My Pet Ch. 04

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Cathy O’Niel copyright 2006

I found myself pacing the house, furious. You were late. It just wasn’t like you to not call or contact me online if you were going to be late. I vacillated between anger and concern, not knowing where you were or if something had happened.

I hear a car drive up, and I look out the window. It’s you. I slump against the wall, not sure what I am feeling. Relief? Lust? Anger? I shudder from head to toe, thinking of what I would lose if I lost you. You are such a part of my heart, my soul, that it would be unbearable it you were not a part of my life.

You fling open the door and slam it shut. Your face is flushed and your chest is heaving. You quickly kneel at my feet, lowering your head to kiss the top of my foot. Your lips are soft and warm through the thin nylon thigh high stocking.

“I am so sorry, Ma’am. I wanted to surprise you with something and it took longer than I ever dreamed it would,” you blurt out. You gaze up at me with tears shimmering in your eyes.

I hesitate, knowing that this is something we had discussed, that you are never, NEVER, to be late when you visit me. But the look on your face touches me so deep inside. My hand strokes your cheek lovingly, and I feel tears in my own eyes in response to yours.

How had this happened? How had you come to mean so much to me? When did my heart open itself to you so completely? As my fingertips traced along your jawline, I found myself smiling gently. But I knew that discipline had to be maintained, that you would expect it of me as your Mistress. I would administer your punishment before I allowed you to tell me what your surprise was.

I threaded my fingers through your hair, pulling you to me. I lean down and look into your eyes. “You know you must be punished, my pet?” I ask quietly.

Your Bycasino eyes drop, and your shoulders slump forward. I can feel your hurt at my words. I know that when I am displeased with you it wounds your spirit. “Crawl to the bedroom, love,” I command.

You obediently crawl towards the bed on your hands and knees. I watch you, loving the way your cheeks flex and roll as you crawl in front of me. I stand at the side of the bed. “Now, drop your pants below your hips, pet, and bend down, bracing your hands on the bed,” I order in a harsh voice.

You comply. It forces your nice butt out for me, and I slide my hands over your cheeks once. I yank your jockey shorts down with one quick motion, and begin to spank you with my bare hand. Hard, fast slaps, one cheek then the other, alternating between them. Your skin rapidly turns pink, then red as I continue.

I stop briefly, asking, “You WILL NOT be late again, now will you, pet?”

“No, Ma’am,” you whisper.

My hand soothes your burning hot bottom, sliding over it lovingly now. I lean down and press tender kisses over the hot flesh, and feel you shiver all over. “Sit on the bed,” I tell you.

You sit on the bed, wincing as your bottom makes contact with the bedspread. I stand close, and your arms encircle my waist, your head leaning against my side. I feel you take a deep shuddery indrawn breath, your arms clutching at me. I stroke my hand down your back, then up, feeling your need for me like a tangible, living, breathing entity surrounding me.

I stroke the back of your head slowly, the silky strands of your hair soft against my fingertips. “Now, my pet, tell me what you have done for me.”

Your hands wrap around my waist and you push me back slightly. Gripping the bottom of your shirt in your hands, you lift it over your head. A golden Bycasino giriş glint of light flickers briefly. I gasp, and look down at your nipples.

“For you, Ma’am,” you murmur. My fingertip traces a circle around your brown puckered nipple, and I stare mesmerized at the small gold hoop pierced through it. I feel speechless, my heart clenching in my chest at this gesture you have made for me.

It was something we had discussed, but you were afraid, so afraid I had backed off from the idea for a while. For you to do this, on your own, knowing how you felt about it, was a gift of such proportions it took my breath away. You had told me you considered it a totally unmasculine thing, something a wimp would do, not a real man. To mark your male body this way meant more to me than I could ever explain to you, even to myself.

I reverently lean down and kiss that nipple, feeling you flinch as my lips touch it. “Oh, my pet,” I moan in a breathy voice. I clutch your hair with my fingers tightly, and move up and kiss you fiercely. My tongue plunges into your open mouth again and again, dueling with yours.

I straddle your hips, pushing you down on the bed, stripping my nightgown off at the same time. I have a desperate, almost primal need to have you deep inside my body, for it to be a part of mine, NOW. You shove your pants and shorts down and off, and plunge into me in one rough sure thrust. I grunt under the impact as you almost lift me off the bed with the power of it.

It’s a wild, animalistic fuck. Your cockhead slams up into me again and again as I push down, grinding on you. Your hands gripping me so hard, leaving marks on my pale skin. My full, puffy lips separate, and your crisp pubic hair rasps across my throbbing clit. I growl, a deeply feminine sound that reaches inside you, a sound Bycasino deneme bonusu you tell me later you will never forget.

I feel your need to prove something to me, to show me your male superiority somehow. I can only respond, letting you have me this time, meeting your thrusts.

Suddenly you roll us over, and put my calves on your shoulders, driving deeper into me than ever before.

Your hands caress up and down my long legs, and you turn your head and suckle my inner thigh, just above the stocking. I feel a bruise forming under your strong mouth, and your teeth sink into my soft flesh. I gasp. My nails dig into your forearms as I feel my orgasm whispering along my spine.

I raise my head and look into your eyes. There is an expression I have never seen there before; a look of possession, of lust, of need. Your hand drops to squeeze my clit between your fingers, and I unleash such a powerful orgasm it feels like I am shaking apart. Through the roaring in my ears, I somehow manage to mutter one word, “Cum.”

Your hands wrap around my hips, and you pull me onto you tighter, ramming yourself into me. With a guttural groan you begin pumping into me. I can feel each jerk of your hard length as it pumps your creamy essence into me. I clench my body around you as I tremble with aftershocks.

You finally begin to come down from the intense high of your orgasm. Your hips thrust lazily towards me, your hands roaming up and down my body. Pulling out, you move down, suddenly burying your face between my legs. I whimper as your mouth engulfs my throbbing sensitive clit, and you ruthlessly drive me to another crashing orgasm. As I quiver in the aftermath, you tenderly lick my whole pussy, moaning softly. You have told me before how you adore the taste of US, and you eagerly lap up every precious drop.

Collapsing next to me on the bed, we cling to each other, our heartbeats slowing down gradually. I gently kiss your newly pierced nipple, and snuggle into your shoulder.

To be continued

My Pet Part 4 by Cathy O’Niel copyright 2006

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