My Sister Is My Wife

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Sophie Dee:

Sex: Female
Age: 26 years
Figure: Flawless, soft-contoured, buxom, hourglass type and perfectly feminine
Complexion: White
Voice: Musical and high pitched
Face: Very pretty, rounding and innocent in looks
Eyes: Heavy-lidded, large and blue
Hair: Silken, soft, ample, brown and hangs down to ass
Bust: 40DD, rounding, lopsided and firm
Nipples: Pink and puffy
Waist: 28
Hips: 40, wide-curved
Ass: Soft and massive
Thighs: Creamy-soft and fat
Relation with Sunny: Elder Sister

Sunny Dee:

Sex: Female
Age: 24 years
Figure: Skinny, soft-contoured and slightly curved
Complexion: White
Voice: High pitched
Face: Pretty and calculative in looks
Eyes: Heavy-lidded, large and blue
Hair: Brown and close cropped
Bust: 32A, almost flat
Waist: 22
Hips: 30, narrow
Ass: Almost flat
Thighs: Straight and long
Relation with Sophie: Younger Sister

Note: This erotic narrative is an address by the mannish Sunny Dee to her alluringly feminine, elder sister Sophie Dee. While reading it, a reader may feel the passion, pronounciation, and strength of lesbian love that bonds the two sisters together as life partners.

O my darling,

I love you, love you, love you…

Yes I love you more than anyone in this world. Because no one is like you. And no one will ever be like you; in beauty, in innocence, in allurement, in feminity.

You aren’t just a sister. You are everything to me. You are my life. You are my love. You are my darling. You are my woman. You are my “wife”. And I am proud to say that my sister is my wife. I don’t care what others would say for the sisters living together like a happily married couple. I am your “man”. I am your “hubby”. I am your life partner. For you I changed my looks, cutting my hair like men and wearing male-fashioned things to look like a man. I want to make love to you all day and all night. I know you love me too. You’ve accepted me the way I changed myself, and the way I make love to you.

I love every inch of your body. The big blue eyes of yours shine with insight when they look at me. The straight nose and full rosy lips are set up in the symmetry of your alluring, flushed face which brightens up when I kiss you on mouth. The dimple that appears in your cheeks, when you smile, is as taking as the dimple of your chin. The lustrous, ample hair of yours that you mostly do in a thick long braid, run as smooth as your golden skin. The rise and fall of your huge tits with each breath, make my mouth water for them. The slim waist and curved out, wider hips of yours sway in rhythm when you walk. The massive ass cheeks set well in the symmetry of fat, rounding thighs of yours melt up my heart. The limbs as smooth as your body contours embrace me at shoulders and hips when I fuck you. Lastly, the pink shaven pussy of yours, where all of your essence lies, shudders when I eat it, finger it and fuck it.

We make love each day and each night. For the most bouts, I remain as a clothed “male” who enjoys unto your stark naked feminine splendor whether you stand, recline, lie on back or raise your bubble butts on all fours. For my pleasure, you roam around like a half – naked nymph before others; and present yourself as a yummy nude treat to me when no one is around. You want me to take off your sleeveless blouses and tightly hugging mini – skirts before going to bed and I want to kiss you all over whether you are clad in two – pieces or not.

Hence at nights, locked together in our bedroom, we hug each other. escort bayan I roam my hands on your soft contours when we smell on each other’s warm breathing. My hands feel along the entire length of your silky braid that runs down to hips. As our lips meet in a soft passionate kiss, I knead and squeeze your big cheeks. Our lip – locking kiss grow demanding and we hug each other tight in the mutually felt heat.

I don’t want to confine my lips upon yours for the whole night. That would be an unjust to your breath – taking body if its curves are not loved either. So I lick you on the neck and kiss down your huge chest that is still covered into the silk blouse. I continue to slobber down your soft naked belly, stroking along the curves of your waist and hips. I kneel further before you, showering wet kisses down to your mons and “Y”, hidden under the tight – hugging silk skirt. As my knees rest on the floor, my arms clasp you around hips and my hands stroke upon your ass cheeks. I bury my face into the skirt where your ripe womanhood lies underneath. Trembling in heat I kiss you there; and then I feel your hands stroking into my close – cropped hair. This kiss is not for once, but my lips brush upon your silk material a dozen times.

