My Pretty Little Slaves — Chaper 3

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My Pretty Little Slaves – Chapter 3 – Tiffani’s Training and a Big Surprise

Characters Introduced:
Jamal, 28 6’8 Security Guard

Saleswomen at Men’s Suit Store
Hanna, 18 5’3 Blond Hair with hazel eyes 36c
Missy, 19 5’4 Brown Hair with brown eyes 34d
Rebecca, 18 5’2 Red Hair with blue eyes 36d
Michelle, 21 5’5 Dirty Blond with light blue eyes 32c

Becky has gone over the training regiment what is expected of Tiffani. They then go into the Bathroom to shave Tiffani’s pussy and her armpits. After they are finished Becky and Tiffani go soak in the tub. Becky tells Tiffani, “Tiffani, I do not wish to do that again. Something just snapped in me when you disapproved of my relationship with Ben. I love him Mom. It is not puppy love, it is true love. I know he cares for me, we do more than just sit around and have sex. He takes me places, we go out and I feel like a beautiful woman in the arms of a handsome caring man. Don’t get me wrong, the sex with him is amazing. It took me sometime to get use to his size, he hits all buttons with each stroke. I love you to mom and I know when you get use to our life. It seems so natural. Ben told me he would take care of you no matter if you decided to be his slave or not. I wanted so bad to share this with you and for you to experience Ben’s love also”.

Tiffani “I have never been comfortable with exposing my body with others, Becky, I never got naked with your father until I was in bed. That took me by surprise yesterday and then your tattoos and piercings it was a lot to absorb in one moment. Then I saw Ben’s oversized penis I was shocked. That is not a normal size cock for a white or black man. That thing is huge, and the BIG FELLA tattoo on his cock. It was just a lot to take in. I know you snapped, I know I hurt you last night Becky and I am sorry. Just give me some time to absorb all this”

They kiss as mother and daughter first and then it becomes a little more passionate. The start kissing like lovers. “That was nice, Tiffani” Becky says after they break. “There are many pleasures that we will discover here in this house”.

Ben arrives at the door to the bathroom and watches his slaves kiss. “Can I join you to?”.

Becky “Yes, Master!, come get in with us lover”

Ben gets in after handing Tiffani and Becky a cup coffee.

Tiffani “mmm, Good coffee, just how I like it. Little cream and sugar, you told him that didn’t you Mistress”. “Yes”

They finish their morning coffee and Ben reaches for Becky and they start to make out in the tub. Ben tells her that he loves her and caresses her breast then her ass.

Ben “Tiffani, I have made an appointment with my Doctor to give you a HIV/STD test and examine you. I have also called Gerald and told him you will not be in for a couple of weeks, he understands my reasons. Being truthful with you, I told Becky this already, I am paying your salary at Gerald’s company and all your expenses. Have been since the start. Your resume was OK according to Gerald but when I saw Becky on the web cam, I told him you had the job. She looked like an angel on the web cam. Then when I saw her in person, my heart dropped. I have had many slaves and lovers in my fourteen years of sexual activity. She is the only person that made my heart throb. My jaw dropped when she walked into the executive suite. The next day or so I did everything I could to seduce her and to love her. The first time we made love it was as special for me as I know it was to her. That is when she first told me she loved me. I could have sworn that I heard fireworks going off. I was on cloud nine. I love her completely, she is my slave as are you now. I take care of my slaves, you will want for nothing while you are with me. If after your training you want to leave, so be it, there are rules for that but that is for another time. There are several types of slaves: Bed Slaves, the ones that share my bed; Breeders, the ones that I have sex with and are expected to give birth to my children; fuck slaves, they are good for whore houses and to be used “I do not like these types of slaves, I do not use women like that some masters do”; there are house slaves that I my or may not allow my friends to have sex with. Tiffani if I do allow friends to have sex with one of my slaves they have to have a one or two day old STD/HIV negative certificate. Most of the time they use rubbers, especially with anal sex. There are never any dry fucks here. When the slave tells them no or no more then that is it. They all know the consequences of disobedience. I hope you never have to see that. My plan for you is for you to be a breeder slave. You are beautiful like Becky and would love to have children with you if you are willing. You do not have to make your decision until after your training. When you get your test results back today stating you are clean I will make love to you with Becky present. I will first have sex with you in your pussy and then in your ass and finally oral. You will sleep with me and Becky in our bed until your training is complete and then you will have your own room. You will then decide whether or not you want to go back to work. I hope you will. Your salary is yours although you will not have many expenses that I will not pay for. If you decide to go back to work I will provide you with transportation. How does this sound Tiffani?”.

Tiffani “Master, that will be fine with me. I do not have HIV or any STD’s, sadly I have not had sex since my husband died. It was never a big thing for me, he liked it but I never had an orgasm like you gave Becky last night. I want one like that”.

Becky “You will have plenty of those from now on. I am sure you are going to fall in love with Ben just like I did and I do love him”

Ben “Lets finish up in here and lets go out for breakfast and then go to the doctor’s office”. Tiffani comes over to Ben and kisses him passionately for a couple of minutes. “I know you will be a good son in law, Becky sure loves you”. Ben relies “I hope you will come to love me as much as Becky”.

Tiffani goes to the bedroom with her clothes and gets dressed. Ben starts talking to Becky.

