My Perfect Other Half Ch. 14

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Chapter 14: Utah -Love me for Worse

It didn’t take long for Tyler to figure out what was going on. Destiny was giving him every opportunity to buy an engagement ring without her standing in the way. As soon as she sprang the news of her intention to marry, his decision had already been made. He didn’t need a week. Nevertheless, he promised himself he would think through everything, and not respond emotionally. Pulling the business card from his pocket, he looked around to see who might be able to help. Spotting an older couple seated on one of the vinyl-covered benches, he approached.

“Sir? Ma’am? I don’t have a cell phone. Would you mind if I made a quick call using yours?”

He saw them look at him with warily.

“Here, you can hold this. I’m not going to take your phone. I’m not that kind of a person. I only need to make a five-minute call.” He handed the woman his wad of cash. She smiled.

“Maybe I’ll keep this. You have this old thing,” she answered in jest. Producing a flip phone from her purse she handed it to him.

“You know, you’re the second person in Utah I’ve asked, and both of you had phones that were as old as me.” All three chuckled.

Tyler punched in the number. “Uma?”


Uma fired off a short text. “I thought you’d be interested to know your slave is coming to see me.”

“Thanks. I thought he might,” came the response two hours later.

“Question, I know you guys have a femdom thing going. Mind if I use your slave at a party while he’s here? I promise, no P in V.”

Uma waited an hour without getting a response. She fired off another text “btw, I have one too. Mine is castrated. His mouth is all I need :)”

Destiny replied some while later. “Hmm, call me.”


Tyler arrived a little before lunch. Uma had given him instructions to meet her at her workshop. It was a few miles from the retail location where she and Destiny had done business. The shop was nothing flashy. It was a medium-sized single-story building located in a backyard and dwarfed by an adjacent barn. A frumpy 40ish-year-old man answered Tyler’s knock and invited him in. He wore no clothes. Tyler noticed the diminutive size of his penis.

Looking around, he took in the plain decor. The room where he stood was no bigger than 10 x 10. A well-used sofa and loveseat occupied two walls An old coffee table sat in front of the sofa. Otherwise, the room was empty except for a globed overhead light. Without introduction, Edward handed Tyler a phone. “Mistress Uma told me you need to listen to this voicemail.”

It was a curious first impression he was forming about this guy. Uma and he had more than just a little kink to whatever relationship they had. Tyler punched the right-facing triangle and held the phone to his ear. It was Goddess.

“Tyler, I have learned where you are.” He could tell she spoke while smiling. “You’ve made a good choice by coming here. As to what you will do while with Mistress Uma, all you need to know is that she and I have come to an understanding. I am commanding you to obey her. You are to do what she says. You are not permitted to leave her home until she releases you. There is no need for me to say anything further. I love you, my slave.” The phone went dead.

Tyler handed the phone back. He stood gazing at nothing while thinking through the message. “They talked. Uma must’ve called her. They talked. I need to obey her. Why? Edward must be a slave. Uma must be his mistress.”

Edward stood watching. “You OK? You want to see Mistress Uma?”

“Um, yeah, I would.”

Edward pointed to the door at the far side of the small space. Her workshop is in there. Tyler walked to the door and grasped the handle. Just before opening it, he turned to look at Edward. Like himself, he had his cock pierced but there was something different about him. Besides it being smaller than average, it was somehow tethered tight to the underside of his body. He wondered what the woman on the other side was really like.

“You can remove your clothes and put them on the chair.” Uma looked up from her work and removed the magnifying glasses.

“Are you a mistress?”

Uma smiled. “The clothes, Tyler. First things first.” She placed both elbows on her workbench and clasped her fingers together and waited.

“OK.” It wasn’t like she hadn’t seen his goods already. He stripped and then stood facing her.

“My, my, my, don’t you have a nice looking body. You and your mistress are quite the physical specimens.” She sat staring. Tyler stared back. He wasn’t trying to be obnoxious but he didn’t know where else to look. She was the only one in the room. “So, you’ve come looking for a gift for your lady?”

“Yes, Uma, that is why I am here.”

“Let’s get things straight. In the other room is my slave. His name is Edward. Standing in front of me now is another slave. His name is Tyler. Both Tyler and Edward will respond to the word ‘slave’. That is who these two men are. Also in this room is Mistress. She goes Bakırköy escort by the name Mistress but also responds to the name Mistress Uma. She does not respond when slaves call her by any other name, and does not like a slave asking her questions. Do we have an understanding….. slave?” She asked.

