My Sex Life Ch. 13

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Chapter 13: The Birthday Present

On Friday it was my friend Lindz’s boyfriend’s birthday and, between us, we’d concocted a very special birthday present for him.

Lindz is a couple of years older than me and is a student at the Art College here in Edinburgh. We’ve been ‘friends’ for several months, having first met through the adult personals site that we’re both members of. We’ve had a lot of fun together in the time that we’ve known each other and we’d been working on this plan for some time.

On Friday, we met up, as usual, at the Starbucks just outside Haymarket Station. Lindz lives in Musselburgh (a few miles to the east of Edinburgh) and, having caught the 16:05 train, we were back at hers by shortly after 4:30. Grant (Lindz’s boyfriend in case you hadn’t guessed) wasn’t due home until around 6pm so we had plenty of time to have a little fun of our own.

As usual, Lindz set up her webcam so that our goings on could be watched by anyone who cared to log in (and a lot of people did). We kept getting all sorts of suggestions from our viewers and we did our best to accommodate as many requests as we could. The majority of those watching seemed to like the idea of the (slightly) older woman, Lindz, seducing the naughty schoolgirl, me (I was still wearing my uniform at that point).

As our attentive audience watched on, we began to kiss and slowly undress each other.

As Lindz kissed and sucked on my tits, I surrendered myself to her touch, savouring the feeling as she used her tongue and hands to turn me on. It wasn’t long before Lindz had her head between my thighs and was running her tongue along the length of my wet slit, working it deep between the folds of my pussy.

Lindz instinctively knew just what to do to turn me on. Her hands roamed all over my body as her tongue explored my pussy. Almost before I knew it, she had me hovering on the edge of an orgasm. Instead of driving me over the precipice, she did all that she could to prolong my pleasure, taking me repeatedly to the brink before slowing things down and starting again. The result was both frustrating but extremely arousing. Every time I felt myself on the very brink of cumming, Lindz would pull away, keeping me hovering on the verge of boiling point but never quite allowing me the release I craved.

Eventually it all became to much for me. As I begged Lindz to let me cum, her tongue flicked softly over my clit, my back arched, my body began to shake and I came, moaning softly as waves of pleasure washed over me. Even as I came, Lindz continued to lick, occasionally sucking on my enflamed labia before darting her tongue in and out of my cunt.

My orgasm peaked, again and again and I had an overwhelming desire to taste Lindz’s pussy. Somehow I pushed her away and seconds later our positions were reversed. I ran my tongue along Lindz’s moist slit and savoured the taste of her juices.

I lapped hungrily at her pussy, my tongue probing its warm, wet depths and occasionally flicking over her clit. Lindz moaned, her fingers twisted in my hair, pulling me to her, increasing the pressure of my tongue on her pussy. I reached up to play with her tits as my tongue worked itself between her moist folds and Lindz began to moan more loudly.

Squeezing her tits, I sucked on her enflamed labia and clit. Lindz’s body flinched in response to my touch, her fingers tightened their grip, tugging my hair.

Leaving one hand in place to tease her nipples, I brought the other down and began to finger her cunt. I slid two fingers into her and began to pump them in and out, twisting them around as I licked her clit. The walls of her pussy tightened rhythmically around my merter escort fingers and her breathing deepened. I sucked hard on Lindz’s clit, flicking its tip with my tongue.

Suddenly Lindz came. Her body shook and, although she isn’t quite as vocal as I am, she still made a fair bit of noise as she gave voice to her climax. I continued to gently tease her with my fingers and tongue. Every time I flicked my tongue over her clit, Lindz squirmed and moaned, begging me not to stop.

Lindz came twice more before she finally had had enough. I moved up and she gathered me into her arms. We kissed gently as we held each other. I could feel Lindz’s heart pound in her chest as we lay there in each other’s arms.

Once she’d recovered, she brought out her ‘rabbit’ and quickly gave me a mind-blowing orgasm. We continued to play and, after about an hour and several orgasms later, we had a quick shower where, needless to say, we fingered each other to yet another climax and then got ready to put our plan into action.

The plan was quite simple, I was to wait in the spare room until she came to fetch me. The finishing touch on Lindz’s part was classic. She’d ‘borrowed’ some crepe paper from College and I was to be ‘wrapped’ in it. Obviously not all of me, just my torso. The blue ribbon that she tied around my waist was the finishing touch. Then, at a certain point in the proceedings, I would be introduced as Grant’s surprise ‘present’.

