My Sexy Aunt

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The object of many a masturbation session, Sarah was an attractive, mature woman in her late 40’s. She has an excellent figure for her age and together with her long blonde hair gave the impression of being a babe when she was younger. Frequently drunk at parties and weddings, she often became slightly horny and made the odd lewd comment to some of the younger men present. I did feel a sense of sorrow for her as my uncle had died a few years earlier and she must have been lonely at times.

I remember many years ago, she drunkenly asked me if I was a virgin. I was at the time but was so embarrassed; I just decided not to answer, believing she would forget all about it the next day.

She did but that thought stayed with me through all of my adolescence. I knew she was off-limits but still became excited when I heard she was planning a visit. As I was staying with my parents at that time there was little doubt of anything ‘happening’ but I remained upbeat.

The day of the visit came and I was relieved to hear she would be staying for the week. She had planned to take us all out for dinner that night but I said I wouldn’t be joining them as I was off out to a friends. This was a lie of course as I was excited to be left alone for the evening. I was curious to get a peek at her underwear and this afforded me the perfect opportunity.

After they all left for dinner I became excited, the thought of going through her things was a turn on. Entering her room, I could smell her perfume in the air. A few garments were still lying around on the bed but my attention was turned to her suitcase. I opened it carefully and was presented with various items of clothing, all neatly folded and packed. I searched around until I came across what appeared to be her underwear. Just a quick glimpse of black lace was enough to quicken my pulse. I removed a few items for closer inspection. There were a few ‘modest’ pairs of knickers, nothing too exciting. Fairly large bras were here too, and then I noticed some black elastic straps. I picked them out and was delighted to see it was a suspender belt. I became hard instantly, thinking of her wearing it. I delved a little deeper to find a pair of black, lace-top stockings amongst her tights. This was all too much for me and decided I had to get off. I was about to put her things back in the case when my hand brushed up against something hard hidden at the bottom. I gasped as I found a huge dildo. Taking it out I guessed it must have been around ten inches long, skin coloured and life-like. It was made of flexible rubber and I held it to my nose as I took in the scent. I could smell her juices on it. Excited, I dashed through to my bedroom and jerked off imagining Sarah ploughing the huge tool into her mature pussy. I came quickly and shot great arcs of hot semen over my stomach. I needed to clean up, badly! Afterwards, I placed her things back in the case, happy that at least some of my curiosity was sated.

It was another few years before I would see Sarah again as she lived down south but the image of her and her dildo stayed with me. By now I was working and had a place of my own. I had a few girlfriends but none were serious in a relationship sense, but it was nice to have sex rather than beat off thinking about it.

Through work, I was to attend a week-long training course in London later that year. Although I could claim back the accommodation in expenses, it had been suggested by my parents to stay with my aunt Sarah as she lived on the outskirts and I could commute into the city centre. Maybe this was my chance; I would be alone with her for a whole week! I made the arrangements and Sarah agreed to meet me when I got off the train. She joked it would görükle escort be good to have a man around the house for a bit, I wondered if she was thinking the same thing as me.

The train journey was long and boring but eventually pulled in at the station. I walked along the platform towards the car parking area where I had agreed to meet Sarah and there she was. Smiling broadly and waving as I approached her; I decided that she still looked great. She was wearing a tight sweater that accentuated her chest and a pair of black slacks. I hugged her and she planted a kiss on my cheek as we made our way to her car. Following close behind her I got a great view of her curvaceous ass. Sarah was by no means a large woman but the years had taken their toll slightly however, she remained attractive and her curves were all in the right places. I watched as her ass cheeks gave a slight shudder as she walked. There was no sign of any panty line. My imagination run riot. We got in the car and set off for ‘home’. I was hard almost all the way there, wondering if I would be treated to seeing slightly more of her delicious body over the next week.

After unpacking I joined her for a coffee in the lounge and we chatted innocently about family and recent events. I had been aware of her wandering gaze but thought no more of it other than the fact she hadn’t seen me for four or five years.

“So do you have a girlfriend yet?” She asked.

I was a little shocked at her directness but began to tell her about the odd one or two and how the relationship hadn’t lasted too long. She seemed pleased at hearing this news and smiled.