Tyler recognized the haughty, entitled expression. He had seen Goddess look at him, and talk to him, in the same way, hundreds of times. “Yes Mistress, we have an understanding.”

“And I assume you listened to the voicemail?”

“I did.”

“Then we do have an understanding.” Uma’s grin grew. She pointed to the floor beside her chair. “You may kneel.”

Once on his knees, Uma asked him about his ideas, his budget, and if he had any particular thoughts in mind. She learned he had given thought about the ring he would eventually give to Goddess, to his future wife and owner. He wanted it to reflect his love. He wanted the ring to be striking – even extraordinary. He wanted it to be unique. The idea of giving her a traditional diamond held no appeal because he didn’t believe Goddess would value it as much as something showier.

“Goddess has a deep bond with her past. She talks about her parents and where they came from often.”

“And where did they originate?”

“Her dad grew up in Hawaii. I think his parents met when her father’s father was in the military. Her dad is half white and half Polynesian.”

“Beautiful place to be raised,” Uma absently commented. “And her mom?”

“Her mom is beautiful. She’s part Somali and part Ethiopian.”

“No wonder your mistress is so striking. Her exotic look comes from her rich heritage of beautiful people.”

“I agree,” Tyler announced proudly. “Her father is handsome, and I am certain her mother was just as beautiful as Destiny when she was younger. She is still beautiful.”

“Your Goddess has such a unique name. I wonder if I can do anything with that?” Uma said thinking aloud.

Tyler remained on his knees. He watched her jot ideas on a legal pad: Destiny, Hawaiian, Ethiopia/Somali/African, Strong, Elegant, Confident, Powerful, Exotic.

“And what is your heritage, slave?”

“Mostly English. I think I have some Scottish in me.”

Uma wrote the word ‘slave’ and circled it several times. Once more she sat thinking.

Turning to Tyler as if waking from a daydream, she looked directly at him. “Tell Edward to take you inside, and put you to work. I will call you if I need anything more.”

He tried to stand but Uma put a firm hand on his shoulder and stopped him. “When you serve in my house you’ll acknowledge every command by saying the words ‘Yes Mistress’.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Much better, slave. You may go.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Edward showed him a shortlist. It was a list of chores for the day. “Why don’t you start with this one.” Mistress Uma had written, “clean the hearth”

It seemed to be a simple enough task but when Edward told him it meant scrubbing all of the soot off the brick, Tyler realized this was not a ten-minute job. Instead, it turned out to be a job that took most of the day.

Over dinner, and while Uma ate alone at the table while her slaves knelt by her side waiting to be fed, Uma shared her ideas about the design ideas she had been working on. “I think I want to incorporate a precious gem from Destiny’s mother’s lineage and a ring design reflecting your dad’s Polynesian upbringing.”

Tyler loved the idea and insisted she not hold back monetarily but to construct something truly impressive.

“It’s going to be impressive. I have an emerald that I plan on using that is also going to make it impressively expensive. Trust me,” she said grinning. “I’ll do my best to see if that credit card has an unlimited balance.” She watched Tyler smile awkwardly. “But I can tell you she will love it.”

Once finished, she emptied the two plates of food onto the tiled kitchen floor. “Eat slaves.”

Seeing what she had done upset Tyler. He didn’t appreciate being treated like this. Why couldn’t they sit and eat like adults? Why the show of dumping good food onto a trodden floor that wasn’t clean? Why the over-the-top humiliation? He wasn’t liking his choice of a jeweler. She might be talented but she wasn’t at all respectful.

After the boys cleaned up dinner, Uma clapped her hands. Edward dropped his dish towel and hustled into the living area. Tyler followed, sauntering in a few seconds after. Edward was already on his knees The look Tyler got from Uma let him know she was not happy having to wait for his grand entrance.

“When I clap, you get your ass in here pronto, slave!” She pointed to the floor indicating where he was to assume the same position Edward assumed.

I’ll let you boys fight this one out on your own while you finish up your list but I want the two of you to decide where you will be putting your talents to good use. Edward, you know the drill when we have guests – front or back.”

“Yes, Mistress,” he answered.

Uma clapped. Edward escort bayan stood and bowed. Tyler followed his lead. Uma kissed them both before releasing them. She couldn’t wait for the evening events to begin.

“We have to deliver invitations,” Edward said.

