom. Swallow my pre cum. See, I knew you still wanted to suck my cock.” Then he just looked at me and smiled with this odd smile. “What are you looking at Eric?” I couldn’t help but keep looking at his prick. I really did want it in my mouth and I couldn’t wait much longer. “You are really a beautiful woman mom. You have such a beautiful face.” I blushed as my son said this to me. He touched my cheek gently, and then touched my chin. “Oh you are just saying that so I will give you a blow job.” “No mom, I am serious. Now if I want to get you to give me blow job, I will tell you how beautiful your lips are. That your lips would look even more beautiful wrapped around my cock.” At that point I just looked at my son, smiled, opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out. My son slid his cock right into my mouth.

Eric ran his hands through my hair and ended up leaving them behind my head. My son slowly, at first, fucked my mouth his hard prick. He just kept looking down at me as he slid his prick in and out of mouth. “Mmm, yeah mom. Your lips look so good wrapped around my cock. Do you like how my pre cum taste’s?” My son removed his prick from my mouth, “Yes sweet heart. You taste so good.” I opened my mouth again, my son told me to stick my tongue out. He slapped his prick on my tongue and milked some pre cum out on to it. Eric then told me to swallow it which I happily did. I opened my mouth again for my son’s cock. He slid it in and began to fuck my mouth faster than before. “Oh yeah mom! Your mouth feels so good. I’m gonna fucking fill your mouth with my cum. How does that sound mom? Do you want that? Do you want me to blow my load in your mouth?” All I could do was shake my head yes. I was really getting carried away with Etimesgut Escort this whole situation with my son. It was such a sight, me tied to my son’s bed in my scrubs, my naked son on his knee’s with his hard prick in my mouth. Eric’s pace began to pick up, faster and faster he was thrusting his cock into my mouth. I greedily licked his shaft as much as I could, savoring his flavor and becoming more turned on with anticipation of tasting his cum. I had to know why my daughter loved sucking her brother’s cock so much.

My son began to moan louder and louder as his breathing became heavier. I could feel his cock stiffen as his eyes glazed over with pure lust and pleasure. I knew he was about to cum in my mouth. “Here it comes mom! Oh yes! I gonna fucking cum in your mouth! Get ready to swallow…oh yes…oh fuck…fuck…I’m cumming!” My son’s cock burst with hot, sticky cum in my mouth. His first spurt felt and tasted so good spattering in my mouth and then going down my throat. My son kept pumping my mouth wildly now as his cock sent spurt after spurt after spurt of cum into it. I quickly lost track of how many spurt’s of cum my son let go in my mouth as I was too busy enjoying it and swallowing as fast as I could. “Oh shit! That’s it mom! Swallow it! Swallow all my fucking cum! Fuck yes mom, I’m still cumming!” As my son kept pumping my mouth his cock forced quite a bit of his cum load out of the sides of my mouth and my lower lip. My son’s cum ran down the sides of my mouth and my chin. I felt so dirty at that moment but I loved it! Feeling my son’s hot cum running down my chin made me feel so incredibly horny, sexy and desirable. Some of Eric’s’ cum dripped down off of my chin and fell down my scrubs top, I could feel it land on my chest! That really increased my lust; I had never had a guy cum that much in my mouth! I didn’t care that this was my son, he made me feel so hot and filled me so much lust…that is all that mattered to me.

After my son was finally done blowing his huge load into my mouth he removed his very red, saliva and cum covered cock from my mouth. “Swallow the rest mom!” He remained there watching me swallow the rest of his load he left in my mouth. “Ok mom, now lick off my cum from your lips and chin!” I did just as my son said, I of course did it as sensuously as I could which I could tell my son really enjoyed. I noticed his cock kept hard the entire time. “Eric, do you want me to lick your cock clean?” “Fuck yes mom!” Eric held his cock up to my mouth as I snaked my tongue all around it, licking up the rest of the cum that had covered his cock. I could still feel some of my son’s cum on my chin where I could not reach with my tongue. When I had finished licking my sons prick clean, Eric reached down with two fingers and scooped up the remaining cum. He took the tips of cum covered fingers and offered them to me, of course I opened my mouth, wrapped my lips around his fingers and proceeded to lick and suck the cum off of them.

