My Sister Changed Everything

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Chapter 1

While I’m not the star of this story, it does start with me so I’d better tell you about myself. My name is Dean and I’ll be starting my third year of college. No, I’m not a dean at the college, it’s my name. I get at least three jokes a day about that.

I have a year-round apartment here as I’ve doubled-up taking some summer courses to both get a double degree and try to finish early. We’ll see.

It was summer when all this began and my sister had planned on visiting me before she went back to school.

I had gotten a call from her which our mother took over almost as soon as she was on with me.

“Yes, Dean, she wants to come visit you, we think it will be a good idea for her to really see how college is, how it works. And, Dad and I are taking a cruise. We just decided at the last minute, so it looks like Beth will be with you on Saturday, then for two weeks.”

Well, while I wasn’t expecting a two-week visit from my little sister, there’s almost four years difference between us, I knew that my parents deserved a nice trip for themselves.

“Well, be sure and do lots of fun things on the cruise and don’t let anyone catch you two at it,” I joshed.

“Well, we might just do some wild things, maybe your mom will buy a new bikini when we’re down there, I hear they’ve got some tiny ones. There’s also a nude beach near where we’re going for a day and, well…”.

“Do it, Mom, you’d look good,” I told her and, yes, she would.

My mother is still three years from fifty and she takes care of herself. She would get plenty of male attention on a nude beach and I told her so.

“You mean my son wouldn’t be ashamed if I strutted my stuff for all to see?”

“The only thing your son wouldn’t like is missing the chance to see you naked myself.”

“Oh, Dean, you’re funny.”

“Maybe I mean it, Mom,” and I left it there as she handed the call over to Beth. We ironed out her visit and all I needed to do was some cleaning and wash. But, what’s new?

My sister arrived about one-thirty on Saturday at the airport and wanted to shower and freshen up when we got her suitcase in her room. My apartment is two bedrooms, each with its own bath.

She came out about ten minutes later wrapped in a towel which showed more cleavage than I had remembered.

“I thought I’d take you out to a little Italian place not far from here, family-owned, pretty good food, too,” I told her, “But you’ll need to wear more than that,” I kidded her.

“Oh, I might get hit on if I went like this, huh?”

“I’d even guarantee it, Sis, it’s a sure thing.”

“So, you like?” she asked saucily as she turned back and forth.

“What guy wouldn’t?”

“Okay but I’m asking you?”

“You’re my sister, Beth, but, yeah, you’ve grown up pretty nicely, now go get dressed and we’ll get a nice supper.”

She went off and in about twenty minutes was back.

“I’m ready, how do I look?”

She had on a halter and a denim mini-skirt that would give a hard-on to a corpse.

“Wow, I can imagine what Mom would say if she saw you in that.”

She laughed as she turned around, bent over and flipped the back up showing me virtually all of her butt cheeks separated by a tiny thong.

“Oh, she’s seen it, Dean, she helped me pick it out.”

My sister is about five-three and standing there, she looked super-sexy. This was new, she didn’t used to dress so provocatively and her figure was equal to any girl I’d seen so far in college or even in Playboy, she was hot and she knew it.

So, off we went to the little Italian place nearby where I was pretty sure we could have wine or beer with our food without any problem. We had finished the liter carafe of Chianti by the end of our meal and, while neither of us were drunk by any means, I think we each did feel nice.

Then, back to my place where we had just walked back inside when my phone went off and it was my girlfriend, Amy. She had been visiting her parents at home and must have just gotten back. So, went in my room where I could talk and clicked on and talked with her.

“Yeah, she’s here. Are you coming over?” I asked.

“Well, you better know that I’m horny as hell, Dean, and if I come over I’ll want to fuck you. What about little sister?”

“Oh, come on, she’s had sex-ed, she knows I have a girlfriend and, in today’s world, that means we’re fucking. So, come on over, we’ll just excuse ourselves and go in my room. I’d never turn down sex with you, hon.”

She said she was on her way and I ended the call and went back out to the kitchen where I kept some daiquiris in the fridge and got two out and opened them.

I handed one to my sister and sat down to wait for Amy while we talked about growing up, high school, old friends and stuff.

Then I heard Amy’s key turn in my door and she came in. My sister had not met her so I did introduce them and we all chatted for a few minutes but I could tell that Amy was here for a reason other than to meet my little sister Alanya Fetiş Escort so I soon took her back to my bedroom and we had a rousing fuck, she was even hornier than I’d suspected. It was just after midnight when she got up and dressed, ready to leave as we were kissing goodbye.