Ben “I am glad that Tiffani decide to join us. I am a little disappointed in how you did it. That is not how I want my slaves to join me. I want them to come to me willingly on their own accord. Not by being whipped half to death. Not beaten until they bleed, Becky. I hate seeing women treated like that. I let you do that with your mother. I knew that her acceptance of us and our lifestyle was important to you but I prefer you had not done it that why. You are never to beat a woman like that again, do I make myself perfectly clear?”.

Becky “Yes, Master, I am sorry I got carried away. I was just so mad at her for not accepting me and my choices and treating me like a little baby, as usual, and not like a woman”. She starts to cry and Ben comforts her in his strong arms. Tiffani walks in and sees them. “Becky, mmm Mistress Becky, why are you crying?”

Ben “I scalded her for beating you last night. That was not how I treat women and told her to never to do it again with a new slave. I want my slave to come to me willingly on their own accord not being whipped threaten to be homeless. Tiffani, if you had not chosen to be my slave I would have cared for you just like I love and care for your daughter. My preference is that you were willingly my slave”

“Master, it is my choice to be your slave. After seeing for a brief time how you treated Becky, I knew why she trusted you. I do want to be your slave and for you to make love to me. I am not so sure about the anal sex to be truthful” Tiffani states and then drops to her knees and takes Ben’s cock into her hands and gives the head a kiss and then licks and strokes the shaft until he is hard. She jacks him, when he starts to cum she puts the tip in her lips and starts to drink his cum as much and as fast as she can. Some of hit drips on to her clothes, she chokes and a couple of ropes hit her chest. “mmm, that tasted good, Master, long time since I tasted cum. I need to clean up and change”

“So do we” Ben relies Tiffani kisses them both and tells Becky to cheer up she forgives her for the treatment she gave her.

Ben has an impressive wardrobe, the finest suits from all over the world. Ben has traveled the world he has been to Paris, Milan, Rome, Tokyo, Hong Kong, London and many of the Caribbean islands. He has traveled with various slaves, but he desires to travel them now with his future wife and love of his life. He is going to tell that to her on their honeymoon in Hawaii.

They all dress and Ben goes to Tiffani’s room and looks at her closet. She has only the clothes that he bought her for her company training. He tells her that he went through her clothes, they are at the other house she thought she was going to move into, they are not going to work for him. She needs to dress better if she is going to be his slave. Becky comes into the room.

Ben “Becky, we are going to have to take your mother shopping for clothes. There are a couple of designer stores here we can look at what they offer. I think we should go to Atlanta and then to New York and then to Rodeo Drive to the designer shops. What do you think about of a couple days shopping and buying you ladies the finest of outfits? I want you to look like princesses when we are out on the town”.

Becky “I do not think you are going to get any complaints from us”.

Tiffani “I don’t know, Master you already spent too much money on me. I don’t know about Becky, she seems to be in heaven. I have never been able to do that. You do not have to spend money on me for me to be your willing slave”.

Ben “Don’t worry about the money. I have it and want to spend it on two very beautiful ladies. Let me go talk to my travel agent and have her book us a week in New York at the Waldorf Astoria and then a week at the Beverly Willshire Hotel and 3 days in Atlanta. We will take a limo from there to our house.
How does that sound?”

They both say that sounds good.

Ben “OK, I will call my pilot and tell him to have my jet ready to take off tomorrow.”

Becky “You have your own jet airplane?”.

Ben “Yeah, it is a small 10 seat plane for local travel. When I travel overseas I take commercial flights out of Atlanta. I only go first class”.

Becky “Of course, there is no other way to go!”.

They all laugh, the ladies after never done anything in their lives first class. They have always struggled.

The get into Ben’s Expedition and head to the Dr. Reynolds office.

Ben “Good afternoon Doctor!”

Dr. “Hello Ben, Becky and who might this lovely creature be? Becky’s beautiful sister?”.

Tiffani “I am Tiffani, Becky’s mother, Ben’s new slave and soon to be Mother-in-law”.

Ben “Doc, I need for you to give Tiffani an HIV/STD test and run it fast for me.”

Dr. “OK, I can have it back for you in an hour, I will have Amber draw her blood and I will do her test.” Doctor leaves and calls Amber over to draw blood for the test. Amber knocks on the door and enters the room. Upon seeing Ben she kneels before him and says “Master, it is great to see you again, Mistress too.”

Ben “Hi, Amber, this is Tiffani Becky’s mother. She is going to be my new slave if her test come back clean which I am sure they will”.

Amber “Nice to meet you, Tiffani. Master is a wonderful person and great lover. Very tender and compassionate. I love him dearly, although he does not make love to me enough anymore”. Amber draws the blood and puts it on the counter after labeling it.

Ben “Amber come over here, please. Becky is it OK if have sex with Amber quickly?”.

Amber “Please, Please, Please. I need him bad. I am sooooo horny especially since the last time I saw you too.”

Becky “OK, I don’t know about a quickie. But knock your self out” Amber strips in no time flat. She then takes her Master’s pants off and pulls out his cock.

Amber “mmmm, Big Fella, Nice Tattoo, Master, very appropriate” she starts to suck his cock to get him hard.

