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These are some of my first stories and are not very long. Some are in second person and can be a fanfiction pairing for any characters. Enjoy and comment if you want on how I could improve


Clive closed the door gently, leaving the two alone in the room, as their eyes met. Clive’s eyes had a burning desire in them and she could tell as he admired her body up and down. He walked over slowly, teasing her slightly, as he could tell she was breathing heavily just waiting.

His gaze rested on her beautiful eyes as his arms wrapped around her warmly, pulling her body to his. She felt the heat from his body spread to hers and couldn’t help but blush. He left one arm around her protectively.. His hand gently lifted her chin up so she was forced to meet his gaze.

His eyes burning with desire as he bit his lower lip in lust. He tilted his head and didn’t want any longer as he moved his lips to meet her’s. It was a long passionate kiss. The heat from it made her moan lightly as she pressed her body against him more. His hand moving up from her chin and caressed her cheek sweetly.

He began kissing her in a more lustful way, kissing roughly now and his tongue licked her lips before it entered her mouth.

His tongue hotly explored her mouth and pressed against her tongue playfully. The kiss ended as they both caught their breathe but Clive quickly kissed her again with even more lust and roughness. His arm left her back and ran down her back warmly. His tongue fighting for dominance in her mouth as it continued to explore her mouth hotly one more time.

He eventually stopped the kiss and traced his tongue hotly along her lips and then he began planting warm, sensual kisses down her neck. She could feel her vagina throbbing in arousal now as she pressed her lower body against his. She could easily feel his erection pressing through his trousers and against her which increased her arousal. He changed to licking down her neck now as he began to keenly undress her.

His eyes looked up and down her body and she could feel his erection get even bigger now as more of her body was undressed. His licks were getting slower as his mouth hotly moved down her body, over one of her breasts, and ever so closer to her burning hot vagina. Once she was completely naked he quickly took all of his own clothes off.

He then pushed her excitedly down and onto the bed. He moved so he was on top of her, but she didn’t mind, only enjoyed it as he pressed his hot body against her. He then moved back and lowered his head closer to her vagina.

She shivered in anticipation as he blew hot air over her clitoris. He then moved his mouth even closer and licked over her vagina hotly. She clamped her legs tightly together in pleasure as he began roughly and quickly licking over her vagina and clitoris over and over again.

His licks increased in speed as he got more aroused himself. He then kissed her vagina in pure lust as his tongue pressed into her vagina and began exploring, pressing against the different walls of her vagina and making her moan.

His tongue was slipping on her wetness as he continued to kiss her vagina faster. Once she was moaning his name in pleasure he sat back once again. He wiped his mouth with his hand before he then pressed two fingers into her vagina warmly.

The heat from them making her moan in more pleasure as he began thrusting them into her vagina and out again. Pressing them in as far as they could go hotly before pulling them out completely, and repeating this over and over again as he enjoyed her shudders and moans of pleasure.

“Scream my name,” he grinned as she began shouting out Clive, begging him for more. Her wetness covered his fingers as he pulled them out of he vagina. He then moved up her body, pressing his own body against hers more, as he pulled her in for a kiss. It was filled with a burning passion and lust as he moaned her name between breathes. His hot and hard erection pressed against her vagina and he couldn’t take it anymore as he had to be inside her.

He thrusted his burning hard erection into her deeply. Once he was inside her she felt the boiling heat from his erection pressing against the insides of her vagina. It was coated in her juices making him able to pound in and out of her harder and faster.

He got more rough as he began panting and pounding in and out with a lust filled strength. His big hard erection began shoving into her even hotter and filled her completely now as she was screaming his name out in pure pleasure.

She suddenly orgasmed, her vagina tightening around his hard erection and feeling his size and hotness completely. He shouted out her name deeply as he orgasmed as well.

He continued to thrust into her to prolong the pleasure as his warm liquid dripped down her legs. She felt his hot body pressing against her comfortingly now as her hands wrapped around him.


