My Sarah Ann Ch. 08

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I waited quietly in the bedroom of our apartment, waiting for my darling Sarah to come home. I had told her when she went out shopping that I would be late. I was lying. I was really planning on popping out a little surprise for her. I sat quietly in a corner, wearing nothing but a white t-shirt. My cock was already slick with Astroglide, I wanted to make sure my surprise would be pleasant no matter how unexpected. I stroked myself, keeping my erection hard and read. I heard the door open and stood carefully, not wanting to make any noise. I heard her move around, dropping her keys on the table. She came into the bedroom with a bag in her hand and I slipped behind her quickly. My hands gripped her arms just above the elbows; I leaned into her ear and whispered.

“Shut up bitch and I won’t hurt you.” I pushed her onto her knees, bending her over the edge of the bed. She cried out in surprise as I flipped up her skirt and yanked her panties aside obscenely. Pressing on her back to keep her against the bed, I positioned my cock and slammed it all the way in with one thrust. My well-lubed shaft slid easily into her pussy, she cried out as she felt me press against her exposed ass.

“Oh fuck…” she trailed off moaning. I began to thrust myself rapidly in her steaming box. She flooded with juices, writhing against the bed as I pinned her down and fucked her mercilessly. I was already aroused when she came in; the excitement of forcing myself on her like this was getting to me already. I felt my cock swell harder at the slapping noise as I hammered against her backside. She rolled her hips unconsciously, trying to take more of my cock with each deep penetration. I pounded against her form, making her scream as she climaxed. Her pussy gripping my cock in orgasmic fury set me off, I pumped cum into her while grunting in her ear. “That’s it bitch, I know you like it. Take it you little slut.” She moaned and writhed under me, taking excitement from my ruthless degradation. My cum dripped out of her aksaray escort as I continued to thrust, making myself explode harder and drench her twat with thick, hot fluid.

“Yeah, that was a good start bitch.” I pulled my cock out, spilling cum down her pussy lips. I replaced her panties, soaking them with spent lust. The fabric squished against her soiled box, she moaned in pleasure and surprise. Without breaking the fantasy I rolled her over on the bed. She lay staring at me in half crazed sexual dizziness; her body writhed with lust. I reached down and hooked my fingers into the top of her button-up blouse. Tearing it open, buttons popping off and scattering about the bed, I exposed her massive tits jiggling inside her bra. She gasped as I did it, excited by my aggression and raw animal lust. I mauled her tits with my hands. “These are some nice tits. I could tell when I saw your tits that you’d be a hot little slut.” Her flesh spilled out of her bra as I manhandled the soft, white orbs. She groaned underneath me. “You like it, don’t you bitch?”

“Mmmmmm.” Sarah resisted for a moment, playing her part. I squeezed her breasts a little harder, roughly pinching her nipples between my fingers. She gasped and writhed underneath me. I pinned her down, my wet cock pressing against her soggy panties. She moaned in delight, finally relenting, “yes, I like it.” Her voice was meek and submissive, I felt like I had her broken. I continued to mash her tits with my hands, leaving red fingermarks as I did. My own hormones were growing out of control, I felt a feral aggression build up inside me.

“That’s a good little bitch. I think I might take you again soon.” Sarah writhed underneath me and tried to close her legs. We struggled for a while; I kept her tight against the bed so her movements were limited. I became more aggressive, allowing her struggles to fuel my lust. She clamped her legs together and I slid my hand around her. I grabbed one cheek and sunk my fingers into it ruthlessly. She gasped from pleasure and a slight twinge of pain. Her heart was pounding with excitement, she stopped struggling for a moment and I leaned in to whisper in her ear. “You don’t let me in your pussy, I’m just going to have to find some other way to fuck you.” I slipped one finger between her cheeks as I did it, barely brushing against her twitching hole. She understood immediately.

“I’m sorry. Please, I’ll let you fuck me.” Her voice was truly broken this time, almost quivering with the excitement of the fantasy. She spread her legs obediently and I pulled her sopping panties aside. Pinning her down with my body, I slid my cock back into her cum-soaked pussy. She cried out as I speared into her, clenching hard around me and squeezing out my cum. It dripped down my balls and over her ass. Our bodies slid together with slick ease, my cock was again churning in her tight, silky box. She moaned with deep satisfaction, wrapping her legs around my body. Her movements tightened her insides further, I pushed in and out in a gooey mixture of my own cum and her arousal.

“There, that’s it. You know you like it. I could tell when I saw you, you’re a fucking whore.” I pumped my cock in her as I grunted my words in her ear with a breathy cadence. I was sweating against her body, slowly rocking myself inside her and taking my pleasure. I pushed all the way in, holding myself in her heat for a moment before resuming my pace. “You just love it when a man takes what he wants. You want to have it taken without permission, don’tcha slut?”

“Oh fuck yes. Take what you want.” She moaned her words out as I fucked her steadily. Her body jiggled with sexual grace, she was totally lost in the moment.

“You’re a little whore aren’t you?” I slammed hard into her to emphasize the point.

“Yes,” her voice was almost a scream.

“Say it bitch.” I slammed my cock all the way in again. “Say you’re a little fucking whore.” Again I bottomed out to make my point.

“I’M A LITTLE FUCKING WHORE!!!” She bellowed with power, exhaling as I slammed into her with increased force. Her pussy was squishing loudly as I worked my cock like a piston. She opened her legs wide with her declaration, inviting me to slam her with abandon. I took my cue and started to fuck her hard, she writhed under me in response, trying to angle her pussy to take more. I could feel the cum and pussy juice all over her ass cheeks, I reached under and started to spread it around on her ass. I pumped my cock harder and harder, trying to bring her off. She screamed as my fingers dug deep into her cheek, I felt her pussy convulse in release. I kept pounding, not wanting to spare her a moment of ecstasy. She screamed as I kept up my assault, mauling her ass with one hand while the other manhandled her breasts.

“Fuck me!!! Fuck me hard!” She was well beyond pretending to resist. I smacked against her body with each stroke, digging my fingers into her lush body with crazed need. I was leaving marks behind, but I was lost in the moment. She cried with passion and delight as my fingers left bruises on her butt, I was taking her like property now, claiming her as mine. I leaned in and kissed her forcefully, she submitted and let me suck and bite on her lips. Our bodies slammed together in manic passion, I felt my balls tighten up and I buried my cock all the way into her quivering pussy.

“Here’s another load for you ya fucking slut!” I grunted like an animal in her ear. I felt my cock swell and explode, the feeling of my cum spreading through her pussy set her off. We cried out together and rocked in a long and powerful spasm. I pumped hard, feeling my cum spread around my hard shaft as my second orgasm ripped through my body. She shook wildly, her ass clenching up in my hand as she spent her last in one magnificent explosion. I collapsed on her, caressing her skin with my finger tips. She sighed and wrapped her arms around me, touching my back with tender, loving grace.

We lay together, shaky and exhausted. I kissed her softly as I stared into her eyes. Neither of us really had the breath for words.

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