My Perfect Lover

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I have always been gay, but despite some early and sexually charged experiences in my teens and during my University years, have for most of my life buried those feelings, choosing instead to “conform,” get married and live a straight life.

As many (all?) men like me will know however, that your true self can’t be kept down forever and so 5 years ago I came out. I am now a single gay man, and have since had an absolute ball, plenty of cock, plenty of partners and a few regular fuck buddies.

But, I’m tired of Grindr hook ups and random sucks and fucks, what I really want is a regular, older male lover. Being a younger bottom, for an older top feels right, it’s the natural order of things.

This is where my true back story steps into my dream, fantasy future.

I’m looking for my Prince Charming! To attract the right man I keep myself in shape by going to the gym frequently, regular sessions at the tanning salon, manicures, pedicures, I have had my teeth whitened, I’m not totally hairless, but smooth in all the right places, I wear expensive underwear for gay men, often with a feminine twist.

I am submissive, and have many feminine attributes, but our relationship will not be just about his pleasure, I need it to, but like all submissive bottoms I derive my pleasure from giving him pleasure. So I will yearn to take his cock in my hand, my mouth, my pussy and will let him take me whenever, wherever and however he wants. He will always cum first, me second. I get so horny when my man moans in pleasure, calls me dirty names, tells me how good I am. My last boyfriend said I was made to suck cock, and to be fucked. At the time hearing those words turned me on so much, I still leak just thinking about it.

I imagine my man to be a professional guy, who wears a suit and tie (so sexy), he should be in good shape also. Most importantly he should be assertive, and masculine, a manly man if you will. His cock does not need to be porn star huge, just big enough. He knows what he wants, and he will want me for his pleasure.

We will share a modern apartment in town, but he will work away in the city Monday – Friday. I do not mind being alone for 5 days and 4 nights a week as I have a busy job and plenty to do, plus being apart only serves to heighten our desire for each other meaning that the weekends are full of sensual loving and lots of hot, hot sex!

He usually returns home at about 6 or 7 on a Friday evening, so I will spend Friday afternoons making sure our place is just so, the fridge stocked with food, his favourite beer and some delicious wine.

I will then get myself ready for ankara travesti his return by making myself look irresistible. I’ll get my hair done, perhaps my nails and a little waxing. I’ll shower and massage body lotion all over my gym toned body. He’ll text me “just an hour away now baby, can’t wait to see you, I am aching for you.” I’ll slip into a silk kimono (my emerald green one today, which falls mid thigh, and which I know he loves) and some tiny, sexy sheer gold tanga briefs underneath. At the last moment I put in the diamond ear studs that he bought me on Valentine’s Day, and a quick spray of a perfume.

I hear his key in the lock, and in he comes. He looks so handsome and sexy in his navy city suit, white shirt, tie undone, his greying hair and a little stubble on his masculine jaw. He puts down his bag and I fall into his arms, our tongues entwined, stubble grazing my chin, my robe slips from one shoulder providing an enticing glimpse of my tanned and lithe body. I belong to this man, his masculine aroma, the scent of his cologne, his big strong arms make me feel in equal parts, cared for, sexy and desired.

It feels so good kissing him like this, he pulls me closer and I can feel his hardness pressing against me through our clothes, my own cock is erect and I can feel a damp spot of pre-cum spreading in my underwear. Our tongues continue their intimate dance, he tastes so good! My arms are around his neck, his hands are caressing my neck, down my back and then under my robe, and onto my pert bottom. I am in heaven.

After a week apart, I need to taste his cock, so I break away from our kiss and lead him by the hand to the sofa, he sits and I kneel before him, unzip his fly and pull out his cock. My mouth waters. I lick the head of his cut cock, savouring the taste of his juice, my lips envelop the head and I lick it again.

“Yes baby, suck me,” he says.

I take him deeper into my warm, wet, willing mouth and begin to bob up and down, slower at first, then building up speed. One of my hands is stroking his cock, the other is fondling his balls.

“Mmm darling you’re so good.”

He’s stroking my hair, my speed intensifies, his cock much deeper into my mouth now.

I feel him tense up, his cock gets harder, his balls shrink. I know he’s about to cum, and I’m about to get my reward, so I slow down my pace, and move my lips back to the head of his cock. He spurts, filling my mouth with his hot, delicious seed. The sweet salty taste of his ejaculate, floods my palate. I savour the taste that I crave, then swallow every drop.

I kneel there for a few seconds letting him soften ankara travestileri in my mouth before he pulls me up onto the sofa, into his arms and we enjoy a lazy sensual kiss.