My hand gently lifts your chin up so you have trabzon escort to gaze into my eyes. Your blush more obvious as I grin. You’re dressed in the maid costume like I asked and I seem to like it very much. I quickly force you onto the ground so your body is displayed for me fully already. My tongue warmly licking the spaces between your costume where I can get to your body.

My hands warmly explore your body, running down your sides, down the side of your thighs, gently squeezing your ass and even massaging your breasts in circular motions as my warm hands squeeze them. I grab your hand and force it down to feel the hard erection and the heat from it that radiates through my underwear. I then begin kissing you, first slow sensual kisses until I’m eventually kissing you faster and rougher after I desire you more in lust.

My eyes admiring your body before returning to gaze into your eyes. My tongue warmly exploring your mouth, being dominating and pressing against yours, and then pressing against the inside of your cheek. I begin grinding myself against you in arousal and you can feel your vagina wet and hot in arousal already. I then bite your lower lip gently before my tongue travels down your body. My warm tongue traces down your neck, down one of your breasts and down the side of your thighs. I then pull up the skirt of your costume, you of course wearing no underwear, like I like.

I lean in and move my head closer to your vagina. My tongue hotly traces along the entrance until I then kiss the entrance hotly and with sensual licks that make you shiver in excitement. I press my tongue inside your vagina, it exploring hotly and the feeling making you clamp your legs in arousal. My hands wrap around your sides so I can pull my tongue into more of your vagina. The hot feeling making you moan until I eventually pull my head back. I lift the maid costume off your head and grin as I continue to undress you until you are completely naked in front of me.

I’m obviously more aroused at the sight of your body and I then continue to take my own clothes off. My warm naked body pressing against you. The floor a cold contrast to the hotness of my body pressing against you. I then rub my burning hard erection against your vagina teasingly. You know how much it can bring you to pleasure and you beg as you can feel the heat but it’s not even inside you yet. I continue rubbing the entrance lightly before I thrust deeply into you, penetrating you with the completely heat from my erection.

Your vagina feels completely hot and gushing wet as my penis presses against all the walls of your vagina with warmth. I begin thrusting into you, getting harder and deeper each time until you’re grinding against me more in pleasure. My hands massage your body, especially squeezing your breasts as well as my lips now kissing yours roughly. My tongue enjoying exploring your mouth again as I pound harder and hotter into you.

Each shove into you making you feel my burning hard erection press it’s heat against all of the inside of your vagina. You clutch my shoulders as you beg for me. I continue pleasuring you, my kisses rougher as my thrusts are as well until you moan out as you have a huge climax. Your vagina tightens around my penis and makes you feel the hotness completely filling you.

You moan as your wetness coats my penis, making my thrusts faster and more pleasurable as it gets more rough. It makes the climax even hotter until I then orgasm, my warm cum dripping down your legs. I pull my head away to breathe for a few seconds before I return to kissing you.


I gaze into your eyes. You can see them look you up and down, admire you, until they return to gazing into your eyes. I can’t seem to find one part of you that I find most pleasing to gaze at. I eventually ended up gazing into your eyes though because I know I have your attention then.

We’re alone in my room again. You remember last time and blush as my warm arms hold you closely. You can never get tired of the protective feeling, and definitely never get tired of my lips as I suddenly kiss you. It’s a long hard passionate kiss, my tongue exploring your mouth hotly as well, fighting for dominance against your tongue before it presses against the inside of your cheek.

You fall back onto the bed as my body leans over you, my body trapping you against the bed but you offer no struggle, as I continue to kiss you. My tongue traces hotly along your lower lip before going down your neck. I begin kissing there, hotly and passionately, my lips pressing against your neck as well. My kisses turning harder and rougher as you can tell how eager I am from the large and hard feeling in-between my legs. I quickly tear off both our clothes so you can feel my warm, naked body against yours.

I sit back and my eyes admire your body as I gaze at every part. You can feel my burning hard erection pressing against your leg, knowing it’s so close to your burning trabzon escort bayan sex, making you clench your legs and moan slightly in a pleading way. My warm hands run up and down your body, down your neck and squeezing your breasts. They move down and squeeze your ass lightly before moving around and teasing your vagina, rubbing your clitoris hotly as you shudder at my pleasurable touch.