Ben “UGH, it was Becky’s idea when she got her tattoos done, UGHHHHHHHHH”.

Tiffani Escort Ankara “You ask for Becky’s permission to have sex with other women, Master?”

Ben “Outside the house it is her decision whether or not I can have sex with one of my slaves. It is out of respect for her. UGHHHHHHHHH, She is my woman and I love her and respect her.”

Ben is hard now and takes Amber to the examination table and starts to fuck Amber.

Amber “Mistress, will you let me go down on you while, UGHHHHHHHHH, Master pounds my pussy to orgasm?”
Becky “Sure”. She takes off her thong and straddles Amber’s face. Amber is quite good and eating pussy just like she is an expert cocksucker. Both Amber and Becky have multiple orgasms. Doctor comes back into get the blood sample and looks at the three of them go at it.

Doctor “Amber has been needing to get laid for a long time, she was very horny. Tiffani you will have to get use to this scene, it happens a lot in Ben’s life”.

When the doctor comes back with the results and tells Ben that Tiffani is clean gives Tiffani the certificate.

Ben “Thank You”. He then shoots his load into Amber’s awaiting womb.

Becky cleans off her Master’s cock. “Amber, you taste sweet like cherries” Amber tells her where to get the douches and looks at Tiffani “You want to try some?”. “Go ahead, Tiffani she won’t bite” Becky tells her.

Tiffani does and likes the taste of Amber’s pussy. “You are going to be doing that to me a lot, Tiffani” Becky says. Tiffani is licking and sucking on Amber’s pussy going up onside, circling her clit with her tongue and then down the other side. She spreads Amber’s lips and starts to push her tongue deep inside her pussy, slurping and sucking. Tiffani continues to eat Amber’s pussy until she cums into her mouth. “You do taste good Amber!”

They all get their dressed and the doctor comes back in a tells Ben the test was negative.

“That is great.” Ben says looking at Tiffani. She knows when they get back to the house she is going to be servicing Ben.

The leave all giving Amber a kiss on the lips. In the car Ben tells them they are going to the mall to look at what they have at the designer store. The enter the mall and he escorts them to the designer store where they put on a fashion show for Ben. He buys what they like and a couple of outfits he likes. He tells them they have one more stop before heading back to the house. He heads towards the jewelry store that he got Becky’s ring and assorted jewelry for her piercing. They walk up to the store and go in and see Janet, the lady that help them before. Before she could make it over another salesperson came over.

Ben “Is Janet here, She helped me the last time”. “Sure I will get her for you” was the response.

Janet “Good to see you two again how may I help you today?”.

Ben “We need a set of the jewelry that I got Becky here for her friend can you assemble that for me?”.

Janet “Sure can, I will only be a moment”.

Ben “Look around and see if you like anything?”. Ben noticed something the last time but wanted to wait until Becky finished her training before getting it for her.

Ben takes Janet to the side and tells her what he wants to see around Becky’s neck. He sees another necklace that would look great on Tiffani. He asks for both.

Becky’s Necklace is a platinum chain with diamonds, rubies, and emeralds on top that looks like it would plunge down her cleavage. Tiffani’s is a little simpler gold chain with diamonds on it. Ben looks and sees there are matching bracelets for each and asks for them also.

Ben tells his ladies to come over and try on a few things for him. He precedes to put Becky’s necklace and bracelets on her and then Tiffani. Becky starts to scream and cry.

Becky “Ben this is too much, way to much for either of us. Don’t you agree Tiffani?”.

Tiffani “Way too much, we don’t need this”.

Ben “That settles it, We will take it all. I think the ladies will wear the jewelry out. I doubt we will have any luck taking it off of them.”

Becky comes up to and wraps her hands around his shoulders and he leans down and she kisses him open mouth, she sucks his bottom lip as they break away. She say “I love you, you should not have bought this. You are way to sweet and generous”.

Tiffani then approaches Ben and gives him a kiss on his lips full and deep. She whispers in his ear, “You better take your vitamins today, because you are going to have a hard time walking tomorrow”.

Janet rings up all their purchases and tells Ben “It is $115,795.99” He pulls out his card that comes right out his bank account. The manager comes over and offers Ben ruby earrings and diamond earrings for each set and thanks Ben for his business. Janet thinks to herself “I just made about seven thousand in commission on that one sale”.

Janet gives Ben another card in front of her manager, “Give me a call whenever you need anything else!”.

Manger “Let me arrange for security guards to escort you around the mall and to your car, sir”.
He calls his security guard over. He is a large man like Ben, about 6’8 broad shoulders and he looks to be very strong. “Jamal, please escort this gentleman and his lovely ladies around the mall and to there car, you do not need to be in a hurry”.

They leave, Becky remembers the stores name where Amber got the cherry tasting douche. She tells Ben and they head that way. Becky and Tiffani enter the store with Ben and Jamal standing guard. Becky has the card that Ben gave her. They see the product and get several cherry flavored ones, they buy a couple of the other flavors also. The look around the store and pick out a few things and make their purchases at the register. They all leave by escorted by Jamal. The get to the car and Ben opens the door for Becky and then Tiffani. He walks around the car and stops behind it and talks to Jamal.

Ben “Jamal are you employed by the jewelry store or by another security company?”.