“That was fucking awesome mom! Fuck I can’t believe I got a blow job from my own hot mom!” “I enjoyed it too Eric. You sure cum a lot!” “Well fuck mom, you are so hot. So many guys have wet dreams about their mom and I got a blow job from you.” I blushed when my son kept saying how hot I was. I thought to myself now I know why Kelly loves to suck his cock so much. When Eric cum’s, he really cum’s and he tastes good as well. “Well then Eric, I think you can untie me now.” My son just looked at me, smiling with an odd smile. He got up and left the room for a few moments. “Eric! Hey, where did you go? Come back here and untie me.” My son came back in with some of my nylons and without saying a word, he quickly tied up my ankles to the end of his bed. “Eric what are you doing? Come on untie me.” Eric got back up on the bed; his cock was still very hard. “You are really hot mom. All of my friends think that as well. They would be so jealous if they knew I got a blow job from you.” As my son told me this I watched his eyes go up and down my body. Wild thoughts raced threw my mind when my son told me about how his friends also thought I was hot. It was so nice to know that young guys found me sexy. My son straddled my body again at my waist. I had never seen so much in one person’s eyes before as I what I saw in my sons.

My son reached down and began to massage my tits through my scrubs and sports bra! It was such a feeling to have guy actually touching my tits after so many years. I let out a moan of approval…my mistake but a very good one. “So you like that mom?” You like having your nice tits felt. Your tit’s so big mom. My friends and I have been wondering just how big your tits are. How big are they mom?” I moaned a bit more, biting my lower lip. “Eric…are you going to untie me? Oh god that feels so good.” “Not until you answer my question mom. How big are your tits?” “What…what do you want Eric? All of my measurements?” “Yeah mom, that would be great! But say it slowly in a sexy manner. I had never had a guy ask that of me, it really intrigued me so I did as my son said. So I said in my sexiest, sultriest voice “I’m 5′ 8″ about 110 lbs.” I watched as my son’s cock twitched and pre cum started ooze out of it again! My son kept massaging my tits, turning me on more and more then he said, “Oh yeah mom, talk like that, keep going.” “My hips are 34″, my waist is 23″.” I wanted to tease my son a bit as his cock began to turn red, oozing out more and more pre cum which dripped onto my scrubs. “and your tits? How big are they mom?” “My tits are 34D. Do you like that Eric? Is that what your friends and you thought?” “We thought we you had big tits but not that big.” Then my son smiled, “But you know mom, I don’t believe it unless I see them.” My son reached up and untied my hands. Before I could do anything my son lifted my scrubs top off of me exposing my sports bra and my very hard nipples. He licked his lips as a very sizable amount of pre cum dripped out of his cock and landed on my stomach. “Well aren’t you going to feel them some more?” I asked my son kind of sarcastically. “Sure mom, since you asked.” My son very enthusiastically went back to playing with my tits, running his fingers across my erect nipples. His fingers running across my nipples and the fabric rubbing against them made my pussy very, very wet. “Take my top off Eric. Suck my tits. Suck them please!” My son quickly pulled off my sports bra, watching my tits bounce around. Then he tied my arms back up again. I loved how kinky my son was being with me. Then he went to work on my tits.

He buried his face in my tits, very, very wildly and lustfully licking, kissing and sucking on them. Now I really understood why my daughter Kelly was fucking her brother so much. He was like a wild, lustful animal. I completely lost track of time as I was overwhelmed by pleasure. My son’s wild lust was very evident as his hands, mouth and tongue worked all over my tits. I squirmed and moaned as my son gave me intense pleasure; I had nearly forgotten how good it felt to have my tits lavished with uncontrollable lust. After the longest time my son looked up at me as he flicked my nipple around with his tongue. “Mom, do you know what nice big tits like yours need?” I moaned back at my son, “No…tell me Eric.” My son smiled, pushed my tits together, sucked on both of my nipples and then said, “They need to be fucked!”