I then do the same but with my lips, I kiss down your chest and to your vagina. Where I kiss and push my tongue roughly and hotly into your vagina. You can feel the sensation and pleasure my tongue brings you as it explores as much of your vagina as it can, moving around it making you clench your legs around my head. I sit up and tease the entrance to your vagina, pressing my hot penis against it slightly and I wait for you to nod that you want and need me to before I continue.

I thrust my burning hard erection into you, penetrating deeply and bringing you a completely hot sensation as you moan. You can feel me filling you deeply and your vagina is extremely wet by now, you can feel the hotness and length of my penis as it presses against the inside of your vagina. You moan, wrapping your arms around my back, as I begin pounding your vagina roughly. Long and hard thrusts as I pound you.

You moan, feeling a climax coming soon as I shove my burning hard penis into you, each time harder and hotter than the last. My hands pleasure your body by exploring it, squeezing your breasts occasionally or rubbing against your thighs and running down your sides. I suddenly stop and pull my hard penis out of you making you moan in desperation.

I tell you to sit up and lean over so I can fuck you from that position. You do as I tell you and thrust my hard erection back into your vagina from there. My hands suddenly clenching your shoulders, although lightly, using them to grind my penis into you.

Pounding into your vagina harder and rougher now making you moan as you feel your climax coming soon. I continue shoving my penis deeper and rougher into your vagina, each shove a lot hotter and harder as I get more turned on by your body. You eventually climax, your vagina tightly clenching and feeling my large and hot penis complete, making you moan as you feel my warm cum drip down your legs from my own orgasm.

I continue thrusting although softly to prolong the orgasm and thoroughly pleasure you. Making the last of your warm juices spill out down my hard erect penis.


Your arms and legs are bound to the four corners of the bed. I’ve been sexually teasing you for a long time. Entering the room and leaning over your body, having ultimate control as I can do whatever I desire while you can’t stop me. You can only accept what punishments and pleasures I give out, sometimes pleasure and punishment combined. I’d knelt down, breathing hot air over your vagina to stimulate you, as my hands rubbed up and down your thighs. You can feel yourself throbbing already and I haven’t even made any contact with your burning sex.

My hand moves your vagina and I slowly rub the entrance, then quickly, and slowly again afterwards. Teasing you as you moan in frustration. My finger changes to rubbing your clitoris directly although I pull my finger away. You try raising you body to get contact again but I just grin more perversely. I place the finger along my lips before I suck on it slightly, coating it in wetness, before I slide it back along your vagina. Making you moan before I bend down completely. Moving slowly though as the hot air gets closer to your vagina.

You try to raise your thighs so my mouth meets your body faster but my hands are keeping you down. The first touch, my tongue has hotly traced along the entrance to your vagina, such a sexual and pleasuring feeling making you shiver slightly. I move my whole head down, and begin kissing your vagina passionately, holding back all sweetness as my tongue fiercely dishes out hot licks. Tracing along the entrance to tease you before I actually push my tongue inside your vagina. You can feel the warmth and pleasuring feeling fill you deeply as I push my tongue in as far as it can go.

My hands begin moving your thighs up and down so my tongue enters more of you and traces against the wetness of your vagina. You can feel my warm kisses roughly on your vagina as my tongue continues pleasuring the inside, coating your vagina with warmth and making it more wet for later. You’re panting by now and begging for me to pound your body. I pull away and lean over your body completely, wiping away your wetness on my finger with my lips, before I kiss you.

A long passionate deep kiss, burning with pleasure as my tongue explores your mouth hotly. I raise my knee and rub it gently against your vagina. The feeling making you kiss back roughly in desire. I bite your lower lip gently and trace my tongue hotly down your neck. I eventually stop and sit up, admiring your body with my escort trabzon eyes.

“You’re going to have to get me hard before I pleasure your vagina…a punishment before I give you a treat,” I say as I raise my eyebrows and get onto my knees in front of your head, forcing your lips to pleasure my erection as it enters your mouth. My hands wrap around you head and force you to pleasure me as I begin breathing heavily.

