My Sexy USAF Msgt

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Although he was stationed in New Mexico and I lived in California, our meeting in person was inevitable…the fates had declared it. I was 47 and he was 33. We first met online. He was active duty Air Force and I was an Air Force veteran. In the beginning, we talked about the military, the war in Iraq and other important issues in the world today. I think it was when he told me he might have to go back to Iraq for the 5th time that our conversations turned far more personal and intimate and then very naughty. I started to verbally tease him and he got really turned on. The more turned on he got, the more turned on I got. My pussy began to get wet just thinking about him. We finally spoke on the phone for a short time…way too short…and his voice was almost as perfect as his cock…well, a picture of it, any way.

He was potentially scheduled for a TDY (temporary duty for you non-military people) to Travis Air Force Base. I lived only about 15 miles away and we agreed to spend time together if and when his TDY came through. I really, really hoped it would but I had strong doubts. I was thrilled when he informed me that he was indeed coming to California. He gave me all the pertinent information and came up with a possible plan. Basically, I would wait until he actually got here and phoned me to let me know what his schedule was and how I would fit in. To our immense surprise, we were elated to learn that the Air Force had him only for 8 hours of the day which meant he was mine for 16. We were also overjoyed to learn that he had his own room and visitors were allowed.

I wanted üsküdar escort to be in control the first time we were together. I didn’t care about anything but being with him physically. I instructed him to leave a pass for me at the entrance to the base along with directions and instructions on how to get to his room. He was okay with this and said he would take care of everything. I then ordered him to be waiting for me in his bed, completely naked. He eagerly agreed to follow my demands.

The night finally arrived for us to meet. I was allowed on base and given the way to his room. The evenings had turned cool which fit perfectly with my plans. I was wearing a long coat over a black, silky gown and robe. I was carrying a large cloth suitcase filled with goodies to use whenever the urge struck. I found his room and, with a deep breathe, opened his door. The only lighting came from several lit and scented candles – his doing, not mine although I thoroughly approved. His room was actually more than just a room. It was more like a small motel suite. I didn’t waste time checking things out. I took off my long coat and headed toward the open door which I correctly assumed was his bedroom. He had several more candles lit and I could see the outline of his gorgeous body in the bed.

“Hi, baby.” I whispered.

“Hi, yourself.” He replied. He sounded just a touch nervous which I found very endearing and I moved toward the bed. I put my bag of goodies down and slipped underneath the covers. I reached up to touch his lips with my yenibosna escort fingers then kissed him. It was a soft, sweet kiss which he returned.

“Finally.” We both said at the same time. We both chuckled then he pulled me into his arms for a full body embrace. We stayed that way for a while. He felt wonderful. He didn’t hold me too tight nor too loose. I could feel his cock getting hard and I pushed myself closer to him. His arms tightened around me and he pushed back. I still wanted to be the one in control so I gently eased out of his arms, told him to lie on his back and stay still. He did so immediately. I rolled over on top of him and ran my finger tip across one eyebrow then the other then down his nose and to his lips. He had luscious lips which I had fantasized about. I circled his lips with my finger then with my lips, I pulled his bottom lip between mine and caressed him with my tongue. I nibbled and sucked his lip then opened his mouth with my tongue and kissed him – nothing soft and sweet about this one. Our tongues danced and our teeth clashed. I ground my pussy into his cock, felt him shudder and heard his moan.

“Take this thing off, please?”, he begged.

“Oh no, baby, not yet.” I replied. I did take my robe off and pulled my gown up to my thighs and straddled his chest. I pushed my face into his neck, loving the feel and smell of him. I licked and nipped and bit him gently. I tongued the rim of his ear and nuzzled his ear lobe. I returned to his mouth and ravaged it again. I sat up and moved down zeytinburnu escort his body a bit. I caressed his chest with my hands, running my fingers over his nipples then licking them. I slowly moved down his body until my gown covered pussy was directly over his hard, throbbing cock. I pushed against him – he tried to put his cock inside me but I wouldn’t let him.

I slid down farther and took his cock in one hand and his balls in my other, His cock was glorious! Hard as a rock but soft and silky to the touch. I nipped at the tip of his cock with my lips while stroking him up and down. I took him in my mouth, deeper and deeper until my lips were pressed up against his groin. I licked him then began to lightly suck him, moving his cock in and out of my mouth. His moans had turned to groans and I could feel his balls moving and swelling. I pulled away from his cock and stood up, took my gown off and straddled his face. He shoved his face into my pussy. Sticking his tongue inside me, in and out. I wanted his tongue on my clit but before I could tell him, his tongue was there – rubbing hard and firm against my clit. I was moaning right along with him. His tongue was magical.

I pulled away from his mouth and once more straddled his cock – this time there was nothing between us. I grabbed his cock with my hand and teased the outside of my pussy and clit with it. I eased his cock all the way into my pussy then back out again. In and out, slowly, clutching my pussy muscles around him. He had had enough and he reached up, grabbed my hips and took over. He slammed into me, harder and harder, faster and faster. I reached down to rub my clit. He was beginning to whimper as was I. We both came at the same time, letting out loud, deep groans of pleasure. I collapsed on his chest and he wrapped me in his arms, holding me tightly. Our breathing settled, we gradually relaxed then fell asleep with me still on top of him and his cock still in my pussy.

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