In all the years I was with my ex-husband he never fucked my tits, so I was really looking forward to my son fucking my tits. I didn’t say anything to my son; after all I was all tied up so he could have his way with me. Eric got up, straddled my body, he took his red, incredibly hard cock and laid it between my tits. I could feel the heat radiating from his cock, not to mention all the sticky pre cum oozing out of his prick head. My son pressed my tits against his nice hard cock as he began to pump his cock back and forth between them. I watched the passion building in my son as he watched his cock going in-between my tits. I could feel his hot pre cum working into my tit flesh and it really felt good. Eric kept flicking my nipples around with his thumbs as he held my tits while he fucked them. “Oh yes mom! Fuck your tits feel so good around my cock. I could fuck your tits all day, every day! Look mom! Look at my cock fucking your nice big tits! Do you like this mom?” “Yes! That’s it Eric. Fuck my tits. Fuck them good! Give them a good fucking. My tits need to be fucked good.” “I will fuck them good mom, trust me. I can’t wait to cum all over your tits.” “Do you promise Eric? Are you going to blow another big load of cum all over my tits? Will you make me lick your cum off of my tits too?” “Fuck yes mom! I’m gonna cum all over your fucking big tits and then I will make you lick up every drop of my cum!”

My son pumped his cock between my tits faster and faster, moaning louder as the seconds went by. “Would your friends be jealous of you fucking my tits? Would your friends want to fuck my tits too? Would they like to cum all over my tits too?” These questions seemed to turn my son on more as his pace increased even more. He got such a wicked look on his face then he moaned his response. “Fuck…oh fuck yes mom! They have said…fuck…they would love to fuck your tits! I know…oh shit mom I’m getting close to cumming….they would love to cum all over your tits!” My son fucked my tits faster and harder, pre cum was now coming out of his piss slit at a steady stream. I could feel it getting hotter so I knew my son was very, very close to cumming. I loved seeing how much pleasure it was giving my son fucking my tits and that gave me pleasure. “Come on Eric. Cum all over my tits! Be a good son and do what your mom says, cum all over them. I want your hot cum all over my tits. Do it and your mom will lick them clean and swallow all of your tasty cum.” My son was groaning and breathing heavily. “Oh mom…oh…mom…I’m gonna cum…Oh yes…I close to cumming all over your tits!” “Jack off Eric! I wanna watch you jack yourself off all over my tits! Do it! Do Etlik Escort it for you mom!”

My son got a wild, lustful look in his eyes as I told him to jack off on my tits. I had never seen that kind of lust in a man before. “Here it comes mom! I’m fucking cumming now!” My son pulled his cock out from between my tits and held it firmly in his hand. He crouched over me as he stroked his steel shaft. It only took three or four strokes on his cock before my son erupted with hot, white, sticky spurts of cum. “OH YEAH MOM! HERE IS MY CUM!!!” Eric yelled out at me as he blew his load all over my tits. Cum shot out of my sons cock like I had never seen before. Huge spurts of cum exploded out of prick and landed on my nipples, my areola and tits. My son wildly continued to jack off, getting intense pleasure out watching his cum land on his mother’s tits. My son sent a spurt of cum onto my stomach, another small spurt into my belly button. His cum slowly ran down my tits as he blew another spurt in-between them. I opened my mouth and my son quickly moved forward and sent his last cum spurt into my waiting mouth. Then he pressed his cock into my mouth, “Fucking suck it mom! Suck my cock dry!” I savored every drop of cum I sucked out of my sons cock. When I was done my son held my tits up to my mouth and watched me intently as I licked his cum off of them and swallowed it. “That’s it mom! Swallow my cum. I’m gonna leave the rest of my cum on you. You look so hot with my cum on your body.”