“What are they for?”

He handed the cards for him to read. The invitation stated: “You are invited to a dog party on Thursday, 7 PM at M Uma’s. Bring a drink and pet.”

“What’s it about? Your girl into pets?”

“She’s my wife, Tyler. And yeah, she likes animals. That’s why she’s having a party. What’s the big deal?”

“Nothing is the big deal. I’m just asking.” Damn, this guy was a prick.

“As soon as we get these delivered, we can get back to what she really wants. You want front or back?”

“Front or back of what?”

“Front or back?” He asked again. “Just pick one.”

“Damn, dude. You guys always talk in code?”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“These.” He held up an invite and then stuffed it in an envelope. “Front or back?” I mean, you are allowed to speak in full sentences that make sense.”

“If you don’t want to decide, I will.”

“Go for it,” Tyler said somewhat pissed. There weren’t many people in this world he didn’t get along with but this guy was quickly becoming one of them. It wasn’t like they didn’t have time to talk. They spent all afternoon working not twenty feet apart and yet they had hardly even spoken. Ever since they met, Edward had made him feel like he didn’t belong and wasn’t welcome. Maybe it was because he had such a little prick. Maybe there was such a thing as ‘little dick syndrome’. If it hadn’t been for Destiny’s command to stay, he would have been long gone. It didn’t matter that Uma was a skilled jewelry designer.

“You got back.”


“OK, let’s get this done,” Edward said. He tossed Tyler a blanket. It was a poncho.

“This is all we are wearing?” He watched Edward shake his head in disgust.

“Yeah, that’s it. Deal with it. Let’s go.”

There was not a street light to be seen once outside. Uma didn’t live in town. Her house sat alone along a country road that reminded him of the farmhouse where Nya had left him. Tyler followed Edward down the dark lane for at least a mile. Ahead stood a cluster of four houses. They went to one and knocked. Tyler stood a step beyond, ‘Edward the asshole’.

“Is she home?” Edward asked when a tall and very tanned man answered his knock.

“Hang on.”

“Hi, Mistress Eva. Mistress Uma asked me to personally deliver this.”

Tyler took note of the attractive woman. Like Uma, she was in her forties and had a great looking figure. Along with her physical gifts, he immediately noted her confidence with which she handled Edward.

Eva took the card and read it. Glancing up, she took a long and hard stare at Tyler. “Who’s he?”

He’s here while Mistress is making him a ring.”

“How long?”

I’m not sure. Probably a couple of days.”

Eva smiled and nodded. “I see. Is anyone else coming?”

I don’t know. You’re the first house on our list.”

“Who’s invited?”

“The usual gang.”

“Tell your owner, I’ll be there.”

Edward repeated the ritual at the other three houses at the intersection At every place, the door was answered by a man, and at every house, Edward asked the same ‘is she home’ question. The other three women all had long dark hair. Eva looked to be the oldest but even the youngest had to be Destiny’s age or a little older.

Edward and Tyler walked another mile before coming to an intersection where a dirt road crossed the paved one they had been walking. Again, there was a cluster of homes. They offered invites to two of the three homes. Everyone except one committed to coming.

Edward addressed Tyler for the first time while on their way home. “I don’t think you like me, but that’s OK. You’ll be gone soon enough.”

“What kind of comment is that? I never said that. But you are right. You are acting like an ass, and I don’t feel at all welcome.”

“I’m sorry you feel that way. I’m only permitted to speak what Mistress allows me to say.”

“Is that why you’ve been so vague?”

“As I said, I can only speak what Mistress permits. I’d like to leave it at that if that’s OK with you.”

“Sure but can I ask you a question?”

“Yeah, I’ll answer if I can.”

“How does she have your dick anchored?”

Edward walked off the road and lifted one leg and rested it on the fence rail. “I’m pierced way back here. It’s called a guiche piercing.”

“Holy shit, Edward! What happened to your nuts?” He clearly saw he had none.”

“Ten years ago I had them harvested. Do you remember Mira? She was the shorter woman we met after seeing Eva?”

“Yeah. What about her?”

“We had a bit of an affair. Mistress found out and this was my penalty.” He reached between his legs to grasp at what was no longer hanging.

“Damn, Edward. That’s harsh.”

“Maybe to you but it’s the way of our people.”

“What escort rus do you mean?”

“We are all Ute. Everyone you met tonight is Ute.”

“You mean Indians? Is that who lives out here?”