Jamal “Another security company, Elite Security, why do you ask?”.

Ben “I am taking the ladies on a shopping spree tomorrow for a couple of weeks in New York, Rodeo Drive and Atlanta, I was wondering if I could request your service as security guard?”.

Jamal “Sure, this is the number” he writes the number on a piece of paper, “I doubt they would mind at the store they will just send another person over”.
Ben “This is 24 by 7 support, what do you get an hour at the jewelry store”

Jamal “$19.00/hr because I have a carry permit” He taps his hip.

Ben “OK, I will call them right now and see if I can arrange it with your company”. Ben calls the company and tells them he wants to hire Jamal for 3 weeks and asks him how much would it be. He says he will be starting tomorrow at 6 am going to New York, Los Angles and Atlanta.” All expenses paid. “Jamal, your company says it is $6,000 per week, I will get you a hotel room in each of the hotels we stay in. All your meals are paid for and I will give you $1000 per week for spending money if you see anything you like while we are shopping. If everything goes successfully, I will pay you $6,000 when we get back to my house. I will send my driver to pick you up at 6 am, what is your home address?” Jamal gives it too him.

Jamal “Thank you sir, you and your girlfriends will be well protected”.

Ben “See you tomorrow, Jamal”.

While Ben and Jamal were talking Tiffani says to Becky “Did you see that bulge in his pants? His crotch looked like it was expanding every time we moved around”

Becky “Yes, I noticed his crotch!”.

Tiffani “I was wondering if he has a huge cock like our Masters?”.

Becky “I doubt it, it seemed to be well above average. I was somewhere with Ben and I saw plenty of black cocks, they were all over 10 inches long and about 3 to 4 inches around. Our Masters cock dwarfs all those cocks”.

Ben gets into the car and both girls giggle. Ben asks “What is going on?”.

Becky “Tiffani was wondering about the size of Jamal’s cock?”

Ben gets out of the car and calls Jamal over, “Do you want to make a quick $100?”. “Sure, what do I have to do?”. Nothing difficult, the girls would like to see you cock” “You don’t have to pay me for that” Jamal and Ben go to the drivers side door and tells Tiffani and Becky to look at this.

Jamal takes his cock out and shows it to both. It looks to be about 11” long and 4” wide and is fully erect. “Nice cock” the girls say. Jamal thanks them and tells them he will see them tomorrow.

Ben gets back in the car. Becky “Is he coming with us on the shopping trip as security guard?”

Ben “Yes.”

Tiffani asks Ben “That was only my second black cock I have ever seen, Is that an anomaly that you two have large cocks? All black men do not have huge black cocks do they?”

Ben “I don’t know about all black guys, but all my friends that I have over for parties all have at least a ten inch cock. I imagine they come in all sizes. Mine is the biggest anybody has ever seen. Even the doctor says I am the largest he has ever seen. He says an extremely large cock would be 13” or 14”. The is 12” long himself, he is a regular at my parties. He does all my HIV/STD testing, anybody that is invited to my party must be tested before having sex with one of my slaves. Whether or not they use a condom”.

Becky “I need to go to the adult bookstore to get something for Tiffani OK?”.

Ben “Let’s go”. They arrive and Becky says she will just run in and get the stuff.

Becky picks out a couple of large dildoes, several butt plugs one of which is identical to the one she is wearing right now. For Ben she gets a couple cock rings that measure 5 1/2” that the store ordered for her specifically. She pays for them and the owner tells Becky “Thank You, Nice to see you again Miss Becky”

Tiffani ask Ben “How can she shop in that store don’t you have to be over eighteen?”.

Ben “Yes you need to be over eighteen but she has been in there a number of times with me and I know the owner”.

Becky gets back in the car and Tiffani asks “Did you get everything?”. “Yes”

The go to the same restaurant that Ben took Becky the first day for lunch.

Becky tells Tiffani that and says the food is really good.

The arrive home and disrobe immediately after getting entering the house. They go to their bedrooms and put away their clothes and take off their jewelry.

Becky has the cock ring in her hand and gives it to Tiffani.

Tiffani sees Ben standing by the bed facing it and gets behind him. She taps him on his shoulder and drops to her knees. She slips the cock ring on the BIG FELLA and starts to suck his cock. She has difficulty getting it down her throat an finally does. Pushing it all the way down her long throat. When he is rock hard Ben feels the cock ring pressing at the base of his cock. Tiffani then pushes Ben on to the bed and straddles him.

Tiffani then lines up Ben’s cock to her pussy and pushes it in slowly stretching her pussy lips apart. She bounces up and down taking more and more into her pussy with every stroke. When she bottoms out at ten inches with the cock hitting her cervix, she begins to thrust up and down faster and faster until he climaxes. It takes him a long time before he can release his seed into her womb. She does not let him penetrate her womb. She makes him hard again and tells him to mount her.

Tiffani “Master, Do not penetrate my womb please. I have thrown out my birth control pills. I am going to get pregnant eventually. I want to get pregnant with you and give you as many babies as you want. I want to be a breeder slave for my Master. I want to fill your house with as many babies as I can possibly produce.”