After a few minutes my son got from the bed, his cock was taking a long needed rest. He walked to my tied up feet. “Well mom, I guess I will untie you now.” He undid my feet and came around the other side of the bed and moved up towards my restrained arms. I was kind of disappointed that he was ending our sex session, my pussy was incredibly wet. I thought this would at least give me the chance to go back into my room, get my vibrator and get myself off several times. Eric motioned like he was going to untie my hands but then he smiled lustfully at me, grabbed my scrub bottoms and with one quick motion, pulled them off; leaving me completely naked! My son looked at my olive tan body for a few moments; I watched his cock get hard again! I never had seen a man’s prick go from being limp to completely hard, it excited me. “Wow mom! You are so fucking hot! I never realized how great of a body you have! My friends are right, you are a M.I.L.F! You know what that means, right?” I smiled at my son as my body flushed, the thought of my son and his friends thinking that of me excited me. “It means I am a mother all of you would love to fuck.” “My friends would be so jealous that I am getting to see you naked! I’ll tell you mom, we would all jack off just looking at you naked you are so hot. Shit look at my cock mom! Just seeing you naked has given me a hard on.” My son looked at my pussy, it is not shaved, and I have a patch of black pubic hair. “I can see how wet your pussy is mom.” “That is because of you Eric. Between sucking your cock, swallowing your tasty cum and then having my tits fucked by you has made my pussy very wet.” My son licked his lips, smiled and said, “Well, I’m gonna go down on you and lick that nice pussy of yours. You don’t mind do you? Oh wait, it doesn’t matter, you are all tied up so you can’t do anything but lay there and enjoy your son licking your sweet pussy.”

My son got down and buried his face into my pussy. He ran his tongue up and down my sweet, wet pussy lips before he drove deep with in me. Eric lapped at my hot twat like he was a dog drinking from a water bowl. “Mmm, mom you taste so fucking good! Shit, my friends would not believe how good your pussy tastes.” My son had me moaning and writhing around on his bed like I was a teenage girl all over again. I begged my son to stop talking and to keep eating me out. I was so horny I wanted to get off as quickly as possible. Eric pulled my pussy lips apart wildly licking up and down my wet snatch up to my clit. He sucked and licked my clit like a lust crazed teenage son. I did not last long under my son’s passionate attack on my pussy. What drove me over the top was when I looked down at my son. In my lust filled haze I looked down my body, I looked past my tits, seeing some gob’s of my sons’ cum still on them and between them. My eyes moved down my to my stomach and seeing some more of my sons’ cum on me then my eyes fixated on my sons’ head being between my legs. All I could see was the top of my sons’ head and his eyes looking up at me. The rest of his face was buried in my sweet pussy. After a few moments of looking at my son licking my pussy I wave of intense, forbidden pleasure came over me as my pussy released all of its sweet honey onto my son’s tongue and face. “Oooh god…oooh…Eric…don’t stop! Make mom cum! Oh yes lick my pussy, make me cum.” I let my pent up passion out in an extremely loud orgasmic scream. I actually passed out for a few seconds from the intense pleasure my son gave me. When I looked down at my son again, he was lying there smiling at me. His lips glistened with my sweet pussy juice all over them.

“Oh wow Eric, that felt so good. Would you do it again? I haven’t had any one lick my pussy in such a long time.” “Well mom, I was going to eat you out again anyway. Your pussy tasted so fucking good. I loved watching you squirm around, the way your tits moved really turned me on.” My son then slid a couple of fingers into my very wet, hot pussy. He began to finger my pussy, moving them in and out, swirling them around and around. I started to moan as my son dug his fingers inside my pussy. I thought, I never imagined I would come home from work and have sexual fun time with my son! “That’s it mom, moan. Squirm around mom, your pussy is so hot, so tight, so wet. That’s it mom, moan, keep moaning!” Then my son’s hit my G-spot and I let out a loud scream of intense pleasure. “Did I hit it mom? I got your G-spot!” Then my son started to fuck my pussy with his finger even faster, making sure to hit my G-spot every time. I was writhing around, moaning, groaning in intense pleasure. My son went down on my pussy again, licking and sucking on my clit and pussy as he kept finger fucking me. I had no idea that a teenage boy could give me such pleasure and especially my own son! “Oh yeah don’t stop Eric! Give it to your mom! Lick me, suck my clit, fuck my tight pussy with your fingers!” Then I yelled out, “Would your friends do this to me too?” My son took his tongue off of my pussy, fucking my pussy fast with his fingers, “You bet mom!” Then he went back to licking my pussy. Once again my son got me off very quickly, the combination of how good he was and the intense pleasure I was feeling from the lust that he had made me experience another intense orgasm which ended up being a multiple orgasm.