Edward shook his head. “Not all. Many, but not all.”

“And you are telling me your custom for fooling around is castration?”

“That was the price I paid for cheating.”

“It seems more than a little bit over the top!” Tyler exclaimed.

“It is the way of our people. The penis is looked upon as appealing only if it has been true to one woman. Only if that woman dies, does it become free to be used by another. It displeases the gods when it is used by more than one. What I did violated our most sacred of beliefs. As I said, this is the way of our people.”

“So what happened? What did your people do?”

“My people?”

“Yes, you said infidelity violated your people’s rules, or beliefs, or whatever you wanna call it.”

Edward shook his head. “No, this didn’t go before the tribe. Mira was overcome with guilt after our affair ended. She confessed my sin to Uma.

“Your sin?”

“Yes, I was the one who sinned. I put my rod inside her. I was the one who sinned; not her.”

“God, Edward. It takes two to tango. She’s just as guilty.”

Edward shook his head. “Mira confided in Uma. Uma decided it should be Mira who would take my testicles while she witnessed the ceremony.”

Mira did that? The girl you had the affair with?”

“Yes. That is our way.”

“So what happened to her?”

“As I said, nothing. Why would she pay a price? She did nothing wrong.”

Tyler couldn’t believe his story. Why would Edward have to pay such a dear price when his counterpart paid nothing? “I don’t understand.”

Edward kicked a small stone off to the side of the road. “The Ute believe the penis was made for procreation purposes only. It was not made to be pleasured and especially not created for self-pleasuring. The Ute believe the woman is to be worshiped. The Ute believe the woman is above sin and reproach. Our ways are not the same as yours. In the Western world, you see your penis serving a different purpose. You see it as your primary source of self-pleasure. That was my mistake. That is where I left the path of truth. I took the path of the white-man when I went to Mira.”

“Some years ago, when Uma Took me to be her husband, she tried to bear a child. She tried for several years but I was not able to fertilize her egg. It was because of me she never experienced motherhood. I was the inadequate one. Not her. Uma stopped trying after many failed attempts. She no longer had any use for my penis. But I wanted to use it. That’s when I went to Mira for some fun. It just happened. A week later, Uma learned what happened. She had Mira harvest my infertile testicles.”

“She just cut them off right there in your house?” He couldn’t believe this man’s story.

“Yes. And Uma had no regrets. I couldn’t bear her a child. She saw no further use in them remaining. After all, she had my tongue.”

“Your tongue?”

“Ute men worship our women with our tongues. It is what our women desire.” Edward proudly stuck his out and pulled the tip down. It extended beyond the angle of his chin.

Even in the dark Tyler could see how long it was. “That’s impressive.”

“We take pride in how long and strong our tongue is.”

“I do as well. My goddess enjoys being treated in the same way Uma enjoys you but mine also enjoys my penis as well as my tongue. She would not be pleased if I couldn’t get it hard for her. She likes teasing me. She likes the feel of it inside her body.”

“Mine just enjoys my tongue. And she will enjoy two tonight.”

That’s when it dawned on him. “And I’m to eat her ass? Is that what you meant when you asked if I wanted front or back?”

“Yes. If you want front you may enjoy her watching you but back is always best.”

Tyler didn’t answer right away. After thinking over his options, he asked. “Where would Uma want me?”

“I don’t know,” Edward said. ” It would be best if you asked.”

“I think I will.” He wasn’t certain his new friend wanted back.

Uma found them kneeling on the hardwood floor just below the foot of her bed. She stood looking in at them from the hall. They knelt facing one another. Their knees butted and, of course, they were naked. Seeing them with their heads arched and tongues extended in an expression of worship, Uma felt her juices begin to flow. They were a picture of contrasts, Edward was the shorter of the two. His physique expressed the results of his poor choice. On the contrary, Tyler’s cock stood erect rather than sleepily-limp His muscular frame dwarfed with the softness of the testosterone deprived form of Edward. She knew all too well that Edward would worship out of duty and obedience. She assumed Tyler would allow his sexual energy to get in the way of his duty and in so doing, deprive her of the true worship she wanted from him.

Stepping into the room, she walked up to them and deposited a glob of spittle into each mouth. They accepted her offering and waited. Her saliva oozed to the back of each throat. Each boy swallowed reflexively. Uma undressed. Her strong and tanned body reflected the hard life of her southwestern culture. Stepping between the slaves she faced Tyler.

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