Ben “I will take you as my breeder slave, Tiffani. This is not my house, it is OUR house. The three of ours”.
Tiffani “Thank You Master, please make love to me”

They have sex until 3 am. Ben wakes a sleeping Becky and tells everybody to get ready and get packed for our trip. They do. Ben gets a couple of tubes of lube for the girls and his pills. Packs his shaving and personal grooming items and puts Ankara Escort it all in a bag. He then picks out 8 suits for the trip.

After eating a small meal the car arrives and head out to the regional airport with Jamal in the car. The arrive at the airport in front of Ben’s jet. The driver and Jamal load the suitcases into the luggage compartment. The ladies follow Ben into the plane and they walk around inside. The ask what is in the back and Ben shows them a bedroom with a large bed. Tiffani say “We are going to make use of this!” Ben and Becky smile at that. Ben shows them the bar area and the galley then he introduces them to the stewardess. “Sheila, I would like to introduce you to my fiance Becky and her mother Tiffani”. Sheila responds “Nice to meet you two, and congratulations on your upcoming wedding”. Ben introduces them to the pilots.

The are all seated and Jamal enters the plane. “All the luggage is stored underneath the plane, sir. Anything else you need me to do?”.

Ben “No thank you, Jamal”. “Sheila, the the captain we are ready to take off”. The captain tells Ben that they should be at Teterboro Airport in approximately two and a half hours. Sheila asks what do they want to drink. Ben tells her champagne for all.

Jamal “Not for me sir, I am on duty. I do not drink on duty sir. I will have a diet soda”

Ben “Sorry about that, Jamal”. He thinks to himself he passes the alcohol test. Trip to LA he will test his discretion while he has Becky give him a blowjob in front of him. Half hour out from the airport the captain tells Ben that they are on final approach to the Teterboro and that the limo is waiting for them.

Ben “Very good, Captain”. “Sheila, Where is the crew staying?”. She hand him the information on the location and all their cell phone numbers. Ben reminds himself to keep her number. She is a very attractive red headed lady about 6′ with green eyes and what appear to be at least “D” cup breast.

The plane arrives at the airport, the luggage is loaded into the back of the huge Hummer limousine. It is black with dark tented windows. Ben has rented it all week. They drive to the Waldorf Astoria hotel and the bell boy takes their luggage. Ben gets out of the limousine and holds his hand out for each of his ladies. They walk into the hotel like they own the place. They go to the front desk and the manager welcomes them.

Manager “Welcome back to the Waldorf Astoria, Mr. Barnes. I have your usual penthouse suite ready for you and your guest and a suite for your bodyguard.”

Ben “Thank you, will you make sure my bodyguard Jamal has unfettered access my suite level?”. “Yes, sir!”. “My limousine also needs to park in your garage when we are not using it”. “Of course, sir” “We will be shopping at all the finest designer dress stores in town. And of course a few men store as well. Can you send me a list upstairs and arrange for a private showing at two of them per day starting tomorrow. I want to go to the best one today and then to Harry Winston and Tiffani’s after”. “Very good sir I will make the arrangements personally and make sure they know you are a very special guest here at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel”

They go up and unpack, shower together and fool around a little until the phone rings. Ben answers it “Sir, I have arranged for you to have a private showing at the finest designer dress store for today. I am working on the rest of the week. Your appointment is in two hours and it should last about three hours. They said anything that you see can be delivered to your residence at no additional cost. I have given them your address for reference sir. I have also informed Tiffani’s and Harry Winston that you will be arriving today.” “Thank you very much” Ben replies.

We have an appointment in two hours, how about some oral sex before. Tiffani runs over to Ben and literally tackles him unto the bed. She dives onto his cock and starts going to town.

Ben “Damn, Becky I was wondering if she would get use to our lifestyle a couple of days ago, come over here and sit on my face and let me eat that sweet pussy of yours”

Becky “Let me phone Jamal and tell them to meet us at the limo in 90 minutes” She does and then straddles Ben’s face he makes her climax 4 times before he cums down Tiffani’s throat. He then tells Tiffani “Turn around is fair play” she get on the bed and he sucks her pussy until she climaxes.

Ben “mmmm, I love sweet tasting pussy.”

Tiffani “Yeah, you like pounding pussy too. We will have to wait for that”

They get cleaned up and dressed again and head to the front and get into the limo for the ride to the first of three destinations. They arrive about 10 minutes early and are shown to their private. They sit down and the manager hands each of them a piece paper with a list of numbers beside the name of the designer the style of dress. “Please put your dress size on the top of the page and circle the ones you like and I will do the rest” he says. The manager is a little mousey man probably French according to Ben. The models come out one by one with all the dresses that are on the sheets of paper. The ladies circle the ones they like. Ben states “Circle all the ones you like, there are no prices associated with any of them so do not worry” The manager serves them the finest wine as they procession of models seems endless. They circle the ones they like. Ben tells the manager “Can you line these dresses up for us so we can look at them again”. “Yes sir, one moment please” After about 15 minutes they are shown the dresses and he point out who picked out which one. Several of the designs are picked by both women and and a couple are only picked by Ben. Those are the really sexy ones. They cross off a few of them after seeing them for the second time. Ben then hands the lists to the manager. With his list he tells the manager he wants the dresses in both sizes, Tiffani’s list he wants in her size and a maternity size. He has bought over 40 dresses for the ladies. The manger hands Ben the price quote and he gives him his bank card. Girls ask how much it was. His reply was simple “a couple thousand”. It was a lot of money.
He signs the receipt and tells the manager to ship to his home address. The manager confirms the address in Alabama. Manager gives Ben his card and tells the ladies he can get any dress they see in any magazine. “Feel free to call on me anytime, Sir and thank you for your business” the manager states. After they leave he calls the manager of the Waldorf Astoria and tells him he is sending over a grand for him. He then calls to have three gift baskets sent over to the Waldorf Astoria for Ben and the ladies. His commission is $10,000 on the sale so the dresses.