When Grant got home, I could hear Lindz fussing over him and telling him that she had a special treat for him. While he went for a shower, Lindz looked in on me to see if I was still OK. I reassured her that I was and we had a very quick snog before she left to get herself ‘ready’. It’s possibly worth mentioning that all ‘getting ready’ really consisted of was Lindz stripping down to a matching black bra and thong by removing the t-shirt and jeans she’d put on no more than fifteen minutes earlier!

My excitement was growing all the time and if it wasn’t for my wrapping, I’d have had a quick play with myself just for good measure but, although my arms were free, it was, I decided, more hassle than it was worth and, anyway, very soon I’d be getting all the action I needed.

About ten minutes after Grant had left the bathroom, I heard Lindz ask if he wanted his special present. This was it, this was what I’d been waiting for. Lindz came through and gave me a long, lingering kiss then quickly peeled off her underwear before leading me through to the front room.

For the record, Lindz has a fantastic body, one I can’t get enough of and one I was going to be getting even more of soon. At 5’8″ she’s a little taller than me. She’s extremely good looking with shoulder-length, naturally blonde hair. Her body is slim and toned but she still has great curves. Her breasts are the same size as mine, 34C, and are soft yet firm, pert and almost perfectly round. Her pussy is always (naturally) smooth and tastes heavenly. To be honest, even if I was totally straight, I’d still want to shag her.

On reaching the front room, I was confronted with the sight of Grant, sitting on the sofa, naked but for a blindfold. I had to stop myself from giggling. Not at Grant, but just at the surrealness of the whole set-up.

Grant is about 5’10”, well built, good looking in a slightly dishevelled kind of way, with short brown hair, dark brown eyes (as I would find out once the blindfold came off) and, even semi-hard, packed about 7″-8″.

We stood in front of him and Lindz bent forward to kiss him and told him he could remove his blindfold. His eyes nearly popped out when he saw me (well, OK, us, nişantaşı escort but I’m allowed to flatter myself).

Lindz kissed him then asked him if he liked his ‘present’ Grant agreed that he did and Lindz told him to hurry up and unwrap it (me).

In seconds, I was as naked as my hosts and all three of us were kissing and caressing and generally just writhing about on the floor. At first, Lindz and I put on a show for him, kissing each other all over before moving into a 69 to eat each other’s pussies. We didn’t continue long enough for either of us to cum again but it certainly got us in the mood for what was to come next.

Having used our tongues to whet our appetites, Lindz whispered to me, suggesting that I should go and give Grant a blow-job. I didn’t hesitate. I had his meat in my mouth faster than you could say, well, faster than you could say anything.

As I sucked him, Lindz divided her attention between us; kissing Grant, kissing me, sucking my tits, taking my place occasionally, replacing my mouth with hers then, swapping back and licking my pussy before straddling Grant’s face.

Lindz was clearly enjoying Grant’s mouth as much as he was enjoying mine. She was screaming when she came (I dread to think what her neighbours must have thought) and I came shortly after her, my fingers furiously rubbing my clit as I sucked Grant’s cock.

I knew he was getting close when his hips started to thrust. I could feel his balls tighten as I played with them. When he came, I swallowed down the first shot and then tried to hold as much of his cream in my mouth so I could share it with Lindz when Grant had finished.

Apparently, it really turned him on watching us share his cum, passing it back and forth, dribbling from my mouth into hers then from hers back to mine. We repeated this several times until it was all gone. Of course, Lindz and I didn’t stop there. Our hands and mouths were all over each other’s bodies. Before I knew it, she had me on my back and was giving my pussy a good tongue lashing.

When I came, Lindz let Grant take over. His tongue wasn’t as soft as Lindz’s and his technique was more direct; faster, with less teasing. It was still exceedingly good though. It didn’t take long for me to start feeling a familiar tingling feeling in my pussy, especially with Lindz sucking on my tits at the same time.

Grant and Lindz took it in turns to lick and suck on my pussy. While one of them had their head between my thighs, the other was playing with my tits. Between them, they were driving me wild.

Eventually, with Lindz straddling my face, Grant ate me out until I came again (and again). When I’d recovered a bit, Grant and I took it in turns to work on Lindz. As one of us ate her out, the other was playing with her tits. We kept on licking and sucking until Lindz was reduced to a screaming, quivering wreck.