Once you’ve coated my big hard erection with your tongue’s wetness I pull out of you and sit back, then leaning over your body so my hard erection is pressing slightly against the entrance of your vagina. I begin to rub against you slowly, but not enough to enter, teasing you crazily and making you beg to be fucked.

I then finally give you what you crave. I’m rough and shove my erection into your vagina, penetrating deeply, making you feel my complete hotness press on all sides of you as I fill your vagina hotly. You begin panting and moaning, screaming my name out, as I continue to pound harder and faster. Your wetness making me slide my burning hot and hard erection inside you faster.

I get faster and rougher as you beg. Pounding and thrusting myself hotly. The intense pleasure makes you drool as your vagina tightness helps you feel just how hard and hot my penis is. I raise my head down to yours and I begin kissing you hotly, long deep sensual kisses as my tongue presses against the inside of your cheek. My hands rotating your breasts warmly in circular motions. My burning hot erection pounding harder and faster, a mix of pure pleasure and roughness as you scream your masters name out, orgasming.

Your tight vagina feeling my hotness completely. My warm hot cum dripping down your legs as you pant. I continue thrusting into you though so you feel pleasure, prolonging the orgasm, making it longer and hotter as your juices flood down my penis.

We’re both alone in my room. It’s late at night and we’ve just been on a date. My eyes gaze into yours deeply as I stroke your cheek. Your heart beats faster as I move closer, my body heat pressing against you. I suddenly push you back onto my bed as my lips meet yours in a passionate kiss. My tongue hotly exploring your mouth, fighting your tongue for dominance in your mouth. My hands begin taking off both our clothes till we’re naked so we can feel each other’s bare skin. My warmth instantly warming your body.

I begin tracing my tongue along your lips hotly, down your neck where I began planting wet kisses. The sensation excited you and you begin feeling your vagina throb in anticipation as my warm hands explore all around your body. My burning hard erection rubs against your vagina, teasing you, making you plant slightly. My body is over yours, making you take whatever I do.

My hard erection is thrusted into your vagina and you feel me penetrate you deeply as you moan. You clutch onto my shoulders as I pound deeper and hotter. Driving my penis into you with more strength, making you feel my hotness fill completely. You moan faster as I pound harder into you. Shoving my hard erection into you, bringing you a lot of pleasure till you orgasm. Your vagina tightening around me and your warm juices dripping down my hard erection as you moan.

I keep thrusting into you hotly. Licking your ear as I breathe into it hotly before moving down and kissing your cheek. The orgasm is prolonged and pleasurable as you feel my erection sliding in and out of your warm and tight vagina.


Kilik grinned as he stroked under Yuki’s chin. She burrowed her head into his bare chest as much as she could. The male sat on the bed wearing only trousers but she was wearing even less than that. He softly lifted her away from him though, his hand sweetly tipping her chin up so she was forced to gaze into his deep eyes before he gave her a grin. His lips finding hers in a warm passionate kiss. His arms wrapping around her hotly, exploring her body making her tingle.

Her hands resting on his chest as she just watched him with a blush. His soft sensual kisses getting rougher and his tongue exploring her mouth more but she kept up with him. He eventually licked her lower lip before his hands met at her back, unclipping her bra as he winked at her. He suddenly pushed so he was on top of her gazing down into her eyes. His warm body resting against her, her breasts pressing against his warm chest.

She moaned a lot as his tongue entered her mouth again when he rekindled the hot kiss. His hands moving to her breasts where he massaged. She wrapped her arms around him softly as she moaned more, her sounds filling the room a lot as he pleasured her body. Kilik moved down her body until his head hovered over her underwear. He grinned up at her, loving to see her blush, as he gently took off her underwear with his teeth. The warmth and wetness radiating from her vagina already aroused him as he immediately pushing his tongue deeply into her vagina. It’s warmth exploring her vagina as she moaned a bit, squeezing her legs tightly to make him know he was doing a good job. He continued to pleasure her vagina more with his mouth.

“Please Kilik…just…you know…I need ..” her voice trailed off as she went into a burst of moans.

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