My son let me lay there for a few minutes to recover from my orgasms. I looked at my son, not knowing what he was planning next. Eric got up on his knees staying between my legs. He grabbed his cock which was hard again! His prick was bright red, pre cum drooling out of it. He looked down at his prick, then glanced at my pussy then looked at me. My son eyes had suck a wicked look about them and a wicked smile on his face. Then he slapped his cock on my patch of pubic hair, I knew what my son had in mind; he was going to fuck me! He was going to fuck his own mom and I couldn’t wait!

My son rubbed his hard prick on my patch of pussy hair, making it sticky with his pre cum. “You know mom; my friends would give anything to see you naked like this.” “Oh really Eric?” I watched my son rubbing his cock just above my pussy, waiting in anticipation for him to slide it into my waiting twat. “That’s right mom. In fact they have asked me if I could get a picture of you in your bikini when you sun bathe topless.” “What do they want the picture for?” “They said they want it to jack off too!” My body flushed with horniness and lust with the thought of several high school teenage boys wanting to jack off to a picture of me, an older woman. “Well Eric, are you going to fuck me or not? I’ll bet your friends would fuck me if they could. So come on, be a good son and give your mom a good, hard fuck!”

“Don’t worry mom, I’m gonna give you a good fuck!” My son took his cock and slowly slid it down, slapping it against my clit. I had never anticipated a guy putting his cock in me as much as I did with my son. He pressed his cock head against my pussy lips and slowly pushed his nice prick into my wet, hot pussy. I let out a loud moan of pleasure as my son did as well. “Oh fuck mom! Your pussy is so fucking wet, hot and tight! Shit, I thought it felt good with your lips around my cock; your pussy feels even better around my cock. I’m gonna love fucking you mom!” My son began to fuck me like I had never been fucked before, like a wild man. He grabbed my hips and just pounded his cock in and out of my wet pussy. “Oh yeah mom! Moan for me mom! I wanna hear you moan!” I didn’t hold back, I moaned and squirmed around as much as I could considering my hands were tied up. My tits bounced all around, making the cum that was still on them to fly off, some landed on the bed, some actually landed on my face! “Oh yeah mom! Fuck, look at your tits bounce! You look so fucking hot with cum on you! Fuck mom! Oh fuck my friends would be so jealous!” The more my son talked about his friends the harder he fucked me and the more the lust built up in me.

“Oooh yes…oh yesss. Fuck me Eric! Fuck me hard! Fuck me faster…faster! That’s it, that’s how you fuck your mom! Fuck me; fuck your mom…fuck me good! Oh god I love having your cum on me!” My son now pounded my twat with no holding back, I could only imagine how much pre cum was flowing out of his nice hard cock and filling my wet, tight pussy. Suddenly I was overcome with such lustful, dirty thoughts, I guess it was the greatest fuck I was getting that turned me into a very smutty, dirty mom.” I let go of all my inhibitions, I was finally getting a Eve Gelen Escort good fuck and I didn’t care that it was from my son. I loved the fact I was tied up and all I could do is lay there, allowing my son to have his way with me. I moaned, groaned as loud as my pleasure allowed me to. Then I started to say things a part of me could not believe but my carnal lust took over. “Oh yes Eric, that’s it. That’s how you fuck your mom! Oooh Eric…oh yes…fuck me good…fuck me hard…if you fuck me good I will let you take a picture of me topless to give to your friends. Would you like? Would you like your friends to have a picture of your mom topless?” My son slowed down his fucking but he thrust his cock hard and deep into my pussy as he responded. “Take this mom! You be I will fuck you good. You bet I would give my friends a picture of you fucking topless! They would love to see your nice big tits!”