In the limousine Becky asks Ben a question “Do you think those models are prettier then me?”.

Ben “Are you kidding, You are much prettier than any of those models and far more sexy”

Tiffani smiles and Becky says “Good Answer! Ben”.

The then arrive at Tiffani’s Jewelry Store. Although they both have heard of the store they never thought they would fine themselves shopping in the store. They look around see a long of nice expensive looking pieces and Ben watches them as they look after they have circled the store. Ben asks “Did you find anything you like ladies?”. They say yes but it is too much they do not need the jewelry.
Hah is Ben’s reply. He goes around the store and picks out what they liked and he likes. They each try the jewels on and Ben likes how they look on them.

Becky I think I am going to get our wedding bands here. Pick a nice one out for me. A person measures his fingers. He looks at rings for himself and pick three out. Becky shows him what she likes it is simple but elegant. She asks “Can the inside be inscribed with something?” “Yes, ma’am”

Becky tells the salesperson to inscribe it with “With all my heart, Big Fella”. Becky and Tiffani giggle at that. Ben tells the salesperson to inscribe hers with “With all my heart, My Darling Angel. He then looks at the salesperson and she produces a necklace with an angel covered with large diamonds and Ben puts it around Becky’s neck, “I had this especially made for you sweetheart, I love you with all my heart” the ladies working at the store start to cry. They leave the store with their purchases except for the wedding bands that will be shipped to their house.

They then go to Harry Winston jewelry store. The ladies pick out a few more items and see a couple of nice rings for Ben. The get them and head to dinner at the Palm Restaurant. The manager made reservations for them at 8. They are a half hour early they sit and have drinks. The ladies turn all the heads in the restaurant. They are decked out with jewels and nice dresses that show their figures. While they have their drinks they discuss what they are going to do the next couple of nights in NYC. They decide to go to see a play and of course every lady wants to go to the top of the empire state building with their man. Most of the time they want to spend at the hotel and do what they do best. FUCK LIKE RABBITS. The eat their fine meal, Jamal stands guard by the bar. He refuses to eat while he is on duty he will pick something at the hotel. They eat their really good meal. And see several celebrities the know from television, a couple of football stars and a well know doctor from ER is there.

The go back to the hotel and say goodnight to Jamal telling him his is free for the night. They go to the penthouse suite and the girls go out on the balcony and admire the scene. They return and see three gift baskets from the dress shop. “That was nice of the shop” Becky states taking inventory of the sweets. The disrobe and Tiffani asks Ben “Do you think you can fuck my pussy ten times before we have to leave in the morning?”. “I don’t know but I am willing to try. You need this!” He produces a ball gag for her mouth. “That goes in your mouth to gag you, we can’t have you waking up all of New York City can we?”. Becky laughs “You are quite vocal in your love making, Tiffani” “Master is excellent at making love and pounding my pussy and ass”

Tiffani takes the pad out of the desk and writes Faster, HARDER, NOT SO DEEP, JACKHAMMER on four different sheets. Becky and Tiffani strip. Ben has taken his pills and 2 little blue pills and is rock hard, he tells Tiffani to get in the doggie position and she does. He sucks her pussy from behind until she is well lubricated. He then slides his cock into her until he hits her cervix. Tiffani reminds him not to enter her womb. And Ben start to pound slower then faster. Ben sees the harder note and then complies, sees the not so deep and eases back, then the faster sign. He then cums. He is still rock hard and will be for a long time. Tiffani uses her pussy muscles to milk his cock. He fucks her again knowing he can only put 11” inside of her and jackhammers her while she squeezes her muscles around his cock. He only last 20 minutes. He does it again and last fifteen minutes. “three down” Ben proclaims. He continues to pound her, Becky watches and sees Tiffani pussy being stretched wishing it was her pussy getting pounded. He continues his assault on her pussy and he cums 6 more times in four hours, he tells Tiffani to ride him to the last one and she does. She watches Ben’s “BIG FELLA” push her pussy to the limits as she rides him. The last one last 45 minutes until they climax together. Becky counted 25 climaxes for Tiffani and tells her before she passes out. Becky clean her “Master’s Cock” and gets him hard for one last time. She gets on top and pushes all 16” into her womb and tells Ben “I love you Ben, I think Tiffani would say she loves you too if she was not passed out”. They kiss and make out for a few minutes and then go to sleep. They awake the next morning, Ben is hard and Becky rides him until he climaxes in her womb. “I love waking up to a beautiful woman on my BIG FELLA” Ben states.

Becky “Did you like that as an inscription on the wedding band?”.

Ben “Nobody will know the true meaning of that unless they see my tattoo!”

Becky “You will have to be a slave or slave-in-training to see that right!”