Discontinuing the shower of kisses for a while, I reach around to unbutton your skirt and pull it down your legs. Instantly, I get to my feet and unzip your blouse to take it off. It’s so regardful of you not to wear any undies. Because I don’t want you to wear them. And because I may suck your nipples and eat your cunt at ease, even when you are clad in two – pieces.

You flash an inviting smile at me. I smile back at you before our lips meet again for a passionate suction. I raise my hands to cup your huge mammas and to pinch on the ultra – sensitive pink nipples. We are so close to each other that I can hear your moans and murmurs. The heat rising within you shows itself as the sweat on your upper lip. You close your eyes under the stupor of kissing and pinching.

I reach down to take your wrists and raise both arms above your head. You recline against the wall and close your eyes in complete abandon, as I grab your boobs. My eyes feast upon your pink nipples; those are a pair of puffy pasties presented by you for me to taste on their coarse texture.

I open my mouth to take your right nipple. My lips brush over the entire areola and I purse my mouth to pull on the puffy teat. The salty nipple slips out of my mouth in forced suction. I turn to your left boob and take the nipple into my mouth. Like its counterpart, the nipple slips out through my sucking lips adding to the same taste of your salt.

I lash out my tongue to lap on your salty tits and feel their deliciousness even more. One after the other your nipples get my lingual strokes and playful twirls. Surely, I am heating you more. That’s evident because you are biting on lower lip and your breathing grows deeper.

Playing with your boobies is so intoxicating that I can’t count the seconds and minutes spent on kissing their firm massiveness and on sucking the nipples repetitively.

I keep on sucking and licking and kissing your jugs with fervor and I don’t want to stop. But I have to go further because I hear you moaning these words: ‘Ohhh… Ummm… Aahhh… Yessss… Oh Sunny! You are so good… Ummm… Aaahhh… God! Ummm… Eat me Sunny… Ummm… Eat me pleaseeee… Ohhh…’

Hence, I proceed to lick your belly down; my lips never stopping their shower of kisses upon your soft glowing skin. My knees rest altıparmak escort bayan on the floor as that familiar waft of pungent sex hits my nostrils. I reach between your thighs and touch you there. I hear your hiss, and so feel the impulsive movement in your legs. I love the way you show your impulsiveness to my advances.

This ardent tit – sucking has marked you with wetness. My fingers slip through your pussy lips to be soaked in the lubricating honey. O my darling! I really care for you. And I don’t want you to be disappointed if I fail, for even a second, to do anything you want me to.

I push your left leg up and you raise it to brace on the bed. Following your wish, I move my face between your open thighs. I smell at your sex and love its pungency more than any fragrance known to the world. My lips press upon your wet, pink labia in a passionate kiss. In an attempt to taste your love juice, I rub my mouth unto your petals. Then, I lash out my tongue and lick on your salty yoni in repetitive upward strokes.

‘Aaaahhhh… Oooohhhh… Aaaaahhhhh… Ummmm… Yesss… Lick me… Eat me… Ummm… Aaaahhh…’ You say aloud. I grab you at hips, pressing my mouth deeper into your entrance and lapping your cunt faster. I can feel the heat there, rising from within you. That’s more evident by the way you moan and how you grab your own boobs.

I am always eager to serve you orally. My mouth goes hot for your delicious pussy. Without any pause, I am eating you. While doing that passionate cunnilingus, I hear you cry: ‘Aaahhh… Aaahhh… Aaahhh… Ummmmmm… Ohhhh… Yesss… Yesss… Yesss… Aaaaahhhh… Yesss… Yesss… Yesss… Don’t stop… Ummmm…’

You say me not to stop and I don’t have to. I am always the best to gratify you. I am the only one for you. I lick your petals and taste your juice and suck your clit to drive you crazy. Under extreme lust you arch your torso forwards, still grabbing both the tits. I eat you even harder and keep my mouth glued upon your cunt. You scream out your release, as a prize for your “hubby” who never lets your nectar to flow down your legs, and who is eager to drink each drop that oozes out of you.

Before lapping your cunt clean of the girl – cum, I help you to lie on bed and then raise your legs wide open. I kneel on the floor before you and stoop between your thighs to taste your juice again. I just love eating your beautiful cunt for all day long and surely, I am eating it.