Again, I don’t know how many times Lindz and I came as it all became blurred. All three of us used our mouths and hands on each other to keep us all in a state of high arousal.

At some point in the proceedings, Grant had become hard again. I know this only because while I was on all fours, feasting on Lindz’s pussy, Grant, without any warning, took me from behind. I hadn’t appreciated just how wet I was until he sank into me with a single thrust. That was all it took to have me cumming yet again. In no time at all, I was screaming the place down, my hips pushing back to meet his thrusts as his cock plunged repeatedly into me.

Things became even more blurred after that. The three of us combined in all manner of ways: Grant inside me as I ate Lindz’s pussy ortaköy escort or sucked her tits, Grant fucking Lindz as she and I 69ed, me sitting on his face as she rode his cock, me sitting on Lindz’s face as Grant ate her pussy. We just kept on swapping and changing until Grant was at bursting point and Lindz and I were worn out, feeling more than a little tender but very, very happy.

This time, having just managed to discard the condom in the nick of time, he sprayed his load all over Lindz’s and my faces and tits. Lindz sucked him clean before we set about cleaning each other up, licking Grant’s cum off each other’s bodies.

Grant had to put a dressing gown on to answer the door when the Chinese we’d ordered earlier was delivered.

Before anyone asks, no we didn’t invite the delivery guy in to join us. Sorry.

After we’d eaten, we trailed through to the bedroom and Lindz set up the webcam again. What followed was almost a repeat performance of before, only this time, Grant completed his ‘hat-trick’ and got to fuck my arse too, and did it while I was wearing my school uniform. The people watching all seemed to love that and kept urging him on. Lindz had dug out her old school skirt and a white blouse as well so to everybody watching, it looked like Grant has having his wicked way with two filthy little schoolgirl sluts.

As Grant pumped his cock in and out of my arse, Lindz moved below me and we began eating each other’s pussies yet again. Having Lindz’s tongue on my clit as Grant fucked my tight rear hole with long, hard, powerful thrusts gave me tremendously intense sensations. My juices flowed copiously from my pussy, coating Lindz’s face as she licked me.

Moaning loudly with waves of pleasure washing over me, I surrendered myself to Lindz and Grant as they drove me wild, fucking and licking me to the point of exhaustion. The fronts of Grant’s thighs slapped against the up-thrust cheeks of my arse as he drove his cock deep into my back passage. Lindz’s tongue teased my throbbing clit, pushing my climax ever higher.

Shuddering contractions gripped my womb as I came. I was reduced to crying out things like, “Oh, Grant!” and, “Mmmmm, Lindz!” and, “Oh fuck, yesssss!” I was utterly incapable of anything any more coherent.

This time Lindz got to finish Grant off. Slipping his cock from my back passage, he pulled off the condom as Lindz and I rolled over, before entering her. He fucked her hard and fast as I licked her clit and gently squeezed his balls. Occasionally, Grant would slip his cock from Lindz’s pussy and direct it into my eager mouth.

With Grant’s cock pounding her pussy and my tongue on her clit, it wasn’t long before Lindz came again, moaning loudly and body shaking violently. Lindz’s orgasm was all it took to tip Grant over the edge. When he came, he shot his load inside her and I could taste the rich mixture of his cum and Lindz’s juices as I licked the underside of his shaft.

Lindz was still cumming hard when Grant pulled his cock from her pussy. As he moved in front of her, offering her his cock to lick clean, his cum began to ooze from Lindz’s well fucked cunt. As Lindz cleaned Grant’s cock, I began licking his cum from her pussy. I’d never had ‘cream-pie’ before and I savoured the taste of their mixed juices. Having tried it once, it’s definitely something I want to do again.

With his cock licked clean, Grant sat back as Lindz and I, locked in a delicious 69, licked each other to our final climaxes of the evening. When we were finished, I was exhausted, a little sore in places but very, very happy. I always enjoy playing as part of a threesome and this had been one of the most enjoyable and satisfying that I’d ever had. Lindz and I always have a lot of fun together but I was extremely grateful to her for sharing Grant with me.

Eventually, it was over. We cleaned up and Lindz, bless her, drove me home. It had been quite an evening and Grant, I’m sure, had had a birthday he would never forget.

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