“So you want them to have my picture. You want them jacking off to me? Would that turn you on, knowing your friends are jacking off to your mom and my tits?” “Fuck yes mom! I know they already jack off thinking about you. They have told me so.” I went back to moaning and writhing around on my sons’ bed as he went back to fucking me hard and fast. Then I said to my son, “So some of your friends are into incest?” “Fuck yes mom, Rob and Josh have told me how much they want to fuck their own mom.” Rob and Josh are twins, their mom is very attractive with very large tits; I could understand why any teenage guy would want to fuck her. “Would they like to watch me suck your cock? Would you like me to suck your cock right in front of them? Would you cum in my mouth, cum in your mother’s mouth in front of them?” My son got a wild look in his eyes and began to seriously fuck me hard. “Oh fuck yes mom! They would fucking get off watching you suck my cock! I would blow such a huge load of cum into your mouth in front of them!” “Would you like to watch me suck them off? Would you like to watch your mom give your friends blowjobs and watch me swallow their cum too?” “Yes mom! Fuck yes mom!” My son bent down and began to suck on my tits as he fucked me with uncontrollable lust. I let out a loud groan of pleasure; my son was giving me such pleasure.

“Fuck me good Eric and some time you, Rob and Josh can all fuck me! How does that sound?” My son grunted as he fucked me and licked my nipple, “Fucking awesome!” “You want to gangbang your mom?” Fuck yeah!” “You want to have your friends cum all over me?” “Yeah mom!” “You want to watch your friends lick your moms’ pussy? Fuck your moms’ tits?” “Fuck yes mom! Oh god fuck yes!” Now my son was pounding my wet cunt like wild, lust filled, teenage, extremely horny guy. I never, had a guy fuck me like this! “You want to take turns with your friends fucking me, fucking my pussy, fucking my ass, cumming in me, cumming all over me?” “Yes mom! Yessss mom! Oh fuck yes mom! We’ll fuck you all day! I wanna see you swallowing cum; I wanna see your tits with cum all over them. Oh god mom, we’ll fuck your brains out!” My sons cock became very rigid, he rose up pounding my hot pussy very, very quickly. He looked into my eyes, glazed over with lust and pleasure. “Oh mom…I’m gonna fucking cum!” “Do it! Cum in my pussy! Fill my pussy with your hot cum! Come on Eric, cum in your mom’s pussy!” I couldn’t hold back on my orgasm any longer. As my pussy twitched and pulsed with my intense orgasm, my son’s whole body seemed to stiffen. “Fuck mom…I’m cuuuuummmmming!” I felt my son’s cock explode with a huge surge of cum! I could feel his prick squirting his huge load of sticky cum with each thrust of his hips.

Both my son and I screamed out loud with lustful pleasure as we both enjoyed not only our own orgasms but we got lost in each other’s. “Oooh yes…your cum feels so good in my pussy!” “Mom…mom…I’m still cumming…fuck I can’t stop cumming!” My son pumped so much cum into my pussy I didn’t know how he could produce so much cum! I was partly jealous because I would have loved to seen that much cum splattering on my tits or trying to swallow it all! When my son finally stopped cumming he collapsed onto my sweaty body. I was so horny now I yelled at my son, “ERIC! Get off of me and untie me!” My son looked at me, still in a daze from his huge ejaculation. “Fucking untie me now!” My son got up on his knees, still straddling my body. He untied my right hand, then my left hand. As soon as he untied my second hand I pushed him off of me. My son looked confused. I spun around, got on all fours and began to suck his cock.

My son’s cock tasted so good with my pussy juice covering his cock, mixed with his cum. He let out a moan, “Oh…mom…I don’t think I can cum again!” “Shut up Eric. Just watch your nice mom sucking your cock!” I worked his cock in and out of mouth. I suddenly realized how wet my mouth was, I was salivating so much having my son’s tasty cock in my mouth. I was able to keep my sons cock hard and after about five minutes I could tell my son was aroused to the point that I knew he could cum one more time for me. I let my sons cock out of my mouth, as I did so; I looked up into his eyes and saw some disappointment in them. I got off of his bed and walked over to his desk, my son had no idea what I had in mind. I placed my hands on his desk and bent over looking over my shoulder at my son.