With both hands, I stretch your pussy lips and run my tongue – tip into the pink walls of your quivering womanhood. My tongue laps on your cunt to locate the throbbing clit and I insert my index finger through your lubricated canal which is ready to be fucked. I am greatly encouraged to finger – fuck you with more pace, when you speak out: ‘Aahhh… Ooohhh… Yesss… Fuck me darling… Ummm…’

And why I shouldn’t fuck you. With greater ease, my finger slides in and out of you, to be accompanied shortly by the middle finger. I keep my lips pursed on your clit, plunging the two fingers into your honeyed entrance with greater speed. Our bedroom echoes with your screams under rising lust. The air around us fills up with the musky smell of hot and passionate sex going – on. You cry at me, saying ‘don’t stop’ and I don’t have to leave you ungratified. Shortly, you grant me with another prize of love juice for this untiring oral service. I drink your girl – cum till the last drop. Your cunt receives more licking and lapping while I climb on bed to shift you nilüfer eskort in position with me.

I kiss you from head to toe, paying more heed on your tits to suck them and on your cunt to eat it. Following my wish for you to turn on all fours, you raise up your big cheeks to be pleased by some bout of analingus. Before pressing my face into your ass crack, I unzip my pants to fish out the 10″ dildo which I use to tie every night before doing sex.

I bite and suck on the resilient contours of your ass cheeks and then stretch them to have a good view of your puckered anus. I lash out my tongue to touch its tip on your backdoor. Wow! It always tastes as great as your pussy. My tongue runs into your sensitive perineum, lubricating the anus and tasting the labia again. I can hear your moans and take them as a signal to initiate the real intrusion.

Still knelt behind you, I rise and slowly insert my dildo through your backdoor. I slide it out momentarily to stab into your rear again.

‘Ooohhh… Ummm… Yes… Yess… Yess… Yesss… Ummm… Fuck mee… Fuck meee… Yeaahhh…’ I hear your musical voice and mix my fucking tempo with its rhythm. Holding on your wide hips, I push and re – push into your anus, harder each time.

‘Aaahhh… Aaahhh… Aaahhh… Oooohhhh… Yesss… Ooohhh…’ I can see you clutching at the bed sheet as you cry out. It is apparent that the pleasure builds up inside you. An idea fleets into my mind to touch you between thighs for mere confirmation. I reach you there and bravo! Your pussy is wet and well ready for my “cock”.

Without ado, I take out the “phallus” so that you may lie on back. Running my hands along the insides of your thighs, I push them apart. A few of my lingual laps on your sensitive cunt causes the tremors along its walls; and I do this mostly to facilitate the entry of my “cock” through your entrance.

At first I am slow, letting your arms and legs hug me around shoulders and hips respectively. Then our lips meet in a lip – locking kiss. It’s easier for me to shift my mouth and prey upon your puffy nipples while keeping my “phallus” lodged well into your depths. This tit – sucking always raises heat to vibrate through your love canal and it gets ready for my invasion.

Hence I slide my “cock” through your entrance with good manipulation; it’s tip never coming out of you in reverse. The second push is harder than the first, and the third being harder than the previous. Push by push I invade you, building up my tempo and force.

‘Aaahhh… Aaahhh… Aaahhh… Ooohhh… Ahhh… Ooohhh… Ummm… Yeaahhh… Yeaaahhhh… YEAAAHHH… OOOOHHHH… OOOHHHH…’ Your voice gets louder and quivering with each push. I am hot upon you. Biting on the lower lip, I keep on fucking you. My hips exhibit their strength and energy. Heat pulsates through my pussy too. The thing hits and re – hits me there with each push.

Your moans and the steamy fuck are enthralling us under the state of stupor and gradually rising pleasure. We hold each other tight. Soon I grow harsher, almost tearing your pussy. You scream out, saying me don’t stop. And I am unable to stop. My own pleasure pulsates to the peak with yours. You grab tight on my shirt and I arch up my torso as we explode into a mind – blowing release.

I collapse upon you, totally lost in exhaustion. We lay together, snuggling into the warm embrace. It depends upon the rest of our vitality whether we start over again in the night, or have a sound sleep to be recharged for the morning.

Oh Sophie, my love, we had been nourished in the womb of our mother just to be born for each other. We are inseparable. We cannot live without each other. It is the truth that we are life to each other and there never is anything which may deny this. I am positive for what I say. And so you are too.

Only yours


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