Ben “Yes ma’am!”

Becky Ankara Escort Bayan gets off Ben’s cock and then goes to the bathroom. Ben is laying on his back and feels something around his cock. It is Tiffani’s mouth sucking the life back into “BIG FELLA” after about 5 minutes of sucking “BIG FELLA” is ready to be ridden again. This time Tiffani gives Ben his morning blowjob.
After climaxing he says there is nothing like climaxing twice in the morning.

Becky “Let’s order room service and take a bath in that huge tub”. She picks out what she wants and gets the tub ready. They order room service and tell them to have it ready in an hour. They go soak in the tub washing and caressing each other.

Becky asks Tiffani “Are you happy with your decision on becoming a slave?”.

Tiffani “Yes, Mistress, Master is one hell of a fuck. I hope we don’t ware him out.”

After breakfast they review the itinerary that the manager left them with dinner reservations at the best restaurants in town. “Tiffani, I think we can squeeze your anal training in on Thursday night if that is OK with you”. Ben asks

Tiffani “Master, I will have sex with you anytime, anywhere, and any hole you want. Yes Thursday is fine. I want you to fuck my ass a couple times before then to loosen it up a little. Please, Master”.

Ben “Only if you beg me too, Slave!”. Tiffani runs up and kneels in front of him and begs “Please fuck you slaves ass, Master, please!

Ben rock hard now pulls her over to the couch and starts to ream her ass out. Becky get the large butt plug for Tiffani, “I want her walking around today with my cum in her bowels”. They both giggle at that, after he cums he inserts the plug in her and her anus shrinks around the base keeping everything inside.

Tiffani asks “I wonder if they have a plug for your pussy to keep the sperm in your vagina so that you can become pregnant.
Ben says lets get ready to go. The rest of the week goes as planned shopping, fine dinner and then back to the suite for a couple of hours of fucking. On Thursday they go shopping for Ben’s suits. There is a a very pretty petite girl there and Becky asks her to take Ben’s measurement so that she could have them. They go back to the dressing room and she gets on a step stool and takes his measurements for shirt size, coat size. Now she moves to his pants, waist, length on the outside of the leg. Becky tells her she needs the inseam as well both sides. The girl is naive and does it. She goes up the side the Big Fella is not on and then the other side.

The girl jumps and then says “What do we have here?”. Before anybody can say anything she unzips Ben’s pants and releases the monster. “Holy crap, that is the biggest cock I have ever seen, bigger than those porn stars.” she jumps up with Ben’s cock still in her hand and goes to the curtain. “Missy, Rebecca, Michelle I need your help back here for a minute. She pulls Ben back and covers his cock with her body so they don’t see it right away. They come in and say “What do you need help with?”. She moves away and they all they all curse and tell Ben that is the biggest cock they have ever seen and begin to kiss it, stroke it, and lick it.

Ben tells them that Becky and the other lady out front are his slaves and that he has sex with them every night and sometimes all day. All four say they want to be his slave. He tells them he is not taking on any more slaves but if they give him their numbers he will call them if he has an opening. The all write down their phone numbers, addresses, the even put down there measurements.

Becky says “If you can get a clean HIV/STD test by tomorrow, I am sure he would be more than willing to fuck your brains in for you, we are staying at the Waldorf Astoria if you get it”. We will one girl knows where you can get it done in a New York minute. They all run out the door and yelling to the manager that they are going on break. “Damn, those girls can run. They must really want a piece of my Master, Lover and Fiance” Becky declares. The go back to shopping Ben gets 10 suits and he gets one suit for the manager at the Waldorf Astoria. He has Jamal try on suits, he says they are nice. He talks to the manager of the store and tells him to hold the suits Jamal likes until the middle of next week. He might call him and have them shipped to his home. He pays the manager and by the time the group is ready to leave the four girls come back through the door. They hand Becky the certificates that states they are clean and free of diseases.

Ben ask one of them “How did you get them so fast here in the city?”. “Had to pay the guy $1000.00 to put a rush on it. It was worth it if we get to ride BIG FELLA” the girl states.

Ben “OK, see you tomorrow at 9 pm.”.

They take the suits and put them in the waiting limousine. Tiffani asks “What was that all about?”.

Becky tells her about the one girl taking Ben’s inseam and running the tape measure across his cock. The girl got so excited she pulled down Ben’s zipper and unleashed his cock and then called her coworkers and they all but worshiped his cock. I told them if they could get a clean test done by tomorrow evening that they could have sex with Ben. I did not expect them to run out and leave work and I didn’t think they would be back. Will we see them tomorrow night. Jamal cannot believe Ben’s sexual prowess.

The go to dinner and head back to the hotel. It is Tiffani’s night for her anal training. She goes to the bathroom takes out her butt plug lubricates her self and then brings Ben his pills and two little blue
magic pills. Tiffany lays on the bed with a pillow under her belly propping her as in the air, Becky lubes Ben’s rock hard erection whips off the excess on a towel and then spreads Tiffani’s ass cheeks. Tiffani has a large butt, not bubble but close. He pushes all 16” in her ass with a load moan. Tiffani tells Ben not to stop until he ejaculates ten times. Tiffani puts a towel in her mouth to muffle her screams.
She is getting pounded hard like a jackhammer. Tiffani stops screaming into the towel after Ben has climaxed 4 times. She takes the towel out of her mouth and softly says “Please, Master don’t stop fucking my ass until you cannot cum or get it up. I love that BIG FELLA in my ass. Please !”. Tiffani starts to have multiple orgasms one right after another, when she came down from one another would start. It takes Ben five hours to come six more times.