“Come on over here Eric and fuck your mom up your ass!” My sons eyes widen and he rushed over with his nice hard prick in hand. He wasted no time in grabbing his cock and pushing it up my tight asshole. “Oooh yesss. Mmm, that’s it! Fuck my ass, Oooh fuck your moms’ nice, tight ass.” My son grabbed my ass cheeks as he pounded his prick in and out of my ass. “Mom…I have never fucked anyone in the ass before!” I turned around and gave my son and sultry, lustful look and said, “Oh so I am your first! I am taking your virginity on ass fucking! Who better than your mom?” I let my head fall back down and I watched my tits bouncing back and forth as my son hammered my ass. He was doing such a good job; I didn’t do anything but moan in pleasure. “Mom, I can’t believe you like getting fucked up the ass!” As I watched my tits bounce and pulled my head up, my son grabbed my long black hair. My hair went down about half way my back so it was easy for him to grab it. “Oh yes I love getting it up the ass! I may be your mom but I am still a very horny woman! I love having all sorts of freaky sexual things done to me!” My pussy was dripping some of my sons cum along with my pussy juice.

I slid a couple of finger into my pussy and began to finger myself into an orgasmic oblivion. My son watched me fingering myself as continued to pound his throbbing shaft into my ass. “That’s it mom. Yeah, finger your sweet, tight, hot, wet pussy! Do you feel all of my cum in it?” “Oh yes Eric…there is so much cum…You must have really loved fucking my pussy!” “I loved fucking your mouth, your tits, your pussy and your ass. I loved it even more cumming in all those places!” Neither of us last long, probably not even ten minutes. I got myself off first, between my own stimulating my G-spot, clit and pussy and my son’s cock in my ass it was very easy for me to get off quickly. I pictured my fingers being another cock, one of my son’s friends’ cocks. I thought about what it would be like to get gang banged, to have a cock in my ass, in my pussy and in my mouth all at the same time! Just fantasying about that got me off very quickly. My son lasted another couple of minutes before he started to grunt out loud that he was ready to cum.

I was feeling very dirty and horny now so I wanted my son to be dirty with me. I looked over my shoulder at Eric. “Cum all over me baby! Please, cum all over me! Cum all over your mom!” “Beg for it mom. I wanna hear you beg for my cum.” “Please Eric…I want you to cum all over me. I want to feel your hot cum on me. Please I need to, I want you to…I want to see cum spurting out of your cock. I want to know it is all for me.” My son didn’t say a word, I watched over my shoulder as he pulled his cock out of my ass and began to stroke his rigid prick as quickly as he could. He moaned, “Watch me mom, I’m gonna cum!” I watched as a surge of cum jetted out of his piss slit, landing across my back. I could feel it splatter across my back, up to my shoulders. “Take this mom!” Another spurt shot out and my son coated my ass cheeks with it. I could feel how hot and sticky it was on my ass and back and I loved it! My son sent another quick spurt of cum onto back again, most of which landed in my hair. “Yes! I got cum in your hair!” My son grabbed his cock hard and held onto it. He squealed out, “Turn around mom! Quickly!” He stepped back and I spun around dropping to my knees. As I went down my son stroked his cock and shot more cum out landing on my tits. “Open your mouth mom!” I did as my son said as he milked another couple of smaller spurts of cum out of his cock. He sent cum splattering on my face, my into my hair, my forehead, my nose, cheek, onto my tongue, in my mouth and on my chin! I loved watching the cum squirt out of my sons cock and I loved feeling his hot, sticky spunk all over my face. He let go of his cock and I happily wrapped my lips around it and sucked it dry.

I wiped the cum off of my face, making sure to swallow all of it. I knew that is what my son wanted to see. I rubbed the cum on my tits into my skin, then licking my tits. Afterwards I licked my hands clean. I could feel his hot spunk on my back slowly dripping down my back and rolling off of my ass. “That was so good Eric.” I stood up and took my son by his hand. “Now let’s go into my room to pick out a bikini that you think your friends would like to see me in. Then I will go in the backyard, I will take off my top and you can ‘sneak’ some pictures of me to give to Rob and Josh so they can jack off to them.” As we walked out of his room I turned to Eric and said, “oh and honey, I was serious about letting you, Rob and Josh fuck me. It will be hard to figure out when. Between Kelly being home, your other sister, Tiara coming home this weekend and your youngest sister coming home in a week from cheerleading camp”. Oh, not to mention your cousin will be visiting tomorrow. But don’t worry; I would love to get fucked by three guys!”
“Will we fuck any more mom?” “I kissed my son on his cheek, “Absolutely Eric, absolutely.

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