I was just in my boxers, in case Beth came out which she did. She was in a cut off tee and a tiny pair of panties and we both said goodbye to Amy, then I told her I was going to bed.

“You mean I had to listen to you two going at it like it was your last time ever and now I’ve just got to go have it out with the dildo I brought?”

She stood there asking me this, the under curve of her breasts showing under her tee with just the lower edge of her pink nipples.

“Yeah, well, I guess so,” I told her as I felt myself hardening looking at her, barely covered standing there looking at me.

“Do you know you’re sticking out of your boxers?”

I looked down and she was right. I tucked myself in and she told me, “I shouldn’t have said anything, I guess, it was looking pretty good to me. Better than my dildo. What do you think about making your little sister a happy girl with that,” nodding toward my middle. “I’ve already listened to what you can do, now I’d like to find out for myself.”

Chapter 2

There really wasn’t any way to misinterpret that, was there? My little sister wanted us to fuck and my dick was telling me, yes. So, I pulled down my boxers and she immediately pulled off the tee and slid off her panties as we came together kissing and feeling each other.

She had her hand around my cock as she whispered, “Mmm, you’re still good and hard. Let’s see how it tastes,” and she dropped down on her knees taking me in her mouth and sucking me as I ran my fingers through her hair. Oh, she was good, really good.

She sucked me for a minute or two, then rose up, took me by the cock and led me back to her room and flopped on the bed, spreading wide welcoming me.

“Mmm, I’ve heard you, now I want to feel you, feel that nice cock of yours deep in me, come fuck me, I’ve been wanting this for so long.”

I got between her legs as she reached down took my cock and pulled me to her. I pushed right up inside her as she raised her legs to shake her butt around. As I began moving in and out of her, I asked her, “You know, don’t you that this is incest?”

“Mmm, yeah, well, it may be but you sure are making my pussy feel good. And, what the hell, that’s what families are for, right? Making everyone happy.”

“Are you on birth control, geez, I almost forgot?”

“Oh, yeah, for a while now, good thing, too,” she snickered.

I had really forgotten to ask her, I was so used to having sex with Amy, she’s on the pill, that I only remembered when I was feeling close to cumming. I could not imagine the problems involved with getting my little sister pregnant but, thankfully, that wasn’t a concern.

She lifted her legs up onto my shoulders as she wiggled her butt back and forth as I fucked her tight little pussy. My sister was certainly lots more grown-up than I remembered. She was a hot girl who obviously loved sex and was relaxed and sure in her sexuality. She loved to fuck and she seemed proud of it.

“Boy, my little sister seems all grown up these days.”

“Oh, I was hoping you’d notice, I’ve been wanting this for a long time, you know.”

“No, I guess I didn’t know,” I admitted.

“Well, I have and now I’ve got your beautiful cock inside me just wanting to cum in me, just ready to fill my pussy with your brotherly cum.”

“I’m close to doing just that, the way you keep moving like this, oh, yeah, I’m really close.”

It was just about another minute and I was bucking into her spurting my cum deep into my little sister. I knew we would be doing this a lot.

“Mmm, I love your cum in me, I’ve dreamed of this since I was about eleven or twelve.”

“That young? Wow, girl, if I’d only known.”

“Well, now you do and I’m here for two weeks. I know you’ll have to save some for Amy but don’t forget your baby sister, okay? I can’t wait to tell Mom I’ve finally got your cock in me.”

“You what? Tell Mom?”

“Yeah, she’s known I’ve wanted to fuck you for a while now, she even suggested that I come for these two weeks, she knew I could get you into bed, she knows me pretty well.” I really didn’t know if she was telling me the truth or not, I mean it kind of sounded preposterous that she had told Mom that she wanted sex with me. I really didn’t think she was being totally straight with that and, with my dick inside her, well, I went on to other things.

“I guess this will be our little secret and I’ll just have to try to pace myself to be able to take care of my girlfriend, too. I can kind of tell her that I’m entertaining you while you’re here, it’s actually the truth, right?”

“Well, yes, it is entertaining, I must say, mmm,” and with that, she started bucking up at me, forcing me deeper Alanya Gecelik Escort as she cried out, “OH, OH, OH, UH, mmm, mmm, oh, Dean, oh, we’re gonna do this a lot.”