“Well at least you’ve been active!” she replied. “I remember that shy teenager; I used to tease you about your virginity. That was mean of me.” Sarah shifted in her seat and finished her coffee.

“I’m off to take a shower, make yourself at home. If you’re hungry, help yourself to the kitchen, won’t be too long.” With that she disappeared upstairs.

I was surprised at her comments but on hearing she was going to take a shower, I became turned on and my mind was filled with images of her undressing. I waited until I heard the shower running and crept upstairs after her, satisfied that she was in the bathroom already. Being careful not to alert her to my presence, I got to the top of the stairs and was delighted to see the bathroom door was still open, if only slightly. I could hear the rustling of clothes as I approached the door. Then I froze. There, reflected in the mirror, I caught sight of Sarah taking off the last of her clothing; her back turned. The door was open just enough for me to make out her unclasping her large black, lacy bra and placing it aside. Suddenly, she turned to the side and as she let her long blonde hair down, I could clearly see her ample breasts, swaying gently. They were huge and although sagging, looked hot with large pink areolas and puffy nipples. My erection throbbed away to my heartbeat as the pace quickened. I could hear her sigh as she now bent over to take off her slacks. I had to get closer to the gap in the door to see more so I got up real close, peering through for a better view of the mirror. I had to stifle my gasps as she hooked her thumbs in the waistband and pulled them down her legs. Sarah was bent double as she passed her feed through the legs and there before me was her gorgeous mature ass, a thin strip of black material appearing from her cheeks. She was wearing a thong! I couldn’t believe my luck but it was to get hotter. She then took hold of her thong, still bent over and slid it gracefully down to her ankles. I was treated to the view of this mature woman, bent over displaying her meaty, slightly trimmed pussy. eskort bayan Naked, she then got back up and disappeared from view. I heard the water from the shower splashing and decided she must have got in. I opened my trousers and took out my throbbing cock. Pulling back on the foreskin, I slowly began to wank myself off. The feeling was amazing as I imagined her body, water cascading from it as she soaped herself. Before I could even appreciate the danger of the situation I was in, the door suddenly swung open.

“Caught you!” she exclaimed, grinning widely. “Did you like my little show, honey? Don’t worry, I kinda hoped you would be there. I’ve seen you look at me…” I was embarrassed but slightly relieved she wasn’t pissed with me. All I could muster was a sheepish grin, my hard cock bobbing before her. “Do you want to take care of that?” She glanced down at my manhood. “Or would you rather I took care of it for you? Looks impressive!” Sarah turned off the shower. She took my hand and as I gathered up my trousers, was led through to her bedroom. I got undressed for her and nervously lay across her bed, not really knowing how to proceed.

“It’s been too long; I need to feel you inside me. You have a beautiful cock, relax, I want to make you feel good.” I wasn’t about to complain as she climbed onto the bed and leaned over in front of me. Taking my warm, hard cock in her hands, she slowly pulled back, stretching the skin tight behind my tip. Then she squeezed, eyes fixed as she moved back up my length. A drop of pre-cum leaked out and she moved her thumb over it, smearing it, she took her thumb to her mouth and sucked gently; sighing to herself contentedly. I was unprepared for what happened next as she moved her head down and took me inside her warm mouth. Just the tip first but as I felt her soft lips close around me, she slid down my length until her nose was touching my stomach. My cock was fully inside her mouth.

Gently, Sarah began to suck on my cock, accompanied by wet, slurping noises escaping from her soft, warm mouth. I was surprised she managed to get as much of me in her mouth and the feeling was amazing as she brought her hands down to cradle my balls. She took me out of her mouth and ran my engorged length along her lips, stopping to kiss and lick at the tip. Her eyes were closed now and she appeared to really be getting into this. This turned me on even more and I could feel my cock swelling to its limit, throbbing and pulsing in front of her mouth.

Then she plunged me back in again, applying greater suction this time; her excited sighs becoming noticeably louder. Sarah gave me head longer than I anticipated and the gravity of the situation was beginning to overwhelm me. I couldn’t believe that my fantasy from puberty was coming to life; this mature, experienced woman was pleasuring me! It dawned on me that I was nearing climax, not really thinking about the consequences of ejaculating my hot semen into her mouth, I reached down to touch her breasts and it sent me over the edge.