Tiffani says “Are you still hard, Master”,”yyyeeess”, “Keep fucking me until you cannot get it up anymore”. At this point Becky is asleep on the couch. They fuck until the morning. Becky wakes up and goes into the bedroom and sees they are still fucking. Ben climaxes and then falls out of Tiffani Becky quickly gets her butt plug and inserts it and Tiffani groans. She lets them sleep until 1 pm, she calls down and tells the manager to cancel their appointments for today. She calls Jamal and tells him he has the day off. She hears noise in the background and she know there is a woman in his room. She then calls and request clean sheets. She takes them from the maid and tells her she will change the sheet there are naked people in the bedroom. She had ordered room service and it is delivered at the same time. She eats her meal and looks over to see if the two alright. She then goes into the bathroom and gets into the tub.

At 1, Ben and Tiffani awake. Tiffani says “That was the best sex I have ever had in my entire life, we should do that again!”. Ben and Becky both say “DAMN”. Becky changes the sheets and the get cleaned up and go down to the restaurant in the Waldorf Astoria for a early dinner at three. They then go back upstairs and rest for the rest of the day. Ben calls down and tells the front desk that four girls are coming over and to send them straight up.

Right at nine that night all four girls are knocking on the door. Becky opens the door and lets them in. They see that Tiffani is naked and Becky takes off her robe. They take off there clothes and go to Ben, Becky hands him his pills and 3 little blue pills. He is rock hard from Michelle sucking on his cock. Becky tells the girls that they have to breathe through nose, when the head hits the back of their mouths to swallow until his head pops down their throats. He cums down all four of their throats watching their throats bulging out as it passes up and down in their throats. Ben love that sight. He then tells them to get on all fours and he eats each pussy before pounding them with all he has jackhammer fucking each of them. Each one climaxes at least 4 times each. He then gets the anal lube and puts it on the first one, and on his cock. He does their asses just like he did their pussies. When he thinks he is done. They all ask for more. He fucks each one in their pussy and ass one more time before he is fucked out and falls on the bed. It is 10 in the morning on Saturday. They sleep till 2 and they all take turns in the shower. The girls come to the living room and the all fall to their knees and ask Ben to be their master and for Becky to be their Mistress.

Ben looks at Becky and she says it is alright with her. Ben asks the girls “What about your family and your apartments? They all agreed that Hanna should talk for them. “Fuck our apartments, job and the our families. We know we want to be your slaves-in-training. We will call our families and tell them we all moved to Alabama for a great job opportunity. We will call the store from the your house and tell the manager he can take his job and shove it. We have money enough to buy more clothes down there. We can get a job and buy more. We don’t think we need a whole lot of clothes to wear in the house.”

Ben “OK, you are now my slaves-in-training”.

Lets get downstairs and head to the airport. They call downstairs and have the bell boy get their luggage and call the limousine driver to pull the car around front. They call Jamal and tell him they are leaving in 30 minutes.

They all go downstairs and Ben signs the bill for the two rooms and tells the manager he left something hanging in the room for him. They all pile into the limousine and while the luggage is put in the trunk. They then notice that Jamal is coming to the car with a woman he opens the door and they see it is Sheila and they all smile.

Ben “Seems you two had a fun week together!”. Yes we did is the response

They arrive at the airport and Ben and the women enter the plane. Jamal and the driver load the luggage into the compartment and Ben gives Jamal an envelop to give the driver. Jamal boards the plane and the plane starts to taxi to take off in the air the captain tells Ben that they will arrive in LA in five hours. Ben then takes Becky and Tiffani to the bedroom to sleep. He falls asleep when his head hits the pillow.

Ben awakes when the plane has landed. They get off and get into the limousine that is waiting for them. They drive to the hotel and they go to the suite and they all go to sleep in the same bed. All naked and caressing each other. The next day they start their clothes shopping. Ben buys clothes for his new slaves-in-training. That night Becky goes over the rules. And the girls go into the bathroom to shave their pussies. The all have sex with each other. The continue this for three days until Tiffani gets a call from her sister Renee she talks on the phone and she takes Ben aside and they talk and she tells Renee to take them to O’Hare airport and wait for the tickets. They will have a driver waiting for them in Birmingham airport. Ben calls his travel agent and books 4 first class tickets from O’Hare to Birmingham airport in Renee’s name. He hands Tiffani the phone and she takes down the specifics and then passes the information to Renee.

Tiffani goes into the room and tells Becky that Renee is in some kind of trouble and that she needs us to look after her daughters for three months. She has to go somewhere to work a debt of something off and cannot watch the kids because she needs to be on call 24×7 for the whole time. That Rachel has a letter and will explain everything. Ben is on the phone with his pilot and tells him to get the airplane ready for immediate take off. The hurry and get all the stuff packed, call Jamal and leave for the airport.

They arrive home and the 4 girls are there in the living room …..

More to come in Chapter 4

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