I kept fucking her, it just felt so good, she was so tight and nice and I was loving playing with her boobs.

Afterward, we lay in bed, naked, playing with each other as I asked her more about if our Mother knew we were having sex.

“You said, Mom knows you want sex with me, that she suggested you come for a visit and get me to fuck you. You were kidding, right?”

She laughed and said, “No, Mom and I talk about a lot of things. I told her that I’ve wanted to fuck you since I was in middle school. Little did I know, she’s wanted to fuck you, too, but, well, we’ll call them on the cruise this weekend, you can ask her yourself. They’ve got their iPad with them and we can Skype them on video.”

I told her fine, that we would but I was still seriously skeptical about all her talk about Mom knowing and Mom wanting to fuck me, too. Beth, as I remembered her, didn’t have an overactive imagination but this really seemed far-fetched. We would see this weekend. They would be half-way through their cruise and it would be fun to see how they were doing.

We slept together for the first time that night and I found that my little sister had a sexual appetite more voracious than any girl I’d ever known. We screwed one more time before we went to sleep then she woke me in the middle of the night for more.

Then, waking up, she started me off with sucking me super-hard, then riding me until we both had huge orgasms. That started our day.

So, as I was making my famous French toast, both of us still naked, I asked her, “Well, do you want to do some sightseeing today?”

She was standing with me at the cooktop, holding my cock, rubbing the tip, as I flipped each slice. “No. let’s just stay like this, okay? I’ve wanted you fucking me for so long that it’s really all I want to do while I’m here. You feel so nice and hard,” she said and gave me a squeeze.

“Sis, having you naked all the time is keeping me hard, you’ve really turned into a hottie, you know that?”

“Oh, I know that, Dean, I know that for sure. After we eat, we can have another fuck then a nice hot shower. I really know how you get cocks really clean. I practice at home a lot. You’ll see.”

And that’s exactly how we spent our day. Even though I usually don’t lose my ability to maintain an erection, by that afternoon, Beth was sucking me hard each time for another go, she was just insatiable.

I did get a call from Amy who wanted to come over later for a little fun and I told Beth.

“Well, just don’t be surprised if I don’t come in and join you two. Think it would piss her off if I did?”

There’s a question I hadn’t considered but it was surely something that had never come up before between the two of us. All I knew was that Amy was pretty willing to try new things in bed and I knew I probably wouldn’t be able to control my horny little sister’s sexual impulses.

“Does Amy like girls?” Beth asked.

“Um, yeah, I know she had a pack of girls she ran with in her last year of high school and they were always in between each other’s legs from what she’s said. Why?”

“Mmm, just wondered, that’s all,” and she pulled me back to her bedroom for more.

Later, I went and got some Thai takeout and brought it back, then Amy came over and she and I disappeared into my bedroom. Beth and I, of course, had been dressed by that time, though my sister was wearing, yet another skimpy little outfit. When I asked her about her clothes, she told me that’s what she wears now.

“Yeah, you’re little sister is not the same anymore, big brother. This is how I dress around the house, Mom even buys some of these outfits for me to wear. Even less, sometimes,” and she gave me a big grin right when Amy came through the door.

I hopped up and gave her a kiss, then we all sat around for a bit having some daiquiris that Beth had seemed to like, then, knowing why Amy was here, I took her back to my room and we quickly got undressed and into bed.

Now, Amy was a real find, she simply loves sex and is ready just about any time, even three in the morning. I know, I’ve awakened her with my hard cock poking at her. And not only is she ready, she’s eager, she loves to give it all she can, she’s not one to lay there passively under you as you fuck away, no, she’s meeting your every move.

She hopped on my bed, spreading herself wide as I crawled up to tongue her. I licked and lapped a few minutes and she began pulling me up, telling me she was so horny, she wanted me to fuck her right then. I’m never one to turn down such a lovely request.

So I got up and pushed into her as she dropped her feet on my shoulders and began fucking her nice and slow and deep the way she likes it.

“Oh, yeah, mmm, mmm, oh, I love you fucking me like this, mmm, oh, so good,” she groaned as I heard the door Alanya Genç Escort squeak a bit, then felt the bed move as Beth sat next to us, beautifully naked, and said, “Hi, guys, got room for another?” and bent over and began sucking one of Amy’s boobs as she fondled the other.