It felt like burning hot lava erupting from my cock and I cried out to her but as soon as each spurt was delivered, Sarah would move her tongue back, swallowing my creamy load. I continued pumping into her mouth until she took me in her hand and jerked me off into her face. “Yes, come for me, give me more! Shoot over my face!” My last few ropes of sperm were splashed obscenely over her cheeks, nose and eyes. The most erotic sight I have ever seen and still to this day. Spent, I gave a long sigh and lay motionless as I tried to make sense of what had just happened. She didn’t even hesitate to swallow and it was lucky for me as she got no prior warning of my impending altıparmak escort climax. Sarah wiped her eyes and smiled, my white sperm still smeared over her lips. She came up to me and closed her eyes, kissing me fully on the mouth as she brought out her tongue, offering my own sperm back to me.

“You taste good, honey! Did you like that? Does baby want more, huh?” She looked deep into my eyes before returning to my softening dick and sucking me clean.

It didn’t take long for me to become erect again, Sarah’s expert cock sucking made sure of that. Back to full hardness again, Sarah got up and moved over beside me and lay, spreading her legs for me. I moved between her thighs and was faced with her wet, glistening pussy. Her lips were red and swollen and there appeared to be no hair anywhere. She reached down with her hands and pulled apart her ass cheeks, displaying her tight, red asshole. I could smell her in the air and it was enticing. I moved down her thighs with my hands until I reached her pussy and began to spread her to me. What a beautiful sight, the deep red colour and various folds within her beckoned me in to taste. I took my first slow, long lick from her asshole to her clit and then back again. Sarah writhed beneath me and began to play with her breasts, running her thumbs over her stiff, excited nipples. The taste of her was quite a turn on as I eagerly lapped up her juices. I began to rub a finger over her clit as I licked her and she responded by bucking her hips towards my face, forcing me closer to her wet pussy.

“I need you inside me now.” pleaded Sarah, “Give me your big cock! Stretch my pussy wide.”

I moved up until my cock was bobbing in front of her sopping wet pussy. I wiped my tip gently up and down her slit, lubricating my length. I then pushed inside her in one, slow move. I could feel her warmth and softness inside her body. She sighed then moaned deeply, holding my complete length inside her. I pulled out real slow until my slick cock was almost out of her pussy then plunged back in, quicker this time. Sarah cried out. “Ugh, Jeez! Yeah! Ugh, oh, ohh!” with every entry I slid into her. I hooked her legs over my shoulders and leaned forward, pinning her legs to her shoulders. I was going really deep inside her now and my balls were slapping off her asshole with every thrust.

“Ugh, fuck! I’m gonna cum! Ugh, give it to me!” she cried as I impaled her deeply, bouncing her on the bed. Then I felt her pussy grow wetter and she stuttered to a climax, pulling me to her and digging her nails into my ass. Once again, I felt the need to cum and decided I was going to cum inside her.

“I want to come in you Sarah, take my hot cum!” I pleaded with her as I could feel the sperm building.

“Yeah! Cum in me, it’s okay, I want to feel you cum inside me!” She now threw her hands back as I began to unload into her. I held my last thrust deep inside her to deliver my cum and I ejaculated forcefully. Sarah again cried out beneath me and writhed as she climaxed once again.

I lay on top of her, still inside her as I struggled for breath. Sarah panted loudly but subsided as I softened and slipped out of her wet pussy. My head was spinning and I was almost delirious with exhaustion but Sarah smiled once again and ran her hands up and down my back.

I don’t know how long I had been asleep for but when I woke up, Sarah was gone. I could smell fresh coffee. I got up and dressed quickly then made my way downstairs. In the kitchen was Sarah, standing at the sink wearing nothing but an over sized t-shirt. I walked up behind her and embraced her, kissing her neck. She turned around and with a devilish grin, put her hands around my waist.

“I really needed that, honey! We still have the rest of the week you know. It’s going to be fun getting to know my favourite nephew!” She giggled softly and we kissed. I poured myself a coffee and wondered exactly what else she had in mind.

Part Two if I can be bothered in future.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32