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Chapter 10

After finally coming around from the affects of the drug Patti had given me and to sleeping that night both of us naked as could be cuddled and snuggled up to each other.

I of course wake up early go into the kitchen having put my nightie back on and getting coffee and breakfast going for she and I.

Sleepy head comes into the kitchen rubbing her eyes and goes and gets her a cup of coffee as we both sit at the table, drinking our coffee as Toro wanders in and goes to the door needing out to do his business, so Patti goes out and lets him out telling him as she does, that today is going to be a busy day for him.

I really had no idea what she meant in that remark assuming that she take him out for a good walk, but sitting back down and sipping her coffee she tells me today is Toro’s bath day and this was going to be a wreck of a day.

Doesn’t he love water I asked, she replied oh it’s not that Jackie it’s things to do you know like bathing him, a smirky smile on her face about it.

As we sipped our coffee she thanked me for telling her the whole story about that day in the barn. I told her no problem and I do feel much better since at last in my life trusting someone enough to be hushed mouthed enough to tell things like that which went on while living on the farm.

Even as I do now this many years later to tell it in writing kocaeli escort bayan if that’s a thing anymore, to have finally broken my chains that have bound me and dove into finally telling my story to you readers out there.

I know one thing Patti wanted it after telling her the story she wanted exactly what I had gotten.

Oh it was evident as hell her desire and want for it by how she got so worked up about it and had to finger herself that very night I told her about it all.

And I guess even now it has intrigued some of you female readers out there.

But as we ate our breakfast Toro is scratching at the door and I get up this time and let him in and get his food bag out and fill his feed bowl and got him fresh water in his water bowl.

Having broke that vicious behavior of his to her he was seeking and wanting far more loving attention as even now as I had sat back down he was rubbing up against my leg and I reached down and pet him and then over to her he went doing the same routine to her and she to began to pet him, telling him it bath day for him.

I swear he understood every word of it as he was now dancing about like a dog does when you have a treat in your hand.

I made him a breakfast plate to and he ate that up like it was nothing, I know feeding a dog eggs and breakfast sausage probably is not a good thing for a dog.

But I felt compelled to award him for his good behavior and not his old vicious one kocaeli sınırsız escort at all.

I could tell by how Patti was playing with him that there just might be a bit of animal love around this house today. Oh with him out of his vicious behavior sure i’d given thought to taking him for a ride.

No doubt that he possessed a cock for pleasure, that boy was hung.

I know Patti sure had time taking him with small womanly size and his girth and length he stretched her out mighty good and got up into her all the way and then some.

And I truly think that once she’d jumped that hurdle with him, the desire now to want to be fucked by such a thing as a hog was set in her mind and fantasies, she had outright already shown that behavior for damn sure.

I can indeed say this; Yes readers she did in fact get her some of that! living here about’s in this farm country finding such a willing place to have it happen just really is not that hard, just secretive as hell.

The place I took her to I knew of, yes I sure did, and it is a free and open thing about it, not forced sex, nor rape victims, of any kind shape or form.

If someone tried to pull that on some innocent woman that old man would shoot their ass dead, now a willing woman, that is another story.

I’ll just say it wasn’t all that far from home, for sure.

His love animals as he calls them are taken damn good care of, I mean clean izmit anal yapan escort and kept cleaned and brushed and combed and loved.

Here I go again getting way to hell off track and off into yet another story, one I may just sit down, and write you all about. I feel so much freer now.

I’ll just say this; I had to nurse poor Patti for days after she got her belly filled out and sealed by his most loving boar.

I truly do believe it is time to put and end to this story. Do a fast completion of it to you all and finish it and get in the vault of stories finished.

Yes Patti and I made wild unbridled love to each other, and Yes we shared Toro many times together. That boy can fuck all day long. And all night long to!

He never was again vicious at all to Patti after I broke his ass of that behavior, Aggressive Lover oh hell yes, vicious lover broke of the habit.

Momma and her belt put and end to that shit! lol

Well I am completing this story now and yes Toro got his bath and many many other things that day, first he licked and fucked Patti until she could take no more, then I gave in and let him have me and he and he sure did that.

That long tip on that cock of his got up into me, and you know where I’m talking about and wow can he squirt cum. Oh his thickness and girth stretched even myself to take it. I quickly adjusted to his size, but Patti sure couldn’t adjust to it, she just has the most squeezing pussy any woman can have, I fingered her one night, well many times for that matter, and even when I orally pleasured her that pussy of hers clutched to my tongue and fingers like everything.

Patti the snapping Pussy of the west! lol

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32