I whisper in his ear “Darling I’ve missed you this week.”

Later, after we have eaten dinner and spent some time talking and flirting after our meal over a glass of pink wine, my foot caressing his leg whilst we do so, he suddenly gets up, grabs me by the hand and leads me to the bedroom. He pulls me to him, and kisses me with passion, I melt in his arms again looking up at him, my arms around his neck, his hand slipping into my knickers and teasing my entrance with his finger. Shivers of desire trace up my spine.

He slides my silken robe from my shoulders and it pools around my feet, leaving me just in my golden, see through panties.

“Oh wow baby,” he declares.

I undo his tie, and unbutton his shirt, kissing his manly chest and giving his nipples a playful bite. His big warm hands are roaming all over my body now.

I undo his belt and trousers and pull them down with his boxers. He is soon naked and we fall onto the bed, our hands all over each other, our kissing even more passionate, our erect and leaking cocks rubbing against each other through my gossamer thin underwear. His hand slips back to my bottom, and he slides first one finger into my boi pussy, then two. I let out a little whimper of lust, it feels so good to be touched there, inside, his fingers fucking me.

He slides my flimsy briefs down my legs, and over my feet. We are both totally naked now and I am at the mercy of my gorgeous Alpha man. Instinctively I open my legs, exposing myself for his pleasure and he responds by burying his face in my booty, his rough stubble against my smooth cheeks, his long probing tongue deep inside me. I am squirming in pleasure now, begging him to fuck me.

After what seems like an age (but an unbelievably pleasurable age), he rolls me onto my stomach, and I assume the most submissive position of all. My willing and waiting bottom in the air, my chest and upper body flat on the bed, my smooth pink hole on display, glistening with his saliva, twitching in wanton anticipation.

He opens a bottle of lube, pours it into my crack, and teasingly rubs his finger around my opening. By now I am panting in lust, and emit a groan of pleasure.

“Please fuck me,” I gasp “I need you.”

He kneels behind me, lines his cock up and slides into me. We have fucked many times by now and so I am used to his invasion, there is almost no pain just a glorious feeling of being full. I take a few moments to adjust, travesti ankara then begin to circle my hips which I know drives him wild. I then begin to slide back and forth fucking myself on his beautiful, beautiful cock.


Now, with a playful slap, he takes control, his hands on my hips to hold me still and he begins to fuck me, slowly at first, but getting quicker and more urgent. The room is heavy with the smell of sex and is silent but for my moans of pleasure and the sound of his heavy breathing as he takes me.

“Yes, fuck me.”

His every thrust tickles my prostate. Every time he pulls back, I follow, desperate to feel his full length inside of me. My cock is beyond hard, and is dripping pre-cum so copiously now that it forms a continual stream between me and the bed linen where it pools into a huge wet patch.

“Oh god. Fuck me Harder Daddy, fuck me.”

The warmth in my body begins to spread, beginning with the soft sensitive walls of my pussy, up to and though my P-Spot, up my back and then throughout my body. Waves of pleasure course through me. I cannot speak now, only whimper, moan and groan.

“I’m going to cum baby,” he gasps.

“Oh yeeessss, fill me up Daddy.”

At that moment I feel him flood me, fill me up. His warm gush deep inside me, completing me, giving him the pleasure of release that we both craved so wantonly. This feels so right, this is so right. Two men making love, the bottom giving himself for his tops pleasure but receiving equal pleasure in return.

He collapses on top of me, his cock still buried inside me. I squeeze him, desperate to delay the empty feeling when he withdraws. Even though his thirsty lust is satiated, he is focussed on my need for orgasm now, he kisses my neck and ears gently, his hands caress my body. This feels divine.

He pulls his softening cock out of me, and I roll over to face him. I look into his eyes and we kiss again. His takes my delicate, smooth and painfully erect cock into his manly hand, and strokes it up and down, up and down. Gently but firmly masturbating me. I am incapable of speech now, and can only moan and whimper.

“Cum for me baby.”

He has given me permission, and I immediately release my orgasm. I spurt hard, my orgasm is intense and in that precise moment I am overwhelmed with shivers throughout my body, my cum all over my tummy, my chest, his hand.

“I love you.”

He takes me into his arms, and as I lie there recovering he lifts his cum covered fingers to my lips for me to lick clean, then scoops the cum from my body and I slowly clean it from his fingers one by one. In doing so I the taste, his control and my submission.

We are both complete now, and drift off to sleep, in each other’s arms, our naked flesh touching, our limbs entwined. A weekend of sensual loving stretches before us…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32