“Gee, Beth, we’re getting to know each other pretty well, huh, just one happy family,” my girlfriend said to my sister who was sucking her nipple as her hand went down to rub my girlfriend’s clit while I fucked her. She even dropped her fingers down to feel my cock sliding wetly in and out. That felt pretty sexy, I must say.

I was just constantly amazed at my little sister who has grown up into this hot sexy girl who just goes ahead and does something when she feels like doing it. Well, she’s sure been fun to have visit and her time here with me has just started. I was just glad that my girlfriend is as open as she is and not the jealous type. At least so far.

Then, Beth unlocked from her nipple and began kissing Amy, tonguing her mouth while she rubbed her clit. Amy was now moaning, her breathing heavy, as her hips began to buck and thrust against my strokes. I fucked her faster and harder as she groaned and trembled and shook under me. I knew it was a good one, a really strong orgasm, and soon she just lay there under me, a tremor running through her once in a while as my sister and I continued to pleasure her.

When Beth lifted off her mouth, Amy gasped, “Wow, I never expected the two of you to team up on me. That was fabulous. I’ve never had a guy and a gal doing me at the same time. Your brother never told me you liked girls, Beth.”

“Well, the truth is, I like everything, um, including my big brother. I hope you’re not the jealous type,” my sister said as she reached over and took hold of my cock.

“No, not me, not a jealous bone in my body. I’m for everyone having fun. In fact, I’d love to watch you two have sex. A brother and a sister, that’s something I’ve never seen before, it’d be cool.”

“Should we show her big brother?” Beth asked as she got up on her hands and knees. “Come, do me doggie-style, I just love it that way,” and I got up and led my cock right up to her wet, plump lips and pushed inside.

I just love fucking doggie-style and every girl I’ve ever been with loves it even more than I do. I think it must really feel good, maybe the angle my cock goes in or the depth I can push into, there’s something they just love about it. For me, I love girl’s butts and I love being behind them, rubbing their ass or the wet lips I’m fucking in between, it’s my second favorite position. Cowgirl is number one in my book.

So, I’m fucking my little sister from behind as my girlfriend lays on her side next to us, her leg raised as she slowly fingers herself watching us.

“You two are really sexy looking. Brother fucking sister, oh, it is so hot. How long have you been poking your little sister, Dean?” she asked.

“Just since she came to visit. Really, it never happened before this but I wish it had.”

“I’ll bet he would have fucked me when I was ten if he’d had the guts to try,” my sister said back to me.

“Well, all I care about is that I’m fucking you now and that I have a girlfriend who is so understanding.”

“The truth is, I rather like girls myself,” Amy said as she moved her head up under my sister so that her boobs were hanging down and she could suck and pet them while I fucked Beth from behind.

Well, that gives you an idea of how the rest of the night went with the three of us. I even watched the two of them do each other for about an hour or so, seeing five orgasms between them. I’d never seen girls having sex together and I’ve got to say, it is one sexy, hot show to watch. I jacked-off while they were doing each other and got up over them when I was ready to cum and splattered them both; they just loved it, licking my cum off each other.

Amy spent the night with my sister and me all snug in my queen-sized bed and our sex began again in the early morning.

Chapter 3

We three were now into all kinds of combinations, I especially loved my sister up over me doing me reversed cowgirl as Amy crouched over my face while I ate her pretty pussy. But there were lots of fun things we kept coming up with so things never got dull.

Finally, on Saturday, Beth and I had lunch and we were talking about our upcoming video call to our parents which they had scheduled at one o’clock.

“So, you think Mom and Dad are having a good time on board their ship?” I asked her.

“Oh, I can tell you that they sure will be. Mom had said she’s going to look for a young guy to fuck and Dad’s on the prowl, too.”

We hadn’t talked much about our parents since she’s come though there had been a few odd comments from her but I’d put those to an overactive imagination on my sister’s part.

“You mean, like fucking around? Other people?”

“Oh, yeah, you just don’t know, Dean. The last year or so, well, things have been a lot different around the place, ever since I started with Dad.”

“Started with Dad? Like sex?”

“Fucking Daddy, yes, oh, wait until you talk to them at one. They’re going to tell you all about it. You just wait.”

“Now, come on, you can tell me more. You’re really fucking Dad? Geez, and Mom knows?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32